Spiritual Discernment

My other blog is focused on discernment of times, events, scripture and history with a biblical worldview. Comments are welcome there. The link is below.


4 Responses to Spiritual Discernment

  1. louis hart says:

    we should always behave like jesus is coming soon. that is why he said i will come back soon. i hear people trying to identify the anichrist but jesus said the antichrist is already in the world. anyone or any religion that does not confess that jesus christ rose from the dead, does not confess that he is lord and does not believe he is the son of god is part of the antichrist. let us not suppose we can predict the return of jesus. he said he would come like a thief in the night. as in, we wont expect it.

  2. Payg Reynolds says:

    Hi There =)
    My name is Payg. I am a Christian Of The Lord. I have read through a lot of your blogs. I have the spirit of discernment. I have experienced many many years of the spiritual events in my life. Bith Good and horrible. Your understanding of the spiritual/supernatural world is right. The Lord strengthend my faith and in him to fight off all evil forces. Though I still see them they dont haunt me now that I stand with My Lord Jesus.

  3. Hi,I thank the holy spririt who gave me instructions to look for an article like this one, My eyes could not believe what I was reading, I saw my work environment right in front of me. Now that I know its not my fault and how to fight this battle I dont fear and I am more confident its like knowing a secret other people dont know! i sahred it with a few people and they were very thankfull. Our God loves us and when the Bible says I wil teach you things that are hidden its very true I have just advanced my relachinship with God, I love him so much. May God continue using you to teach more people may he bless you.

  4. O says:

    Hello there. 🙂
    Do you celebrate Halloween?

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