Demonic Doors

Demonic Doors

Hi folks. Over the past few weeks I’ve encountered several people who misunderstand what a demonic door actually is. Even a few who are actually involved in spiritual warfare. I feel that I should take a moment to briefly explain the term ‘demonic door’. First off it has nothing to do with any door to the human mind. That’s new age nonsense. It has nothing to do with any kind of passageway for a demon to go through. That’s more nonsense, they don’t need an entrance. It has nothing to do with a vortex. Vortexes do exist but they have nothing to do with demonic doors. They are just a spinning flow of fluid or air (1). A demonic door is basically a legal right. Opening a door has nothing to do with the human mind. Opening a door is doing or having something that gives a demon legal right to harass you. Such as playing with an Ouija board. When someone plays with one of those things a demon actually moves the pointer. The user interacted with it now it has a legal right over them. Possessing an object that is used for demon worship will also give a demon legal right to come at you. There are items that you should not have in your possession because a demon will assume that your possession of the object gives it some kind of legal claim on you. Demons operate on assumed contracts. That is contracts that they assume to exist. They don’t care whether or not there was any confirmation of a contract on the victim’s part. They just assume the possession of the object means the victim has contracted with them and that they now have a legal right over the victim. That’s a demonic door. Here are a few examples of the kind of objects known to be demonic doors. Occult books or movies, Statues of Hindu gods, dream catchers, tarot cards, etc. A door doesn’t have to be am object it can also be an action performed by the victim, like taking part in an occult activity such as yoga, transcendental meditation, a séance or any attempt to communicate with spirits. These things invite demons into your life, they are demonic doors. I hope this clears up misconceptions about what a demonic door is.


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Testimony of a former DMT user

This is Cory’s testimony. I think there are some insights to be gained from it.


Myself, my brother and some friends got a hold of this entheogen called DMT. entheogens make you have visions or see into the spirit world. You see things like pyramids, pagan temples, hindu gods, minotaurs and centaurs those sort of things. The first thing I saw was a Cambodian temple and my friend saw a pyramid with an eye on top and people worshiping it. Another strange effect of DMT was that when I closed my eyes I could still seem to see my surroundings as if my eyelids were transparent. With DMT you can also have out of body experiences and stuff like that. Myself and my friends saw or heard things we didn’t even know about until we looked them up later. Like for example before I got into Hinduism, something said in my head, sounding like my voice ” I am god”. I found out later that this is a phrase that Hindus say. My friend saw the Hindu deity Ganesh and didn’t know what it was but described it perfectly, so after seeing and hearing this stuff I bought into it and was worshiping idols of Vishnu and studying the Mahabharata. I thought it was cool and that all paths led to God. if it weren’t for my brother getting smacked by God literally by a golden hand while using DMT I would have kept on doing so. It did help me understand a little about the new world order, like their belief in a so called golden age. I see other parallels to the bible like the fallen angels and nephilim. There’s even evidence of historic hi tech battles in India, like radiation and sand fused into glass as if there were nuclear explosions. Even in Greek mythology there are stories of giants and of gods mating with humans. Back to my story though after studying all the things the Illuminati, new age teachings, the new world order, sorcery, UFOs which I think are the fallen angels, I see that all these thing were predicted in the bible.



After reading Cory testimony the impression I get is that the drug DMT gives demonic spirits full access to the mind. It appears that the enemy can manipulate the mind of a DMT user any way he pleases. After reading these testimonies I did a little further research and found that DMT causes the brain to go into an alpha state (1). In my post about Demonic Dream Attacks I described how alpha gives the enemy a window into your mind. It seems that DMT throws that window wide open.

The fact that Cory and Casey saw Hindu deities that they had no prior knowledge of is proof that the images they were seeing didn’t come from their own minds but rather were from an outside source. A source that did have knowledge of Hindu deities. It is well known that the Hindu religion is basically demon worship (2). It should not surprise us that the enemy would feed Cory images from a religion that worships them.


(2) Unbroken Curses’ by Rebecca Brown MD

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Demonic Thought Attacks

Let me cut right to the chase. Demons can put thoughts in people’s heads, even Christians. This is a tool that they use often with much success because most Christians don’t have a clue. Demons cannot read your mind as I have stated in previous posts but they can put thoughts in your mind. Enemy thought attacks usually come in the form of feelings, urges and word strings. By feelings I mean emotions. The Lord our God doesn’t speak to us through emotions the enemy uses those. Have you ever gotten very angry about something for no real reason? If so you may have been on the receiving end of an enemy thought attack. Demons watch us from the spirit world. They watch and wait for situations in which they can use a thought attack. Confrontational situations, emotionally charged situations. When the opportunity presents itself they will implant the urges. Here’s a scenario. Two men at work are having a disagreement. The demon will implant emotions, in this case anger to charge the situation and escalate it. When tempers have been flared the demon will implant in one of the men the urge to hit the other. His conscious mind will be telling him “no don’t do it” but the urge will be there also. Like two sets of thoughts existing in the man’s mind at the same time. I think we can all remember times like this when we have had what seemed like an alien thought in our mind that seemed to come from nowhere. That was probably a demonic attack. In normal human thought processes there is a train of thought. For instance a car goes by and you see it and think it’s a cool car, this reminds you of a car you had in the past, which reminds you of a vacation you took in the car, which starts you thinking about the place you visited. Normal human thoughts always have a train of thought leading up to them. When a despicable thought seems to come out of the clear blue sky with no train of thought leading up to it you can rest assured that thought didn’t come from you. It was a demonic attack. Secular psychologists often speak of the evil that is in the mind of man. There is evil in the mind of man but it didn’t necessarily originate there. The most horrendous crimes that man commits are the result of demonic manipulation. The idea to murder your spouse and then kill yourself is not something that comes from the mind of man. It’s a demoniacally implanted urge used after a long period of mental assault by the demon. As for word strings, demons implant those in people’s minds as well. When they implant a word string they will put “I” in front of it so the victim thinks it is his own thought. Demons watch for opportunities to do this. For example your friend’s wife walks by in a tight dress. A demon watching you will then put in a word string something like this, “I would like to get my hands on that”. There was an “I” in front of the phrase so the victim thinks it was his own thought and walks away thinking to himself “how could I think something like that about my friend’s wife. I must be a scumbag”. Well he is not a scumbag, that wasn’t his own thought, but he doesn’t know that. The enemy is having great success with thought attacks because we as Christians don’t realize what they are doing. Years ago in a bible study a friend of mine made a comment. He said “whenever I seem to be doing pretty good at avoiding sin and trying to walk closer to the Lord something seems to happen. I will have thoughts and have no idea where they came from.”. Myself and several others commented that we had experienced the same thing. At the time I had no knowledge of spiritual warfare, I was clueless. Now having said all that the defense against thought attacks is simple but not easy. You must make a habit of being aware of your thoughts. When you have a thought that you recognize as not your own. Stop, take authority over the demon in the name of Jesus and send it packing. You can say this or something like this. “I take authority over you demon and bind you in the name of Jesus. You will not put thoughts in my head. I command you to flee from me now.” You can step off someplace by yourself and say it quietly but you must say it out loud. We are human and our minds will drift from time to time but if you make a habit of being aware of your thoughts you will be able to recognize demonic thought attacks more and more often. It’s something we can continually improve at.

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Demonic Dream Attacks

Hello Guys. One of the enemy’s favorite ways to harass people is to manipulate their dreams. They do this in a few different ways. Manipulating events in the dream is one way, sleep paralysis is another. A brother in Christ told me that he handles dream attacks by reminding the trespasser that he belongs to Jesus and rebuking it. This does work but as a Christian you need not be so gentle about it though. Take authority over the demon in Jesus name and command it to leave, you need not remind that thing of anything. Believers rule with Christ right now. As a Christian you are the one in charge not that thing. Another thing that works in dream situations like this is just to resist. Struggle to move, focus and exert yourself, do not accept failure, visualize yourself moving as you wish to do. You will find yourself waking in your bed with the dream gone. I have done this and succeeded. I have done some studying on dream attacks and have experienced them personally. Here’s what I think is going on. These dreams happen in a state of light or partial sleep when your brain is in an alpha state. The alpha state gives demons a sort of window into your mind. The dream is just a sort of demonic video feed. I have said before that demons can’t read your mind and they can’t in a normal waking, thinking state. When you are awake and thinking your mind is in a beta state. Practitioners of the occult always go into a trance before they do their deeds. In a trance the mind is in an alpha state. Scrying, automatic writing, soul travel, all these things must be done when the brain is in alpha so the demon can interact with the occultist. When you go to sleep you experience alpha for a while before dropping into a deep sleep. The demon is just taking advantage of this window of opportunity. I think resisting works because the mental effort of exerting yourself to move brings your mind back to beta, thus closing the window. Remember it’s just a video feed. In sleep paralysis you’re not even really paralyzed you’re just being fed an impression that you are paralyzed. Once you are awake take authority over the trespasser in the name of Jesus and command it to leave your house and not to return for the rest of the night.

You can learn to recognize the enemy’s intrusion easily once you start to watch for it. When dreamlike impressions seem to start as soon as you are dropping into sleep it is likely that you have a demon in your house. It is waiting for the alpha, watching for it’s chance and taking immediate advantage. There are a few things to watch for. One is characters in your dreams with black eyes, not solid black, just a black iris. Another is statements or responses to questions that don’t make sense. Demons watch our goings on but they don’t seem to really understand our human interaction with each other. In dreams they will usually appear as a person and often will try to talk to you however what they say will often not make sense. If there are several characters nearby in your dream and you seem to be a center of attention for no real reason then you may be in a dream attack, also if characters that you come across in the dream seem to notice you immediately. Keep in mind while in alpha they have a window into your mind so they are seeing and analyzing your reactions and responses. In this state they can and do interact with you and respond to your actions, statements and questions. They will often generate repulsive situations or images to make you afraid or shocked. REMEMBER it’s just a video feed and this demoniacally generated image can’t actually do anything to you. This is very important, once you realize what’s going on DO NOT continue to interact with those things. Force yourself awake. Trust me, it is very easy to do. Once awake take authority over the trespasser in the name of Jesus and command it to leave. When you start to learn to recognize the trespassers they will try to be more careful. Often appearing as a friend or family member, but they can still be recognized in the same way. What they say will not make a lot of sense.

For anyone looking for a long term solution to demonic dream attacks this article may help.

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The Goat Curse

Hi Guys

I want to take a moment and tell you about an experience that I had in the past.

My family has a small family farm. We have raised various crops and animals as a side business for many years. At one time I had a herd of 35 goats. I raised goats for slaughter. My primary customers were several local Mexican families. I would sell the animals live on the hoof. Eventually I began selling to Moslems as well. At one point an African man and woman came to my house looking to purchase a large billy to slaughter for a Moslem holiday called Eid (not sure I spelled that right). They wanted the biggest billy goat that I had. I quoted them a fair price and they accepted. The couple then asked if they could slaughter the animal at my barn. I thought about it. We have skinned and dressed lots of deer at the barn so I didn’t see any harm in it and I told them that they could. They intended to pray over the animal and then to kill it in the traditional Moslem way which is by cutting it’s throat. I have put down sick animals with a pistol before but the throat cutting I didn’t care to watch, so I stepped away. Anyway the deed was done rather quickly. I raised the carcass with a loader tractor and helped with the skinning. The couple dressed the carcass into the various cuts then packed them up, thanked me and left. They were both friendly and polite. Within a few weeks I began to have problems with my goat herd. They began to get sick and die. I would go to the barn and find a goat sick and on the verge of death when the animal had been perfectly fine the day before. I gave antibiotic shots to the sick ones which had worked well in the past when an animal had taken sick. But now the antibiotics were having no effect. I treated for parasites which had no effect either. Things got worse a couple weeks after that. I would go to the barn and find an animal dead that had shown no signs of sickness. A perfectly fat and healthy looking goat just dead for no apparent reason. I was clueless. One day a Moslem friend of mine who has his own herd came by and offered me a good price for my what remained of my herd which was now down to around twenty animals. I had pretty much had it with goats by then so I accepted his offer and got out of the goat business.

Several years later I read a book ‘Unbroken Curses’ by Rebecca Brown. In her book Ms. Brown explained how Christians can unwittingly allow curses to come upon them. She explained about several ways that this can happen such as bringing cursed objects onto your property, showing reverence for false gods, etc. She also explained how witches will curse Christians by sneaking onto the Christian’s property and sacrificing an animal to a demon god. Touching the carcass of such an animal is asking for trouble. It finally dawned on me what had been going on with my goat herd. By this time I had had some experiences with spiritual warfare and had learned something about how the enemy works. Without knowing what I was doing I had allowed an animal sacrifice to a demon god to take place on my property. Remember they had prayed over the animal to Allah before killing it. Allah is not the true God as Moslems would have us believe. Allah is a demon god. Not only had I allowed this to happen I had assisted in the skinning. Not only touching an animal sacrificed to a demon god but actually helping to prepare it. I know now that by doing so I had allowed a curse to be brought upon myself which manifested in the deaths among my goat herd. No wonder my animals were dying off. I followed Ms. Brown’s instruction about how to break such curses with the authority of the name of Jesus. Maybe one day I will try raising goats again but I will never sell one to be used as a pagan sacrifice again.

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About this blog

Hi Guys

I set this blog up because the modern church has grown totally ignorant of the spiritual battle going on all around us. The early church understood that they were struggling against an unseen enemy and were equipped to deal with it. Christians today walk in almost total ignorance. Satan and his demons do still operate in the world. Satan is still prowling like a lion seeking who he may devour. The difference is that demons today don’t normally manifest in ways that would tip off the world to the fact that they are there. If the modern church at large were to become aware of the demonic elements operating in the world today the enemy would find himself loosing ground rapidly because we as Christians have the authority of the name of the Lord Jesus that we can call on. All the enemy has is lies and our own ignorance. I hope this blog will be a place where information can be shared. We are soldiers of Christ after all and we are in a war. I for one want all the intel I can get. I can be contacted at

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