Do You need help

Do you need help dealing with demonic oppression. I would be happy to talk with you. I am hardly an expert but I have dealt with demonic oppression my self and with my family. I can understand what you may be going through. If you need someone to talk to email me at




31 Responses to Do You need help

  1. jarmhs says:

    Are you a male or female? I’d feel more comfortable talking with a female since I’m a woman.

    • BillyClyde says:

      Hello. I am a man. Even so I would still be happy to talk with you if you are dealing with something that a woman can talk about with a man. Email me at one of the addresses I listed above if you like. Perhaps I can at least put you in touch with a woman who will be helpful to you.

    • mariano says:

      i want to know how i can decrease the chances of my soul leaving my body
      when i sleep i hav experimce terrify dreams that dont let me sleep at night

  2. jack says:

    i interacted with the devil through the night sky and stars and he make great wonders like fire coming down and now that i turn my life to christ im being attack by demos with wickedness and nightmares and seizures and thoughts against jesus, can you help me?

  3. Janet says:

    Hi, today I decided to do some research about what I have been experiencing and I came across your blog. I firstly read your article on Demonic Dream Attacks and most of what you wrote in the article I have experienced, even as recent as last night. Between the hours of 12am and 5am I had this horrific experience, a reoccurring dream where paralysis set in, I remember in my dreams I was walking around the house (soul traveling) and witness horrible images, some of which are too disturbing to write about. I also felt the demon touching me and it was like I was in a trance , forcing myself to wake up. I would hear loud music playing in my room, and at one stage I remember a loud shriek like sound. The previous night I saw what I now know must of been the demon, with the black like eyes staring at me from the corner of the room. I’m going to take your advice and pray to Jesus as I am a catholic and have faith in god. I have a rosary hanging from my light in the middle of my room, but it does not stop the demon from disturbing me. I will continue you to follow your blog as I believe you can help.

    Thank you

  4. Janet Anderson says:

    Hi Billy, thank you for your reply. I appreciate your help and look forward to your email.

    Thank you

  5. Peggy west says:

    Hi, the enemy is trying to rob my wee grandson of his childhood innocence by an unclean spirit. His mum has just gave her life back to the Lord In September past @ between having demonic dreams @ now this is happening.She’s at her wits end.She is strong in her faith but she really needs help.She haso the been for deliverance ministry for herself @ my grandson,but there has been no let up.I know that our Great God is all powerful @he has given us all authority over the enemy of our souls,this I truly believe.Need your opinion please

    • BillyClyde says:

      Hi Peggy. My first thoughts are that she may have kept something in her life that needed to be cast off when she came back to the Lord and it is giving the unclean spirits a loophole to use. It can be something that you don’t expect. There are times when we give the enemy access to us through a sin that we don’t realize is a problem because society sees it as alright. Sex outside of marriage is one example. It doesn’t matter how accepted by society it is the Lord said not to do it. That’s not to say someone can’t be forgiven for stuff like that and put it behind them, they can, but it needs to be confessed and repented of. I would suggest that she pray to the Lord Jesus and ask him to reveal what is in her life that He has a problem with. That is a good first step for anyone having problems with unclean spirits. The Lord will tell her in a way that He chooses.

  6. Mariska says:

    Hi! I have been getting these attack for a long, long time now. It always happens when I am alone in my bedroom if my husbands is with me it does not happen. It has come to a stage where the demons start (in my dream) throwing me around, pulling my hair etc. They are really trying to for some reason hurt me physically. Not sure why this is happening, it happens at least once every second week. As I sleep, I will suddenly experience a dark force taking hold of me, I shout no, no please don’t but it does not help. Eventually I will chase them away in the name of Jesus, even when doing that they are hesitant to leave. I am a christian and have no idea why they are doing this me. It does not happen to my husband or my daughter. It happened again this morning this time as I opened my one eye everything was grey and I saw my left hand shaking uncontrollably it showing a satanic sign. Scary but true.

  7. Kelly McClure says:

    Hello Billy, my name is Kelly and I just sent you an email about my problem with dreams and demon oppression. Hope to hear from you soon! Thanks

  8. Aleisha kelly says:

    Hey, I need help with a demonic creature that keeps attacking me. It happened to me last night, I woke up to something laying on me and scratching my legs to the point they were red. And a few months ago I got dragged off my bed. It comes into my dreams and when I wake up I can always hear long distant music, but when I get up to look for it, it stops. I’ve tried everything, smudge sticks, inscents & crystals.
    I used to be a catholic but I’ve just been to scared to walk out of my house latley. And I can’t even have a shower because I constantly feel like I’m being watched, and I’ve had dinner plates thrown across the kitchen at me and I’m just stuck I need help, please, I need some advice.

    • BillyClyde says:

      Hello Aeisha. Incense and crystals are more of an invitation to demons than a repellent. It sounds like you are into some new agey stuff. A message board may not be the best place to discuss it, Email me.

  9. Hello, my name is Rachel and I emailed you just an hour or so ago Subject Dreams. I pray to hear from you soon!!!

    • BillyClyde says:

      Hello Rachel. The email didn’t get through the spam filter at my email server. I tried emailing you and suggested that you try responding to my email. Try a plain text message.

  10. sean davis says:

    Please email me kind sir I have some questions and need some help myself I will be ordering that book you talked about in your testimony here in a few moments email me please thanks

  11. chatal says:

    I really need help I am being attacked by an evil.spirit I would like to speak more in private please

  12. cody says:

    Last night I had a freaky dream about my dog being influenced by the dark.ive noticed over the year or more. These odd dreams involving the supernatural are in my dreams. I can te) u more im typing from my phone so once I get on my comp I can type more.

  13. Lucia Flores says:

    Am always getting attacks from demons in my dreams but am always fighting them back but now that am a reborn christian it is happening again at my home I feel a something is in my home my family can see things but I feel them around I always say the blood of Jesus Satan I rebuke you but it really doesn’t work one of my bedrooms my kids see things can you please help me thank you

  14. Olivia says:

    Hey I sent an email yesterday asking about these dreams I’ve been having. Not to interpret, for they’re rather brief. But it does physically touch me when I’m awake and it has some things that don’t fall in line with what you were saying in an earlier article about demonic dreams. I don’t expect a response right away, I was just wondering if you recieved it.

  15. Have you got my message to you trough email

  16. julie says:

    Hello my name Julie I wondering if you help me understand if my dreams are demonic dreams or gods telling something her is an example : I had a dream about dream about a spirit it was an witch but it wanted to be free. So I did, later on in the dream did lady told me this is how the solar system is gonna be. She drawing and I saw colors all over the paper and circles ( which I thought we’re planets but anyway) 4 planets we’re white, two we’re yellow, and three green.
    Plz reply
    -P.S I’m kinda new at being a this so bare with me 🙂

  17. Deja says:

    Me nd my boyfriend broke up for the past two days I can’t go to sleep I will stay up crying and with stuff on my mind. I feel like smithing is messing with me

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