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Hi Guys

I set this blog up because the modern church has grown totally ignorant of the spiritual battle going on all around us. The early church understood that they were struggling against an unseen enemy and were equipped to deal with it. Christians today walk in almost total ignorance. Satan and his demons do still operate in the world. Satan is still prowling like a lion seeking who he may devour. The difference is that demons today don’t normally manifest in ways that would tip off the world to the fact that they are there. If the modern church at large were to become aware of the demonic elements operating in the world today the enemy would find himself loosing ground rapidly because we as Christians have the authority of the name of the Lord Jesus that we can call on. All the enemy has is lies and our own ignorance. I hope this blog will be a place where information can be shared. We are soldiers of Christ after all and we are in a war. I for one want all the intel I can get. I can be contacted at spiritualwarzone.gmx.com .

Your’s in Christ

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  1. Tim Shey says:

    I used to be attacked by demons in my sleep before I became a Christian and then a few years after. I had my first attack a few nights ago in many years. It seems like I get attacked just before or just after a big spiritual victory in my life—and, of course, the devil is angry and has to attack me.

    I have had a number of dreams from the Lord over the years:

    “Dreams from the LORD”

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  8. Michael Joseph Godden says:

    So I just woke from a crazy dream. I dream and have for along time now in unbelievable detail and remember most of what I have seen. Sometimes I’m in the dream for what feels like years. I always rember the last few hours of a dream the most. I grind my teeth every night because of these wicked dreams.. Ok so I’m not the best at describing exactly picture clear the way I saw it details of my dreams. As much as I’d like some people to see them just so they could properly understand what I’m going through. Ok so I’m friends with a guy in this dream. He looks like a actor around my age I can see his face plain and clear. This is fine to start off with then he tried to get sexual with me making me believe that I’d done something like this to him. And he was going to return the favour I said no way and stood my ground that’s when he turned into the demon. Still had the same face just shit went South real quick he ends up trying to kill me and he has a crazy grandmother figure that I never see her face as it’s covered by grey hair. The whole time I’m trying to bargain my way out of it and escape but he doesn’t want me to leave. I feel like I’m almost trapped. This goes on for ages. Until I hear the police and make a break out the window. I run to them while being shot at. And get shot several times and feel the pain of the bullets. I keep running as the police try to protect me I have to help them as they don’t seem to know what they are up against.. finally after being shot several more time that did not hurt as must unless they hit the bone, got away in the police car a speed away. Its raining heavily and the road is flooded up ahead I drive straight into it knowing that I need to keep moving and I went deep under the water it came rushing in around me and I tried to put the windows up. Also there was a dog in the water that I saw for a spilt second thought the front windshield the went over the top of the car. I finally came out the other side and start gaining speed again as it slowed me down alot. By this time I was heading down a hill and looked in the rear vision mirror and saw him sitting under a sheet. The car had became a ute… Btw.. He still had that smirk. I tried to hit the brakes to make him crash into the back of the tray but the brakes were not working I felt as if it was all part of his plan. So I did the next best thing and sped up till I saw people and crashed straight into a pole.. He went flying I got out as I had my seat belt on.. I found a weapon. It looked like an umbrella sword I thought, what ever it’ll do and went to finish the job! Kill him. He stopped me and said wait wait.. You are the most tenacious person I’ve ever met. Before we finish this fight how about we grab a beer. I felt relief as I am not an angry or evil person and said sure at that point I fell backwards in my dream in exhaustion and slid down the pavment as I saw him walk into the bar. And then I woke up.. I researched the word tenacious because I did not know it’s meaning and realised that I battled a true demon and got tricked out of beating him.

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