My Testimony

Hi folks I’ve been working on writing a more detailed version of my testimony. It should have been easy but it wasn’t. I hope this is useful to someone.

I have two sons. They are twins. I was tickled to death when they were born. I was very optimistic about the future of my family and was confident that I could raise them to be men of good character. As children they were happy well adjusted little boys. I couldn’t have been more proud of them. A monkey wrench was thrown into the works when they were five years old. My ex wife decided she wanted to go back to college and finish her degree. She had taken about half the courses she needed at the community college but needed to finish at a university. A note about my ex wife, we had been married about six years and she had been a pretty good wife for most of those six years. At any rate she enrolled in a local university and worked toward a degree. After about six months there was a drastic change in her personality and habits. All in a negative way. To me it seemed unexplainable. Here’s an example, at one point she announced that she was a vegetarian. I pointed out that rare steaks had been her favorite food for as long as I had known her. She offered no explanation. About six months after that she asked for a divorce. By this time she had ceased to be of any positive influence on the family and seemed to think of the boys as just a headache that she had to deal with so I didn’t fight the divorce. It would have been pointless. It had a severe impact on the boys. They were heavily stressed by the whole sorry affair and I could see it in their personalities. I was determined to minimize the damage as best I could. The boys would stay a week with me and then a week with the ex wife. When I had them I made a point to hang out with them and not put them on the sideline for anything but the damage was done. Anyone who thinks a marriage can be split up without having a negative impact on the children is lying to themselves. When my sons started the seventh grade one of them became friends with a new kid. The boy was a nice enough young man. I let him spend the weekend at our house several times and didn’t notice anything out of place. What I didn’t know was the boy had somehow stumbled across satanism and was dabbling in it. Getting to the point he introduced my son to it and the two of them began to dabble in it. I wouldn’t learn about this until a few years later. It was just a fad thing to them and I doubt they even had a clue what was really involved. Still there was a drastic change to my son’s personality. He became erratic in his behavior. He seemed confused and lost interest in getting passing grades. I know now that by dabbling in satanism the boy brought himself under demonic attachment. At the time I was like everyone else. I didn’t have a clue about demons. I was a believing Christian but not a practicing Christian. I had grown up in a powerless methodist church where I had learned almost nothing about the bible and I hadn’t been attending church in a long time. So there I was with a son who now had a demonic attachment and was totally clueless. The twins had always been close so my other son certainly knew about the satanism but wasn’t inclined to get involved so he spared himself a lot of the mental anguish that his brother would experience. He wasn’t unaffected though, none of us were. I had demonic doors open of my own. Internet porn to be specific. See my article about pornography. .

Having gained a foothold in the house the demons took full advantage of every door available to them. Once those thing get a foothold they will begin to manipulate family members to open more doors and create strife in the family. A dark cloud seemed to settle over the house. It was the beginning of several dark years. At the age of thirteen my sons stopped going back and forth and just lived with me from that point on. Their mom hadn’t identified with them in a long time and they were more comfortable at my place in spite of the enemy’s covert war. The downhill slide continued. Every decision made by my son seemed to be the one that would cause him the most problems. In high school my sons got involved with drugs which is another demonic door. They were constantly in trouble at school. I was constantly thinking to myself, why? What is going on? Can they not think for themselves and reason out what will benefit them and what will not? The fact was all their thoughts were not their own, nor were mine. This was especially true of my youngest son who had dabbled in satanism. We were being manipulated like puppets on strings. I began to have nightmares which were demonic dream attacks though I didn’t know that at the time. See my article on demonic dream attacks.

The demons began using demonic thought attacks. They had great success with those because they had a free run of the house. There was constant strife, whenever two came together there was an argument. Not a minutes peace could be had. At one point I began to notice demonic thought attacks. I didn’t know that was what they were but I began to notice that sometimes despicable thoughts seemed to pop into my head out of nowhere. Once when my son had gotten suspended from school it happened. A thought came from nowhere “if he’s going to do everything he can to destroy his life it would be better if he had never even been born”. I noticed that this had came into my mind from nowhere and I wondered “That was creepy, where did that come from? That’s not something I would ever think”. See my article on demonic thought attacks.

I finally got back into church but the powerless methodist church seemed like a total waste of time. More like a club than a church. I shopped around and finally settled on the old Primitive Baptist church that I still attend today. Moving toward a walk with the Lord was a step in the right direction but I was still unaware of the spiritual attack that my family was under. But the Lord chose to have mercy on me and began to lead me into understanding. He caused various reading material to fall into my hands. A Christian friend at work had recommended a book to me. The name of the book was “He came to set the captives free”. My friend said that I should be prepared because everything in the world that could happen would happen to prevent someone from reading that book. The title didn’t strike my interest so I didn’t look into the book. A few months later I was browsing in a used bookstore and I found a copy. I recognized the title and something told me I should buy the book. I bought it. The next morning was saturday. I opened the book and began to read. Usually on saturday I get constant phone calls, people coming over, my sons friends in and out of the house, etc. But not this saturday, nobody called or came over the whole day and the house was peaceful. I sat and read the book from cover to cover in that one day. I have no doubt the Lord was behind that. The book is a testimony of Rebecca Brown explaining her run ins with demons and how she learned to fight them. I recognized many of the same things Ms. Brown had dealt with as also having happened in my house but she knew what was going on and I hadn’t. When I was finished reading it I just sat there astonished, “Holy smoke! So that’s what’s been going on, no wonder”. I got hold of a few more books on spiritual warfare and read them. I now knew what was going on but to tell the truth I was scared. “How do I proceed from here? Can I do this? I don’t know enough about what I’m doing”. I began to pray to the Lord earnestly and regularly for some guidance in this matter. A few weeks later myself and my cousin went to a funeral service for one of the members of our church. The preacher preached a powerful and reassuring sermon asserting the assurance that we have in Jesus. Everyone had peace from it knowing with certainty where the brother had went. On the way home we stopped at a Barnes and Nobles bookstore to have a look around. When I had browsed for a while my cousin walked up. She said “there’s a friend of mine here, he’s very experienced in spiritual warfare, do you want to meet him?”. I said yes I certainly do. And so my cousin introduced me to the man I consider to be my mentor. I will refer to him as Mr. R. We talked a few minutes and I finally blurted out “there’s something I really need to talk to you about can we meet up sometime?”. Mr R said he would be happy to talk with me. I have no doubt whatsoever that the Lord put me in contact with this man. The next week I met up with Mr. R and explained my situation in detail. I asked if he would help me. He said “yes I’ll help you but I wont do it for you, the Lord wants you to handle this, you’re the father, the Lord gives you authority where you’re sons are concerned”. Mr R went on to explain many thing including how break demonic contracts, how to close demonic doors and how to do a basic deliverance. I took notes and asked questions. He explained what to say and how to say it. He said “don’t have a cow if you make a mistake, the world wont come to an end just restart and say it right, be calm the Lord gives us this authority and those things can’t resist it”. I felt reassured knowing there was a real person I could come to when I needed help. Now came what I thought would be the tricky part, approaching my son with this. I caught him when we were alone and said to him “I’ve been learning some things about demons and how they operate, and I believe you’ve got one”. To my surprise the kid suspected it himself. I said “would you like to do something about it?’. My son said yes he would. I met up with Mr R once more just to clarify a few things. Then it was game time. I made sure my son and myself had the house to ourselves. I prayed to the Lord for his blessing and guidance. I had my son ask for forgiveness and had him renounce and break any contracts he had made with the enemy. Then I took authority over the evil things in the name of the Lord Jesus and commanded them to leave. It was as simple as that. That evening I asked my son what his thoughts were like. He said that for the first time in a long time he didn’t have two sets of thoughts in his head at the same time. The boy was noticeably calmer. It wasn’t the end of the fight though. Demons will always counterattack and try to get back in. The first few months after being set free are tough. They especially attacked my son’s thought life but he learned to recognize demonic thought attacks. Mr. R said it would be that way. We began finding doors and closing them. Eventually the demons got beat down and their attacks diminished. They still try every now and then but the more you know the less effective the enemy’s tricks become. Keeping free takes vigilance for the rest of your life.

After learning more and more about how demons operate the Lord began to make it obvious to me through the holy spirit how demons had attacked my family in the past and what really happened with my ex wife. She had committed adultery and picked up a demonic attachment herself. This is why her personality suddenly changed and why she withdrew from me and also somewhat from the boys.
See my article on Demons and sex.

I recognized events from my childhood as having been the work of demons. My Dad’s downfall was a result of their interference. My Dad was a good guy and we were close when I was young but at one point when I was about twelve years old his personality changed. He began to have affairs and to drink. It all came about rather suddenly. The Lord made it known to me through the holy Spirit what happened with Dad also. He was a truck driver and was often gone for days at a time on a long haul. He obviously had a fling on the side and picked up a demonic attachment himself which led to his personality change and to his gradual downhill slide. In Dad’s defense he had no idea this would happen. No one does. He thought a little fun on the side would be harmless. Not the case. I remember Dad before the demons stuck their noses in his business so I know what he was really like. My brother and sister were too young so they don’t remember the real Dad as his normal self but I do.

Anyway this is why I am interested in spiritual warfare and this is why I set up this blog. If Christians knew what the enemy is up to and how to fight back the world would be a different place. These things have had their noses in our business for too long.  Words cannot describe how I despise them. I sooo look forward to the day when they drop into the lake of fire.

I wrote this testimony before I learned the full understanding of how to be free of the enemy. My understanding of spiritual warfare has grown since then. Here is a good update.


13 Responses to My Testimony

  1. stephenbearnys says:

    How can I sign up to receive your blogs? I like your bio and glad you have joined our group. Stephen piersall

    • BillyClyde says:

      Hi Stephen. Thanks for commenting on my blog. To get notifications click the icon on the bottom right of the page where it says ‘follow’. It will bring up the option.

  2. Sonya Hudson says:

    Thanks Billy, for sharing your heart with ours.

  3. Thank you for sharing your testimony Billy–it is moving, informative, and God-honoring. By God’s grace, you have keen insight into spiritual warfare. I hope and pray that your ministry expands…

  4. Gaz Parker says:

    Nice testimony Billy.

  5. Namib says:

    Hi Billy, …….I’m trying to find the right words here, first of all “AMEN” to the last part of your testimony….God bless you my friend. This is amazing and awesome…..thanks for sharing your heart with us, I’m sooo happy to see how God has helped you and how you are helping others. It does my heart good to know that I’m not alone in this battle and war against satan and his demons. Many years ago, about 1996 – 1998 I also got some books of Ms. Brown which helped me to understand things. God bless.

  6. Katie says:

    Read many of your posts and now bought Rebecca’s book on kindle and paperback. I too want to become a spiritual warrior….suspect many family members and an ex boyf have demons. Self-deliverance is interesting…I saw a spirit flee from me the minute accepted Jesus into my life 8 months ago!

    • BillyClyde says:

      Hello Katie. I think every Christian should understand the basics. I recommend you be cautious though and go slowly. Always asking the Lord Jesus in prayer if it’s His will before taking steps. The most aggravating thing is dealing with people you know are under oppression but you can’t talk to them about it because you know what the reaction would be.

  7. Jeff Fry says:

    Thank you so much for your testimony. Most Christians today are so unaware of the schemes of the devil that it seems he is going to be victorious over the church. It is so amazing to square off with Satan’s kingdom and realize the power God has given to his people to overcome the evil one. My first deliverance encounter was when I was pastoring a Bible church (oh so “conservative”) . Looking back it seems silly how much fear I had at the time but I had no real idea of all that the Lord Jesus had purchased for us on that cross! And while I’m on that subject I’ll add this, God’s primary goal with the cross was not save us from our sins, it was to restore us to a place where we could be free to live in relationship with Him, He just had to get our sin out of the way first, like Adam and Eve were pre-fall. If you’re not enjoying those walks in the garden with God in the cool of the day you are missing the bulk of the Christian life. It’s all about a love affair between God and us. That love will overflow to other believers and the world and setting people free from demonic influence is a wonderful part of that. Thanking God for his continued blessings on you!

  8. sean davis says:

    Very interesting.I’ve come across several things like this and from reading ur stuff a lot of things make sense I will be purchasing that book n a few minutes I would also like to free myself from the stuff I let in from the garbage I was doing. Thank u for ur blog very informative don’t stop keep your blog current its helpful god bless Bruv b well.

  9. Lewis says:

    Nice testimony! To be completely honest, I’ve struggled in combatting in spiritual warfare just because I am weary that any information I receive is unbiblical and more occult. I know this could be an attack in itself but anything I’ve read on spiritual warfare has to align with Biblical truth. I’m sure you’re very aware of that but I’m just “thinking out loud”…

  10. Bibi says:

    Hello, good people. Thank God for BillyClyde. May God bless him/her. Please, do not be overwhelmed by whatever your condition is regarding spiritual battles that you may have, or have read on this blog. Once you are aware you have an issue, kneel down and confess your sins to God, repent of your old way, invite Jesus into your life and live a lifestyle of commitment to him. Set aside time to talk to him in praises, hymns, chorus, and ask him to address your issue. Read the word of God and mediate on it. Confess/claim those same words all the time over your condition. Ask God for the baptism of the Holy Spirit, because you need Him to break free from demonic attacks. When you do these, then wait. He will surely come through for you. He did for me. God bless you all.

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