Demonic contracts and the UCC

Hello folks. I’ve talked about some of this in other blog articles but now I want to tie some things together

Demonic contracts – Demons operate under contracts. Sometimes called a demonic door. Doing something that gives a demon an invitation into your life establishes a contract and gives the demon a legal right to be there. Referred to as opening a demonic door.

The UCC – The UCC is the Uniform Commercial code. It’s the law of commerce that businesses and individuals operate under when they contract. You’re thinking “I don’t contract”. Yes you do even the sale of a pack of chewing gum is a contract. Under the UCC in order for there to be a contract there has to be offer and acceptance. The gum is put on display in a store with a price on it. That’s an offer of contract. You pick up the gum and pay the requested price. That’s the acceptance. The terms of the contract are the gum now belongs to you and the cash now belongs to the seller. This is the most basic of contracts but all contracts work the same way.
UCC 2-206.1a says “an offer to make a contract shall be construed as inviting acceptance in any manner and by any medium reasonable in the circumstances;”
”notice the term “inviting acceptance by any manner”
UCC 2-207.1 says “A definite and seasonable expression of acceptance or a written confirmation which is sent within a reasonable time operates as an acceptance”
Notice the term “expression of acceptance”
UCC 2-207.3 says “Conduct by both parties which recognizes the existence of contract is sufficient to establish a contract
Notice the term “conduct which recognizes the existence of a contract”
In other words if you participate in something that is part of the contract then as far as the law is concerned you have accepted the contract.

Demons for all practical purposes operate under the same rules outlined in the UCC. There must be offer and acceptance for a contract to exist. Remember an offer is “inviting acceptance by any manner”. Here’s an example. A palm reader may have a sign in the front yard saying something like this. “Madam so and so, psychic advisor”. This is the devil inviting acceptance. A palm reader gets her info from demons. That is the ones that aren’t phony. This is an offer of contract. If you walk in and get your palm read you have accepted. A contract now exists between you and the devil because there has been offer and acceptance. You have displayed “conduct which recognizes the existence of a contract”.

Why do demons seem to operate under the UCC? Did they just have a look at the UCC code and say “hey that’s good let’s use it”? Not likely. Our federal government and actually most all of the worlds governments are controlled from behind the scenes by the enemy. The UCC was put in place by our federal government. It doesn’t take much thought to figure out who/what was behind the establishment of the UCC. There’s nothing inherently wrong with establishing a set of laws to regulate contracts but under the UCC a contract can be enforced on you with nothing in writing and you may not even know that you accepted one. That’s the problem.

When people that have accepted contracts command demons to leave in Jesus name the effect is only temporary because the demon knows it has a contract and has a legal right to be there so the thing will soon come back. As the devil sees it you are the one in breach of contract and he is being wronged by you. After all you accepted his offer of contract. He didn’t twist your arm. You clicked on the porn site of your own free will. That’s how the enemy thinks. The contract is fraudulent because the terms aren’t specified. In other words the devil’s product is offered without a visible price tag on it but it doesn’t matter to the devil whether it’s fraudulent or not. Remember Jesus said the devil was a thief (John 10:1) and a liar (John 8:44). The devil’s goal is to coax you into sin and then accuse you of it.

Next time you get a pop up on your computer leading to a porn site be aware that you have just received an offer of contract. When planned parenthood offers a federally funded abortion to a woman she is being invited to accept a contract with the devil. Learn to be aware of when you are being offered a contract and do not accept it. Do not engage in “conduct which recognizes the existence of a contract”.

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5 Responses to Demonic contracts and the UCC

  1. grace says:

    Thanks for the input it is,a lot of things in my past that haunts me in my spirit which I never really made peace and repentance with until all of it was out of me I figure the demons pray upon my weakness and me condemn myself of things I had no control over that I constantly keep track in my mind day in and out like my son going to prison a day ago I dream it re inerated in a different way but still the same thing I woke up in distress and day turn out bad going to court for my 2other kids the judge let a restraining order go threw from the father because he’s hateful God remove me from that toxic relationship.masturbation just from sexual stuff on my smoking weed I haven’t in a year but the dreams are still there because I fear one day I may slip back in the habit anxiety is creeping up again because my kids,are gone with the dad who lie on sexual demons rape me as Well as me getting taunt by smoking Weed and kids father still effecting my life in a negative way.I’m going to rebuke the dreams be careful what my eyes Gage on repent and pray to stay in faith so I can overcome these sins

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  3. Tamara says:

    Thank you so much for this this was so important to read! Wow you touched on everything thank you so much to God be the Glory ! Amen!

  4. Maelui says:

    My question is, if a person inadvertently accepted a contract with the devil, and they don’t realize it, how can they abolish that contract? I did some unrighteous things before I became a Christian, and I’ve stumbled a bit even after becoming a Christian. I’d like to know how I can abolish any, and all contracts I might unknowingly have with Satan. I belong to the one true God, and our messiah, and saviour Yeshua (Jesus Christ). I don’t want any contracts with demons, or Satan. I’d also like to know exactly how many acts there are that secure such said contracts, and what sorts of actions a person has to perform to set those contracts in place. I just want to avoid any, and all possible chance of unknowingly securing a contract with the enemy.

  5. Thank you for sharing! Very good!

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