Basic self deliverance

Hi guys I’ve been wanting to do this article for a while. A basic set of steps for getting free of oppression. If you haven’t read it yet I recommend you read this article before going further.

Many people already know or at least have a suspicion about what opened a door to let demons into their life. If this is not the case with you start here. Generally when we have trouble with demons there is something in our life that the Lord doesn’t approve of. In other words a sin.

First you need to ask the Lord what it is. Sometimes a sin is something we don’t recognize as a sin. Ask the Lord. It’s His call. A simple prayer something like this.
“Lord Jesus I am having trouble with demons and I suspect there is something in my life that you don’t approve of. Master I ask that you tell me what it is so that I can repent of it and kick it out of my Life. Lord Jesus I ask this in Your Holy Name.”
If you don’t get an answer right away stay on it. Ask the Lord regularly until you get an answer. The Lord will tell you in a way that He chooses. Whatever it is give it the boot. Don’t Try to rationalize a sin that you enjoy in order to keep it.

Once the sin/demon door has been identified repent of it and confess it. A simple prayer something like this.
“Lord Jesus, Master I have sinned against you. I have (insert sin here). I repent of this Lord and I ask your forgiveness for it. Lord Jesus I ask this In your Holy name.”
This prayer must be said out loud so the demons can hear it and know that you have taken it to the Lord. Demons can’t read your mind but they do have great hearing.

Next break the contract. Demons operate on contracts that they assume to exist. Contracts that they assume give them a legal right to invade your life. Here’s an example. Someone goes to a palm reader. It could be innocent enough with the sinner not knowing that he is dabbling in divination which the word of God says plainly not to do. In a demon’s mind he is thinking “Aha so and so is dabbling in divination, that our turf, he is contracted with us now”. I doesn’t matter whether or not a victim agreed to any contract. When a demons sees rebellion he assumes the contract to exist and acts on it. Once the sin is confessed to the Lord and forgiveness is asked for, the contract has no substance and can be broken in Jesus’ name. A simple statement something like this.
“I have confessed (insert sin here) to the Lord Jesus and asked forgiveness for it. In the name of Jesus any contracts with demons, associated with that sin are now broken and rendered null and void. In Jesus’ name.”
This is a statement not a prayer. You aren’t asking anything you are establishing something. This must also be said out loud so the demons can hear it and know that the contract is ended.

Some people have more than one sin in their life that is giving demons a foothold. Ask the Lord Jesus to tell you of any others and follow the same procedure for whatever He shows you.
We are human and will always have conflict as long as we are in the flesh. Some sins are hard to kick. Stay on it don’t give up and accept the sin. Never leave it unconfessed. Even if you have to confess a sin every day for a while until you can kick it permanently, never leave it unconfessed.

After you have confessed to the Lord and then broken the contract command the demons in Jesus’ name to flee from you and stay out of your business.

Now a note about commanding demons in Jesus name. This does work and it should be done. Those things can’t disregard the authority of the Lord’s name. But if a demonic door is left open the thing will come right back as long as it knows it has a legal right. Get the sin out of your life and close the door. Then when you command them in Jesus’ name to leave they will stay gone. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t command demons in Jesus name to flee from you while you are still struggling to kick the sin out of your life. Of course you should. The Lord gives it to His servants to exercise the authority of His name. But it’s a treatment for the symptoms and not for the cause. Use it while you are getting sin out of your life. But once you develop a walk with the Lord you will seldom need it. Do things the Lord’s way and demon problems will fade until they are no longer an issue in your life.

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7 Responses to Basic self deliverance

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  3. Thandi says:

    I am in charismatic churches and the devil is talked of a lot. We are constantly taught his wiles and how to paralyse and avoid. Just like you say. You baffle me when you say people in main stream churches are okay with God that’s why they don’t need to give attention to the devil. I’ve been taught that is is because they know no better. They attribute their ills to God not necessarily because they have let sin in. Now can a christian live a life oblivious if the devil?

    • BillyClyde says:

      Maybe I should have worded it a better way. How about this? People who have a close walk with the Lord don’t generally have demonic doors open so they experience far fewer attacks from the enemy.

      • Krystle says:

        I never believed in God…itvwas always a wedge between my husband and I-howeverI wanted to have fath and believe! I read books and prayed that God would give me a sign, however I got nothing. A year ago my son was hit by a drunk driver on a snowmobile…he went down face first in the snow…I thought he was killed! As I ran to him I was begging God to please save my child! I don’t know why-it’s just what came to me! As my son was lifted up-he was no only alive! As I rushed him to the hospital, hysterical-Ibknew “something” protected him-he should be injured! Then the most inspiring thing happened…my son told me that God had told him “he had so much more to do in this life!” JJ was 7 at the time and we did not attend church-it was finally the sign I had been searching for my whole life! God had saved my baby and proved himself to me…after all this time questioning him-he showed me his power and I will forever be greatful! A year later I started going to church and every time it moved me to uncontrollable tears-I can’t even explain why…except I felt this overwhelming sense of love! I was exactly where I was supposed to be in that moment! A step toward a Christian life, a relationship with God and a life of faith. My mother told me it was the holly spirit and she felt so blessed that I had taken the initiative to seek him in my own. It has been 6 months since we started going to Eunday mass and Ainknoebi am slowly taking strides toward becoming the best person that I can be….air have also given up an addiction which my husband and I have struggled with for years… Weed. I never had dreams really, just kinda passed out the second my head hit the pillow-but the past two weeks my sleep has been wrestless and interrupted. Saturday night I went to a BBQ forbtwovrecovering addicts who recently were baptized…it got me thinking that Myself, husband and son should follow suit. I wanted Hod to know Si would walk with him in earth and hollow him into the after life…around 3:00-3:30 I began to dream and at first itvwas just a party here St my home with friends and family. A cousin was persuading me to smoke wed and I was sticking to my sobriety! However after much persuasion I gave in and is due. when I came back to the party and mother was making fun of me-saying I was s loser and my husband would be kill me if he new stuff!!so disappointed-I ran to my room and closed the door and hot in bed…that’s when shit hot crazy. As I was lying in bed (in my dream) I felt an immense sense of evil lurkingbonbyhe ceiling above me! It was dark and I couldn’t see a figure or shape…just this intensely demonic and evil energy. Then it slithered to the floor, across the room and up the end of my bed. The energy started wrapping my legs around one another like a rope and it felt like my hip was gonna break…the it slithered its way up the end of my bed onto my chest. I had difficulty breathing and was screaming for my husband but voiceless! I was trapped here in bed-with no voice or cry for help…..I truly believe he wants to succeed….we will 💯

      • Avi says:

        I have to disagree. I have found that the stronger my relationship is with G-d, the more frequent the attacks come. I was told that this is because I worship my Father. My experience (I’m 53) has been “satan doesn’t care if you go to church or read the Bible, as long as you don’t follow the commandments.” He doesn’t attack those that are of no threat to him.
        Just saying………

  4. I have had over 20 years of demonic attacks. due to my use of the ouija board. Thank you for this article, but I would like us not to forget – us God fearing folk, that deliverance can be self induced, by the way of conviction, but deliverance ultimately comes through Jesus. What I mean is, we can have the conviction to tell ourselves we don’t want demons in our lives, we can even deny the enemy entry by no longer participating in what we once did, but that does not keep the demons gone. Jesus talked about this matter. Reference the demon who comes back and finds the house he left swept clean. This happens. And the way we fill up our houses ( our temples) is to adopt a heart and mind like Christ by living out His word in our lives. This is how the demonic activity left me. That’s why it took me so long to gain deliverance. No church prayed for me, or helped me, the pastor I did tell acknowledged my story but did not offer any help or prayer. I was left on my own. No one can take credit, no prayer, no church, no person, no laying on of hands, no one but Jesus. I give Him credit for He was patient and kind enough to deal with my faults, and lead me to His word, teach me His word and lead me through His word by example.

    Thank you

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