Demonic Retaliation

Hi folks. I have received a lot of comments about demonic dream attacks. Several of you have shared personal experiences and I thank you for it. I’ve noticed from many of your experiences and from my personal experience that demons tend to strike when a victim is trying to move toward a relationship with the Lord Jesus. It seems that demons don’t bother much with the lost, they already have them right where they want them. Demons don’t seem to spend much time on Christians who are in rebellion and are involved in sin. They also are right where the demons want them. But when someone has been following the agenda of Satan and his demons but then tries to turn from it and move toward the Lord, this seems to initiate a response from demons. They will use dream attacks very often. Several of you have described how you started having demonic dream attacks when you started seeking the Lord and His way. I don’t know if this is out of pure spite or if the demons are hoping the victim will abandon his efforts to seek the Lord because of the attacks. Maybe it’s both. They are very spiteful things. Don’t let them steer you with fear. They will make it as hard as possible for their victims to come to a right relationship with Jesus but that relationship is worth every inch of ground that you have to fight for.
This article has a good basic strategy for getting free.

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9 Responses to Demonic Retaliation

  1. Angeline Grace says:

    Thank you for this. I have been in the process of changing denominations. I have been having some terrible dreams lately. I hope I am making the right choice in leaving the denomination I grew up with. I don’t agree with all their theology any longer.

  2. Angela Hammett says:

    I have been dreaming and waking up crying for weeks because my dreams are of my Dad funeral he has been gone since 2005 so fresh in my head .And then the demons came even while I’m awake shadows during the day I’m miss placing things and about that we looked for a pendent I lost all afternoon and had a vivid dream to where I was shown where it was just so strange . In the same night I was attacked on my leg by a demon that I never see but feel and it was grabbing my arm at same time in the middle of trying to move i tried to bite it’s hand which I had bit my own finger and woke myself up and I could still feel them in the room while I was wide awake I was scared to move and this was during the day so I finally moved to see my thumb and I had teeth marks where I had bit down so hard trying to bite the demon I’ve even seem white lights on my wall I thought was sun but looked at windows and no explanation of it and I just got scared and didn’t move and it just got smaller and went away as I was looking at it . Please don’t think I’m crazy but just has me on edge how real my dreams have been last few weeks .

    • Jonathan Smucker says:

      The demons will make your life as hard as possible. But as long as you have the LORD, everything will be ok.

    • If you are not a Christian, give your life to Jesus Christ. If you are..Rebuke it in the name of Jesus. If it feels wicked, it is. You are not crazy. I’ve been through a lot of the same things. Speak God’s word with boldness, praise God openly and rebuke any dreams of dead relatives. Stay prayed up and keep Jesus on your mind. Be encouraged and God Bless.

  3. Ace says:

    I had a dream that something was pulling me out of my bed and I was praying, when I say the words “God” and Jesus they pour some foaming powder on my mouth.

  4. Andrew says:

    Please Help! I have always been a Christian but this last year I decided to fully give everything to God and do whatever He wanted. Since then demons have been harassing me, multiple spirits. At night I have had sleep paralysis, have been choked, I wake up with scratch marks often (3 lines and sometimes a V), I have nightmares and I hear their voices in my head a lot. I feel like God doesn’t want me and decided to hand me over to Satan because this happened when I gave my life. I have seen 2 demons wide awake. In my dreams I have talked with Angels or God (Heavenly being) and when I do the next day it is followed up by a demonic one where I talk to demons or Satan (Again not sure what one). I can sense the demons come in my belly and the same with God (my stomach will burn). While I am asleep I can sense demons come in and can actually sense where they are in the room while I am asleep. Their hand will go over my head and my dream will shift. I rarely ever sleep now. Need help understanding why God doesn’t care enough about me to protect me, maybe it is apart of His plan? Difficult how this is how God uses a willing person who only wants to love and please him

    • Andrew says:

      Also, some nights where I get attacked God will come and control my voice quoting scriptures I don’t even know and they will leave. This rarely happens and the demonic attacks are daily and I hear them for the majority of the day.

  5. Melanie rice says:

    Omg your the only person I have found that knows exactly what has been happening wow thank u

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