The Master Key to spiritual warfare


Hi folks. The Lord has made something clear to me and I want to pass it on to anyone who may read this blog. I’ve written several articles here about spiritual warfare. But I have came to realize that what I’ve been doing is writing about treating the symptoms instead of the disease. With this post I want to bring the matter to a conclusion. This is the atomic bomb of spiritual warfare. It doesn’t win individual battles it wins the war. Here it is in a nutshell. Any and all demonic oppression is caused by being outside of a right relationship with Jesus. People complain that mainstream churches don’t get involved in spiritual warfare. This is true but there’s a reason for it. The church attending Christian who is pursuing a walk with Jesus and is bringing everything to Him in prayer never has any run ins with demons. Demons don’t even have a toe hold to grab at these people with. As a result they never have to deal with demons. They know the bible is true so they know that demons exist but since they never have to deal with them they don’t give them much thought. They are focused on more important things such as seeking Jesus’ will. If you are having trouble with demons you can rest assured that there is something in your life that the Lord Jesus has a problem with. I’ve been blogging about demonic doors and how to close them. But I think I’ve been putting the cart in front of the horse. The bible says to seek the kingdom of heaven first. This isn’t talking about salvation. It’s written to people who are already saved. It’s talking about seeking Jesus’ Lordship over your life. Seeking His will and walking in it. If you do that the rest will take care of itself including the demonic doors. You wont be throwing your tarrot cards in the trash because you fear demons, you will be throwing them in the trash because you know the Lord Jesus hates them. Strive for a closer walk with Jesus. Bring everything to Him in prayer. If you don’t know His will on something ask Him about it and expect an answer. Don’t let it go stay on it. “Lord I need to know your will here, I’m not striking out on my own with this”. Remember Jesus’ parable of the persistent widow. He is telling us plainly to pray and not give up. I hesitate to put it this way but badger the Lord until you get an answer. He said He would give it to us and He will. It may not be the answer you want but whatever it is submit to it. Don’t try to rationalize a sin that you enjoy in order to keep it. Anything the Lord disapproves of is a demonic door. But again we shouldn’t be avoiding sin because we want to avoid demons we should be avoiding sin because we serve a Master who hates it. If we walk with the Lord, seek His will and strive to walk in it, any demon problems we may have had will fade into nothingness. Get out of enemy territory and we wont have to be dodging the enemy’s bullets. Why did it take me so long to realize this?


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  1. Amy says:

    To say the church doesn’t address spiritual oppression because it focuses on the ones walking with God and it wouldn’t happen to them is completly a misnomer. Jesus was tempted by Satan. This is happening to good Christian people under the guise of other things; addiction, gluttony, ect. We as Christians choose to not consider this demonic oppression because it puts us at risk. EVERY DAY we are to put on the armour of God because EVERY DAY we encounter wicked. Once any of this takes hold, latches on to a person, Christian or otherwise, they are at risk for both demonic oppression and even possession. The fact the we, as Christians, don’t know this automatically scares me. You should look into a man by the name of Russ Dizdar.

    • BillyClyde says:

      Amy I understand your position because I held a similar opinion for a long time. I don’t know Mr. Dizdar personally but I have spoken to him by email a few times. I don’t agree with him on everything but he has definitely done some good work.
      Now about your statement that Christians are being tempted by Satan under the guise of addiction, gluttony, etc. Of course they are, it’s always going to be that way as long as we are in the flesh, but temptation isn’t sin. Acting on temptation is. The Christian walking closely with the Lord Jesus will be convicted by the holy spirit of such things as addiction and gluttony. The spirit will often convict them while they are considering the sin before they even partake. Thus causing them to back away from it. And so the close walk with Jesus has the affect of keeping demonic doors from opening. Sometimes people assume their walk with the Lord is fine when in reality it needs serious work. I was like this myself. I thought my walk was fine and dealing with demonic attacks was just something that I would always have to be doing. It’s not the case. Over the past year I had been focusing on improving my walk with the Lord. Bringing more and more things to Him and trying to do what He wanted me to do. Several weeks ago it dawned on me that I hadn’t heard a peep out of the enemy in a very long time. The walk with Jesus is the armor of God in a nutshell. Any and all demonic oppression is a result being outside of a right relationship with Jesus. If you are experiencing demonic attacks there’s something in your life that Jesus has a problem with and if you seek His will He will show you what it is. It took a while for the Lord to beat this into my head. But once I got it my outlook changed. I have much more peace now. Not that my walk is perfect, far from it. But I have now seen what a closer walk with Jesus can do for a Christian. It’s something we can continuously improve.

      • BillyClyde says:

        By the way I’m not saying that we should just put demons out of mind completely. We need to be aware that they are there, working behind the scenes, waiting for an opening. But with a close walk with the Lord we don’t have to be in battle constantly. We can have some rest. It’s the peace of Christ.

      • Reka says:

        Praise Jesus Brother in Christ ! Thank you for sharing this ! God Bless you and your ministry for the Kingdom !

      • Lindsey Hall says:

        I def agree with what you are saying but I still have to go back to what she pointed out. Jesus was the perfect human/God in flesh and Satan still came to mess with him.

        I had an experience where I went to stay the night with girl friends by a lake. I got there early, it was dark, I had to wait on them but during that time I began to pray and I spoke with God like never experienced before. I could hear His audible voice in my head clearer than it ever had been and the peace beyond anything a human could describe in words, we had a conversation for over 30 mins where It felt intimate, I learned God does actually have a sense of humor, etc etc. I was closer to Him in that moment, and in my life than I had ever been and I felt Him preparing me for the next step in His story. However, hrs later as I slept, I had not a dream but an actual vision where I was in the spirit but in that room. Demons were appearing out of walls trying to torment me and bite and scratch but I had like this white bubble protecting me, (Holy Spirit) but the terror was real and as I rebuked them in Jesus name and by His blood, they were taking my voice somehow. I knew there was a connection between the darkness, that room, that house and the people who owned it. I was able to see in the spirit…the other souls asleep in the home in other rooms, and they were literally burning, yet I was untouched in my HolySpirit aura/bubble. I fought hard to wake myself up and did. I went to the bathroom, cam back rebuked and prayed, then put a sermon with Gods words flowing in my ear….I went back into the vision…. A giant fluer de lis came 3D from the wall into a baphomet, demons continued to appear out of thin air through walls and windows. I continued to scream and rebuke without a voice. I heard a bible verse, the one describing how darkness cannot exist where there is light, then I was given a revelation that in the spirit world my authority doesn’t come through verbal words alone but by believing it just in my head alone and thinking it would loosen their grip on my mouth and so I finally got out I rebuke you in Jesus name, I repeated it 3x as the last of them left and my eyes immediately opened to the sun just starting to come up. When I woke up, my throat, mouth, lips were completely parched as if I had had nothing to drink for days, cracked and crust all around mouth.

        I’ll say this. As I began to fall asleep that night, I felt the darkness moving in. I felt an uneasy feeling, and the giant fluer de lis had an eerie feeling but I pushed it off. I know better now. If you have these weird feelings, a heaviness, any fear, or uneasiness….pray then! Rebuke then. And pray for hedge of protection and for Gods angel warriors to encamp around you. This was no dream. I was transported and literally fought demons that night in the spirit world. And I was. Loser to Jesus than I had ever been….I actually was advancing and moving forward toward Christ to greater spiritual awareness and authority.

        So I’ll say I agree with most of what you wrote, but just as Jesus was not far away from God and he was sought out and hunted by Satan in the wilderness….so can Humans be. In addition, I have seen greater spiritual warfare occurring in ministries who are actually at the cusp of new levels in their relationship with the Lord. Satan really has no worries or cause to attack those that already belong to him….though he still does but Christians are definitely targeted more by the demonic realms.

  2. dacatchman says:

    I agree that it is sin (no matter the kind) that gives the enemy foothold into attacks. When Christians backslide or otherwise stray from the path of righteousness, there are indeed wolves out there waiting to pounce. Since they cannot attack while we are walking with Christ on His path, because they cannot reach us, they will take their opportunities before we get back to where we are supposed to be.

    If you find yourself out there in the wilderness, get back on the path ASAP. It’s not worth it. But there will be attacks, because it’s an opportunity for the enemy. For me and my walk, addictions from my former life cause me all sorts of problems. I’m glad you pointed me to the article Billy because it’s where I’ve been heading, I just hadn’t… got it… yet.

    As unfortunate as it sounds, it’s rather nice to know I’m not the only thick-headed Christian who has struggled with this obvious answer for awhile. The difference between knowing and doing has long been one of my issues.

    I recently had about the worst set of nightmares I’ve had in a while, and it was jarring. It goes to show, to me, that while on the path things are fine, but once you stray, the bad guys start to circle. I don’t think they attack on your way off the path, no, but only when you start back toward it.

    I know what I have to do now, and I’m thankful for that. I’m glad brothers like Billy here share their experiences, we all have something to teach the world and God is good to use us for it.

    Anyway, we put ourselves in these situations. No one is to blame but we who choose anything over Christ. Demons don’t make us do stuff, we decide and then act on our sin, and ignore the still small voice that urges us otherwise. And this voice is real and true, I always hear it. The trick is listening.

    I’m still learning, as we all are, but at some point we need to make a choice on which master to truly serve, and what truly has our heart. God, or the world. We cannot serve two masters.

    Jesus took a very hardline stance on this issue of backsliding or otherwise embracing things that cause us to stumble from the path. This serves as a dose of reality to me, hopefully pointing it out will help another.

    Matthew 5:29-30. If your right eye causes you to sin, pluck it out and cast it from you; for it is more profitable for you that one of your members perish, than for your whole body to be cast into hell. 30 And if your right hand causes you to sin, cut it off and cast it from you; for it is more profitable for you that one of your members perish, than for your whole body to be cast into hell.

    God bless.

    • Kevin Sheppard says:

      I probably sin more than the average Christian, but I also believe that my faith is stronger than average christian.
      It’s faith that will protect you from these things and it may be faith that keeps you on the path as well. I don’t think it’s sin that throws people off track as much as it is guilt. People feel ashamed when they sin and I believe they end up forcing themselves from god thinking god has left them. This isn’t true in my opinion, I believe as long as your faith stays strong you stay on the path. I believe Satan will use your guilt as a tool to lead you into a state of self loathing blindness. Taking your faith as it says in the scriptures. I have had a much harder life than most stemming from a very difficult childhood. I’ve subsequently been the victim of many of these demonic experiences being discussed here. Jesus says when your faith is the size of a mustard seed you will no longer fear anything. My dreams started going went away when I stopped fearing them. I would stand up to the demons without the slightest bit of fear in my heart. This fearlessness translates into every aspect of life. I believe it’s called faith. I no longer worry if I’m on the path to righteousness and that’s a good feeling. I know that as long as my faith holds strong there’s nothing to fear

  3. Excuse me. One question. Why would the Devil further oppress the people that he already has where he wants them? It’s been my experience that these attacks happen when a Christian is trying to walk the right path or following God and trying to get back on the right path. Jesus walked through the wilderness. God allowed Job to be tormented, yet Job was not “Backslidden”. When I chose God after I had messed up or been dragged down again and continue to choose God and God gives me the grace and faith to choose Him, that’s when I start experiencing these attacks after I was saved. I also had this sleep paralysis when I was on my way to God and seeking God, and He saved me. The Devil is not going to mess with you if you are going down the path he wants you to go, but if you even contemplate turning your face to God and take action towards that, rest assured, the devil will take action.

    • BillyClyde says:

      I agree. It seems demons really don’t bother with those who are already doing what the demons want. But if the sinner tries to make a U turn it seems to trigger a a reaction from demons. I did a short article about that.

    • Kenetta says:

      Agreed. I have counseled several young people who have had the same experiences I had. Whenever I made the stance to seek God further I came under heavy attack. The purpose of this attack is to incite fear in the believer to serve as a deterrence. I always tell them to continue to seek the Lord and whatever the Holy Spirit gives you to do then obey.

      • Sharon says:

        Hello Billy & Kenetta, Kenetta
        I too have experienced this. How I perceive it we are make our pilgrimage and it is the Fathers will that He restore our souls completely Psalm 23:3. How it was is the garden. We are all born with the sinful nature and the objective is for us to be like Jesus on the earth and that we operate in our spiritual authority and dominion. As we enter that narrow gate Mthw 7:13. We will will encounter warfare why? The restoration of our souls begin. We are taking ground we are taking authority over the works of the enemy so attacks will come. Because it is their aim for us not to take our dominion and authority on this earth.

        The Father wants us whole and complete in Him. So when these attacks come it is an indication that there is a door is open by sin generational curses, pride etc.,It is also an indication that you are overcoming the works of the enemy and are taking dominion in our realm of authority. The King of Glory then takes residence.

        What I have observed also is those who are not making a stand and are not operating in their spiritual authority and dominion are the Christian Billy is describing. If we just carry on living in with the world and are not taking a authority on this earth of course the enemy will leave those Christian well alone because they are not a threat.

        In the early church you would see everyone operating under the Great Commission Mark 16:17-18. the book of Acts shows us this. That’s why they were called Christians.

        The question is why are only a handful of Christian operating in such authority and dominion? For there is a price to pay to be like Jesus.

        When I decided to take this stance to walk in Kingdom authority and dominion the attacks came. For what I was reading and what I was seeing did not line up for me in the Word of God. Jesus has given me a hunger and thirst and I understand to be like Jesus and to operating how He did on the earth is a continual dying of self. Yes, when you resist the enemy they will flee (James 4:7).
        It is a spiritual battle Eph 6:10-18 tells us so. Attacks may come if there is a kink or we are not wearing our amour.
        I have also discovered to walk in the love of God is a journey when we are full of light, darkness cannot stand in His presence and this is the aim. When we know the Fathers heart we say what He says and we do what He does. To operate how Jesus did on this earth and to be restored to be a restorer of The Fathers Kingdom Authority and Dominion on this earth. Mthw 6:10.
        Thanks for reading my post and I hope I have shed some more light. Love and Blessings to all. Sharon

    • Rohini Christie says:

      Actually I tore up astrological charts made for me and my brothers and flush them down the drain and from that day I am being attacked when I sleep. Today was as if sharp nails were digging into my head….. I started to take Jesus’s name and prayed the lord’s prayer and it left me…… I think I agree when we do what is God’s will that we get attacked…… however we may not be perfect in our walk with God…… but we who love him will not do anything consciously to stray away from Jesus…..

      • Danielle Matias says:

        Agree. I been Christian all my life. Pastor for a dad. Wasnt until i truly got saved at 21 that i began these attacks. Now in 3 years the closer i get. The more i get attacked. When i backslide s year after salvation. I didnt get attacked until i turned back to God. Its been a year now since i have and attacks real. I went from crying for Jesus help 3 years ago. To commanding then to leave in Jesus name. To now not only can i spot a demon dream but when i do. I speak in tongues or i command my body to wake up then rebuke.

        Tonight was sleep paralysis and i saw the demon ontop me and commanded i. Jesus name. Woke up rebuking.

        My dad didnt understand why i am attacked so much. Hes a pastor and his walk is not holy and he is not being attacked.

    • Jackie says:

      I agree with you.

  4. Sassy says:

    I myslef do wonder what this means. Is it because i´m a beliver in Christ or is it becasue i´m living with issues within myself the demons come? I have been batteling demons periodic over 30 years now i think. I have change many of my ways but i always had to struggle in life. No matter what i do it all just colapses around me and within me. How much i pray and have prayed i still struggle with the same problems, even more now. In my dreams i always se myself pray in the name of Christ and cast the demons away. It´s just as you say.

    What i don´t understand is why i haven´t been abel to find any peace yet. I do have a lot of frustrations towards God, for not anwering me and letting me struggle with everything for so long. And my body, mind and spirit is tired. I have asked for guiedence,strenght and ALL that one do pray for and i am sincere in my prayers and want to be abel to follow Christ. I do belive that He is my lord and savour and i want nothing ells but to be abel to walk with God, My faith is being tested and i´m only human, i´m weak in the flesh and in mind and spirit. I even think about that i might have to end my life in order not to lose myself completely. If this doesn´t end soon. How many more years will this go on…
    And i know that in the Bible it´s forbitten, but it also says if your arm i missguiding you, than cut it of. It´s better to lose a arm than to lose ones soul. Do Anyone have any respons in what this meens and why i still am struggeling in such a way?

    What can i be doing that is so wrong that God won´t answer and help me out of this darkness? I don´t see myself as a bad person,i don´t really do much, i´m not abel to since i always feeling tired, sick and are in pain. I can´t work, nor have realtionships, i don´t drink, smoke do drugs. I´m not so selfish, or greedy. I live for my daughter and my dog and my family and i try to do my best with the situation i am in. I always have to struggle with bad feelings and thoughts. It´s a struggel being awake, always feeling negativety and depressed. I have a hard time being the person i want to be. It´s always an ongoing battle. And i´m trying to be a good person and to do my duty as a mother ans so on. I´m sinful by nature and Jesus said those who belive in me are free from sin.

    But i do complain and feel frusterated towards God, feeling abandonned by Him. I feel frusterated and bitter and that is not good. I do feel i´m going to eventually lose myself by being a bitter person. And i really don´t want to be angry with God or blame Him!
    Last time i had a battle with demons was this evening. And for the first time this demon was inside me. And i had to struggle very hard to pray in the name of Jesus, i could feel it within me screeming out and i even had my dog by myside who was holding on to me. I did force myself to wake up and again i cast the demon away i the name of Christ and i said that i belong to Jesus and that is where i want to be. Even if i complain i still belong to my Lord.
    I feel a heavy burden on and within me…

    Any suggestions, comments, What do you think?

    • BillyClyde says:

      Hello sassy. Here is my opinion of what’s going on. It does sound like you are trying to move into a closer walk with the Lord Jesus. Demons hate when we do this and will lash out spitefully. The problem is if we start moving toward a walk with the Lord Jesus and keep something in our life that the Lord disaproves of the demons will use that as a door and will take full advantage of showing no mercy. The goal is to make it so hard that you give up trying to walk with the Lord and drift back to where they want you. They can only do this if there’s a door left open, that is there’s something still in your life that the Lord doesn’t like. Here is my suggestion, you’ve seen what the name of Jesus can do. Command the demons, out loud, in the name of Jesus, to stay out of your thoughts for a period of time. Just say a period of time don’t specify a time frame, that way the time frame is up to the Lord Jesus. Then ask the Lord in prayer to reveal what is in your life that needs to go. A simple prayer something like this

      “Lord Jesus I an having trouble with demons and I suspect there is something in my life that you don’t approve of. I ask you Master to reveal to me anything in my life that you don’t want to be there so that I can kick it to the curb. I also ask you Lord not to allow the enemy to confuse me about this and I ask you to reveal this to me clearly so that I can know what I must do to serve you. Master I ask this in your Holy Name.”

      Be the persistent widow on this. Stay on it and ask the Lord repeatedly until you get an answer. The Lord will tell you in a way that He chooses. Whatever it is that He points out to you repent of it ask forgiveness for it and give it the boot. Sometimes the thing that is letting demons in is something that you don’t suspect. Keep in mind, just because society approves of something doesn’t mean it’s OK with the Lord. We are human and struggle with the flesh. If you fail confess it and try again to get whatever is the problem out of your life. Don’t leave it unconfessed. The Lord knows our thoughts and knows all about our struggles. I prayed and asked the Lord Jesus to give you a period of peace and make it clear to you what must go from your life.

      Your’s in Christ

      • Danielle Matias says:

        Seek God not théologien opinions. I was taught iy jus ment languAges. Its not.

        I used to be decieved by religion. Let go. Not only can i heal and cast out Devils but now i have this heavenly language. And Jesus loves hearing me sing in tongues. This happ after i faste 3 days for baptism of spirit. In my living room during todd white sermon.

        I now am waiting for baptism of fire. Gods consuming fire. Im not ready for it. He gave me a taste during a womans overnight encounter at church. Its intense. Even tho i want it badly, he shown me im not ready. Todd white has a sermon on YouTube explaining his baptism of fire..

      • BillyClyde says:

        I would say pray about it and make sure it’s not ‘strange fire’.

    • Cjjohns says:

      Just keep SAYING “I choose Jesus, I love God, I love the name of God, I love God”. Say this over and over and over. Took me about and hour saying these words and the spirit finally left. I felt it leave and I finally had peace. You also need the baptism of Holy Spirit and to pray in tongues. Demons HATE tongues cause they can’t understand what you are saying. They also hate it when you worship and praise God because they are jealous. Hope this helps. 🙂

      • BillyClyde says:

        Just my opinion but I think tongues as in unintelligible tongues are a bad idea. In scripture tongues just means other languages as in languages that someone would understand if they spoke it. Prayer is you talking to the Lord. He wants to hear what you have to say to Him.

      • Danielle Matias says:

        Agree tongues is power. I grew up being taught itwas demonic. Until ayear ago i asked God for truth not religion and Man opinions.

        Months later God led me to todd white on YouTube. Sp i fasted for 3 days for baptism of spirit and iny living room alone i was baptized and tongues came out. Its to point where now i rebuke demons in sleep paralysis in tongues.

        My husband realized this was real after nathan morris conference where the minister laidhands on him and more the minister plead Jesus name and more he spoke in tongues the demon in him faught it didmt like tongues.

        For those that think its gibberish. Its not. I can not mimick any language. My husband for years makes fun me and still does when i try accents. But tongues is a language same all over world. And mine is identical. Look up tornado in philippines being commanded to go i. Jesus name on YouTube. They spoke i. Tongues. Its identical to mine. People from japan visit our church in hawaii. It sounds identic. Like any other language.

        I dont want religion i want Jesus.

        Also i can now heal people in Jesus name and tongues. Look up tom loud unlocking the kingdom power on YouTube. We all can heal. Its promise of mark 16

      • BillyClyde says:

        Keep in mind that biblical tongues are always understood by the hearer.

    • Jackie says:

      Listen to YouTube channel Still Small Voice.

    • Danielle Matias says:

      No its not strange fire.
      The paul said he rather prophecy then speak a thousand words in tongues. The reasom why he said to not speak tongues in church is because it doesnt edify the person cant understand. Tongues is not a earthly language. You are listening to man made opinion theology. Please pray and ask God for the truth. I fasted amd asked God for baptism of spirit and tongues he baptized me in my living room. Read the verse that he says if a a man ask for bread with i give him a stone? If he asks for something will i give him a serpent. No he says he will give the Holy Spirit to those who ask. Paul also goes to a congrégation who was baptized in water but not holy spirit so he laid hands on them and they recieved the holy spirit.

      It was not until baptism of spirit i spoke in tongues and cast out devils with tongues and healed sick. If you say thats a demon. Jesus told pharisee, satan cant cast out satan because they y accused him of using demonic power to cast out devils and heal the sick and then he warned about blasphème of holy spirit.

      I was taught my hole life that this waa fake or demonic. I let go of religion. Its not and God shown me that.

      Look up todd white, tom loud, pete cabrera on YouTube. Discern for yourself keep in mind im only a house wife. And even my 5 year old can heal and speak i. Tongues. So can todd white daughters. Listen to his sermons. Even his wife was against it for over a year. Til God spole to her.

    • Providence says:

      Sorry to hear that… Look into generational curses, and run (not walk) into a church that does deliverance. I pray you find the perfect peace promised in the Word (hug).

  5. sassy says:

    Hi Billy!
    Thank you for your respons. I have though done as you say. I have and still are confessing all my wrong doings and faults. Askin for forgivness and trying to wright my wrongs. I am open with God about everything. Then it might be something that i´m not awear of. I have been and still are asking for guidence from our Lord, and to show me what i´m doing wrong and what the Lord will is. I want it to be clear så i know what i´m suppose to do and what i can do.

    I know that the dark side want to pull me away and it´s always such a struggle. Ii´s not about the dreams, i can handel them is the everyday life that is the biggest struggle. To many things that just have gone wrong and being stuck in a body where i hardly have any use of it beacuse of i have cronical pain issues, fatigue and anxiety and depression since i´m a child. It´s many years of problems. And when ever i have tried to help myself, seek doctors and preists, medications and so on, I always have had problems there too. Nothing worked or something happend to make it fail. Even with personal relationships, economicly area and many more..So it´s in all eras in my life and been so for over 25 years. I have prayed alot and still are. But after awhile of failing so much, one loses hope and ones faith is really tested. Not getting any answer or help to be abel to become a better person makes one bitter evetually. And i do try until this day to fight that of too.

    But how long can one fight? I have listend to many prechers and taken advice from others and tried their ways and still nothing..i will try again and praying the way you advice. =)

    I thank you for your time and this upplifting site. I think you bring up important thing that many people don´t want to hear or talk about. I have spoken to others about the dark side that comes in different ways. As you say, in thought, feelings and so on..but not many wants to hear it.

    Thanksfor you prayer and i´ll be back to read more of your insights.

    God bless you in the name of Jesus Christ.

    • lyoung123 says:

      Hello Sassy, I was reading your post about the chronic pain you have been dealing with and I may have the answer for you. I have been suffering with fibromyalgia for years. I am a dental hygienist and would come home from work and cry myself to sleep every night. I was seriously thinking about giving up my career and getting disability. Chronic pain can really make a person severely depressed. Finally I went to another doctor ( I had been to hundreds, physical therapy, chiropractors, pain management, you name it.) and she put me on a drug called Zyprexa. It is an anti-psychotic. It is not a narcotic and non-addictive. Within three days of taking it, all of my pain was gone. I was also diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome and was given Adderall for energy. I only take a half of a 20 MG pill of Adderall a day as it is an amphetamine. With the combination of these 2 drugs, I am a new person. Again, with the Zyprexa, I only take 5mm every other day before bedtime. You may want to speak to your doctor about these medications, because alot of doctors do not know the pain relief benefits of Zyprexa. I hope this helps.Please let me know how things are going. I will be praying for you.

  6. Tim Shey says:

    I know that I have been delivered of probably hundreds of demons over the years. I believe the key reason is obedience to the Lord.

    “Obedience: The Bondage Breaker”

  7. Raven says:

    So I’ve been dealing with these attacks my whole life. Over time I became welcoming of these demons I knew exactly what they were yet I invoked them willingly. I was sent a symbol when I was in a trance and had this symbol tattooed on me. I have since repented and given my life over to god yet I’m still dealing with attacks. I’m scared that I have a permanent demonic door tattooed on me. If there’s any advise you could give me it would be greatly appreciated.

    • BillyClyde says:

      It’s just my opinion Raven but I would have the tattoo removed.

      • Boi says:

        I read Sassys message and I can’t believe there is someone going through exactly what I’m going through.Ive been to many deliverance classes and big man of God in my country and outside,near and far seeking for one to tell me my problem since I have applied every trick in the bible,prayed every prayer and I am now tired because nothing changed I’m leaving a life of crying asking God why but still I hope in God I have been suffering for many years and 4 years ago I totally gave my life to Christ because I felt all this years I was not leaving right with God and I see people going for deliverance and being set free but to me it doesn’t happen I’m even afraid now that I leave a life of complaining that God can not hear me,I prayed,I fasted,went to prophets to atleast reveal the problem or what I’m not doing right with the Lord,I strive to leave a holly life I’m married and always run away from sinful ways and I always find myself being alone and lonely,I went to school and I’m still studying but at work I find myself being skipped for promotion and all frustrations,my husband is the one doing everything in the family I try to increase my credentials to higher levels but when I apply there is no response though I have higher credentials,even in my school for me to achieve something it’s a struggle.At times when I complete my certificate I want to go and collect the certificate when I get there I will be told that there are subjects missing and I will have to wait another year to write and patiently I will pray to God to give me the strength to move on.It is a difficult life that I’m leaving I have asked God several times to reveal the things holding my life and only to find myself struggling with demonic dreams I can’t have peace because of waking up to cancel dreams and struggling to wake up in the morning to go to work and also failing to study well because of not sleeping well.I love God very much and always teaching my children to go in the way of the Lord yet they are asking themselves questions of
        What this God has done for me and I always tell them that just the fact that I am alive I can eat because he had given my husband a better job.
        I just pray that my husband will not go weary of feeding the family and doing everything alone.last nite in my dreams I saw this demon making fun of me,laughing at me.
        I don’t know what to do anymore it’s been 40 years of suffering and it seems as good things do not manifest in my life,one prophet prophesied to me about my workplace and said exactly what is happening and told me another job is coming that was in 2014 and it raised my faith to even pray still waking for it to manifest.
        Please advice if you can.Sassy you are not alone but I believe God one day will remember us keep pushing in prayer and I believe Doctor or tablets are a temporary solution I have a skin disease which I have struggled with for 16 years asking God to heal me it’s just a combination of so many things that the devil has caused me and I don’t know for how long.

  8. GK says:

    hi family,
    i have been thinking about this whole situation as described by THE WELL INTENTIONED billyclyde in his blog my heart i feel that telling people that they.. as christians, should not be too concerned about the devil…WELL IT just makes a bit of a mockery of what Jesus told us WHEN HE SAID TO PRAY DAILY ! NOT OCCASIONALLY…. BUT DAILY …”OUR FATHER WHO ART.. …GIVE US THIS DAY OUR DAILY BREAD….AND KEEP US FROM ALL EVIL ”

    • BillyClyde says:

      OK GK let me give you my take on what you are seeing. Demons do retaliate when one of their victims starts moving toward a relationship with the Lord Jesus. I did a short article about that a while back.
      However they are able to do this only with a backslidden Christian who has been disobedient for one reason or another. It could be because the Christian just was unlearned and just didn’t know any better. At any rate this victim has ready made demonic doors open for the demons to use. Demons will often just ignore a door for the moment knowing that it is there in case they need it in the future. When the sinner starts toward repentance they will take advantage of the door that is left standing open.

      However once the Christian closes those doors, develops a walk with the Lord Jesus and learns to hear the Lord’s voice the jig is up. The demons no longer have a toehold in the Christians life and they cease to be an issue. Then the Christian can have some peace and focus on more important matters, such as what ministry the Lord has in mind for them. This is what this article is about

      • Amanda McKim says:

        What about Job? He hadn’t backslid @ all. The story of Job represents the wager, it doesn’t matter who you are, if you have backslid or not, they’re is a wager for your soul and Satan will do what ever he can to get it. He did it to Jesus, the perfect soon of God, he’ll do it to us.

      • BillyClyde says:

        I don’t believe we be won by gambling. Jesus bought us and paid for us. We are His. Job was before the cross.

      • Laura says:

        I agree with Billy. Most people do search God and church when things are not going well for them. I was actually scared of church. Because when my family went, we had more hardships to deal with. Two ideas on why. One the devil likes our termoil and wants to keep us there, and two, we are in termoil going to church to help us through that in hopes our life will get better if we go to church and try to get closer and closure going. Being said the termoli is still there and fresh and we were thinking of soulutions to help. That takes time!! So if our Heavenly Father does not give us a quick fix, it’s because we went into church with a lot of. Baggage that took time to accumulate in the first place. Finding peace and going to church is a great step, but give it the amount of time to heal as you did going through the bad stuff. Perhaps that’s why people feel their situation was worse going to church. I was one of them. I am not saying the devil hates us getting close to God but what I just suggested my also be falsely accusing church for a quick fix that took years to accumulate. Just my thoughts.😇 Laura.

  9. Ashley says:

    This helped a lot. I am a Christian and I’ve been straying. So, lately whenever I would try to nap or sleep, I’d have this horrible reoccurring nightmare. Demons, and I mean quite a few, were attacking me and the only way to stop them was to find their off switch on them somewhere. They all appeared differently. A doll, a monster under a bed, and other things. I’d always find the rest of their switches except for two or three last ones all by each other. It seemed my mother was on the room with me but could not help me escape these last three and it sent me into panic in the dream. I screamed, but no help. Before I knew it I had awakened without finishing the dream every time. A few things were always different, but for the most part the same. I usually say I plead the blood of Jesus Christ over me and my family and home and friends before I fall asleep. For the last few times I’ve had it I have been so tired I forget to and pass right out. I know now that is what I should not be doing and to not forget no matter what. God really does help in any situation. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you for this article too, because it has helped me.

  10. Deep Recon says:

    I completely disagree with the Author’s statement and can back it up with scripture. First, the spiritual armor of ephesians 6 is FOR CHRISTIANS because Christians are under constant demonic attack. Simply realizing that Jesus was under constant attack by Satan who just waiting “for the opportune time” is enough to show the wrongness of your assertion.

    The moment we think we are NOT under attack from the enemy, the enemy has a way in to our lives. Do NOT become complacent. The Devil “walks around like a roaring lion seeking to devour someone”.

    The reason many churches do not deal with deliverance work, is because they choose to avoid the issue OR they simply do not really believe in the spiritual world and the dark warfare that is ongoing. They read the Word, but do not get the full sense of it.

    Author, by writing the above, you put Christians in jeopardy. Think twice about your logic. Just because you have not senses attacks recently in your life, does not mean they are not there. Stay away.

    • BillyClyde says:

      Hello Recon. Thanks for sharing your opinion. However I have sensed attacks recently.
      I notice them on a regular basis. It normally follows my having gotten slack in my walk with the Lord Jesus and committed some sin before the Lord. The holy spirit normally convicts me right away and I know exactly what the problem and it’s always my fault.
      I understand where you are coming from but I stand on what I have said in the post. Demons don’t and actually can’t come at Christians without a door left open for them. If a Christian is having trouble with demons for no apparent reason it just means they have a sin in their life that they haven’t realized is a sin. There’s always a door. Our Master has all authority in heaven and earth, demons can’t just do anything they want.

      • Laura says:

        I disagree, we all know as humans and christians what we are doing is wrong or sinful. Yes Jesus was without sin, but so was Adam and Eve at first. Jesus was a threat to the devil and he knew that. In fact such a threat it would infect the outcome of mankind. So there was reason enough. We are sinful so that is how Jesus with his continuous mercy tries to warn us to get us back on track. What is wrong with self evaluation or jesus intervention by giving us something to better ourselves. That is jesus, God, or spirit trying to direct us in the right direction, which is a blessing in itself. Like a loving parent trying to teach his children “you are on wrong path and that makes me sad, you may attract the wrong people (Satan) if path continues. I feel writer needs some serious self evaluation. Scripture is sacred but it needs to be put in the right context the way it was originally written for, not to prove a point that is irrelevant to authors belief.

  11. Joseph noble says:

    Nice piece

  12. Joseph noble says:

    Thanks for sharing this I mean it 90 % true when someone is in right relationship with God the demons will have no choice but live because the light shines in darkness and the darkness comprehends it not being right with God dries up their root and closes the door or the access they have.

  13. Darryl says:

    Blessing to you for creating this blog, I know a lot of people need it and appreciate the content. I certainly do. I was attacked by demonic spirits in my dreams at an early age like around six years old. I believe it came as result of a babysitter my mother hired to keep us when we were small. My father was an anointed preacher, evangelist and pastor. The enemy targets the seed of God’s anointed-make no mistake about it. Later my mother was convicted of the Holy Spirit about taking us to that babysitter. I found out later in life that another friend of mine was also kept by this same babysitter and was molested by one of her daughters. I’m not sure if that happened to me, but I’m convinced that the babysitter is the origin of the demonic attacks. The Lord woke my mother up around 3am to pray for me because I was being attacked severally by demons in my sleep. She awakened me and told me the Lord told me to pray for me and to say Jesus Jesus Jesus when the enemy comes. I obeyed and did just that-when the enemy came I said Jesus Jesus Jesus and they blew up and vanished in front of me. When I awoke I had a weapon to fight the enemy with. We must take authority over the demonic activity in our life in any form or circumstance and ask God to reveal if there is anything in our lives that is not right with God or aligned to His divine purpose for our lives. God has allowed these fallen spirits to roam the earth so that men might come to seek God and the Lord Jesus Christ who is the higher power. The Holy Spirit wants to empower us and make us a warrior for Jesus Christ. We are destined to fight against the present darkness of our age and its time we take the offensive and move into enemy territory and take it over for God’s Kingdom by the power and authority of the Holy Spirit.

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  15. Jonathan Smucker says:

    Thank you so much. I have been having horrible night terrors with demons in them. And this has helped. I’ve been a follower of God my whole life, and haven’t really covered spiritual warfare much. Thanks for the help!

  16. Debbie says:

    Ok so I understand about attacks from the enemy in dreams mean and what we have to do to get rid of them is to not stray from the path of the Lord and keep his commandments.
    So what about people who practice witchcraft and cast spells. I know that God does not approve of this. So what do people due when someone dose this to someone. How can you stop or break what they have done.
    Puzzzled. Need to know!

    • BillyClyde says:

      Hi Debbie. I’ve never dealt with witches. That’s one aspect of spiritual warfare that I have never came in contact with. I would think that a spell cast on a Christian walking the walk would not have much affect. But I don’t know for certain.

    • DJ says:

      Like a flitting sparrow, like a flying swallow, So a curse without cause shall not alight. Prov.26:2

  17. richard says:

    I hav dreams that i actually destroy evil spirits…would like to explore this

  18. chris freeman says:

    Thank you for your are obviously knowlegable about this topic and is exactly what I needed to hear
    You got in detail and were very clear.I am a 26year old male in college,a Christian and have temptation everywhere.I still struggle with the sex thing and notice how these demons hover over you ESPECIALLY in the work place.I will ask the Lord Jesus to deliver me from sexual temptation.anyways thanks again for the info and instruction,you will be bless for what you’ve shared

  19. Julia says:

    I had a terrible dream I need some advice or opinions on what it means I’m terrified. I woke up at 5 this am I went back to sleep just to wake up around 6 something I had a dream I was riding a bike than all a sudden I saw my daughter and I brought her back to my car and two doors had been left open she laughed I looked at her there was a little girl in my car when I said hey it was actually my daughter there was two of her. Than all a sudden it was my 6 year old son he was possessed and staring at me with huge black eyes I was yelling for him to come back to me and inward trying to pray but I couldn’t remember the Lord’s Prayer I was screaming for him if he could hear me than he was throwing up! I woke up from this dream and my son comes in my room he said hi and I told him to give me a hug so he did and he looks at me and said do you miss Jesus I said yes do you he said yes, than he goes on to say Jesus used to have friends but than none liked him and they killed him. I was speechless I don’t go to church often I did as a child my kids don’t go I don’t talk about the bible often but I believe in God and my kids know who he is but I just don’t understand why I had this dream and my son comes to messaging such a thing the same morning within minutes of me waking up why would this happen I don’t understand it’s scary !!!

    • BillyClyde says:

      Hello Julia. As for the dream, it means nothing. It’s just a scenario that a demon thought up and put in your dream intending it to scare or confuse you. As for what your son said I don’t want to make guesses without knowing much about your situations. It may or may not be a coincidence that this happened right after your dream. What the boy said wasn’t really correct. A great many loved Jesus while He was on the earth and a great many still do today, but you might not notice it if you weren’t in the company of bible believing Christians very often. I hope that you get into a bible believing church and start to develop a close relationship with Jesus.

    • Amberly says:

      I had a dream myself about my family and my sister was in it but when I looked into her eyes I knew it wasn’t her I knew without any shadow of a doubts that it was a demon . Not just one but several appeared as different people some I knew some I’ve never seen before I remember know they wanted to try to possess me as well. So I started saying the lords prayer. It was crazy because I was saying it word from word and they at first disappeared . But I feel it was to let my gaurd down if that makes since so I would stop saying The prayer . They came back so I started screaming it at them. I remember there faces it was like the lords words didn’t effect them. But it did I believe I woke up. Not scared no doubts. They didn’t win. I wouldn’t then nor will I ever back down to evil. Never back down never stop fighting because you have God on your side you will always come on top .

  20. I can agree that I do certain sinful things we are only human but I am offended by the post because I’ve always loved God in the Lord Jesus Christ yes there may be times where I’ve been a little distant, all I know is it going I’ve had dreams like that where it was very vivid and real this day something’s going on around me and the people in them or just not right the reason for my comment I just currently had a dream and yes I was half asleep and yes it was a demon portrayed as a man but I naturally knew what to do I called for my Lord Jesus Christ and prayed, , but I didn’t do it loud so it didn’t go away right away the second time I called for the Lord Jesus Christ I was more straightforward and loud about it, that time it worked. the thing is I know in my heart and soul really do love God and I do my best each day to follow what my Lord Jesus Christ once for all of us the thing is I have to say this post was offensive in my eyes its saying that I don’t have a closeness to Jesus and I do

    • Laura says:

      But even when you are following the right path, are you completely without sin? I feel everyone has had some kind of demonic dream of some kind or another. Yes the devil looks for every opportunity to invade any of God’s children at opportune times. All author was stating is if you are dreaming about demons, there might be something in your life that needs Christian evaluation. What is wrong with that? Make complete sense to me. He did not say that is the ONLY way satin can get to you.

  21. Jeremy says:

    I was raised in a Christian home, my dad was a preacher, so I knew about demons and things related. In 1994 at age 14 I was in a really bad car wreck I had many injuries, the main two a torn retina and a brain injury. It changed my whole life, I became angry with God. The anger turned into disbelief. In 1998 I turned 18 after graduating I quit going to church, my mom disapproved and was disappointed. Later the year I began playing with a ouija board and my friends and I found an actual real haunted house. We had unexplainable things happen there. I always kept the board in my trunk, then in 1999 I saw it. I got in my car and I could feel it when I looked in my mirror I saw it. It wasn’t a figure, just a black mass. I had small things start happening like feeling breathing on my neck. I had a Woody doll from Toystory, it would just talk like someone pulled its string. In 2002 I sold my car and I saw it in my kitchen, at this point I was scared. I began leaving lights on when it was dark. I’ve moved six or seven times and it’s followed, during the moves I began having nightmares. They all ended up the same, I’d be with someone I knew and others around I didn’t. They’d turn into demons and chase me. Those nights I didn’t sleep until the sun came up. I also had crazy things happen with electronics tuning off or the screens going crazy then off. In 2009 a woman from work gave me ouija board. I’ve lived in my house over five years and it’s sat in my closet. Earlier this year my mom moved in, may of this year I was in the hospital. I told her about the board, I’m not sure why, she disposed of it. When I came home it felt different, I no longer needed the lights on. I it was great to sleep in peace. This lasted until sometime in October. One of my friends dad died and I invited her over. The following week it was back, but bolder, of course the lights were are on again. When my mom wasn’t home my bedroom door would just open and I’ve heard muffle talking. One night I woke up I could feel it at the end of my bed. A few nights later I woke up three times with my feet uncovered and I could feel it. I can now feel it sometimes in the day. Last night is the reason I’m on here. I had a very realistic dream, it’s long to keep it short at the end I was hitting Satan in the face with a baseball bat and he didn’t flinch. Weird thing is I can’t remember him having a face. I woke up terrified, I didn’t see anything, but again I could feel the presence. I didn’t want to get out of my bed so I called my mom and she got up. I quickly dressed and ran in the living room. I didn’t sleep till this morning. I googled it and came across this site. I’m pretty sure at this point what I need to do, but at the same time I feel like what’s the point. I know I’m going to end up with the same sins I commit now. Honestly I’ve been struggling with mental and emotional problems since my wreck. This year has been my worse. I’m just really confused.

    • BillyClyde says:

      Hello Jeremy. First I want to say kicking sins out of your life is an ongoing process. You can see steady improvement but you will never be sinless as long as you are in the flesh. The important thing is not to leave a sin unconfessed. I have heard of trauma such as a car wreck giving demons an opening but I don’t really buy it just yet. I believe demonic oppression like yours is a result of opening a door for the demons. In your case I think it was the witch board. Playing with those things is like throwing out a welcome mat for demons. You’ve got to confess it to the Lord, repent of it and ask forgiveness for it, Then break the contract. I have an article that outlines the basics of how to do this.

  22. spectrums says:

    I am going threw spiritual oppression threw secret society at work place and community
    I have be resisting and been too strong for the demonic spirits to take me out I am being attack in my sleep and threw day dreaming and when I sense any type of fear ……threw religious prayer and negative energy removal frequency I found on YouTube the only thing kepping me alive and my self confidence and my will power to over come ….every time I get rid or think its going out my life the enemy goes out there way to show its still there how can I get rid of this evil demonic spirit for eternity of my life…..

  23. Bobbyjo says:

    I do allot of spiritual work and that includes using tarot and angel cards i don’t feel threatened by them but some of the cards i don’t feel right either, i feel the more i chose to ignore the spiritual side of things in my life the more activity happens in my life such as seeing sparked lights orbs energies sometimes i wonder if am really connecting to love ones and the angels or its demons acting as loved ones i don’t feel threatened most times but i do feel like there are people who i meet that drain me out and cant help but wonder if they have an evil spirit attached to them they make me feel uneasy like when you sense something evil in a room. i feel i happen to heal theses people while i take a piece of that darkness with me each time and fall into deep depression which spirits feed off . i want a stronger connection to god but at the same time when things go wrong in my life i feel angry and just want to be left out of anything to do with the spiritual and god in general its a horrible cycle i sometimes wonder why fate had put me in this spiritual stuff in the first place because it all happened to quickly i didn’t choose this pathway so i don’t understand why would god who hates people using *tarot cards* would have me have a spiritual awakening that ended up in that pathway giving people readings etc. which god is so called against wouldn’t he help guide me to not go on that pathway if it was so wrong.

    • BillyClyde says:

      Bobbyjo God already left us clear instructions not to get involved with witchcraft or divination. You’re not on a spiritual path you are on a demonic path. The enemy is quite good at making something look good when it’s evil to the core.

  24. Kate says:

    I am sorry but demons attack those at a more intimate level with Jesus as well. None of us are exempt. It’s all about authority over the enemy which increases as we know Him more intimately and recognize our authority in Christ. All of those in the highest levels of the church need to pray more than anyone, continually seeking covering, wisdom and discernment of spirits. I agree with other posts and have learned much. But I felt the need to make this clearly known. You do not have to have an open door to have them attack.

    • BillyClyde says:

      I understand your position. A lot of people feel that way. We don’t have to agree but I stand on my position. Sometimes people just don’t recognize their doors so they assume there are none and that demons harassed them without one.

  25. Jessa says:

    Hi. Im Jessa from Philippines. I read your article and also the comments in this article. I know that its work of the devil to make us come back to him and he will do that in everything that he can.

    Same as many of people here. I also experience night mares and demon attack in my life and in makes me cry out to God and why this things happen.

    I’ve been delivered last feb 2015 and 3 demons(from devil oppression) kick out in my life. The other devil is blaspheme(that was the Holy Spirit pointing to me) bec I been experience a speaking in tough that is not from the Holy spirit(i guest) that is also my deliverer told me during my deliverance. However, Jesus help me in my situation he use’s the Holy Spirit that lives in me to be deliver from that strong demon that lives in me(But God is more stronger i know).

    After a few months, i thought that i’ve free from oppressions but it is not like that, they still bothering me and feels like they want to come back to my body. But not just like before i use my authority and the wisdom that God gave me to rebuke them. I study their tactics it really helps me to rebuke them but it won’t stop there. I know that i am not perfect still sometimes i felt that i am to ambitious and to more prideful sometimes I got a bitterness from other people and things but before I sleep I confess it to God and I ask for closing that door for my safety. But it seems like the devil still hold on me. Especially the spirit of blaspheme. I felt everytime he comes to my body(demon oppression) and before that happen he show my past sin in my dreams but even i rebuke it in my dream stil he keep coming from my body. I really don’t know what to do. I love God. I love people. I love his word from the Bible. And i want to serve God. I ask him many times to show me his way and will into my life. Sometimes i felt tired of asking and praying. Cause even I pray the devil bothering me like he wants my body and i also experience fighting to them in my dreams. I know they are demons through their Eyes. I don’t want to focus on their works in my life cause I know the One who is in me is greater . i repent every time and ask God to search my heart cause i believe that sometimes i offend him in some way or another. I know he loves me and cares for me but it really confuse me why he allow things to happen. Its a really bothering me during the night hour cause it is the times when we got some rest. I read and use Psalms 91 & 23 and use the promises of God in my Prayer but I really feel times its not effective. Im tired well I also like a woman being. Right now i fast about it cause last night I felt the devil (blaspheme again) i rebuke him many times bind him in the name of Jesus but he still come back to me. I will appreciate if you can say something about my experience. Thank you for reading.

    • BillyClyde says:

      Hello Jessa. I get the impression from your post that you are on the right track. When we move toward a right relationship with the Lord Jesus demons hate it and will lash out spitefully. They are very spiteful things. As long as there is some little door open they will use it. Sometimes there are things in our life that we don’t recognize as a problem but they are. I will only say be open to whatever the Holy Spirit reveals to you and act on it whatever it is. The enemy will sometimes try to counterfeit so if you are not sure something is from the Lord ask Him to tell you in another way. He knows we are human, he knows your thoughts so He knows if you heard Him, He knows if you didn’t and He knows if you are unsure.

  26. Sarah says:

    I don’t agree with the statement that, (paraphrasing) if you have any sort of demonic attack you’re not right with God, and that it will go away when you’re right with God. I do believe the attacks are less frequent, and more cunning, because they know what will and will not get to you. Remember, the bible said that job was Gods most faithful servant of that time, and Satan told God he bet he wouldn’t continue to worship and have faith in him if he no longer had the blessings and treasures God had given him. So Satan began to attack him to try to get him to faulter. If a person is not right with God, a lot of the time they are not attacked at all, why waste their time trying to get them to deny Christ if they do anyway? Also, in Corinthians, Paul said he asked the lord 3 times to remove the thorn in his side ( a tormenting spirit ) and Jesus did not do it, and told him his grace is sufficient for him. So he then counted it all joy. The bible also says we are to keep our spiritual armor to protect us from Satan. Jesus himself was tormented and tempted by Satan. The bible says through many trials and tribulations shall you enter the kingdom of God. Remember, Satan’s goal is to prove to God we are not worthy, and to confuse us. He is out to kill steal and destroy, and that is most certainly directed towards Gods people. If demonic activity ceased completely once we are righteous, than there would be no need to have authority to rebuke in Jesus’ name. God said there will be a 1000 year period of peace free from the wiles of the devil. We would not need that if we had no attack. Every thought is to be kept into subjection so that we are not tricked. Church leaders do speak of spiritual warfare for this reason. We have ALL fallen short if the glory of God, and not one of us can be completely right with God for we are all sinners. The bible says a sin is a sin. I don’t feel this is accurate.

    • BillyClyde says:

      I understand your opinion. A lot of spiritual warriors in the Pentecostal camp tend to dislike my conclusions. People don’t like the idea that they may be inviting the enemy’s intrusion. Nevertheless I stand by my conclusions.

    • Laura says:

      Author was NOT saying you did not have a closeness to jesus!!! Just said there might be something your going through on in you life that jesus is trying to get you on right path. You admittted yourself you can be sinful …. of course you can, we all do!! I am just baffled at all these christians being so defensive. It’s ok. We all sin !!! No judgement!!! No one is saying you do not have a closeness for Jesus! I just got on this website, and do not know author, but I am starting to feel bad for him that so many of us are not really hearing what he wrote, and are being so defensive. Please forgive me if I sound brash, but we asked a question, and he answered it on his experience and true beliefs. Please people, he is not implying your a bad person. Read my comment scrolling down. Yes I sin, yes I know when I am doing it it’s wrong, and I feel real bad and guilty and pray for forgiveness and strength to better myself any chance I can after my conscience kicks in and I feel horrible!! Pray talk to God, ask for his mercy, know that jesus died for our sins, and do better and when the chance comes to do something great for your brothers and sisters in need (without telling anyone) do it and repent. God bless all of you!!!!!! Sorry Jeremy this comment was for someone else not you. But I have to say something. When I was 7 my mom and dad moved from suburbs of Detroit Michigan to Howell Mi. Oor address was 666 for 15 years until we moved. Still exist! But you know what? Nothing ever do Domotic ever happened during those years!!! Afterwards our family. Role up and had serious issues, but not there!! I always found that kinda weird having that address and hated those numbers!!!

  27. Donna Rhem says:

    Thank you for that…my name is Donna n I had a dream that I was at a daycare with a coworker…n I seen 3objects move on a board… All of a sudden they stopped moving..n 5seconds later I been dragged by a spirit…I was kicking n screaming …n I woke fiance said he heard me screaming n kicking…I work in daycare..don’t know what it means…

  28. david says:

    you guys are right to an extent. im an excorsist for 25 years. there is more to what is fail to mention what happends when the person being posessed cant speak at all. solution is.
    you think of the ark angel gabriel. you focus a beam of christ light into the room thats always worked. if the demon penatrates you in your dream. in a posession youll be aware of that dream.
    your in there realm. you become a god there. in your dream you got an angelic voice. scream out the name of jesus in latin they will loose total power over you

  29. Tori says:

    I was just through a major surgery and it never fails that every time I go through a surgery I am attacked horribly by demons. Since I had this surgery three weeks ago, I can not sleep and when I do I’m either non-stop dreaming or I fall asleep and within a half an hour I’m awakened by some wicked dreams or I’ll wake up feeling full of fear and my my bed will be shaking but I’m not. The other night I encountered an instance where I was sleeping and all of a sudden I could hear like someone lightly snoring. I don’t snore and that’s what I said in this time of whatever was going on. “I don’t snore and there sure isn’t anyone else in my bed!” so I turned to make sure and I proceeded to “go back to sleep,” if I was even awake and all of a sudden I felt a hand on each side of me where my ribs come together in the area of the heimlich maneuver. Well this concluded my sleep for the rest of the night. I have been doing just what your article speaks about and sometimes it works and other times it seems like they attack harder. Whatever it is, is truly disturbing me and disrupting my life. If I don’t get sleep, I’m a wreck!!

  30. Jeaneine says:

    I agree.. However, some that come into their fullness and cleansing to make way for the Holy Spirit to fill us and walk with us after sacrifice to self, water baptism etc. Tend to go through a period of cleansing (Matthew 3:12) which while a glorious event some believers at that time may not have a way away from their personal situation. This is that period of time we face our enemies head on but may not be filled fully enough to eradicate the enemy ourselves. This tends to be my current state. God is NO DOUBT fighting my battles, whilst preparing a home within me for the Holy Spirit to dwell fully. I am surrounded by evil, yet kept faith enough to hold on to His truth and receive a great honor. The thing is aside from I’m outing down the nicotine now, eliminating self medicating, and an over consumption of beer from time to time, I’ve been honored with a most AWSOME rare look at what is happening as it is occuring. I’ve been shown during this event heavenly hosts sent to make way for the full ondwelling…while meanwhile living in a house with the enemy in form of a step child who practices demon worship. I’ve been seeing things from both kingdoms…but God is giving me awareness of His mercy which to me is a Devine blessing where I can find comfort under His shadow. Thing is I don’t sleep much lately..I am not scared of the attacks as I’ve been conditioned to not fear them since the devil started his attacks on me at age 6 When I started going to vacation bible school. Even back then in my innocence unaware the devil wanted to keep a close watch…and I mean the devil NOT solely ancestral spirits (which thankfully I’ve been made aware of and was able to break free of …in my case a banshee of all things) at any rate it took me to my mid 20’s to not fear closetsts, under bed, dark places, etc. I’m over the fear but have a portal that I’ve made several attempts to close but get temporary relief. Needless to say there is a Holy war nightly here lately… But reminding myself not to fear that God is fighting my battles, and yes forcing wakefulness when I do rest and rebuking helps. It just happens in up against some heavy hitters in the spiritual rhelm and last attempt to close doors caused a big failure and attack… The bible does say that demons will come back worse if you have a failed attempt. I suggest not being careless about trying to cast out demons or closing portals unless you are certainly under FULL authority. Now as God refers to me as “little bird” when in blessed enough to get such suggestions, not everyone can just flee from their possitions and much just remain strong in stance and await the reward of their faith by patience and trust. I trusthave gone to fellow brothers and sister’s not willing to approach this battle for the reason oref concern they will only make it to come back. I ignore as much and rebuke from my vessel-dreams..but that is the extent. It is as of the demon awaits in my room all night trying to catch a dream…maybe that is why God won’t let me sleep much lately lol. I appreciate seeing such help to fellow believers… I was curious what others are doing in this situation.. I think you didn’t overlook an answer, I think it just depends on where you are in your walk how you handle such attacks. I find olive oil and cleansing of my room and anointing windows, doors, and foreheads, helps a bit if not able to do much else till war is over. Satan has been nipping at my heels this long I’m certain there has some reason I’ve sparked such interest. God told me I would reach fullness at 40.. I turned 40 last July and here I am seeing cherubim, watching my cleansing take place, but not quite powerful enough to take out my enemy completely since I must love my stepson and keep as good a relationship as I can. It also does not help my husband is not quite in same place on His own walk and the devil plays with him regularly as he sleeps. I pray for all of is to remain strong in faith and keep strong as God finishes His creation of the incorruptible seed. Though to God this is a done deal, written, and solidified, the devil works hard to make is think likewise. God speed. I imagine this won’t be our last run in with the enemy.

  31. Jane Bray says:

    Ok, from reading the article I am just as lost and confused as when I started. I am desperate and all I ever find is, just stick with The Lord, you will be fine…don’t sin, read the bible…meanwhile, Every night it’s like a highway into my soul, as soon as I sleep, I wake up at 1 or 2pm literally bloated with demons…I wasn’t always a Christian but have gone to church now, but nobody gives exact specific instructions on how to be a Christian, how can you get out of the mire, when there is some gateway or doorway everytime you sleep, that brings more in!!??? I am desperate and cannot find anybody in my town, in my province, who deals with this. I just spend all my spare time googling and utubing and basically, it is always the same: don’ t sin, read the bible. Well is sleep a sin!?!? Do people sin in their sleep??? What specific prayers do I say, is there some secret that Christians have that they don’t tell us outsiders? I go to church and its praise and worship, but don’t bring up the “d” word(demon). It’s like I have demon cooties now. Avoid her!!! I feel like nobody cares. But the funny thing is, that I will tell you the truth…God will still use me to help people, God heals pain and sickness thru me, because I believe, but when I do find out how to stop demons from coming into me when I sleep, I will tell EVERYBODY how and what to do!!!!

    • Deb C. says:

      Jane, I had the same problem for many years. It is very isolating and there isn’t anyone who truly understands what you are going through, unless they’ve gone through it. I would like to make a few suggestions that might help. Some of this demonic activity may be related to occultist activity of ancestors and even unknown participation in the occult when you were a child. When I asked the Lord what opened the door, he directed me to an activity I participated in when I was in elementary school, before I even understood that it was sinful. Unless these things are confessed to the Lord, and renounced, these demons claim a “right” to tormenting you. I didn’t even remember the activity, until the Lord brought it to my attention after years of struggles. I recommend the book by Neil Anderson called “The Bondage Breaker”. After reading, go through and confess every single sin that you see listed there, renouncing ever having participated in it. He provides prayers that will nullify every claim the devil may have on you. You will see a big difference after that…but be aware…all will seem well, and then another incident. This is to test you. This is where you must exercise your God given authority over them…scripture memorizing having to do with spiritual warfare is invaluable. Avoid some of the flashy new spiritual warfare books…many of them dig a deeper hole. I do recommend Derek Prince, (not Joseph) and he has some spiritual warfare vids available on YouTube. He’s since passed, but he also has a book “Rules for Engagement” that is helpful. Sister, first and foremost, get Neil Andersons book to make sure that you don’t have any unconfessed sin related to the occult (that you may have thought was a game when you were little for example) and then comes the exercising the faith in the blood of Jesus Christ. You are not alone! Don’t believe that lie. You will come out stronger and able to help someone else down the line, the contemporary church isn’t much help. I do recommend Pastor Carter Conlon of the Times Square Church NYC for decent sermons.
      Be very careful of the likes of the so called Charismatic preachers…they’ll teach you incorrectly, and make the problem worse, I’ve prayed for you.

      • Jane Bray says:

        Thank you for the info and most importantly the prayers! I know that if ylu teach a man to is better than giving a man a fish also…

    • Sharon Hennessy says:

      Hello Jane, Fast and pray the disembodied bastards out!!! You are drawing close to God and you are being translated into the Kingdom of God. So they try to put fear into you to stop you and to make you think God is not with you. When He’s there as you conquer inner space closing ALL doors to the enemy. Your soul is being restore unto The Lord Ps 23:3
      Prepare an alter before the Lord a place you can go to everyday to kneel and pray before Him with your Bible in hand and worship music in the background the Holy Spirit will lead and guide to the scriptures and music to meditate on Ps 91. He will lead you to your times of fasting and how. He will deliver you line upon line precept upon precept. Put on your spiritual armour according to Eph 6. As a Christian our minds need to be transformed presenting our bodies as a living sacrifice Rom 12:1-3. Tarry until you are filled with the Holy Spirit and FIRE!!! Acts 1:8; Mthw 3:11. You may experience some physical changes in you body take heart its just another ploy, Mthw 10:28. You will learn to resist and they will flee, Jm 4:7. Listen to sermons appropriate to your journey faith come by hearing over and over. – this ministry speaks of the warfare we are in. At night have worship music or the Bible playing throughout the night as being led. If they attack breath them out and then breathe the Holy Spirit in, the Pneuma – Breath. Jn 3:8. The Lord may also lead you to night watches as you watch and pray. Worship the Lord in psalms hymns and spiritual songs, Eph 5:19; Col 3:16; Jn 4:23. The Lord is preparing you as His Bride for His coming return, take courage have no fear and May the peace of God be with you Eph 4 and be blessed. We are here to WIN!!! Love Sharon

    • BillyClyde says:

      There’s not an instant fix if that’s what you’re after. I wish there was. It’s not a matter of not sinning. That will prevent opening further doors. But it wont deal with the ones that are already open. The sins holding those doors open have to be confessed and repented of.
      A lot of folks don’t think they have any sin because a lot sins are looked on by society as OK. I spoke to one man who couldn’t see any sin in his life that could be causing the problem. It turned out he was living with a woman not married and sleeping with her. Society thinks that’s fine but the word of God says not to do it. It was giving the enemy a welcome mat.
      That’s just one example and I’m not saying it has anything to do with your situation. The point is sometimes we have sins in our life that we don’t realize are sins. These can hold doors open for the enemy.

  32. Thank you on the comments of how demons tried ti enter in your alpha state is very helpful.

  33. Boitumelo Gundu says:

    Hello there thank you for the message we’ll arranged I enjoyed reading this but one thing that I couldn’t understand is the demonic dream that I had last nite.I woke up at 2am in the nite and for no reason I struggled to go back to sleep and after a while I was taken by a sudden dose and I saw a demon moving in my room I tried calling the fire of the holly ghost and this demon choked my words,suddenly it went to attack my son and I went to fight with the two demons like goblins to save my son but before I could attack I woke I’m worried because I do not understand why this demon attacks yet I’m not into worldy things,what is it that God doesn’t like about me that is attracting this dreams.i strive to leave a holly life and I have kept the word though my prayer life is not as active because of my studies,I spend much time studying I have a demanding schedule I only pray before I go to sleep and during the day as I’m studying but I have nightmares after another.please help if you can advice.

  34. Boi says:

    Thank you for the comments atleast I’m learning something.please help me anyone on this dream that I repeatedly had some days ago I dreamt I went for deliverance to one big man of God and only to find that I was having an affair with him,actually I went to 4 different man of God and all of them I had the same dream about them and the forth one the relationship was a father and daughter relationship and what scares me is that this dreams does not only happen once they actually repeats with one man of God and worse if I sleep while watching these men of God on tv.
    I’m not a fornicator,I’m not into adultery I strive to leave right though I Can not be 100%.however I am under attack in my dreams yet I have asked God what is it that is bringing this dreams to me.i have prayed,fasted,tried deliverance but it’s been years it’s like God is not listening or not hearing me because I can not hear him either. How will I know where I’m going wrong.

    • DJ says:

      If the silence is related to sin, simply taking the matter to the Lord in prayer asking Him to show you what that sin is, and being willing to forsake that sin, may help you discover what is hindering your relationship with Him. These can be “hidden” sins…those sins which we don’t realize are sins, or don’t see in ourselves, or that we justify or think isn’t “that” bad…common areas can be fantasy life, gossip, porn, pride, self centeredness etc…people are complicated, but the Lord is always willing to help us sort this out, if we genuinely seek Him to do so, it is helpful to keep a journal of these prayers, because often the Lord will bring a circumstance or memory that is in answer to the prayer, and we might miss it if we forgot that we were praying for that very insight. Having said that, there are not many good pastors or men of God on television…false teaching can steer you wrong and false teachers can be idols. Ask the Lord to put a love of truth in your heart, and to give you wisdom and discernment. I don’t know any “big men” of God. Just a thought to consider in your journey.

  35. Ana says:

    As leaders of a small church house, and working hand in hand with believers, we have learned that most people if not all struggle with demonic attacks if not,you should question which side you are on. The thing is that it remains a Tabu for churches to talk about ab
    Ned people don’t dare mention it. Jesus faced attacks, we will too. We also have Victory in Him! praise the Lord

  36. Tanya says:

    This was probably written a long time ago but so far reading your articles made me aware of what confused me since childhood. It also made me realize why i kept struggling to build my relationship with God. (It has been bugging me for many years why i couldnt figure out why i didnt feel close with him as i used to). I always had a problem where i would get angry and annoyed for no reason and take it out on the nicest people and now i finally know why, i had all the symptoms except for lost days. I Thank you, God bless!

  37. Chrystal Gonzales says:

    This helped me so much, thank you do very much and GOD BLESS!

  38. Prayntongues says:

    It seems you are taking a very arrogant and simplistic approach to why a brother or sister continues to struggle with demonic attacks. Even though a believer who repents, is walking with Jesus, it doesn’t mean they cannot have demonic oppression.
    Have you considered generational curses from ancestral sin?
    Did you know that very strong demons can pass down through bloodlines?
    How do you know if someone in your ancestral bloodline was into witchcraft, sexual immorality, addicted, a murderer, etc?
    The evidence will be a common thread of affliction in your family such as alcoholism, drug abuse, adultery, illegitimate births, occult practices, cancer, etc. Many people just think “it runs in the family”, which is partly true, it is a demon, the ” strongman” who is running his/her kingdom through the ancestral bloodline and future generations.
    In a believer, they will always hinder but when a believer recognizes the spiritual attacks then they can engage in battle and may sometimes need deliverance to pull down the stronghold.
    We have the authority to disarm these spirits by breaking the ancestral curses and removing the legal right of their occupancy in the bloodline. The curse must also be broken over all future generations as well. The enemy is able to hide and reside with the Holy Spirit, that is why so many struggle with sin and backsliding, they are not aware they must literally clean house, remove the leaven for good. I think it is wrong for you to say that the demonic manifestations are because Jesus has a problem with something in our lives. Any believer who isn’t having some kind of battle, having a perfect walk is under a demonic influence of self righteousness. The reason for attacks is because the enemy is angry to have lost a soul to Jesus. I know if the enemy is harassing me, then I must be doing something right and it only helps me to draw closer to Jesus. This is what it means to be an overcomer. Anyone who is having an easy walk should seriously look at themselves carefully, Jesus said we would have trials and tribulations. The enemy will not bother you if you are prideful, arrogant and judgemental, etc. Paul was CONSTANTLY tormented and advises us to put on the armor DAILY for the enemy seeks to steal, kill and destroy.

  39. Cristina says:

    Hello there, my stepdaughter has been doing strange things that a kind person wouldn’t do like purposely trying to hurt people including myself or making up stories so people will feel bad for her which is concerning but I guess normal for a 10 year old. What’s really scaring me is she has been scared more to sleep alone and wakes up in the middle of the night startled yelling for her dad. Right now we are staying in a hotel, about 49 mins ago I woke up to her talking in her sleep but it sounded very demonic and exorcist like. What can I do to help her? As a child I had similar demon attacks but was able to fight it off and then again about 10 years ago. How do I talk to her about this so she feels comfortable? And if she doesn’t know what has happened I don’t want to scare her. Please help

    • Christopher Fritsche says:

      When I read your post chills ran up and down my spine because I myself have been a victim of this same behavior. I am 32 years old and have never had these problems before period I find myself overly anxious to the point hallucinations and tears. My girlfriend has had to hold me down to the bed because of my actions unbeknownst to me. My anger we’ll come on like a wave can be gone the next minute. It is even brought me to the point where two days ago I was released from hospital with a stroke. I’m looking for any help that is out there. If you know anybody please help

  40. Christopher Fritsche says:

    I am in need of advice. I believe that not only am I being attacked in my sleep but also in my everyday life physically spiritually and emotionally. If there’s anybody that can help please email me soon as possible.

  41. DJ says:

    Christopher, This does sound like demonic attacks, and it seems that somewhere along the way a door was opened. This may be something that you engaged in, or something that your ancestors engaged in that has been passed down the family line. The only remedy to spiritual attacks, is Jesus Christ. Repent of all known sin, and be baptized into Christ. I recommend going through the exercises listed under “Freedom in Christ” in the book “The Bondage Breaker” by Neil Anderson. You will find many similar stories in that book that you’ll be able to identify with. The demonic world is very real, and our only remedy is Jesus Christ. I would also pray for the Lord’s protection as you sleep…that He would guard your heart, mind, spirit, soul and body. I would ask Him to reveal any un-confessed sins that may have opened the door to these sort of attacks, even if they were done in childhood (ie,,,Quiji board, ghost hunting, seances or seeing a psychic…even reading your horoscope…things our culture thinks nothing of, but that the spiritual world uses as license to harrass you) Sometimes it can be objects in our homes, or music or even television shows…the point is, we are so desensitized to these things that we need the Lord to show us, and then we must get rid of them. Once you find out that is the cause that opened the door, just get rid of it, don’t sell it or give it away…that is like giving someone else a demon problem. Don’t profit from it, just destroy it. Additionally, you may find that alcohol leaves you more vulnerable to the “anger” and loss of control…alcohol and drugs need to be forsaken completely. Honestly, you can’t be playing games for such a serious problem. We also need to know Scripture. Scripture is the Word of God, and it is our weapon against the enemy of our souls. The spirit world cares only for what the Word of God says, and how they can “circumvent” it..find the breach in our armor so to is up to you to use your weapon skillfully. You are not in this alone, friend. God allows this to happen to show you it is real, and that you need to learn how to wage a good warfare and stand in truth. We are born into a war…it is up to us to renew our minds and get our heads in the game. Its all real.. Study to show yourself approved, rightly dividing the Word of God…and look for a good Bible centered Christian Church. That’s hard to find these days, but there are good teachings on to help. Listen, there are a lot of false teachers and false churches out there…even in the deliverance ministry, so you must get a thorough understanding of the Word of God, and sound doctrine. Think of these experiences as a call to personal accountability as a soldier in a spiritual battle that wasn’t aware of the warfare until perhaps now. A good spiritual warfare teacher is the now late Derek Prince…many of his teachings are on youtube. But this is not a bandaide fix. This is ongoing warfare and requires vigilance, prayer and obedience to the Word of God.

  42. Michael says:

    Hi I’ve been having trouble with demons since being a little boy i am 55 now I have learnt a great deal I believe in jesus and always have but yet you say get on a correct relationship with Christ how hard do you think I have been trying and for how long let me make this clear right now demons can do alot more than what you think I am living proof do have to spell it out for you some people who are so close to Christ suffer for him so everything doesn’t stop at all its a full time job so go away and pray about this and stop insulting my wisdom

  43. Kenny Griffin says:

    My name is KG I have these kind of dreams once a month but mine r more intense I have been asleep and could not move sexually asalted in my sleep and choked I see everyone has the same thing but they will not stop untell I say the Lords prayer in my sleep what the hell is wrong with me,

    • DJ says:

      It’s not you. This sounds like a demonic attack and we are most vulnerable when we are sleeping. Pray before you sleep asking the Lord to protect you as you sleep. I would also do a spiritual inventory as outlined in the book “the bondage breaker” to confess all known sin, repent and renounce theses sins even if they were done many years ago. Un-confessed sins act as a license for demonic harassment. Pray also that the Lord show you anything in your past that may have opened a door such as reading a horoscope or playing some game that is occultic….it all counts, even if you didn’t believe in it. The Bondage breaker has excellent exercises and I’d go through every one of them to make sure you haven’t left anything out.

  44. Favour says:

    Your totally correct. All my church does is focus on raising money for buildings and that’s all. There’s nothing wrong with this but there’s more to church than buildings. We don’t focus on the poor, spiritual wellbeing of members, growing in Christ and personal wellbeing and happiness. The church should be more than a building cause the Bible says that we are the church and not the buildings. The worst part is that most of what they build is trash. Cause they rush to start another building before they can finish the first. It’s so sad and annoying. I wish the pastors at my church knew this. It’s so disheartening. But it has to change I keep praying to God to do something. I go to Assemblies of God Nigeria, and I’m really worried about the welfare of members at my church. I’m always having dreams of being attacked by people I know. Lord help me.

  45. Amberly says:

    I don’t even know what to say. From what happened to me last night to this morning me seeking the Internet for answers. I feel like reading what you just wrote was gods way of speaking to me and answering my questions as well as reassuring me. It’s hard to explain. But thank you .

  46. Stacy M Banks says:

    I just had a dream a demon was dragging me around a house and i was asleep inside my dream. I woke up 3 times inside my dream trying to scream. I watched eyes turn black and i was saying things that didnt make amy sense. I woke up shaking amd crying hysterically. I have been agnostic for quite some time and this mor ing went to church with my husband whos a christian. Is the devil trying to deter me? I am seriously scared and need help!!

  47. Shannon says:

    I have suffered demon sleep paralysis since i was young. Recently my fiance told me he had a dream with a white faced black eyed demon telling him i am a good “playmate”. I find no coincidence that we are in a new home with a lot of activity. It literally feels like so eone is watching us. We hear noises and see dark shadow’s, but what scares me the most is my recent relapses with drugs. It is ruining our lives our love and our home. I feel i am being attacked. I really need Some Honest advice. Thank you.
    Scared and alone….

  48. Yvonne hall says:

    See I am walking with God I’m not doing anything I shouldn’t be but I’ve had demonic attacks in dream that have come and gone since I was saved 4 years ago…..God has taught me things through them somtimes. But they do drain me somtimes I can have a 6 month gap then 2 in one week I don’t understand why I have them. They come more in deceit now…at first they were just I’m there real form so I could see them or I’d be fighting they tend to be in ppl in my dreams but I still know…I usually wake up shouting Jesus or declaring. No one seems to understand why though…..where have all the deliverance ministries gone in this day and age…..

  49. Ntibaleng Cele says:

    Thank you for your info it has come in very handy…This very morning I had an encounter with a demon and I called on to Jesus for help. ..And it didn’t budge I called on the Holly spirit and nothing then my mind went to Jehovah and I started calling his name without ceasing all this time it had its nails digging into my left hand and my right hand was firmly holding its face over the mouth as soon as I started calling Jehovah it changed and fought to bite my hand I could feel it’s teeth digging into my flesh then I started calling Jehovah harder… Finally I shouted Jehovah and the demon left…I recently opened a tarot Box that I have been having for a few years haven’t opened it for about 4-5 years and then this am throwing it away after this email. ..Thank you please advise for more information on the demon warfare. May God bless you.

  50. Jen says:

    HI. I would like to tell someone about my sleep disturbances that doesn’t think I am absolutely out of my mind. These only happen when I am alone. First these disturbances are accompanied by feelings of being electrocuted and in fact leave tingling sensations in my back for up to 20 minutes after asking from these horrific episodes. Also, they are accompanied by visions of people I either don’t know or of my father who has passed on over 5 years ago. I find myself screaming in my sleep for help for someone to pull me up and frequently call for God Jesus or Mary to intervene. I ALSO recite the Hail Mary. Today the vision was of my ex husband trying to pour gasoline on me . This ALSO initiated with a vision of my Dad and two women I dont know. I am not overly religious but do have a Catholic upbringing and don’t engage in criminal behavior, don’t do drugs and drink alcohol very infrequently. I fear sleeping alone because of these episodes (as that’s the only thing I could think to call them) This mostly happens in my childhood home where my mom still resides, who thinks I am crazy but has occurred on two occasions outside of the home. I have spoken to the local parish priest who wanted to bless the home. My mom would be upset about this so I didn’t tell her. Finally, I don’t know if there’s any connection but I have had experienced either incubus or succubus in the past. Most recently while laying in bed late at night under the bedroom door it looks as if people are walking past the door with lots of light play. I recently awoke to video it but because of the light on the camera it cancelled out the shadows but there was a strange flash of light I caught on video. Lastly, one of My episodes last week was a conversation with my father who plainly told me there was no heaven. I find this hard to believe as my father was a God fearing man who went to church every week.

  51. Mario says:

    I was attacked in my dream just now it came out of nowhere and old lady came to me and asked for a pencil to be sharpend I took here up a ladder on some sort of roof top I found a pencil sharpener, I felt like something was wrong when I did it, and just as I gave her the pencil she wanted I ran and jumped off the roof and she tried to stab me in the chest with the pencil, as I got off the roof in my dream I awoke and I was feeling g angry

  52. Toni Strozier says:

    Anything to rebuke following demon or incubus or lesbian spirit

  53. guy says:

    Thanks again it’s help me out .I repented, but now DEMONS attacked me almost everyday , sexual attacks. They want me to go back in fornication. It’s been more than 6 months I am free for it . It is none stop . I released on all those dreams before i have sex with them I used to do the same thing every times if I remember well before fornication in my dreams. Fuel days ago I explain this to a family member , so now I am on alert on my dreams. But sadly today again I have been attacked and they were skater they change the way how the get me . And the were a lot if nice females (demons) on my dreams . (…)

    • guy says:

      Sorry for many errors. I am sexual arrasme on my dreams and attack about 6/7 days a week. So I have sex with demons that look like beautiful women . In general they use to come in my dreams 1 girl per dreams except today. They were many . It’s seems that satan is angry we want me to return in the fornication that I am free for it in the name of Jesus Christ. It’s been more than 6 months now. Not even porn watch (…) I even left my girl friend. And on my daily life satan try to use people in my life to make me come back in this bondage. I don’t want any more i am tired to sin against my Lord Jesus Christ so I fight against him .so now he found this way on my dreams and so far he think that he wan the battle . Some time in the real life i have some thought about going having sex but GOD I believe remind me to do not . So I do not . I fight against the temtaption . (…) I need a help if some one have so tips. Thx

      • Yvonne says:

        Hi i just felt led to reply to you…sexual demons i believe are incubus ‘being a male’ and sucubus being a women demon. Before bed i would suggest binding these demons in the name of Jesus and command them to never return to your dreams. State that you break any ties with them in the spiritual world..and any spiritual marriage break in the name of Jesus. You can also ask and invite the holy spirit into your dream life…hope this helps some. Ive experienced many nightmares myself.

  54. Jennifer says:

    Ok but I’m not religious and no one understands the reality of the demon and I did on my own tell it to get away and stay away or kill me because the last one it was literally about to kill me and it was my daughter on drugs not me … it took every ounce of energy and I said either kill me and her or get away and amstay away this is not real get away
    It has never come back and she’s been clean since and it always came every night for years when she was in using and she’s get clean it would not come but then relapse and there it came to the point I could text her and say I know you’re using
    It also started coming to her before she used drugs when her dad was using and she’d come in my room at night saying there is a demon next to my bed mom it wants to kill me and this was like two years before she started using I was like what tell it to get the hell out but it was real and I’m not even religious…

  55. Laura says:

    This post is so right. Even though it is hard to self deflect on my past actions, I can be honest with myself to know why that door was open. I know my sin and feel guilty and embarrassed by it, yet the flesh is weak and I rationalized my actions to ease my guilt. I am praying for forgiveness, asking Jesus to help me overcome, and going to do penance to help me overcome and defeat the sin I am doing. To some people it may be nothing. But to me and accordance to the Bible and God its wrong and sinful. I pray a ton asking jesus to forgive me, and I start each day trying to do better. Sin is punishment in itself, but we Christians need to hold ourselves accountable and keep trying for sainthood, even though I know I am far from that lol. But I keep striving and praying to do better. Thank you for this post.

  56. DJ says:

    I agree that we can sometimes open a door to demonic harassment by not walking circumspectly, however, i believe also that when we believe a lie, or are not confirmed and convinced in truth, the enemy takes advantage of ignorance, of which there is much of that nowadays. It’s important to understand true doctrine according to Scripture and who we are in Christ. Filter what we listen to or let in our eye gate. Try to think back to why this area is weakened. Don’t let your thoughts run away in you, take them captive to the obedience of Christ.
    Most everyone would benefit from doing a spiritual inventory such as outlined in the book “The Bondage Breaker” by Neil Anderson, to break any possible familial link to the occult…sometimes it isn’t anything we’ve done, but an ancestor, and claim your union with Christ in His death, and new ancestry in Christ. We are a new creation in Christ. Christ Jesus is our Salvation, there is no other name under heaven, given to men by which they may be saved. (Ie….Mary cannot save you..that’s a stronghold of error) shore up your understanding of the truth because the enemy will find every which way to attack…and as this author stated…you must walk in obedience to Scriptural truth, or you’re stepping into enemy territory. Pray over yourself and your family before going to sleep, for the Lord gives His beloved rest. You have the authority over all the works of the devil, exercise it and spend time figuring out if you are opening any doors. (TV, Music, Friends, behaviors, attitudes, items in your home, past vows or curses…etc…ask the Lord to show you any areas of offense, and repent and confess when He does) don’t let the enemy make you think you’re special and so you must keep fighting constantly and never have the peace of God, 1 Peter 4:12 tells you this is common among believers and God only allows it to firm us up in Him and prepare us for the evil day…when the enemy launches all out war upon you…you will be able to stand in Christ.

  57. veronica says:

    Hello just wandering if there is anyone to answer a question.Not sure this site is active.
    If so can I get a short reply if this site is still active.If so I would like to ask a question on this topic.Thank you

  58. Seleeca mills says:

    For the past few months now almost each and every night i have been having demonic dreams about fighting demon , casting out demons . I even had few dreams that i was given food to eat in my dream these dreams seems so real even my head got heavy in these fighting dreams and all i could do was call up on jesus christ until the demon took my voice away and it happen in all my dreams but different demons each time

  59. Patricia G Kpolie says:

    Hello, I am really grateful for this site, I just opened it up today, I am trying to get much understanding of how to deal with demonic attacks in dreams. I am a believer, someone that love CHRIST and by the grace of GOD try my best to keep my self-spotless from things of the world, through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. I have been having demonic attacks in dreams most times. It appears as a relationship with someone, dead relatives, fierce animals like lions wild dogs attacking me, sometimes I am lost, trying to find my way from to my destinations, other times I am surrounded by water or snow, seeing sharks. I thank GOD for all of the comments, and I will seek the LORD for deliverance. Amen. GOD BLESS. Patricia

  60. The churches today? I wouldn’t say that most of them are godly…a lot of them are apostate, New Age, and are religious, and don’t really equip their members for spiritual warfare or operating in the Holy Spirit.

  61. memonde says:

    Hi! Thanks for this post. There’s one specific demon always tried to attack me even though he fully aware that I belong to God. My question is just — why he wants to attack me so bad?
    The first time, he came to my dream (brunette, blue eyes, nice dark blue suites even with vest and brown leather shoes) and tried to negotiate with me to ‘follow him’, and after negotiation failed, he opened a door which led to my living room and said if I didn’t follow him, he’ll hurt my husband. At that point, I knew he’s a demon so I cast him away in the name of Jesus.
    The second and third time, he just came as a voice and threat me again.
    The last time was last night, while I was sleeping on the bed, and in my dream, I saw him opened my bedroom door and said “hello, here I am again” and then I immediately woke up (since I already knew he’s a demon and there’s no point to talk to him). After I woke up, I realized that my husband was walking around the house and feeling uneasy. My husband said, “I feel someone is watching us…” I didn’t want to scare him more so I just prayed in my heart. After a while, my husband was able to come to bed and sleep in peace.
    I knew it’s not a normal “spirit” (like a haunted house with a lady ghost, I know when it’s only just a normal spirit), but this one is a real demon. And the thing is, I’m not scared by him or feeling threaten at all, I just feel ‘annoyed’ since I know he can do no harm on him, and I got Jesus on my back. Even in my prayer, most of the time I just said: “ENOUGH – in the name of Jesus, GO AWAY”. But I’m wondering why he kept trying to get my attention even he failed so many times and he knew it’s useless to negotiate with me?

  62. Yvonne says:

    This devestates me and i dont see it as true…im born again, spirit filled..i love Jesus..attend church..thetes no obvious sin in my life that i kmow of (obviously we all sin) but you know what i mean…ive been through deliverance ministry and have still suffeted with demonic nightmares for almost 6 years since ive been a christian. Ive prayed..ive commanded them to leave..ive woke up and took authority, but still have them…im so tired of them. At first they were visable demons in nightmates now they try to hide behind ppl in them…im seriously out of ideas if how to stop them.

    • DJ says:

      Have you gone through the Bondage Breaker by Neil Anderson? I believe that all Christians need to do the Freedom exercises in the back of most all of his books. The Bondage Breaker book explains why. Often times we are plagued by familiar spirits passed down through a generational line. You don’t know what your ancestors were involved in, or what curses they may have brought upon their descendants because of their activities. After purging any claim to you through your blood line, by means of our new identity in Christ, you are in a position to sever all familial ties and walk in the newness of life that is ours in Christ. Abide in Him, and remain in Him.

  63. Ab'ben says:

    But what happens when that Deamon in YOUR Dream attack YOU and leaves physical Marks and causes Great PAIN. UPON awakening. And the teeth marks are visible FOR ALL to see? And again what IF you are not experiencing any sleep paralysis. And fully aware and can move? WHAT THEN IS IT? FOR IT isn’t a Dream at ALL BUT VERY REAL.

    • DJ says:

      You need a deliverance minister. If you are a follower of Jesus Christ and are a converted believer, you have authority in the name of Jesus to cast that thing off of you. But if you are messing around in occultist practices, you must repent of that, renounce it and turn to the Lord Jesus Christ for forgiveness before you can stand in that authority

  64. Sphamandla says:

    I will like to get more help about my life

  65. Mickey coles says:

    The lord is Our protector from evil worship him and he will protect you from all the evil around like an armour of goodness.

  66. Craig Schulze says:

    I’ve always fought against a belief in God and Jesus, believing it is man made, by the Romans to control the masses. Throughout my life I’ve been plagued by drug abuse due to aspergers, poor social skills, anxiety and depression.
    I overcome my drug abuse last year and after a couple of weeks I felt a spiritual awakening, began hearing angelic music, the most beautiful song I had heard, yet the words were unclear in a dream.
    The sobriety didn’t last however.
    And during this time I’ve continuously fought against a belief in God but accepted spirituality more. I had Muslim friends also always trying to convert me saying it was God’s next wish that we followed the quran to deal with life in the modern age. This all frustrated me also and I turned my back on it also.
    Anyway, fast forward to today, I’ve gained 6 days of clean time again so far and continue to follow this path but I’ve been thinking a lot about China and how they will one day turn against us in a great war. Spoke to my mum about this who always follows the bible and she then mentioned it says something somewhere about the yellow people ruling the earth one day.
    I prayed last night, asking for answers as I am so confused, don’t know what’s true and what’s not. I asked for a sign to help clear up any confusion I was having.
    Then I had this horrible dream.
    I was being attacked by people with bows and arrows, demonic music was playing and I was trapped in a heavy blanket as I slept, couldn’t escape this no matter how much I tried, constantly being attacked as I tried to escape this realm, but every time I did, this heavy blanket just wasn’t letting me escape. Seemed to last ages. I finally managed though, woke up feeling pretty puzzled by all this. Still confused. Was this the sign I had asked for? Was it a sign that god is no longer is in control of the world? I don’t know what to believe still.

    • DJ says:

      God is in control, but our prayers have to be Scriptural. If you just pray “for a sign” the devil will be happy to give you one. If you’re not sure how to pray Scriptural prayers, start by reading the psalms. These are prayers and is a good place to start. Read them aloud to yourself…you’ll stumble on a few that will be in line with what you’re wanting of the Lord…write those out, and pray them. We are surrounded by darkness and evil…we are supposed to be light…the Bible says “the entrance of Gods Word, brings light” so start there. Seek truth, and God promises you will find it, but He gave us His Word….Jesus is the Word made flesh. The more you know the Word of God, the more you know Jesus.

  67. Jesus’s Warrior says:

    My freind has a demon named Stero in him ( alternate personality) and I have him my cross had him put it on and he said it helped a lot he couldn’t take him over but later that night he ended up taking it off and he texted me but it didn’t sound like my freind mind u I’m only 15 and I starting saying get out in the name of jesus✝️ Just like that over and over and over and it worked and I told him if u hear a voice saying they will kill you if u don’t take it off it’s a lie they can’t harm u when u are with Jesus it is physically impossible ✝️🛐

    • DJ says:

      In my experience, the person who is being oppressed or possessed by a demon, has opened doors to the occult. He needs to repent of any involvement with the occult…ie…quija spirit boards, ghost hunting, going to a psychic, trying to do sorcery, drug use…etc…there is a book called “The Bondage Breaker” by Neil Anderson that has an whole list of behaviors that would be considered opening the door to demons. All sin can open doors to demons. He cannot be delivered from this demon unless he repents and invites Jesus into his life…it’s not a “trick” or superstition…he (and you) are absolutely not strong enough in your own strength. I recommend you read the book and do the exercises in the section “Steps to Freedom in Christ”. You should also go through the steps before trying to help your friend. Sometimes we don’t realize something we are doing, is a sin…so go through the lists. There can also be generational sin…which is why we must be born again. He is fortunate to have a friend like you who at least understands that there is a spiritual war for the souls of humanity. Freedom is only found in Christ alone. He can’t expect deliverance if he is “unwilling” to surrender his life to the Good Shepherd, Jesus Christ. Sheep are helpless against predators without the Good Shepherd.
      Then read the Bible as much as you can, asking the Holy Spirit to help you understand the meaning. Start in the New Testament. The enemy may attack you if he considers you a threat, and our only defense is walking uprightly (without intentional sin) and. the Word of God…the “Sword of the Spirit”. God bless you for trying to help your friend, but much depends on whether he is willing to repent , renounce any known sin in his life…which opens doors to the devil. It’s a real war, not a game. So be careful.

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