Lost Time

Lost Time
The term lost time is a bit misleading. It seems what is actually lost is the memories of the time. I have came to some conclusions about what’s happening with lost time. I am going to tell you about a case I ran across a few years ago.
An associate and myself were working on a steam boiler in a one hundred year old bed and breakfast in one of the local towns. The owners were doing some remodeling and a crew of carpenters were also working on the site. One of the carpenters was rather haggard looking young man in his early twenties. I heard a conversation between him and another of the crew. It seems the kid had suffered from psychological problems for most of his life. I heard him say that he had lost three months, that is three months of his life seemed to be missing from his memory. And he said that it wasn’t the first time it had happened.

My associate knew the kid because the young man had previously worked for his brother. My associate told me the basic story. The kid had had mental issues for a long time. My associate said that one thing that was strange about the kid was that he always related everything to when he was twelve years old and younger. For instance whenever any activity was being discussed such as bowling, fishing or whatever. The kid would reply with something like ‘yeah I remember doing that back when I was twelve’, he never seemed to relate to more recent experiences.

My partner explained further that when the guy was about thirteen his Mom had shot his Dad and then shot herself. Both died in the incident and the kid saw the whole thing.

I’ve talked about this kind of thing before in my article about ‘demonic thought attacks‘ The idea to kill your spouse and then kill yourself isn’t something that comes from the mind of man. It’s a demoniacally implanted urge used by the demons after a long period of mental assault. It doesn’t take much putting two and two together to see what has happened here. The demons went from the parents to the child when the incident happened and had been oppressing the kid ever since. The age of twelve was the last time the kid had had a clear head and that was why he always referenced that time. The young man must have been very heavily oppressed because his memories since then had been so vague that he never referenced activities from those years. And as I mentioned earlier, memories were completely missing from some periods of time, even for months.

Now having covered all that the kid didn’t vanish during the missing months. He had a girlfriend who lived with him. She never reported him missing. He was still there eating, sleeping and going to work just like always. He was just missing the memories from that period of time.

My conclusion from this information is that missing time is just memories that have been suppressed by demons.

We worked on that job for three days. I prayed about it and asked the Lord to give me an opportunity to talk to the young man about what was going on, that is if it was His will. I did once get a few moments of conversation with the guy. I casually mentioned the Lord in the hope that an opportunity would be opened for a useful talk with the young man. No go, the kid didn’t have a clue. He actually seemed to stay clear of me from then on. It’s a sure bet the demons oppressing him knew what I was up to. Until a victim realizes on his own what is going on and wants to get free all you can really do is pray for them.

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5 Responses to Lost Time

  1. Renay says:

    amazing and insightful! No doubt the demon left his mom and dad and went to him the only onlooker of the incident.

  2. Tim Shey says:

    I believe trauma is a door where demons enter. The trauma of seeing his mother kill his dad and then herself caused his mind to become demonized and that is why his memory was so bad.

  3. melissa stewart says:

    If you would plz pray for me.. if you only knew all that I face. I’m veg aware and I want free but I’m so oppressed that I can’t do this on my own.. my dad and bro are 32 degree masons..that’s only part of it.. God bless you

    • BillyClyde says:

      Hello Melissa. I asked the Lord Jesus to give you his blessing and guidance on getting free. Most masons don’t have a clue what’s really wrong with masonry and they mean well. I would suggest breaking any contract that demons think they have on because of your Dad’s involvement in masonry. It’s not a prayer it’s a statement. Something like this.
      ‘In Jesus’ name any claims that demons think they have on me because of my Fathers involvement in masonry are now broken, In Jesus’ name they are rendered null and void’.
      It must be said out loud so the enemy can hear it. They can’t read your mind but they do have great hearing. It’s just a start in the right direction though. Perhaps this article will help.

    • Robin says:

      surely we stand with the whips of the blood and demand the “monster” out NOW! ..go to your door open it and scream be gone! works for me. thanks for the reminder 2.

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