Dealing with The enemy in the workplace

Hi folks. I want to talk about how the enemy will attack us in the workplace. Satan is an opportunist. If he gets the chance he will use coworkers and/or customers to lash out at you. Have you ever had a coworker who was overly hostile towards you for no real reason? Sometimes it’s just a case of a bad attitude but sometimes it’s not. Sometimes it’s a demon using that individual to get at you. Have you ever had a boss who seemed to have it in for you even though you know for a fact that you are doing a good job? If you’re a Christian and your boss is not there’s a good chance the man is being used as a puppet. The first thing to keep in mind is that your enemy isn’t the puppet it’s the evil thing pulling the strings.


There are two strategies that I have found that work well to combat this situation. The first is prayer. A simple prayer asking Jesus to remove anything that is allowing the enemy to work against you in the workplace is very effective. Word it based on your situation. The Lord doesn’t leave His soldiers hanging out to dry. The second strategy is basic spiritual warfare using the authority of the Lord’s name. In the mornings you can take a moment when all parties involved are at the workplace, that is when the puppet is in the building. Step off someplace where no one else can hear you and take authority over the demons in the name of Jesus and command them to stay out of your business in the workplace. Command them to keep their noses out of anything that you are involved in. You can say it quietly but you must say it out loud so the demons can hear it. They will still hear it if you say it quietly, demons have great hearing. This is also very effective.
I once was stuck working with a man who was under demonic oppression. The demons used him at every opportunity. I’m an HVAC service tech. A few years ago I was working for a local company installing heat pumps and gas furnaces. My helper left the company and had to be replaced. The man that was hired to be my new helper turned out to have some serious doors open which the enemy used to lash out at me. The guy was a professing Christian and I am sure he really was a believer. However he was like a lot of Christians. He didn’t know about demons and how they work behind the scenes to create problems for Christians. The man was a Lumbee indian and he actively took part in tribal religious activities. He didn’t see this as being in conflict with the worship of the Lord Jesus and had no idea that this was a demonic door. I tactfully tried to get at the issue a few times but was unsuccessful. I actually liked the guy but the enemy had their claws in Him. The Lord told me through the Holy Spirit what was going on so that I could deal with it appropriately. There were several times when the man made an effort to stab me in the back and later would be talking to me as if it had never happened. All of his thoughts were not his own including the one causing his hostility towards me. When someone is under demonic oppression and the enemy is implanting thoughts and urges into a person’s mind those thoughts don’t register clearly in the persons memory. They will not realize at the time that the thoughts are not their own and will usually act on them. But later the demonic implanted thoughts will not be clear in the victims memory. Not like their own thoughts will be. The man didn’t have a clear memory of having caused me any headaches. Thanks to discernment of the spirit I knew this and dealt with the man accordingly. I could actually tell when the enemy was manipulating him. Once the Holy Spirit made me aware of what was up I began to take the defensive. Every morning when I said my morning prayer I would make a point to ask the Lord Jesus to remove anything that would allow the enemy to use my co workers against me. When I arrived at the workplace and once my helper was there I would take authority over the demons in the name of Jesus and command them to stay out of my business in the workplace. I did this in the parking lot where other people wouldn’t hear but the demons would. I could then actually get the job done while working with the man and not have issues. I did this for several months every day. I wanted very much to sit down with the man and talk about what was going on but until a victim realizes on their own, what’s going on and wants to break out, all you can do is pray for them. The guy finally got himself fired. I did my best to do right by the man and never told the boss he was a problem. It’s not as if I could say to the boss ‘hey it’s not really his fault he’s under demonic oppression’.
I hope this article is useful to someone. Just remember the person isn’t your enemy, the demon manipulating them is.


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79 Responses to Dealing with The enemy in the workplace

  1. Bevylynn says:

    Thank you, I am having this problem at work with one person, but I see it is affecting the whole work place. So I will be doing the prayers and taking authority as you have suggested. Thank you.

  2. Namib says:

    Wow, I love the way you explain everything, God has truly blessed you with words.

  3. KOwens says:

    Great testimony. God bless you and I’m going to use this type of prayer in my workplace

  4. ac says:

    Thank you for that I’m going through that right now as we speak with this women here at work I’m 60 she is 40 and making my life a living hell .also I believe she has favor because she has something going on with the Bosses son But I thought it was me having all these problems .

  5. Tina Kiely says:

    This website is very helpful. Let me ask you a question, hopefully you can answer.

    When you see something in their eyes, for example, an array of emotions in their eyes. One millisecond it is anger, then sadness, then perhaps a “someone rescue me,” Yet the person seems very stable. Is that a sign of possession?

    If so, why can’t anyone else see that? I have praying for him and myself as i feel somerhing is targeting us both.

    I keep hearing, do not intervene. I hope that is not them telling me that.

    The big misfortune for me is, I appear to be still vulnerable hence, why I was looking at your site for “how to take back your authority.”

    I am looking forward to using your prayers as soon as they attack me. This usually happens at church.

    Thanks so much.

    • BillyClyde says:

      Tina be cautous, sometimes demons will give you impressions of thing that aren’t really there. They are tricky. Always ask The Lord Jesus to show you the truth. They can sometimes fool us but they can’t fool Him.

      • Tina Kiely says:

        Ok, so they will make his eyes black in my mind you say? February, when I first tried to confront him his eyes were brown with his glasses on. Turns out his eyes were really blue and always been blue.

        I have been on this psychic warfare with this guy for a year now and the things that have happened to me were wrong. I keep hearing be still. Watch.
        Don’t leave the church. I realize that I am not the only one oppressed here, now lately, I hear talk to him.
        Tad bit nervous but putting my faith in God to protect me.

        Thank you, btw for being so brave to post this.

    • HILDA says:


  6. Always Sunny says:

    Thank you for the workplace story above. I have had such a good experience in my graduate program and been given many opportunities to advance my experience by my deans and directors in the last year. Given my uplifting and positive relationship with the administration, it confused me when a new director came on board who was verbally abusive and demeaning towards me, and actually did anything she could to stop a pilot project and create problems for me in trying to graduate. I felt very uncomfortable around her from the beginning, so I have kept my distance and will do so until graduation. I have felt so emotionally riled by this person, and the positive out of the situation is that it has allowed me to lean on Jesus and to check my own ego and remember I went to school to be able to continue God’s work through me in social service. Because of the tremendous energy drain this has caused me, I have asked the prayer team at my church to pray over me because I did not feel strong. It was only then that I had the realization what was happening between myself and this woman is of a spiritual nature. I will rely on prayer and be sure to take authority over the demons before encountering her. Thank you. God Bless you for sharing.

  7. Miss J says:

    Hello, I had a situation at my job (a high school), where a male coworker kept popping into my dreams wanting to have sex. I knew this guy was married and unhappy and it seemed like when he was upset he projected his feelings out to others who could pick up on it. Also, other women from work have said they have seen this guy in their dreams as well. He claimed to be a Christian but I wondered if he was able to astro-project himself or was it a demon. When I learned how to cancel my negative dreams, especially with him, I was able to rebuke in the name of Jesus and every time he tried to come into my dreams he would get mad because he couldn’t get close to me. It worked so well that he really stopped coming into my dreams. At work, I see him and say good morning and keep it moving. I’m also glad he got moved in a different work area too.

    • Evie says:

      Very interesting,. some people I think when they don’t live right can have a spirit attached to them but because you have the holy spirit in your life you have been able to cut off that bad spirit praise God

    • Evie says:

      I suffered a terrible time in the work place after my work colleagues went to spiritualist all the time I did pray and put on the armour which really helped , I stuck it three years but eventually I left the work place and God miraculously opened the door for me to be in another job praise God as I couldn’t take any more

  8. Frederica says:

    As a Prayer Warrior interceding for family and friends that are experiencing a similar scenario, this was intensely revealing and one I will share. Thank You. May God’s Richest Blessings be poured out on Your Ministry. Frederica Charleston, SC

  9. janice major says:

    Thank you for your advise.I will use this at work, because the devil is a liar.And you are absolutely right about the demon at the job .However I will use the advise each day that I report to work.

  10. PerfectingMyPath says:

    I googled ‘spiritual warfare in the workplace’ as I just encountered it and needed spiritual guidance.Happy I came across this article.Offered some solutions to my problem

  11. kita says:

    This is so very true! I encountered this earlier this year with a co worker of mine. I wish i had this post at that time. Thank God for his goodness and helping me overcome the attack. I still work with the co worker and can now pray like u said and walk in love. This is a great post and I’m sure will help many!

  12. Denise says:

    I’m having a similar problem at work but it’s coming from the boss. I recently asked God to uncover those masquerading as my friends in the work place and I was surprised to learn it is my boss. I was shocked with God’s answer. All of a sudden she started giving me tasks that she was not giving to anyone else so I asked God why this is going on and the Holy Spirit revealed it’s because they want to get people laid off. I now go into work pleading the Blood of Jesus against this woman and all her dirty tactics. I know God answers prayer. The devil cannot win.

  13. G says:

    Great article. I’m going through this right now. Co-workers backstabbed me on my day off when i wasn’t there to defend myself.

  14. paul wambugu says:

    This a good teaching please pray for me .I had a similar experience but through prayer I have experienced relieve.Iam trusting God for more.

  15. paul wambugu says:

    Thanks for this comments.Iam a victim of the situation above.Through prayers I have healed but these sequential occurrences still remains.I request you to pray that I may recover back my life in the name of Jesus.

  16. Frances Handrick says:

    Thank you, I know the enemy come to steal, kill and destroy, Jesus came that we may have
    Life! Thanks again! I know that the Lord, put me there for a reason!!!

  17. Rebecca says:

    Obviously, you don’t know very much about Native American tribal customs or ceremonies.

  18. Samantha says:

    This was very helpful currently a co worker and myself are experiencing something at work. The manager and assistant manager are making our lives a real living hell and the devil have taken over another co worker to infiltrate against the co worker and myself as well. It’s just bad to the point where I’m calling out of work and my co worker is on the verge of quitting. Tomorrow I will follow what you did and pray soon as I arrive at the job in a quiet location

  19. Angela Gillam says:

    This is exactly what I am going through. My workplace is owned by Christians. A few employees are not . I am over devotion for the office. Through the past holidays we did not have weekly devotion. The owner asked to start them up again. The last 3 weeks we had devotion each week. Each week the drama has grew. This week a Co worker verbal lashed out about a prayer time that she thought she was left out. Her department was told in person. By IM messaging over the weekend before by multiple messages. She was not left out. A huge drama episode over prayer . Had the entire office upset. Yes satan uses people for host of his evil ways.

  20. JD says:

    Thank you for your testimony. I too googled demon in the workplace and came across your post. I have been given a coworker that I’m pretty certain is possessed or influenced by demon(s) or some bad spirits. I have been praying and have been speaking to the demons in my head when I am near her but but not out loud. I will try taking authority over them in Jesus name out loud in the parking lot before I go in the building starting tomorrow. Please pray for me and for everyone involved. Thank you.

  21. Shanta potts says:

    Wow.. Perfect timing .. Pray for me as I am having this same problem at work.. The enemy is showing his true colors .. I got a write up for something so simple.. And got sent home .. Idk what is going to happen but GOD have your way. ..

  22. lee says:

    I’m have problems with my co-workers at work( I’m newly employ and the only black in my department ) they are giving me hell.

    • Frances Handrick says:

      Just remember, you are not alone-Living in The last Days, the Bible tell us; Matthew 24:8-13, The Lord God warned us, His Children what would happen in these Last Days!
      If you have given your life to Christ, He says that he will fight our battles. It is not easy, but we have to seek God face and believe.
      Bible study can help, talking to others people of God as you are doing, right, now!!!
      Asking the Lord for guidance in your situation!!! I will be praying for you!!!
      Pray for them! Do you believe God have you there for His purpose?

  23. C.J. says:

    I am going through this at work in a serious way. I’ve been there a little over 2 years and had to battle to keep my job the entire time (even though I’m a good/ hard worker)There is spiritual darkness that moves in waves through the company. The past 2 weeks have been really intense, contant nagging, nit picking, and people trying on every corner to cause the hard workers to get fired. PLEASE pray for me as I have grown to dread a job I once loved because of the evil. God is stronger than anything! I believe!!!

    • Frances Handrick says:

      C.J. you have someone that can related to what you are feeling. The Bible let’s us know the days are evil, we are not alone, the Lord said he would never leave us!
      Trails come to make us strong! Learning how to love, those that’s not loving, is not easy! Praying for them, Learning to love the
      unloving, yes it hurts!
      Jesus teaches us how to take authority over the enemy! I learn how to pray more, spend more time with the Lord , praying for my enemy’s! Get in agreement with two or more in pray( Jesus is in the mist), at home or I had to call a prayer line while I was on break at work, hey, it made me feel better!
      Draw closer to Jesus and people of God!
      It will help us to be strong even through our trails, to be a witness for the Lord!
      If anyone knows what we feel at those times is Jesus! Get a chance, watch the movie (Passion)! I pray that the Lord God cover you and guide and his protection is upon you, through the power of the Holy Spirit and the blood of the Lamb, Jesus the Christ! Love you C.J. you are never alone!!!
      It is all a process, to get in that place, that the Lord wants us to get to! To walk in the peace of God!! It’s truly a process!!! God bless!

    • Angel says:

      God bless you all. I am going through the same things at work to the point of wanting to quit, but I know God is saying be Still…Everything that concern us , concerns God, He is in control of everything..In John 6, the Lord tell us that if we trust in Him, we will never hunger or thirst..we have to stand on His word, for He is the word….I as well pray and warfare for the people on my job that I know the devil use against me, for Ephisians tell us we are not fighting against flesh and blood, but spiritual wickedness, principalties and darkness in high places…for we as Christians suppose to pray our enemies….God bless

    • joyce says:

      I totally agree with you. It’s my management who is out to get me. They have employees watching me. My God is bigger than them! The Lord takes care of his own!

    • lburrell3 says:

      This is really great and thank you. I work under my manager (who is holy spirit filled) Jamaican lady, along with with a Muslim guy we all worked well. However a new 19 year old apprentice had started working with us(Muslim gurl) and since she has started she has created a bad vibe, she may occasional roll her eyes, give attitude and insalt you and mimicking, and catch her observing me quite often, but it’s difficult as my manager put her on the pedadtstall and I feel she uses this power to her advantage. She has now turned one of my close co-workers against me. 😦

  24. Lucy Peixoto says:

    Excellent article. Very helpful. Your prayers showed results and that’s what we all want to get rid of toxic coworkers so you can go to work and live in peace. My question is, is it really demons causing human beings to behave so abusively/badly/cruelly/towards you or is it the fact that the human being given him/herself is a bad spirit as well? We need to stop blaming demons for everything and take responsibility and accountability for our own actions and own up to and face the fact that a toxic coworker is really just a bad spirit: a.k.a., A$$hole

    • BillyClyde says:

      Hi Lucy. Often it is just a bad egg in the workplace but at other times the enemy is behind it. I have only dealt with the enemy behind it in the one case that I described in the article. In that case it was obvious that the enemy was involved. I guess sometimes it may not be so obvious which one is the case.

  25. Motaung Martin Kabelo says:

    By the way I’m 32 single born again christian who persecuted,humiliated,disrespected,violanted,offended because the son of man.I’ve been praying but I find it so hard to adapat that dynamic situation.I wish to resign.

  26. Thembase says:

    Wow what a powerful testimony.I’m facing a situation at work where my co-worker wants my position as a Senior he talks bad about me to the big bosses.The worse part is that in my dreams he’s showing as a devil in Black swimming clothes.In God I’m protect.

  27. Wanda Williams says:

    YES this was very helpful, I know it’s warfare I’m being attack for no apparent reason I’m not a follower I stand for rrighteousness. THANK YOU

  28. Thank you for such powerful has help me a lot mentally, physically, and spiritually. It also help me to stay focus and to keep my mind center on God and all that he wants me to be. Thank you and God bless you!! Sandra Nelson

  29. This is so true–I made a video about this last year. I was out walking, didn’t want to say it too loud, so people wouldn’t see me appearing to talk to myself, so whispered under my breath, “I command you to depart in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.”

  30. Robearh says:

    This is an awesome article, I ‘ve learned much over the years about how the enemies attack us
    Christians, at one point or another I use to think it was the individuals themselves coming against
    us, and use to fight back at the person, causing havoc, which later to my understanding in the
    scriptures, it was the enemy, the devil using individuals who have open themselves up to the
    power and control of these demonic forces which in return uses them always to come against
    the body of true faithful believers in Christ, in which the demons reconized, and visa versa, we
    recognize them. I have learned to use my spirtual weapons against the demonic forces in prayer
    in which I have been given the authority over, to cast those devils out, whenever I was being
    attacked in Jesus name, which has Power over all the wiles of the Devil, I always put on the
    full armor of God Ephesians 6:11,quoting each day with the Breastplate of Righteousness, in
    place, feet fitted with the gospel of peace, belt of truth, buckled around my waist, I take up the
    sheild of faith, which can extinguish all flaming arrows of the evil one. I take up the helment
    of salvation and finally the sword of the spirit, which is the word of God. I stay alert, for the
    enemy roams around seeking those he can devour. 1 Peter 5:8 The enemy is after the Christ
    within you, is why he attacks, always remember this, especially at your work on your job, you
    will always find him in a position of an authority over you, whether it is your boss, supervisor,
    any form of leadership, in which he has been given, he will seek you out, no one else, he does
    not go after his own, only the one’s who are walking in faith as a believer in Christ, you will
    come to know it is not flesh and blood you’re fighting against, but principalities, spirits, rulers,
    authorities, against the powers of the dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the
    heavenly realms. Give No place to the devil, give him no foothold, he is a defeated foe, and
    we always have Victory over him 100% of the time, Stand strong in Christ, for the battle is not
    yours, but the Lord’s. Glory to God ! Jesus Christ, has come to destroy the works of the enemy
    and has given us his full authority to use against him, remember Christ Jesus, ask us to love
    our enemies, pray for them which despitefully use us. Matthew 5 :44 having done all continue
    to stand knowing God, is with you, for he has called us overcomers in him. Blessings to all.

  31. Robearh says:

    recognized correction

  32. Lucy Peixoto says:

    I work in a toxic workplace as a Banquet Server. A 38 year old Blonde female co-worker persists in harrassing, provoking and threatening me. I ignore her completely and don’t respond, yet She spreads lies and rumors about me and once tried to get a petition going getting other coworkers to sign it stating they didn’t want to work with me. Whenever she’s around me I silently claim the Blood of Christmas over me and she gets visibly agitated. Once she sat beside me and I silently prayed, “In the name of Jesus Christ begone from me and never return” she jumped up and walked out of the room, fast. Yet 15 minutes later, she came at me, loudly criticizing and insulting me in front of 4 other coworkers. I got away from her, fast. 2 hours later, during dinner service, she tried to bang into me while I was carrying a heavy tray laden down with 12 platters of Salad Plates and loudly called me a “Bitch”. Any suggestions ??

    • Denise Ward says:

      Hi Lucy, you’re doing the right thing by claiming the blood of Jesus over yourself and I advise you to continue doing so. This is agitating her because she cannot get to do what she wants. It is possible that you are dealing with a witch. Another piece of advice I can give you is to ask the blood of Jesus and fire of the Holy Spirit to purge and sanctify your work environment before you enter. Pray for this woman. Your prayers will either change her or drive her out. God bless and stay in Jesus.

  33. Denise says:

    You’re doing the right thing in claiming the blood of Jesus over yourself whenever you find this particular person gets too near. It’s obviously agitating her. You may be dealing with an agent of darkness or just a really mean, spiteful person. I would advise you to ask the blood of Jesus and fire of the Holy Spirit to purge and sanctify your work environment before you enter. Continue to ignore her and keep praying. God bless

  34. Kkellygreen says:

    Thank you for this article. It really helps me deal with a similar situation I am in right now.

  35. Kkellygreen says:

    Thank you so much for this. I am dealing with a very similar situation at work and appreciate this post very much.

  36. Janet says:

    Thank you for this article. It really helps me deal with a similar situation I am in right now.Thank you for such powerful has help me a lot mentally, physically, and spiritually. It also help me to stay focus and to keep my mind center on God and all that he wants me to be. I am looking and believing in great things to start happening for me in the work place. I know that God has a great position and raise for me on my job and the enemy has been trying to stop me from getting it. I read many of the testimony and prayers that several people posted it has really open up my understanding and given me peace and strength, I was so distraught and felt so lonely. I have bookmarked this page to come back and just read some testimonies to get strength. It’s true you overcome by the word of your testimonies.

  37. Joshua says:

    Good article, terrible grammar.

  38. Geoff kelly says:

    Great article, thank your for the insight regarding demonic oppression and doors they use.

    Would it be possible for someone to contact me regarding a spiritual issue that i have come into contact with.

    I did not want to go into detail on a public forum.

  39. Mary says:

    Thank you so so much! I have not one but I feel two demons I have to deal with in the office. I know now what I need to do. I know I didn’t come across this information by accident! Thank God for Jesus! And thank you!

  40. TP says:

    very powerful words, i will also practice this.

  41. Dee says:

    Thank you for your encouraging message. I am experiencing being attacked in the workplace and have given my battle to God completely. The enemy has no power to discourage me any longer because my battle is already won in Jesus name!

  42. Hi, I have found your article, because I start to be desperate with my situation and I needed to find something on the Net. Wherever I was, in whichever job, there was at least one powerful person who made my workplace bitter and unbearable and I ended up leaving. Now it is the same – I must quit the job I feel, because my colleague = the secretary hates me and made our boss believe I am redundant. She has made me to be moved from one room to another by her lies, she constantly humiliates me and is utterly wicked (she is a Christian, btw). The boss believes her and loves her. Everything the secretary wants, she gets, manipulating the whole office, that is over 20 people! She was probably very jealous of my study, so she started to study, too. Now she will end her study in few days and she will be triumphing! I just want to cry that I do not have any power, any weapon against this evil person. She only rises and rises and I just feel like a completely helpless fool. She is a primitive, untidy and smelly person and mocks me for being “a princess” (behind my back, of course), because I am her opposite. I prayed, I prayed, but I have like no response. What shall I do now?

  43. Mari says:

    I ask for prayer. I am a new teacher in the DOE, and the assistant principal has created a case of negative lies about me. I feel she is trying to use me as an example for all new teacher that she has the power. Please pray for me that her lies do not prevail in Jesus name I pray.

    • Denise Ward says:

      I’m praying for you. Make sure to pray that God will consecrate the atmosphere of your work place before you even step in there. Ask God to send his ministers to be a flame of fire about you. In Jesus name. God bless.

  44. CT says:

    Hi Adriana,
    I wish I knew more about this topic, I’m learning because as believers we HAVE to, and at the time you become a real/true believer you are attacked more furiously…we should not wait for the attack but be prepared. I recommend you to never give up and pray everyday claim the blood of Jesus over you and your work space, forgive, pray for your enemy, praise the Lord out loud (maybe when nobody is around so you don’t get into trouble) Not being able to forgive opens up a door for the devil to attack, keep your mind clean and obey God, never leave a door open for the evil one to enter. Here some verses from the Bible
    Fasting plus praying also helps. A great example of a warrior and strong prayer is King David, read Psalms for encouragement: Psalms 5,17,18,37,59. I hope all gets better and God continues protecting you and you practicing the power you have thru Jesus against the evil one. God bless you!

  45. CT says:

    I heard someone once saying that when you are not being attacked by the devil, when nobody is on your case, attacking you or your life is just too pleasant…you have to worry and ask yourself whether maybe you have changed sides.

  46. CT says:

    This Youtube video is excellent “Spiritual Warfare – Casting Down Strongholds – The Armor of God – Two Invisible Spiritual Kingdoms”

  47. Patricia Carter says:

    Thank you for the awesome and timely prayer!

  48. Quonshae Seay says:

    This article was very helpful. I to am dealing with someone on my job who make false accusations possibly along with other co-workers. I just started this job, so that means I’m the new kid on the block. Please pray that God continues to keep the door open for me at Baycare(my employer). I don’t believe God open that door for me to just walk in and back out the door without a job. Pray please pray, thank you so very much. God bless!

  49. Sheyda I says:

    Amen. Amen. Amen. Bless your SOUL for sharing your experience. This helps to equip me for war.

  50. mondli says:

    Thanks it helpfull

  51. Emma Alvarez Alvarez says:

    This is happening to me.

  52. Marshan says:

    Plz everyone pray 4 me. I have to haters on the job. That is fill with devil. Everyday it is always something with them. They are so rude and just evil at times towards me. Plz pray with me. Thank you.

  53. Stef Gray says:

    This article was very helpful it called to my remembrance facts I know about doing Spiritual battle regarding my work place!!
    Thanks and God bless you,
    Stef Gray

  54. Amen! Im in it…praise the Lord for the realization not to take it personally from the person, although it is very personal from the enemy. To keep from taking it personal from the person and avoid getting angry I can see her as a puppet, and I not mad at the devil- it just goes to show I must be doing something right for God!
    Although puppets need to be put back in their place. Which is not always on stage! Once their show is over, puppets go back into their box, removed and relocated some place else! This puppets in the process of being terminated too- In God’s timing, He says when the show is over!
    and then, applaud to the angels who intervene.

  55. Ivy says:

    Thank you. I have had such experiences. Praise the Lord for the realization and to be a prayer warrior.

  56. Rena says:

    This advice helped me greatly. It gave me practical spiritual warfare tactics that I am implementing now. God bless you for posting this although I am reading it now years later.

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