Another of the enemy’s tricks. The fake wakeup.

I want to tell you about another of the enemy’s tricks that I have caught them using lately. Before you read this you should read my post on demonic dream attacks if you haven’t done so yet.

If you read it first this will make a lot more sense. In my previous post about demonic dream attacks I talked about how the demons will get creative in trying to trick you once you get good at recognizing when they are trespassing. I also explained that once you recognize that you are in a demonic dream attack you should force yourself awake and then kick the trespasser out of your house using the name of Jesus. The enemy tried a new trick on me a couple of times in the last few weeks. Once I realized that the dream I was having was just a demoniacally generated scenario I immediately started to force myself awake. The enemy at once switched the video to a scenario of me waking up. The first time it worked for a minute until I became aware again that things were off ,the environment around me wasn’t reacting properly and statements made by people I was interacting with didn’t make sense. I then forced myself awake forcefully and took authority over the trespasser in the name of Jesus and kicked the thing out. They tried it again a few days later. This time I could see right away what was going on and came out of sleep after only a momentary pause on the first effort. The demons try to synch the imaginary environment they generate to your thoughts so that it feels to the victim like he is moving and acting by his own will in a real environment. It’s pretty lame and easy to spot once you learn to recognize it. You try to do something quickly and there is a lag like an online first person shooter being played over a slow internet connection. You try to look at something closely and it either distorts or disappears. They can’t generate a detailed impression quickly enough to simulate a close look with details. I hadn’t experienced this kind of attack in a long time. I’m not sure what they hope to gain by these. I think they just hate us to the point that even just irritating us is better than nothing to them.

As a side note it is very common for demons to use this fake waking up scenario at the beginning of a dream attack. This is how a lot of them start including alien abductions. It’s to make the victim think what he is seeing is real. “I can’t be dreaming I just woke up”. A victim finds himself back in his bed after the experience because he never left his bed in the first place. It’s just a dream/video feed/fake scenario. This is the first time I’ve seen them use the fake waking up scenario in this particular way.

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8 Responses to Another of the enemy’s tricks. The fake wakeup.

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  2. ej tapia says:

    ive been getting attacted for many years now. always knew thay where my dreams i cant see anything its pitch black then in start hearing peaple talking saying foul things then thay start touching my body. i felt the deamon bite my hair it was so frightining i imidiately forsed myself awake as soon as thay slip though the window i know thair thair ive been dealing with them for years.

  3. Sam cox says:

    Hello could someone with knowledge of physical attacks from demons in dreams please email me im 17 and I really need some help with a massive problem

  4. Cristian says:

    I’ve had this before but just yesterday I was watching this show called mr. Pickles. And it happened. You should check it out and maybe you’ll see what happens when you get to know what I want you to know

  5. Matt says:

    What if u wake up at least 4 times and your still asleep. I heard like a ping before It started everything. And a person told me( wake up someone is doing voodoo on u.) And it started. Please respond. And how do u get rid of an idem that u feel is connecting u to the person that is doing the voodoo on u.

  6. Angela Baham says:

    My dream experience … I had 3 dark grey figures no eyes nose or mouth just the figure. They were holding me down. had their hands over my nose and mouth and and pushing my chest down. I was in my own house my own bed in the dream with the friends that were actually here at the time in my dreams. I actually called out in my dream for my friend to wake me up. And she did she heard me. I had the same exact dream two more times. Another friend of mine who had been staying with me for some time but since had moved out asked me if I was having those dreams anymore I told him no, why do you ask he says because I’ve been having them I took them away from you.

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