Photographs, Recordings and Film.

There has been a disturbing trend moving into deliverance ministries lately. It is the idea of filming and or recording spirits. This is total nonsense. The practice came from those idiotic ghost hunter television show. Keep in mind people, these shows are coming out of Hollywood. Satan controls the television industry through his pawns. Everything that comes out of Hollywood contains some kind of carefully crafted propaganda. Ghost hunter shows are no exception. They have a few purposes. One is to create a widespread belief in ghosts which do not exist. Another is to trick idiots into trying to communicate with spirits which is a demonic door. Scroll down to read my article about demonic doors. Yet another function of those shows is to corrupt deliverance ministries with nonsensical practices such as the ones used on ghost hunter television shows. The enemy is succeeding with all these goals. Deliverance ministries are rendering themselves ineffective by imitating those shows. Here’s a newsflash. If a demon appears on a film or photograph it is because it wanted to. If you got it on tape or film you can rest assured you are being played. The demon is working an angle and what you caught was exactly what it wanted you to get. You are probably being set up for something. These things are smart and they have been watching us for a long time. They can put on whatever kind of show they need to accomplish their goals. They know how cameras and recorders work, you’re not going to catch one by surprise. They can watch what you are doing but you can’t watch them. Demons as a general rule don’t want their victims to know they are there and they seldom manifest in a way that would give away their existence. Ninety percent of their attacks are solely mental. When a demon does manifest in a way that gives away it’s existence it has a reason for doing so. The manifestations you see on ghost hunter shows are for the purpose of making people think that ghosts exist. The demons are pretending to be ghosts and people are falling for it. Another score for Satan, he is good at what he does.

Here is a link to a documentary about the Scole Experiments. The Scole group was a group of new agers who conducted experiments over a five year period. Experiments in communicating with demons which they thought were ghosts. The conclusions drawn by the group are just new age nonsense. But the results of their experiments do give us a good idea of what demon’s abilities are when it comes to manipulating films and recordings. Watch this with the understanding that these are demons and they are running a con game on the researchers.

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5 Responses to Photographs, Recordings and Film.

  1. Elizabeth says:

    The video has been taken down

  2. It’s not showing the video…why ???

  3. It’s not showing the video…why ???Its saying its been taken down …

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