Demonic Doors

Demonic Doors

Hi folks. Over the past few weeks I’ve encountered several people who misunderstand what a demonic door actually is. Even a few who are actually involved in spiritual warfare. I feel that I should take a moment to briefly explain the term ‘demonic door’. First off it has nothing to do with any door to the human mind. That’s new age nonsense. It has nothing to do with any kind of passageway for a demon to go through. That’s more nonsense, they don’t need an entrance. It has nothing to do with a vortex. Vortexes do exist but they have nothing to do with demonic doors. They are just a spinning flow of fluid or air (1). A demonic door is basically a legal right. Opening a door has nothing to do with the human mind. Opening a door is doing or having something that gives a demon legal right to harass you. Such as playing with an Ouija board. When someone plays with one of those things a demon actually moves the pointer. The user interacted with it now it has a legal right over them. Possessing an object that is used for demon worship will also give a demon legal right to come at you. There are items that you should not have in your possession because a demon will assume that your possession of the object gives it some kind of legal claim on you. Demons operate on assumed contracts. That is contracts that they assume to exist. They don’t care whether or not there was any confirmation of a contract on the victim’s part. They just assume the possession of the object means the victim has contracted with them and that they now have a legal right over the victim. That’s a demonic door. Here are a few examples of the kind of objects known to be demonic doors. Occult books or movies, Statues of Hindu gods, dream catchers, tarot cards, etc. A door doesn’t have to be am object it can also be an action performed by the victim, like taking part in an occult activity such as yoga, transcendental meditation, a séance or any attempt to communicate with spirits. These things invite demons into your life, they are demonic doors. I hope this clears up misconceptions about what a demonic door is.


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5 Responses to Demonic Doors

  1. stephenbearnys says:

    Excellent article, right on target. A few of us blog on a national site with Kirby Robinson. Perhaps contact him and see if he has room to add another blogger

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  3. What about cigarrette, coffee and beer?, whay do you think or what is your experience with them

    • BillyClyde says:

      I don’t personally think any of those are a problem. The beer could be an issue if it is excessive but in moderation I don’t think it’s a problem. The Lord and his disciples drank wine at the last supper. If it’s moderate use were a problem I don’t think the Lord would have had any.

  4. Kathleen Somers says:

    How do you close a Demonic Door or if there is more than one?

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