Testimony of a former DMT user

This is Cory’s testimony. I think there are some insights to be gained from it.


Myself, my brother and some friends got a hold of this entheogen called DMT. entheogens make you have visions or see into the spirit world. You see things like pyramids, pagan temples, hindu gods, minotaurs and centaurs those sort of things. The first thing I saw was a Cambodian temple and my friend saw a pyramid with an eye on top and people worshiping it. Another strange effect of DMT was that when I closed my eyes I could still seem to see my surroundings as if my eyelids were transparent. With DMT you can also have out of body experiences and stuff like that. Myself and my friends saw or heard things we didn’t even know about until we looked them up later. Like for example before I got into Hinduism, something said in my head, sounding like my voice ” I am god”. I found out later that this is a phrase that Hindus say. My friend saw the Hindu deity Ganesh and didn’t know what it was but described it perfectly, so after seeing and hearing this stuff I bought into it and was worshiping idols of Vishnu and studying the Mahabharata. I thought it was cool and that all paths led to God. if it weren’t for my brother getting smacked by God literally by a golden hand while using DMT I would have kept on doing so. It did help me understand a little about the new world order, like their belief in a so called golden age. I see other parallels to the bible like the fallen angels and nephilim. There’s even evidence of historic hi tech battles in India, like radiation and sand fused into glass as if there were nuclear explosions. Even in Greek mythology there are stories of giants and of gods mating with humans. Back to my story though after studying all the things the Illuminati, new age teachings, the new world order, sorcery, UFOs which I think are the fallen angels, I see that all these thing were predicted in the bible.



After reading Cory testimony the impression I get is that the drug DMT gives demonic spirits full access to the mind. It appears that the enemy can manipulate the mind of a DMT user any way he pleases. After reading these testimonies I did a little further research and found that DMT causes the brain to go into an alpha state (1). In my post about Demonic Dream Attacks I described how alpha gives the enemy a window into your mind. It seems that DMT throws that window wide open.

The fact that Cory and Casey saw Hindu deities that they had no prior knowledge of is proof that the images they were seeing didn’t come from their own minds but rather were from an outside source. A source that did have knowledge of Hindu deities. It is well known that the Hindu religion is basically demon worship (2). It should not surprise us that the enemy would feed Cory images from a religion that worships them.

(1) http://www.maps.org/news-letters/v11n1/11125hof.html

(2) Unbroken Curses’ by Rebecca Brown MD

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17 Responses to Testimony of a former DMT user

  1. Interesting. I have written two books on the fallen angels.

    • Hello Patrick
      I’ve watched some of your video presentations and read some of your studies. Nice work. I confess I haven’t read your books yet but ‘The Nephilim and the Pyramid of the Apocalypse’ is on my list of stuff to read.


  2. Divine Moment of Truth says:

    DMT, also named the “God Molecule”, is a naturally occurring molecule in most living things, including humans. It is secreted by the pineal gland, (the third eye in countless cultures and religions). It is the cause of dreaming, and this is supported by the fact that a DMT trip is very similar to a dream. DMT is also released into your body during near death experiences, and right before death.

    One should not dismiss DMT as something that “opens you to demons”, when it could easily be a gift straight from God himself. If it wasn’t, why would it be naturally occurring in so many of his creations?

    On that note.. Hindu is not demon worship. You have a fundamental misunderstanding of the religion. They worship a “Godhead”, very much so like the Christian God, except they believe that all living creatures are a part of this God, and that it is his very consciousness that makes up our own. We are one with God, and God is one with all.

    • Divine Moment of Truth says:

      Note that I do not mean it can’t open you up to “demons”, but that it opens you up to beings from other parts of reality, including “angels” and “demons”. Who you see or get to contact is usually a reflection of your own soul.

    • BillyClyde says:

      Everybody quotes the speculation at the beginning of Strassman’s book. But if you read the whole book, in the last chapter Strassman says that he found no evidence that DMT was produced in the pineal gland.

      The Hindu godhead is nothing like the genuine God who is distinct from His creation.

      • Divine Moment of Truth says:

        And so when God gave all the plants for Adam and Eve to eat, did that exclude, say.. marijuana, peyote, ayahuasca and mushrooms? Did he intend on having them produce such reportedly “spiritual” experiences that make people feel they are close to God, or is this a trick of the devil? Why would God speak perfect, unchangeable words through the creation of man, religion, when he would be very much aware that man corrupts and the egos of man would cause them to change his teachings countless times..? While through his own creation of nature, perfect and incorruptible, the spiritual experiences and mind expanding naturally growing plants would be tools of the devil?

        Are institutions of man not tools of the Devil, since he corrupts their hearts and minds, and in turn their institutions?

        Lack of evidence does not indicate that DMT is not produced inside of our brains. By the time DMT goes through our system, it would be rapidly broken apart and processed in our body. It would be one of those elusive things, outside the reach of traditional science.. much like God.

        I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss DMT. It’s fine to put your faith in God.. I am all for this.. but there is zero reason to put your faith in any system built by man.

        Thank you for your time, I hope you respond

      • BillyClyde says:

        The Lord didn’t actually give man plants. He gave us the seeds. The plants were for the animals. After the flood He gave us the animals as well. A hallucination isn’t an expansion of the mind. It’s just a visual image or scenario. It’s not real. If you looked at my citations under the DMT essay you must have saw the documentation showing that DMT puts the mind in alpha. And if you read my essay about demonic dream attacks you read how demons use the alpha. The Lord doesn’t need alpha or a hallucenogenic state to talk to His people. The word of God warns about getting involved in such things. It warns against sorceries. The word in the original greek that is translated as sorceries is ‘pharmakeia’ and it means the use or administering of drugs or poisons. (1) It’s no coincidence that the south and central American tribes who have used mind altering substances containing DMT have been the ones most firmly under the devil’s control. The Yonamamo tribe is a prime example. They lived short miserable lives under a system of back and forth revenge killings. A system that their shamans say was instituted by the spirits that they talk to while under the influence of DMT. (2)

        I couldn’t figure out what you were getting at with the statement about ‘man changing God’s teachings’. Those who serve the Lord adhere to His teachings as they have been from the beginning. Those who don’t serve Him may distort His teachings but His teachings aren’t really for them anyway.

        I couldn’t figure out what you were getting at with ‘institutions’ or ‘systems built by man’.

        (1) http://www.biblestudytools.com/lexicons/greek/nas/pharmakeia.html

        (2) ‘Spirit of the Rainforest, A Yonamamo Shaman’s story

    • EJ says:

      I disagree – it is better to use the Word of God as our ”fundamental” reference here.
      We are NOT one with God except through Jesus his Son, Hinduism does not recognize Christ, if they did, then why are Hindu’s convert to Christianity?

      As in scripture God explains that our body is the temple of the holy spirit so if we defile it, how can we be one with God and God with us if we ignore these principals? we ignore these laws by continuing in sin like sex before marriage or Homosexual acts or lying etc.
      So it seems that your so called ”divine moment of truth” is misunderstood by even your interpretation.

    • EJ says:

      God also tells us that you shall have no other God but me. If Hinduism is a faith that resonates with Christianity – why is Christ not recognized? especially if He is the cornerstone of everything and God plainly and clearly states NONE shall come to the father but through Christ.
      If Hinduism does not recognize Christ, it is plain to see…. it’s not of God and if something is not of God, what other origin does it have that the bible mentions? phantoms that we create in our minds?

    • Jango says:

      Actually as a practicing Hindu and a follower of an Induan guru for many years, Hinduism is indeed Pagan worship as described in the old testament. Before Moses, throughout biblical history — the primary religion was Paganism, or the worship of demons.

      I have read a lot of people’s testimonies about DMT visions and they all sound the same – strange reptilian creatures and Hindu Gods, aliens entities. But I have never heard anyone encountering angels or Christ – no one describing a holy feeling or love.

      And your statement: We are one with God and God is one with all is a Pagan saying that runs contrary to biblical truth.

  3. Ramone says:

    Thank you brother

  4. yiannissil says:

    Sorry please reply to this post

  5. shymanic says:

    Ive truly been posessed through dmt. Some real shit happened. But at the time, I was using opiates and spending a lot of time watching scary docos

  6. Christina says:

    I had a dream, it was very strange. There was a evil spirit trapped in a room or some cage it was red and had black smoke around it. It was forced to keep it in my house well thr house I was at in my dream. Then one night it tried to posses me. My eyes changed colour and I had spikes like knifes coming out of my leg. I leaned back then I called out or more screamed out Jesus. It felt quite real I just thought I watched really scary movies but I haven’t for a long time. Should I be worried is that message from GOD or evil spirits or is a dream just a dream ?

    • BillyClyde says:

      Hi Christina. I can say with reasonable certainty that it wasn’t a message from God. Sometimes a dream is just a dream but sometimes it is evil spirits messing with you. Even if it is there’s no message in it. Just something to scare you,

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