Demonic Thought Attacks

Let me cut right to the chase. Demons can put thoughts in people’s heads, even Christians. This is a tool that they use often with much success because most Christians don’t have a clue. Demons cannot read your mind as I have stated in previous posts but they can put thoughts in your mind. Enemy thought attacks usually come in the form of feelings, urges and word strings. By feelings I mean emotions. The Lord our God doesn’t speak to us through emotions the enemy uses those. Have you ever gotten very angry about something for no real reason? If so you may have been on the receiving end of an enemy thought attack. Demons watch us from the spirit world. They watch and wait for situations in which they can use a thought attack. Confrontational situations, emotionally charged situations. When the opportunity presents itself they will implant the urges. Here’s a scenario. Two men at work are having a disagreement. The demon will implant emotions, in this case anger to charge the situation and escalate it. When tempers have been flared the demon will implant in one of the men the urge to hit the other. His conscious mind will be telling him “no don’t do it” but the urge will be there also. Like two sets of thoughts existing in the man’s mind at the same time. I think we can all remember times like this when we have had what seemed like an alien thought in our mind that seemed to come from nowhere. That was probably a demonic attack. In normal human thought processes there is a train of thought. For instance a car goes by and you see it and think it’s a cool car, this reminds you of a car you had in the past, which reminds you of a vacation you took in the car, which starts you thinking about the place you visited. Normal human thoughts always have a train of thought leading up to them. When a despicable thought seems to come out of the clear blue sky with no train of thought leading up to it you can rest assured that thought didn’t come from you. It was a demonic attack. Secular psychologists often speak of the evil that is in the mind of man. There is evil in the mind of man but it didn’t necessarily originate there. The most horrendous crimes that man commits are the result of demonic manipulation. The idea to murder your spouse and then kill yourself is not something that comes from the mind of man. It’s a demoniacally implanted urge used after a long period of mental assault by the demon. As for word strings, demons implant those in people’s minds as well. When they implant a word string they will put “I” in front of it so the victim thinks it is his own thought. Demons watch for opportunities to do this. For example your friend’s wife walks by in a tight dress. A demon watching you will then put in a word string something like this, “I would like to get my hands on that”. There was an “I” in front of the phrase so the victim thinks it was his own thought and walks away thinking to himself “how could I think something like that about my friend’s wife. I must be a scumbag”. Well he is not a scumbag, that wasn’t his own thought, but he doesn’t know that. The enemy is having great success with thought attacks because we as Christians don’t realize what they are doing. Years ago in a bible study a friend of mine made a comment. He said “whenever I seem to be doing pretty good at avoiding sin and trying to walk closer to the Lord something seems to happen. I will have thoughts and have no idea where they came from.”. Myself and several others commented that we had experienced the same thing. At the time I had no knowledge of spiritual warfare, I was clueless. Now having said all that the defense against thought attacks is simple but not easy. You must make a habit of being aware of your thoughts. When you have a thought that you recognize as not your own. Stop, take authority over the demon in the name of Jesus and send it packing. You can say this or something like this. “I take authority over you demon and bind you in the name of Jesus. You will not put thoughts in my head. I command you to flee from me now.” You can step off someplace by yourself and say it quietly but you must say it out loud. We are human and our minds will drift from time to time but if you make a habit of being aware of your thoughts you will be able to recognize demonic thought attacks more and more often. It’s something we can continually improve at.

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8 Responses to Demonic Thought Attacks

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  2. heather says:

    I recently rededicated my life to Jesus. Been feeling good. Then today during church I suddenly became overwhelmingly sad. I wasn’t thinking anything that lead up to it. Actually had been feeling rather joyful. The sadness lead to anger and irritability so strong that I felt physically I’ll. I felt like I had to get out of there..and so I did. Within 5 minutes of getting home I felt fine except later when I felt guilty about leaving. Any thoughts anyone?

    • Elana says:

      Sometimes, especially in the house of God, you will find more of what you’re not prepared for. In my own humble opinion, I think it happens more times than people are willing to admit. I had been to many different churches, and it all depends on the people, but one thing I will say is one time my gut intuition (Holy Spirit) warned me about leaving a church because of the Pastor. He had replaced the former long time pastor of that church, and it was sad. The new guy came in and took over, very charismatic, something about him made me uncomfortable. I left and found out years later all the damage he had done, no lie. There’s more spiritual warfare inside the walls of a church than anywhere else. Sorry this came late, hope you got your answer.

  3. BillyClyde says:

    Heather. Demons are tricky and spiteful. The rededication to Jesus would irritate them to no end. Now, we don’t know for sure that your emotional experience was their work. If that happens again I recommend that you step out for a moment to a place where you are away from others and say this or something like this ‘In the name of Jesus you demons are commanded to flee from me now, you will not manipulate my emotions’. You can say it quitely but say it out loud. Then walk back into church and see how you feel.

  4. shinobicraig says:

    Wow, thank you for these. Really insightful.

  5. thank you for the message… AMEN

  6. G says:

    How do you know demons can’t read minds? From my own personal experience of being tortured with their thoughts, they know everything I’m thinking. Once you’re saved do we then receive authority to command demons away and they will listen? I did that before and was attacked intensely so I’m kind of afraid to do it again. Please reply

    • BillyClyde says:

      Hi. Sorry about the delay in responding. This blog is complete so I don’t check it very often. I can’t prove to you that demons can’t read your mind but I can explain why I believe this to be the case. Back when I was under demonic oppression I learned about demonic thought attacks. I began to watch for them and made a habit of taking notice of my thoughts. I got to the point that I would notice when a thought came out of nowhere and would notice the characteristic demonic tag markers on their thought intrusions. Once I was good at doing this I noticed multiple times when demons tried this and if they had known what I was thinking at the time they wouldn’t have. They would have known that I would recognize it if they had known my thoughts because I was expecting it.

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