Demonic Dream Attacks

Hello Guys. One of the enemy’s favorite ways to harass people is to manipulate their dreams. They do this in a few different ways. Manipulating events in the dream is one way, sleep paralysis is another. A brother in Christ told me that he handles dream attacks by reminding the trespasser that he belongs to Jesus and rebuking it. This does work but as a Christian you need not be so gentle about it though. Take authority over the demon in Jesus name and command it to leave, you need not remind that thing of anything. Believers rule with Christ right now. As a Christian you are the one in charge not that thing. Another thing that works in dream situations like this is just to resist. Struggle to move, focus and exert yourself, do not accept failure, visualize yourself moving as you wish to do. You will find yourself waking in your bed with the dream gone. I have done this and succeeded. I have done some studying on dream attacks and have experienced them personally. Here’s what I think is going on. These dreams happen in a state of light or partial sleep when your brain is in an alpha state. The alpha state gives demons a sort of window into your mind. The dream is just a sort of demonic video feed. I have said before that demons can’t read your mind and they can’t in a normal waking, thinking state. When you are awake and thinking your mind is in a beta state. Practitioners of the occult always go into a trance before they do their deeds. In a trance the mind is in an alpha state. Scrying, automatic writing, soul travel, all these things must be done when the brain is in alpha so the demon can interact with the occultist. When you go to sleep you experience alpha for a while before dropping into a deep sleep. The demon is just taking advantage of this window of opportunity. I think resisting works because the mental effort of exerting yourself to move brings your mind back to beta, thus closing the window. Remember it’s just a video feed. In sleep paralysis you’re not even really paralyzed you’re just being fed an impression that you are paralyzed. Once you are awake take authority over the trespasser in the name of Jesus and command it to leave your house and not to return for the rest of the night.

You can learn to recognize the enemy’s intrusion easily once you start to watch for it. When dreamlike impressions seem to start as soon as you are dropping into sleep it is likely that you have a demon in your house. It is waiting for the alpha, watching for it’s chance and taking immediate advantage. There are a few things to watch for. One is characters in your dreams with black eyes, not solid black, just a black iris. Another is statements or responses to questions that don’t make sense. Demons watch our goings on but they don’t seem to really understand our human interaction with each other. In dreams they will usually appear as a person and often will try to talk to you however what they say will often not make sense. If there are several characters nearby in your dream and you seem to be a center of attention for no real reason then you may be in a dream attack, also if characters that you come across in the dream seem to notice you immediately. Keep in mind while in alpha they have a window into your mind so they are seeing and analyzing your reactions and responses. In this state they can and do interact with you and respond to your actions, statements and questions. They will often generate repulsive situations or images to make you afraid or shocked. REMEMBER it’s just a video feed and this demoniacally generated image can’t actually do anything to you. This is very important, once you realize what’s going on DO NOT continue to interact with those things. Force yourself awake. Trust me, it is very easy to do. Once awake take authority over the trespasser in the name of Jesus and command it to leave. When you start to learn to recognize the trespassers they will try to be more careful. Often appearing as a friend or family member, but they can still be recognized in the same way. What they say will not make a lot of sense.

For anyone looking for a long term solution to demonic dream attacks this article may help.

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  1. Jeannine says:

    I’ve had sleep paralysis before several times and it started to happen regularly after becoming a Christian. I even had a demon which looked like a gargoyle manifest itself to me during an episode. It’s very scary. Anyway, this is all helpful information. I really like your blog. keep it up!

    • Hi Jeannine
      Thanks for commenting on my blog. It seems when someone becomes a Christian demons resent it, especially if it was someone whom they had a claim on in the past. It’s a loss to them and they will lash out spitefully. They did this to my son. Any misery they can cause you brings them joy. As you grow in your relationship with The Lord I they will back off. They did with me anyway. Remember you as a Christian have authority over them in the Lord’s name.


      • kenzie says:

        I had my first dream and instently looked up the meaning, I’m not Christian, i’m questioning it but still I need help. I had a dream where I was in a car, in the front seat, passanger side, and there was two people. They looked human but then one pulled off a few layers of skin and I saw it was a demon with horns, red-ish skin and bald so male with no clothes. I only saw from the stomich up and still I was questioning it but not afraid. Then is go weird because then it started forcing the other human to suck it nipple for some reason. I stared and almost reached up but then woke up and it was still night. Your blog didn’t really help me so I decided to ask. Please help!

      • kenzie says:

        I’m vary confused

      • BillyClyde says:

        I emailed you Kenzie. Look in your email folder.

      • Jesel says:

        Hi my name is Jesel , I’m not really good at English but I’ll try my best to share my experience .Just like sister Jeannine, Mine started after I become a christian which is last September .The most recent attack that I’ve encountered is today.But it’s not the same from any other it’s because I saw the demon it look like a man and the color of its skin is white, and head with horns .He strangled me and I couldn’t breath, His stares at me looks like He wants me to suffer so hard before I die.That demon almost choked me to death.But Thanks to The Lord He Saved me again.I am really thankful to The Lord.During the attack I was calling Him .With Faith I said to Him “LORD JESUS CHRIST SAVE ME !!” with that the demon vanished and I woke up .after what happened I cried and I thank and Praise God .I’m glad that God allowed it to happen because it helped me increased my faith ,strengthen my relationship with God and realized how much God Loves me .Yes, He hates our sins but that doesn’t mean that He Hate us .He loves Us unconditionally.

      • Robert Hynes says:

        when I was on the bus I fell asleep and in my dream I walked into my room my sister was on my bed and she was thrashing around then she got up and started to chase me when I reached the kitchen I started to float and I grasped for the ground I started trying to yell for my mom but nothing g came out then I started to feel the sensation that the blood flow was cut off from my whole body and everything tingled then I jolted awake shaking, got my stuff and got off the bus as fast as I could I’m scared and really confused please respond as soon as you can.

      • BillyClyde says:

        Hello Robert. Let me ask you a few things. Is this the only time you have ever had a dream like this? And were you on a city transit bus?

      • Sommeir Tipton says:

        Hi I’ve recently been reading my bible and trying to have a relationship with God. I had a dream where I was in a basement and a demon appeared to me in the form of a bull with curved horns and it was brown and stood tall on hind legs that looked like horse legs. It said to me “I want your daughter,” but in the dream I knew he was talking about my step daughter. I told him no you can’t have her and then I said I rebuke you in the name of Jesus. Then it fell down on the floor and turned to ash but it was still in its form. My step daughter then came down in the basement and said she wanted the basement as her room. I told her no and I pleaded with her to come back upstairs with me but she didn’t want to come. No one could see the demon laying on the floor only I could. Then I woke up. What does this all mean?

        I have also had a dream in the past where a demon was trying to possess me but a voice said “God dwells here,” then I woke up.

      • BillyClyde says:

        There’s no meaning in these dreams, They are just something a demon made up. But the fact that you are having dreams like this means there’s something in your life that is giving the demons a legal right to invade.

    • Lauren says:

      Last night I had a dream that involved sleep paralysis. In it what I truly believe to be demons began biting my hands and tugging on me. Unlike other dreams, I could physically feel the pain. It was so intense. They appeared as people that are actually in my life. One of them as my mother. And totally began saying things that made no sense. I was trying to scream out but couldn’t. I tried to move, but couldn’t. When I finally did wake up, I was so groggy that I kept falling asleep. Finally I woke up and began to pray out loud. I couldn’t get too crazy about it because I had my son and husband in bed next to me. I have begun praying the Armor of God over my children at night. It looks like I need to do the same for myself. Also, in one other dream I had last year, what I believe to be Satan himself, actually revealed himself to me. He started by morphing into different people in my life. He exposed a lot of my fears ando then got right up in my face. I could see him so clearly. I’ll never forget. Somehow, the Holy Spirit gave me the ability to rebuke him in Jesus name and he just looked at me and immediately vanished. The craziest part is that when I woke up I could literally see black wisps moving around the world. I then realized it was real. I began to cry and pray. I then asked God why this was happening. He said that I was being Sanctified. Not quite sure what to make of that. Can anyone tell me why these things keep happening? What does it mean? I’ve read on other sites that God allows it as a warning to the individual that they need to make changes. Has anyone else had similar dreams? It’s really affecting me.

      • BillyClyde says:

        Usually when things like this are happening there’s something in your life that the Lord Jesus doesn’t approve of. It can be something that you don’t realize is a problem. I would pray and ask the Lord to reveal what it is. He will tell you in a way that He chooses and it wont be a dream.

      • Shante Bellamy says:

        I had the same thing happen RJ me, it started when I got saved , it was scary and I when I woke up I was shacking , and started to pray… I thought maybe I need to change my ways in this Christian walk… but every time I try to get closer to God the more they come… I don’t know why they come after me.. then their were times when I lay flat on my back when it happen or if I sleep to long, I would find myself , I can’t move or y’all out, my lips would be close , but the inside of my mouth would be open, my bed is made up while am in it… I just need it to stop ,

      • BillyClyde says:

        Hello Shante. It sounds like they may be lashing out at you out of spite because you are trying to get closer to the Lord. This article talks about that.
        This article contains the best information I have about how to stop it, the right way.

      • Corwin Scott says:

        Lauren Jesus is calling out to you. Find the nearest Apostolic Faith Church near you. God will reveal the truth to you. No one will enter heaven unless he or she are holiness and righteousness. Through Christ all things are possible. Repent and walk away from your wicked ways.

      • K.Sweredoski says:

        I’ve had several dreams of a very dark presence that actually picked up inanimate objects and made them move by themselves. I’ve had dreams where there were rotting animal corpes all around me and and I actually remember smelling it. I am 49 and have started having dark dreams when I Was About 11 OR 12. We as Christians are a threat and the evil ones want to terrorize us. Don’t let them win . It sounds like you are doing the right thkng. Do you have any other special dreaming abilities ? You may and these abilities (once you know how to use them, if you don’t already) will help you.

      • ken says:

        Yes ,I get bad dreams to sometimes so bad one time I didn’t sleep for 2 weeks ,horrible demonic dreams I couldn’t understand it ,I would question why all the time ,maybe I’m not a child of God or I’m cursed or something .Now I know this is a lie .Our minds are the battlefield and any thing we learndd before we made a commitment to God has to be purged from our minds after we become Christians it’s a horrible process but God has are backs ,I find when I’m press in into God’s word more I have more peace

      • isaiah60313 says:

        I have chills right now because i was just woken up by a similar dream as you described in the beginning, i was falling asleep and wasnt fully asleep yet and my arm was hanging off my bed and i heard a vicious growling and tugging on my arm and i tried to move and i couldnt even budge, i began calling out to christ and i was released and woke up, im going to pray now.

      • one iota says:

        how does one pray the armor of God? i should start doing this.

      • rob says:

        Sanctification means being set aside and made Holy, Jesus went through a period of testing immediately after His baptism

      • Damion says:

        i had a dream where i was held down by a massive beast , i was in a pitch-black place , i assumed it was somewhere in the 2nd Heaven where demons reside…. This beast was strangling me , pinning me to the ground , in the dream i kept calling out to God and Jesus , i did it over and over again nonstop , i begged them for aid and i did it with all the spiritual strength i had left from what the monster had been taking from me , i was going on faith by that point! I have the uttermost faith in Jesus and i absolutely have the uttermost faith in God , i also knew that without them in that dream , i would of been dead… i woke up with bruises , cuts and scratches all over me , i still have bruises from the sleep paralysis dream from the beating that monster gave me in that dream…. I have 1 piece of advice for u! Pray the Armor of God and Plea the blood of the lamb , also , whatever sin ur holding onto…. whether it be little or big , if its a sin then i would stop it as soon as possible because sin is a huge barrier between us and God , if u want to have a solid relationship with God. Then u need to confess ur sins , forgive everybody , repent , if u have any addictions even if its technology related…. If ur addicted to tv , stop watching tv and do something else , if ur addicted to watching youtube / netflix / hulu / etc.. Any addictions are big grounds for demon attacks , the battlefield is in the mind so as soon as u give in to ur sin , ur in a loop and Jesus can bring u out of it

    • Fernando Trujano says:

      Hi Jeannine. I actually have the same problem! Demons follow me ever since I was a kid. I stopped being religious because the situation was getting worse. I would like to talk about this with you and see if we can come up with any solutions? . Also, when it happens, I start to feel a sense of sadness and extreme loneliness when I’m in sleep paralysis. 872 209 3438 please text me because I really need help 😦 nobody else that I know seems to have this problem. I thought I was the only one, but now I see that I am not. Please help me.

      • tim says:

        I know this reply is late now but i had the same dream or sleep paralysis. Actually, demons would follow me wherever i go in the dream and they would change their faces into someone i know to make me come back to them. But, Jesus did not allow it. He always rescued me in all demonic attacks in the dream. So, my advice is this think Jesus from time to time and do not allow the evil spirits to come into your dreams. Call Jesus in the dream and he will rescue, too! And, that’s the amazing feeling you will ever feel. But, be courageous cause after doing it, demons will not stop to attack you in so many forms. You have to prepare yourself everyday and before going to sleep. But, don’t worry God will protect you!

    • Danielle says:

      That’s terrifying bless u.
      Just remember these things won’t hurt u physically. They can mentally like in dreams and stuff. God and the Lord jesus have more power than them things.
      I was having terrible demonic dreams more than ever since really comiting to my faith but the last 2 weeks I been preying daily for the demon attacks to stop and leave my dreams and it’s worked. Had 2 weeks of no demon dreams. I was having them almost every night.
      Also as u have seen a demon u rebuke that thing hun say I rebuke u demon in the name of jesus over and over. Stay strong hun God bless x

      • Amiseyes says:

        I see that you mentioned the dreams won’t hurt you physically. But, like another user here has mentioned, I have also woken up with a mark/bruise. Only one, but I didn’t notice it right away. I’ve had several dreams worth remembering, some of which actually turned out to be future events. From one of those dreams, I was able to change the outcome of the event in real-life, so that it favored me. If anyone has any knowledge about the ethics of doing things like that, please try to reach out somehow. It was a small thing, a guy asked a lady in my aunt’s apartments for a cigarette and she gave it to him in the dream. When I found myself in that situation in waking life, I asked the woman for a cigarette before he had a chance and she gave it to me instead.

        The dream I had where I noticed the bruise afterward (several years ago): I was in my mom’s kitchen. My youngest sister and my mom were there. My mom began to crawl and move toward me. I heard a voice (a calm voice which I have heard in dreams before, I don’t know who/what the voice originates from) say: that’s not your mom. I knew I should defend myself, but I couldn’t against my kin. The being that looked like my mother bit me on the back of the right side of my neck. My body immediately began to weaken and sight became like dark tunnel-vision. Some entity shattered the garden window in the kitchen and began to lift me. My youngest sister (must’ve been around 4 years old at the time) picked up a gun off of the floor and pointed it at my mom. Everything went black for me and I felt the sensation of being carried away from danger as well as both fear and hope for my sister.

        When I woke up, I didn’t immediately notice the bruise on the back of my neck. My boyfriend at the time asked me who bit me because I had a bite shaped bruise and I verified it by seeing it in a mirror.

        I also had a very strange sleep paralysis type of dream in which that same voice told me what was going on in my dream. I couldn’t move, and I felt like something was watching me. I’ve felt this many times, so I did what I usually do when I’m too tired/lazy to pray, and just willed myself to move, turned over, and tried to go back to sleep telling myself something along the lines of ‘it’s not like a demon is trying to rape you’ and that’s when the voice basically told me that I was wrong, because that’s exactly what was happening. I don’t remember if I fell asleep or if I was somehow conscious, or maybe the dream was just in my exact room. My body felt like it was moving through molasses. Heavy. Hard to move. Slow. I cocooned myself in my blanket and slid off of my bed onto the floor. I screamed no internally and backed myself up into the corner of my room near the bedroom door. I out willed it, and it left me. I immediately prayed afterward.

        I have noticed that silent prayer immediately stops sleep paralysis for me. And if I say a prayer before bed, I noticed that I don’t get sleep paralysis whatsoever. The dreams I mentioned are very old.

        I think I’m starting to sound like an unstable person, but I’ll also mention that I have felt bites on my neck while awake as well. It was only on one occasion, earlier in the same year as the dream where my mom bit me. I was walking, I was lost in a city I didn’t recognize because I failed to take the correct bus. I felt a rush of movement and then pain in my neck as if someone bit me. A moment later the same sensations were repeated on the other side of my neck. Prayer did not help me at that time, nor did it ease the pain of the bites which lasted at least 30 seconds. I don’t romanticize vampires whatsoever. I don’t think dating a werewolf or something would be the best thing in the world. I would laugh in someone’s face to this day if they claimed to be one. But, sometimes I think about those two strange instances and wonder if there are some vampire-like demons that actually exist.

        any insight on anything mentioned here would be greatly appreciated.

    • When I first came to Yahusha, 9 days before my 17th birthday, now I am 58, soon to be 59, I started having attacks after about a year of my salvation. I had only read the new testament 4 times that year, and the old testament too, but it has taken 40 years to understanding what and why the attacks were happening. Even though I had read the scripture with vigor, and much zeal, I was choking on meat, and it took YHWH’S hand and tutelage to allow the attacks as a tool in learning spiritual warfare. People scare me more than these punk demons. Now I pray with understanding, and with the knowledge that old jackety assed whats his face and his demons? have no dominion over me! They can not prevail. Knowledge is the key, and when you confront these jerks, know the authority you have over them and use it in the name of Yeshua x3 Father Son Holy Spirit. Yahuveh, Yahusha, Ruach Ha Kodesh

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    • BillyClyde says:

      Hello Bro.
      Thanks for your input but from my experience prayer is helpful but prayer itself will not get rid of demons. If you open the door for them you must close it. No amount of prayer will keep demons out if you are holding the door open for them. Prayer can be helpful in getting free though. For instance if you ask the Lord Jesus to reveal to you any demonic doors that you are not aware of He will usually do so.

      Now having said that. A few words about prayer. Those were nice prayers on the link you posted however from my experience the Lord would rather you speak to Him heart to heart than for you to repeat something you’ve read. Also Jesus said not to pray repetitiously (Matt 6:7).


      • danielle says:

        Hi there. Just wanted to add that the prayers are good for structure to those who are not used to praying and for those to whom this is all new! font have to copy the prayers verbatim but they are something to branch off of or even a starter for prayer,and that individual can branch off of this into their own prayer. So I think his prayers are great and necessary.

  3. Radoslav says:

    Dear Brother in Christ,

    If you want to remain undisturbed and not have dreams at all in your sleep, then pray with these prayers before you go to sleep:

    May God help you and bless you,
    Your Brother in the Orthodox Church

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  5. Cory Martin says:

    Last night was the first time i experience this right out. but it was different then just a sense of being in a dream state. after i woke up i still felt the demons pressure against my skin. the thing disappeared in my dream then i woke up but i still feel it’s touch now hours later. It was yelling at me lifting me in the air and i couldn’t move or wake up as you say. as i was being shoved into the air it screamed over and over “my child you killed my child. i want my child, give me my child back” shrieking each time louder and louder. then it burst and i dropped to the ground that’s when i was able to wake up. Everything was a normal dream until that seen. to be honest it really like the daemon was trying to force itself in me or take a part of me.

  6. mellekat says:

    I had a horrible dream like nothing else, what I assume to be demonic. I just arrived at a relatives house in Europe and was really tired from the flight. I ended up passing out on the couch, It felt like I had no longer over it like I was sedated. I entered a horrible dream relatively quickly that involved being in a cave and it felt like something was trying to kill me. It became really scary when I couldn’t wake up. I was completely paralyzed, which has happened before but not like this. It felt like a struggle between life and death and I used everything I had to wake myself. I woke up and feot absolutely terrified. My relatives conveniently werent there, they were all outside the house. Almost as if the thing knew. Former owners of the house have died but it still doesn’t explain the demons. After that everything was fine.

    • Lorena says:

      This is exactly what happens to me. As soon as I’m home alone and in a deep sleep state, I have that same experience. I am not so scared anymore, it’s just annoying now. But every time I rebuke it in Jesus name!

    • Know the authority you have in Christ, and take it over them. I won’t put up with their crap, and they find out in a hurry who I am in Yahusha. Once you know their agenda it is not hard to figure out that they are fear mongers who have no teeth against the wise, the well read in scriptures, and familiar with other religions too, because what lawyer goes before a judge for help in confidence unless he know his enemy well, have all the intel. Know the Word and Words of YHWH

  7. Namib says:

    Hi Billy,
    I was really grateful to read about this. It helped me to understand a great deal of what is going on. I’ve been a Christian for many years and in the past have had the same experience. About a month ago things started to really increase and intensify for me. I have had this experience at least 4 to 5 times a week now. Most of the time I’m stilll awake but I can not move, so somehow (still trying to figure it out) my spirit gets up, I can hear my spirit telling me to get up, or just open you eyes but it’s helpless. So one night while I was struggling to get out of the paralyzed feeling my spirit stood up and the deamons disapeard. While in this state my mind will always cry out to God to help me. Then on the 26 of April I had a experience where two deamons held me down, one had his hands over my head (my mind) trying to block it. They were much stronger and the previous ones. They told me over and over again, you will die. My spirit shouted: No, God has given me authority over you, the moment I said these words they were gone. The good news is this, at least I now know which area of my mind to put under the blood of Jesus before I go to bed. Thanks for helping me, God bless.

  8. Computer says:

    Genuinely no matter if someone doesn’t understand then its up
    to other users that they will help, so here it happens.

  9. Paulina says:

    I had many dream with demons, I always end up praying so hard! Yesterday I dream that a demon wanted to attack me and I stated praying and the I ask God to help me and I felt that God just turn and Hugh me and I felt so relieve and I cry of happiness so he said that sometimes is good to cry because life is hard and bad things happens but everything will be ok, I woke up crying because I felt confort…. So weird..

  10. Sextreffs says:

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  13. Kelly says:

    I used to be suggested this web site by my
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    Thank you!

  14. Lucio says:

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  15. Andi says:

    The worst attack I’ve encountered was when I had fallen asleep in my recliner. In my dream, I couldn’t speak or scream, I was paralyzed as well. Finally when I struggled enough I was about to scream God’s name, I woke up flying out of the recliner into the floor. It was terrifying but your article helped me make sense of it. My sister and I are sensitives to the other side, whatever the other side may be. We’ve encountered many, many, many experiences and attacks over many years. But our faith in God makes us strong and we don’t question why we are sensitives. We just stay strong.

  16. Hey I am a religious jew and I’m turning here for as a substitute for now until I get an opportunity to ask someone in my religious circles who can help. But this page seems a very probable explanation of what just happend to me. K well, about half an hour ago I fell in a deep sleep finally. I remeber I was dreaming a really realistic dream that gives me a weird feeling when I think about it even though I don’t even remember what it was about. I last thing I remember of the dream was that I was standing near someone infront of a Bimah and there were five papers with hebrew writing spread out on the Bimah. I remember how the person was saying that the papers weren’t parchment but they were even more special then a regular holy parchment with words of Torah written on it. These were special. Then I remember seeing a bright, very unclear face but distinct piercing eyes and white beard asking me in a terrifying voice why the papers were parchment and then…oh my G-D I would rather jump into a burning furnace then experience again what I experienced next. I felt the most intense, agonizing pain I have ever felt and I remember my mouth opening as wide as it could go against my will and letting out a shrilling scream. I felt my eyes open and I was screaming louder and louder with all my might. I could see the room and I was pretty sure I saw shainas dark figure in the corner. She wasn’t turned to me and I realised that there was no sound coming from my mouth. I was screaming silently. I was pretty sure I was awake. I tried with all my might to say help me but the no sound was able to come out of my mouth. It was horrific. And then, it felt like my eyes opened for a second time and I felt more sure that I had actually only then just woken up. But I was in more pain then before and I was screaming silently for dear life. I seriously felt no control over my body. I can’t describe it. I tried calling for help again but the same thing happened. And then, my eyes really opened and it was all over. I was really awake but I could remember what just happened with a clarity that has been freaking me out to no end. I remember the immense pain, the no self control and I’m just wondering to myself right now, what the heck???

    • BillyClyde says:

      Hello. Thanks for telling us about your experience. It was interesting. Here is my opinion about what was going on. There are several markers in your experience that identify it as a demonic dream attack. First is the fact that you thought you had awakened twice before you actually did awaken. Demons use that all the time. It’s to make the victim think what is happening is real “I can’t be dreaming I just woke up”.
      Next the bearded face you saw was unclear. Demons aren’t good with details. I bet you tried to get a good look at the face but it just wouldn’t come clear.
      Demons will tailor the fake scenarios in their dream attacks to suit the individual. They watch us from the spirit world and will include items that they think will look significant to the specific victim they are attacking. You said you were a religious Jew. So I assume that means you practice orthodox Judaism. This is why there were parchment papers with Hebrew writing on them and a Bimah. If the demon had been attacking a Christian it might have been a bible, if a Muslim it might have been a Quran. Don’t assume there’s anything significant in any of the imagery. It’s like a game to them. They were just watching your responses. The scenarios they generate often don’t make any sense.
      There’s one thing very unusual about your experience. The fact that you felt pain. In most demoniacally generated visions there’s no discernable sensation of feel at all. May I ask a few questions? Answer only if you are comfortable doing so but any details you can share will help me increase my information base.
      Did you actually feel the pain or rather did you have a mental impression that there was pain? How did it compare to other pain you have felt when you were awake in the real world?

      I want to talk to a Jewish friend and get his perspective before I comment further. In the mean time keep in mind that these demoniacally generated images can’t actually do anything to you.

      • Alejandra says:

        Dear brother in Jesus I want to ask you this when I pray more and get closer to God I always had dreams with people been possessed or with demons my last dream I saw a demon little girl she knock hard in the window and when I tell her to go away she stay back and I saw a lightning I can tell you that I can still remember her face. BUT I KNOW IN MY HEART THAT GOD IS ALWAYS CLOSE. I BLESSED THE DAY THAT HE CAME TO MY HEART.

      • BillyClyde says:

        Hello Alejandra. It’s important to remember that there is nothing significant in demonic dreams. They include whatever a demon thinks will have an affect on you. They hate it when you start moving closer to the Lord. They are just lashing out in spite.

  17. Hello! I could have sworn I’ve visited your blog before
    but after looking at many of the posts I realized it’s new to me.
    Nonetheless, I’m definitely happy I came across it and I’ll be bookmarking it and checking back

  18. Kayla Smith says:

    I have suffered dream attacks in many forms throughout since birth. I could explain why, but I haven’t the time. I wanted to say how encouraging your post was. It is nice to be reminded I am not alone, and that I can win. I can always win. One note I wanted to touch on was a bit of misinformation that may have been overlooked or simply posted in ignorance of how intricatly god designed humans. When we sleep, once our body enters REM sleep which is the deepest form our body is in fact paralyzed. It is our body’s own defense mechanism against our sleeping selves. It prevents us from accidentally acting out our dreams and in turn prevents us from accidentally hurting ourselves or others, so when one finds themselves in the sleep paralysis state (half awake/ half asleep and seeing things or hearing things) we are in fact temporarily paralyzed. I have found that once I begin to wake the paralysis lifts, but your truth remains. You have to fight and resist to wake completely up. I believe, perhaps, that the demons are not only capitalizing on our mental accention into an alpha state of mind, but also that we are temporarily incapacitated.
    I apologize for my lengthy comment, but I only wanted to share my personal experience and knowledge on the situation.

  19. Jordan says:

    I just woke up from an extremely intense demonic attack. It was so intense that I began crying when I awoke. I am a recovering heroin and meth addict a little over a month clean and I know that’s why I’m being attacked so viscously. They are extremely sly, because in this dream I was asleep or partially asleep in my bed and I began slowly feeling this buzzing in my body, it usually happens like this, and I always know it’s demonic but this time I didn’t recognize it right away. Anyways, in my dream I decided to just let it pass but it began getting more and more intense. until it sounded like a car or something crashed into my house and I felt like I was being electrocuted or some sort of seizure that felt like my brain was in a blender. At this point I recognized the attack, and along with the sleep paralysis, it felt like something with two hands that was trying to lift me off my bed by my ribcage and it felt like the hands were made of scalding iron. I managed to cling to my bed mattress and tried to speak the name of Jesus, but my words came out VERY deep and very distorted ( kind of like demon possessed people in movies). But I kept speaking and I’ve found that I can kinda jolt myself awake. When I did I spoke the name of Christ and proclaimed his grace had saved me and immediately the painful dream came to an end. My nerves were so shot I had to go smoke a cigarette. I wrote this because I was wondering if anyone has experienced an attack like this? It’s so real and terrifying, nothing like a simple nightmare.

    • BillyClyde says:

      Hello Jordan. Thank you for telling us about your experience. Heroin and meth are two particularly dangerious demonic doors. I think you are right, you are being attacked because you are getting clean and the demons want you back. I have a suggestion. You may want to break any contracts that you entered with demons by the use of those two drugs. I know you didn’t agree to any contract but demons operate on assumed contracts, that is contracts that they assume to exist. When you used the drugs the demons assumed that you had contracted with them. I think you should break it.
      First it’s important to make a confession to the Lord Jesus after all He is the author of your freedom. I recommend a simple prayer similar to this.

      ‘Lord Jesus, Master I have sinned against you by using drugs. I know that it is forbidden in your word and I wish I had not done it. I ask that you forgive me for it. I ask this in your name Lord Jesus.’

      Pray that prayer out loud so that demons can hear it and know that you have taken it to the Lord. They cannot read your mind unless you are in alpha but they do have great hearing and if one hears it they all are aware of it.

      Next break the contract. Say this or something like this,

      ‘In the name of Jesus I break and render null and void any contracts that I have created with Satan and his demons by the use of drugs. I no longer use drugs and any such contracts are now brocken and voided in the name of Jesus’.

      This must also be said out loud so that any demons nearby can hear it and know that any claim they had on you is void.

      The basis of freedom is a close walk with the Lord. Please read my article about the master key to spiritual warfare.
      Stay clean brother. I will pray for you.

      Your’s in Christ

      • alex says:

        Thanks for sharing all of these things. I thought I was the only one struggling with these situations.. I would like to share my experiences but there just so many and some really crazy…but I used to get attacked by those bad spirits in a wierd way … But what you said about those contracts with demonds and drugs is defenetly true ..I lived it ..and just like you said even if you didn’t actually said anything to the devil him self (contract/pact) the demons will claim you just for the fact that when you use drugs like meth your basically opening up for them.

    • darlene says:

      Yes, I have. The buzzing in the body and the feeling of electrocuted, and even the way you say it felt when you spoke, like a deep sounding voice….no this is no simple nightmare. I am determined to get to the bottom of this. thanks for your post.

    • Jason says:

      I couldn’t describe the noise I heard but now that you explained it – it could have been the same. I went to bed at 2am I was overtired so I was dosing off and coming back – I think I eventually totally went to sleep – im not sure. I heard a loud noise – sort of like a crash like you describe but I think maybe there were horrible voices as well. I felt a presence was attacking me. I started praying and felt myself be lifted up vertically – I had no control. I kept prayer and then I felt so like pissed off and sort of violated that I felt myself get up and come at this thing I couldn’t see it but felt it was moving around my room – I kept praying and running up to wherever it the room I thought it was I wanted to punch it. I kept praying and saw myself in my mirror saying the prayer – but the movement of my lips were not in synch with the words I was saying in my head of the prayer. I then woke up and saw what I think was a few small orbs moving and then disappearing. This thing was looking for trouble so I showed it I wasn’t as afraid as it thought. next time I was say “I rebuke you in the name of Jesus. Or the blood of Jesus runs through my soul or I am a child of God, you cannot break me, and its the reason Im not afraid of you.

  20. Bek says:

    The only problem I had was you called spiritists morons. They are people just like you. “He who calleth his brother a fool shall be in danger of the fire of hell.” Watch your level of hate against those who believe they are doing the best they can. Other than that, this is helping. I have been having terrible dreams, and any technique that can help is much appreciated.

    • darlene says:

      yeah, I agree. though we may understand things about these mysterious topics and others seem as fools as they have other sources as their source, doesn’t mean that we should calling names and judging. we could very well open ourselves up for more foolishness with that impure heart.

      • BillyClyde says:

        I suppose you’re right. With our society as it is and with television promoting the occult at every turn it’s no wonder a lot of people don’t know any better.

  21. wtaylor0116 says:

    Last night I had one of the scariest dreams I have ever had. It was just like it was happening in real life. Me, my fiance, and our 3 1/2 year old son went to bed around 8ish pm. Our son sleeps in between us. Always has. Well in my dream we were all wearing exactly what we went to bed in and everything. It was so realistic. In my dream my fiance and I had an argument while laying in bed, so I got up and said I’m sleeping on the couch. So in my dream I got out the bed and went to the couch to sleep. Everything being just like it was in real life when we actually went to bed. Well in my dream after I went to the couch, it was only a few minutes later my fiance come running out and saying “i’m sorry we were fighting, but you need to come back in here quick.” Very frantically. As approached the bedroom in my dream I see my son floating in the air scared for his life. I did not actually see someone holding him in the air, but I knew he had no control over what was going on. So instinctively I went where he was floating and just took my arms and moved them all around where he was. Even tho I couldnt see anything I assumed by doing that if something was holding on to him that it would release him. And it did. It slammed him to the ground whatever it was. Very scary realistic dream. When I woke up this morning I went in every room of the house and told any evil spirits to leave, and that my father is Jesus Christ. I also said a prayer with my son when he woke up. But that was the most awful dream I have ever had in my life, as well as the worst feeling. I woke up with chill bumps. Any ideas?

    • BillyClyde says:

      Sometimes it seems demons go to great lengths to make their dream attacks look to us like something that is really happening. But they really aren’t very good at it. There’s usually a detail or several that are wrong. We don’t usually notice it at the time because we are in the edge of sleep and not thinking rationally.
      Demons watch our goings on from the spirit world and will include items in the dream that they think will bother the victim. That’s why the event with your son was included in the dream. They knew it would get to you. Keep in mind it’s just a fake vision.
      I suggest that you pray to the Lord Jesus and ask Him if there’s anything in your life that He doesn’t approve of. Ask Him to point it out to you. If there is He will show it to you in a way that He chooses. If He does get rid of whatever it is.
      I have came to believe that any time we have trouble with demons it’s because there’s something in our life that the Lord doesn’t approve of.

      • Shante Bellamy says:

        what about when ur trying to live right, praying, studying the word, and finally expecting your calling, cause with me when I pray , I ask God to deliver me from myself .. cause I know I can’t do it with out his help . I hate to sin and disappoint God when I mess up… I need God all of my life , I stop blaming others I always check my self… and still I get attack ..

  22. Robert says:

    I have had dreams of two types. The first kind always occurred in my childhood home(still my parents residence.) They were of the “monkey on my back” kind…something on my back that I just could not get off. It reoccurred many times. Initially the best I could do was to get I off my back and try to turn on the light in my room which never came on and swing at the air where there was nothing. Eventually my fear turned to anger and I was able to fight it out to the hallway(still no contact or a light switch that would work). The last time it happened I was an adult at my parents for an extended visit and I fought my way out to the hallway and pushed something down the stairs. I recall being quite aggressive in this dream and since then I have had no so such dreams when visiting my parents.

    The second kind were always particular to where I lived(other than my parents house). The first instance occurred when I moved out on my own. I should mention that I decided to accept Jesus as my Saviour while in High School and about 5 years before I moved out of my parents home.

    The first incident involved a dream where I opened my bedroom door and saw demons/spirits everywhere… I promptly closed the door and said “Jesus make them go away”….then I opened the door again and the room was clear. This dream has repeated itself in one form or another in every place I lived except when I moved in with Christian roommates or had reasonably good evidence that someone spiritual had already lived there….That being said I moved into a place with a Christian family(Filipino) where the mother is training to become a pastor and just a few days ago I had the dream and used Jesus’s name to chase the demons/spirits out of my room at least(I was surprised to have the dream in the first place…hopefully it does not relate to her choice to join the ministry).

    I am glad to find a blog like this since I do not really tell anyone about the experiences since I do not wish to be labelled as “Coo Coo for Cocoa Puffs”



    • BillyClyde says:

      Robert I have also noticed that light switches don’t work. In these dreams the surroundings are just a scenario generated by demons. Like mental stage props and a functioning light switch isn’t part of the scenario. It’s not even really your light switch.

  23. Ciel says:

    Nothing changes for me, they don’t attack me in my sleep anymore because I can hear them but they never leave now either…nothing I can do.

    • BillyClyde says:

      My thinking is that you’ve got some demonic doors open. The first step is to realize that they are doors. I once was talked to a new ager who was having a similar problem. I explained that his whole understanding would have to change, especially his understanding of who Jesus is. It never seemd to register in his mind.

      • Gia says:

        Hello, as old as the post is it has been helpful. I too find myself accompanied by something that taunts and torments me. It’s been happening since my early childhood. As I got older and made poor decisions it got worse of course. My life as a young adult has been full of ups and downs. The thing is I can’t manage to stay up for long. Either something, someone, or myself sabotages the blessings that come my way. It’s rather exhausting. Jesus has always been my refuge despite all of the mistakes I’ve made, he saves me when the demons come for me. I had a dream four nights ago, the night right before a traumatic and violent breakup. It was definitely the demons. I couldn’t move at all and whatever it is tried to break my neck while it held me down. I heard it crack loudly. My neck literally turned forcefully from left to right. It hurt. I screamed out but no help came. My boyfriend slept peacefully as I struggled. Next thing I know he has his mouth on my left breast grinning evilly at me as I struggled for my life. I was horrified when I woke up. Felt like I had been laying with the enemy for months. Well that morning that same boyfriend got into a fit of rage and violently threw me out on unwarranted suspicion of cheating. I got away with minor scrapes and bruises. It was meant to end. I noticed him wearing Santeria beads the same week. My faith stil lies in Jesus. I’m just very tired. All I want is a normal life but the truth is the demons were here long before my ex so he isn’t the reason. The real question is does it ever stop or is this something that I need to learn to cope with ???

      • BillyClyde says:

        Hello Gia. You can’t move forward in a walk with the Lord unless you are willing to do things His way. Keep in mind that just because society approves of something doesn’t mean it’s all good. Sleeping with someone and having sex outside of marriage is one example. It doesn’t matter how much society approves of it the Lord said not to do it. That doesn’t mean you can’t put it behind you and move forward in a walk with the Lord Jesus. You can but it must be confessed and repented of. I mean genuine repentance as in recognizing that it is wrong and determining not to continue doing it. If it means avoiding men and dating altogether for a while so be it. Learn the way the Lord wants things done. Any time we are involved in something the Lord Jesus doesn’t approve of we give the enemy a welcome mat. Please read this article also.

  24. Medeline says:

    Hi thank you for this site because i feel that someone finally understands me. i have been searching for answers to my dreams. And i believe they are demon attacks because the immense fear i felt in the dreams and the fear that lingers after awakening is something i have never felt in my waking life. I get so terrified i am afraid to sleep for days after each night that i get those dreams. This fear is real and nobody really understands me because this fear i cannot even imagine it in my waking life.

    I’ve been attacked 4 times since oct/nov 2013 and 3 of them always starts with me waking on my bed.

    The first time it happened i experienced false awakening for a loop for 5 rounds, each time i woke up i was waking up from my bed. And everything was dark. The lights do not work. I get to my bedroom door and i walk out. When i walk out the scene is always different, talking to my dad, my dad cooking, all in the dark. and by the 3rd loop i was so scared, i knew i was still sleeping because the lights couldnt work and i couldnt wake up and i was always waking up on my bed and the room is always dark. In the last loop, i woke from my bed again and i told myself if the lights still do not work i am still dreaming, and it did not work. I was alone and scared and it was all dark. I walked out into the living room and i saw my mom sleeping on the sofa. I tried calling out to her but no sound came out. No matter how hard i tried to scream i couldnt produce a sound. I stood in a corner and i just cried for Jesus, and a while later i could feel myself falling into another loop of awakening and i really didnt want to fall into another one of those loops so i tried with my all might to connect with my physical body and real life and i finally could feel myself and i just jolted awake.

    The second time it happened after a few months, i ‘woke’ again in my bed, and seeing it all too familiar i tried the lights and immediately knew i was dreaming because the lights do not work!!! And i tried using my phone to call my fiancé because he told me to call him if it happened again. Couldn’t get my cell to switch on. I was so scared i didn’t dare leave my bed. Then i had flashes of something chases me, horrific images of demons/ghosts chasing me. I couldn’t wake up. Then again i cried for Jesus and a while later i could feel my physical body and jolted awake.

    A few months later i got attacked twice in a night. The first one started off like a typical dream, i dreamt that i was in a spaceship, looking at earth and suddenly my spaceship was spiralling towards earth and i was going to crash. I was spinning and there was this immense pressure on my back. I felt like there was something trying to vacuum something out of me, i felt my head was tilted backwards and my back bent. Slowly i came into realisation that i was on my bed. I was still in that position and i could feel my bed but i couldn’t open my eyes and i couldn’t move. The pressure on my back was so strong that it was hurting me. I struggled and i was afraid i would die. I was so scared and it was so painful i cried again to Jesus and it let me go. I could feel my body and i could finally turn around.

    On the same night, i was lying on my front this time, i suddenly woke but couldn’t move my body. My hands were held in front of me and i couldn’t move at all. I couldn’t open my mouth i couldn’t speak. I knew the only way to free myself is to call for Christ. I called to Jesus and it let me go.

    I prayed psalms 91 over my sleep, putting my sleep into God’s charge and that no evil or demons can enter my sleep. And i have been sleeping well since then.

    Although it has stopped but i know they are waiting for a chance to attack me again. I don’t know why they are attacking me. What have i done to allow them to do this to me???

    Is this my fault? Or they just don’t like it when God blesses me abundantly because i am doing God’s work or did i open any gate for them to attack me like this?

    My fiancé has also been attacked several times with sleep paralysis since he joined me in church. He sees a man, bright lights and feels animals/people crawling on his bed.

  25. Medeline says:

    I left out a few details like how my back shoulder muscle ached for a few days after the spaceship turned nightmare struggle, and how there was this really loud ringing in my ear that hurt and disorientated me in the nightmares

  26. Andres says:

    I get these often, I usually have a feeling before i sleep that tells me i’m about to be attacked that feels like waves of cold/numbness pushing through my skin and the “waves” speed up until i fall asleep. the worst one i experienced, i still don’t know what to make of it. because i woke up and was able to look around my room but still felt powerless. i began to have tunnel vision and i felt a repetitive pounding on my temples. it went on for 5 minutes and i couldn’t move my arms to hold my head but i knew i was conscious because i was able to kick my legs, and eventually break free and get out of bed. After standing my head was no longer “being pounded” but it was sore for the next couple days. the dream i had prior to the “beating” was of thousands of mangy black dogs breaking through all of my windows and doors and entering my home and attacking everyone i knew in my home. i was afraid that the beating would lead to possession as it pushed me to near unconsciousness. it took several minutes for my vision to come back 100% from tunnel vision. Can anyone fill me in on what exactly happened, what that dream signified and if this was normal?

  27. brendon says:

    I’ve had dreams like this for years, still do.
    I never actually see the beasties, it’s more or less a sensation or a shadow that moves slowly in the images of my dream.
    Sometimes there will be a voice, unintelligible to me, but often can utter my name.

    I will be physically attacked in the dream in varying degrees. There have been times when I’ve felt physical pain, a stabbing sensation, and have woken up.

    In my dream I cannot move and am forced to watch some dreadful scene. Generally, in these instances, I’m not dreaming in color either.

    • Olivia says:

      This is exactly what I am going thru. I don’t see beasts, it’s like a shadow or not even a shadow, I can just sense them, I can even tell if it’s female or male. I never hear them talk but they are so powerful and I pray and rebuke them. I do feel pain, it’s like electricity surging thru me and I am unable to move. I have had dreams like this my whole life. I’m sorry I don’t have any advice but it sure does make me feel better that I am not the only one experiencing this.

  28. ezzy01 says:

    Hello brother
    Thank you for your blog and I hope you continue. I had a dream last night where I was visiting brothers and sisters from my old church, Then out of nowhere the focus was on me they were distant and semi blurry. I saw four demons in my dream I was scared at first and they knew it. One demon attacked me and it slapped me so I thought of worship songs since scripture wasn’t coming out. I started singing and they surrounded me unable to touch me but kept trying to distract me from singing. I found a bible on the floor I ran and opened it the one that slapped me came to attack me again and I hit it in the head with the bible it fell back and I felt they were scared. I opened the bible and told them because my bible is open u have no power over me and u can’t harm me they just stared. My dream changed it was manifested as my mother she was telling me lies to get me upset and she just watched me and I ignored her and I woke up. So when I read your blog it explained my concern and dream. So thank you. I stopped having dreams about demon and a demon only attacked me physically once but that night got told me in my ear psalms 3 and then I got chocked I woke up and fell in deep sleep. God is great and I don’t doubt him I’m just want to know why they appear ?

  29. louis says:

    my nam is louis, i am 21 years old. i have been a christian since i was small. demonic dreams are common to me, i dont know why. i do not fear demons. i have seen angels. last night, i had a dream where i saw an angels face, extremely beautiful, pale white but the eyes where completely black. after that, i heard a voice saying “welcome to hell”. i was not phased cos i have had dreams similar and worse. ones where extremely strong beings where kneeing me in the back. pushing down on me with tonnes of force. no actual scars, just in the dream. grabbing my legs or arms. breathing on me, cutting my wrists, eating me, you name it. sometimes they try and use my voice. why in hell do i have so much opression. someone please explain. i cant do anything. i can say jesus, i can call on the blood, i can say protect me, but i cant move. i take medication cos i have psychosis and insomnia. i have had visions in my sleep, of angels. one was a very powerful. eyes that where “like flaming torches”. i dont know why all this happens to me. im just having a little rant. im a good natured person. im not always angry. i love god.

  30. louis says:

    even if i say protect me, or call on the blood, i dont get any help. or if i do, its very rare.
    i dont know if ive learnt anything from these dreams. maybe god uses these dreams to make us stronger.

  31. louis says:

    even when ive been totally fine with god. and im good spiritually at the moment. i still get demonic dreams.

    • BillyClyde says:

      My thoughts are there’s something in your life the Lord doesn’t aprove of. It may be a small thing that you don’t recognize as a problem. I would pray and ask Jesus to reveal to you anything that He wants kicked out of your life.

  32. Jake says:

    Just recently l had a dream about a spiritual attack.
    I could barely sleep that night, after having pain in my neck, about 5:30, I slowly eased off to sleep.
    Before I begin my dream, I need to explain that the shopping centre I go to is just a few minutes away from my house. I take this opportunity to walk my dog. As I get there, I always tie him outside, because where I live, I always watch turn to see if He is OK. And as I get to the main part of the shops I shop in, I walk past a table which has two people sitting behind it, a community table, for Senior’s and neighbourhood watch programs.
    So in my dream, I’m walking, and I look to my left, and see the table and two people sitting behind it. The environment completely different, and as I walked, I instantly recognized the table, but thought this is strange. Then as I got closer, they both looked at me in despite. The day before I had this dream I was at another shopping centre, so the dream was all over the place and didn’t make sense, but it felt so real. Back to dream I started to hear noise, weird sadistic noise’s. So I’m walking and behind a lotto booth I see a small amount of people, and saw my dog inside the shopping centre sitting down. His the type of dog that’s very obidient. And when I leave him at the shop’s, I’m always looking back to see if no ones around him trying to take him. So as I came around the lottery both, I saw two figures, one crouching down trying to rip my dogs collar off, but my dog wouldn’t budge as He sat. And there was another one who was laughing as he watched the other one harassing my dog. I saw their eye’s, And how black they were. With white skin and black hair. I was taken back. But went over to them I gripped the one crouching down with my right hand, the other one standing up with my left hand. It did nothing and there were people watching us, only several on my left side. So as I grabbed them, I couldn’t move them, and I realize what they were doing I was going into paralysis, so I said in the name of Jesus.. Really weakly and they laughed. Then I saw the crowd it was like they were just standing there like zombie’s. I closed my eye’s and something said say my name and mean it! I opened my eyes I was furious not angry but I had authority, as I open my eyes they looked a bit nervous but still were laughing, I gripped them harder and I yelled in the name of Jesus Go away. Several times, they started to flee. And they sort of flew away/sucked away. I woke up, a bit shaken. Thank you Father God for your son! Our only hope.

  33. Anthony says:

    Recently I experienced sleep paralysis for the first time. While in that state, I saw some shadowy figure who then proceeded to keep me pinned down and choked me. Of course I was trying to force myself to sit up as hard as I could, and eventually succeeded and woke up. What you said in this post completely coincides with that experience. It’s so surreal to think that we are so connected with the spiritual realm! Also last night I had a dream a demon was just standing next to my bed, and I was extremely terrified. Tired of its presence in my life, I jumped on it to attack it. When I did, it disappeared and I was stuck unable to move and gasping for breath. Again I woke up after trying my hardest to move. I’m just amazed by all of this. Your article was very informative. Thank you!!

  34. Tyler says:

    my dream I was awoken and went downstairs to see what the ruckus was I sat down on the couch beside a woman with two cats she told me that her cats are acting weird I looked over to see the baby swing violently spinning in circles so I jumped up off of where I was sitting and told whatever it was in the name of Jesus Christ I command you to leave! at this point the baby swing started to move across the floor and into the kitchen so I jumped in front of it and in a forceful voice I said in the name of Jesus Christ I cast you out! you are no longer welcome here at that moment it felt like someone shoved me very hard and I fell backwards and I woke up.

  35. dacatchman says:

    I have quite a lot of experience in this area, and the author is accurate in describing this. For those drawn here because they are experiencing this, know that bad dreams simply happen sometimes, it’s part of being human. However, you can differentiate between spiritual attack and simply having a bad dream based on its content and emotions surrounding it.

    Things unrelated to your day or week are a good indication, particularly if they trouble you. Having “marathons” of your worst fears are another good indication. Often, the content of the dreams makes no sense, with a fearful or anxious set of emotions behind it. Unwanted, I guess. Sometimes you may feel someone or something is feeding your mind, or putting thoughts in your head because it’s an alien sensation or a foreign concept. Hearing yelling or screaming, particularly to one side of your head, would be a strong indicator. Violence, gore, or sexual depravity/perversion for no good reason. People from your life that represent certain things are often used for the purpose of torment and attack as well.

    For those of you in the faith, you will almost never see anyone who represents God or the body of Christ in your dreams during an attack. Rather, isolation and distraction will be prominent. The people are usually associated with negativity — an ex-spouse, a bully from your childhood or your workplace, someone you don’t get along with, it varies on your life experience.

    For a Christian, we do have a weapon against the enemy, which is the Word of God. Stating scripture is extremely effective in any situation. I encourage everyone to have the bible handy, or verses memorized, when oppression and darkness beset you. But let me comment on the point of issuing commands like the author suggests. I’ll say upfront this is correct, however, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, you must read Acts 19:11-20.

    The effectiveness of said commands are subject to your walk in Christ. If you are in a slump in your faith or in outright sin, your commands don’t hold a lot of water. This isn’t to say Christ doesn’t back you up or is somehow ineffective by any works you do, but authorities and principalities operate on a different ruleset than humans do. If you’re in sin and trying to issue spiritual commands, your results will vary.

    I’m not saying sin itself prevents the good works of God, but I am saying that your walk must be real, you must be a real Christian who actually BELIEVES in the name of Christ. Dropping a name with no faith in your heart will probably incite attack, not prevent it.

    In addition, if you read Mark 9:14-29, you’ll see Christ’s disciples puzzled by why they were unable to remove a certain kind of unclean spirit, to which Christ says it could only be cast out via prayer (and fasting in some renderings). Which means there are varying degrees of spiritual preparedness, probably based on the varying layers of spiritual authorities and principalities we know very little about. Just that we must be prepared, walking solidly in the faith, as Paul did, as Jesus demonstrated to us.

    Paul was quite effective in his commands (Acts 16:16-17) because he was strong in his walk, by God’s grace. And it thusly put him in a position, in Christ, of authority. One cannot be lax in their faith and in sin and expect to cast out demons by dropping the name.

    Look, I’m not a works based kind of Christian, all I can do is point out what the Bible teaches us on the topic. If God tells us these things, He does expect them to be heeded. Which means, if we know better and don’t do it, it may be an opportunity for correction for us. This isn’t to say someone in sin under attack can’t call out to Jesus and be very effectively saved in a situation, if that’s God’s will and it is God’s way of working in that person’s life. So please, try. But know there’s more you can do.

  36. louis hart says:

    dear bill. i posted on this blog about a month ago. i was asleep last night. i awoke to a great weight being pushed down on my bed but i couldnt move. i looked up and saw two red eyes staring at me. i looked again and saw a figure which lookd like one of the naavi but dark with long black hair. it moved to one side to check on me for some reason. i shouted “leave my room, in the name of jesus”. and jumped out of bed. i reached for the light. i turned it on and the demonc had vanished. this wasnt a dream but, i am still wondering.. my conscience is at peace. i am moving to a christian community house though and i know that this is a good thing. i have to leave my current adress and so does everyone else. i pray someone would help me understand, i am not sure where i have to be. i have been a christian all my life and i know that not all demonic attacks or dreams are because we have done something wrong. sometimes it is because something good is about to happen, and the devil isnt happy. my friend curby 3 days before he was baptised in the spirit, he was spiritually attaked. ths is just one of the many stories i have heard. sometimes you have to just let it pass and believe god is doing something good.

  37. louis hart says:

    be sure, demons will never accept jesus christ is lord, not even in jest, not even to lie. there is only one lord. that is jesus. so to identify a demon, tell it to name who is lord. your spirit will combat demons. never surrender to demonic attack, fight all the way. yes demonic powers have superhuman strengh. but so do angels and remember they are not fallen, so their strengh is more powerful. demons desire our attention and worship, they crave it, so never try to name call or answer to them. they are far more intelligent than you. the more you try to fight the more you are interacting with them. they can use this to manipulate you and you wouldnt even know you were being manipulated. whatever they say be sure they are using it manipulate you. whenever they speak be sure they are lying. that is all they know. a white lie is still a lie. even hating demons is giving them attention. you are giving them thought. “set your eyes on the things above”.

  38. louis hart says:

    when i said dont fight them, i meant use the name of jesus, and the power of the blood. dont combat them yourself. use the name and the blood. be sure not to fear any demon even though they use their demonic fear. and when you do have a demonic dream or attack., pray for protection.

  39. Olivia says:

    I have had plenty of these dreams. It comes and goes, but as long as I can remember I have been tormented by spirits in my dreams. I rebuke them and they go away but they always seem to come back. This last dream I had the other night, I was paralyized but I had pain in my body like get electricuted. Has that ever happen to you or anyone. I am a Christian and I am very spiritual, is it a personal attack?? And in this past dream I was looking down at myself sleeping and seen the attack happened, I awoke myself by yelling. I guess what I am really wanting to know if anyone has experienced this. I pray every night before I go to bed, in my prayers I always ask the Lord to help with the nightmares cause they happen so often.

    • Lily says:

      Hi Olivia, Ive had similar dreams very tormenting, but what came to my heart when I read this is that maybe your not fully trusting God and your fear has overcame your faith. I struggled with fear for years, mainly because as a child I seen demons come in and out of my room at night and torment me. I was told that by pleading the blood of Jesus, the demons would flee, however whenever I said it I still felt unsafe, yes the demons would stop for the time being but they would return. But my fear remained. I learned that if I did not believe in my heart that Jesus would protect me, he couldn’t, because I would have doubt everytime I tried to get rid of the demons. Ive learned with a lot of things that believing and having faith is the source of power for almost everything. If we do not believe, God cannot put his hand into the situation. And also, we live in a world with sin, it will never go away until the day we die. With that being said, this earth is the perfect playground for demons to frolic around and mess up stuff. There will always be demons coming at us, our walk with God is a constant fight against these dark forces and also for our faith. This is why at this time it is most important that you are filled with the holy spirit day by day, and moment by moment, because their are so many forces that come against us with the intention of crippling us. I pray that these dreams will cease to deprive you from your peace of mind, and that God will give you the strength and will you need to overcome these obstacles.

      • Olivia says:

        Hi Lily, thank you for your words and advice. I do have to say that you are 100% right, I do have fear, and as a child growing up my grandparents always told me that fear is not of God. I think the feeling I get like being paralyzed and that electric current I feel is overwhelming. I know I am being tormented not only in my sleep but in every day life. I see shadows out of the corner of my eyes, I sense them. I pray and they go away but at night is when they go on attack. I have been trying to get closer to God and ask him for strength. It is going to be an everyday battle for me, I am going to put my trust in the Lord and pray for strength. I really do appreciate the advice, I felt like I was the only one that has been going thru this battle, it’s good to know I am not alone.

  40. Brianna says:

    this makes so much more sense thank you for this article. I used to have sleep paralysis constantly but I learned it was demonic and every time it happened I would plead the blood of Jesus and worship. So now, recently I am always having dreams of things I am struggling with daily. I figured maybe its just because they are on my mind, but even then when I feel healed from the situation the dreams keep coming back to torment me. for example, Im dealing with separating from my best friend for 17 years because God told me she was preventing me from growing with him. Not only that but even before God told me that, she was dating someone I previously just had a emotional breakup with, so that caused a big burden on me and made me very weary. Now I feel healed from the pain and am going deeper into God, I keep having these dreams and situations of my friend and him tormenting me and rubbing their relationship in my face, saying very vulgar things that in real life they would never say even if mad at me. Their body language is even off, and they don’t seem to act normal, so I was wondering do you think the demon using their figures to try and get a reaction out of me? If you can reply Id be very appreciative I Know its a long story lol

    • BillyClyde says:

      Hello Brianna. I’m sorry it took so long to respond. I’ve been on call all week and haven’t had a chance to log on. I would say that demons are definitely using the images of your friends in their dream attacks. Demons will tailor their attacks for a specific victim. In your case I think they are using images of your friends because they think that will bother you. Don’t think for a minute that your friends actually feel that way. They don’t. It’s just a demonic trick that demons are using. For a long term solution to the problem this article may help.

  41. Sandy says:

    I had a dream one night that a Demon had bit my hand it felt so real that i woke up and it must of been from 12am – 3am. Does that mean that I was attacked by a Demon? Can someone please help me?

  42. Taryn says:

    i would like to share 2 things that happened.. i regularly experience demon attacks when sleeping, and i immediatly begin to pray in the name of christ for the demon to leave.. on one such occasion the demons actually began laughing at me and would not leave.but i continued to pray over and over, and then suddenly a white light surrounded me and i litterally felt a warm hand on my cheak.. and the demons dissapeared… i woke up feeling so safe.

    the other thing i would like to share, happened in normal waking life. and i am frightened yet facinated by it. a friend of mine living in the UK, went thru and still leads a very troubled life. her mind is almost completely gone.she is an artist and paints the most beautiful paintings of her pain. one painting in particular stood out to me..the painting was in red, blk and grey. it was of a bald man in a suit, and he was laughing..on his left there was a creature, hanging onto him. it had a small body but long thin arms and legs… and its “face” blk holes for eyes and a wide round open mouth almost like suckerfish…
    why this painting stood out to me was because i have a friend here is S.A who began to go off the rails alot, she began using drugs alot and her personality changed drastically almost over night and it was wierd. one night while picking up a friend, i took a video clip of my friend as she was walking away from me in the parking lot, picked up a cigarette and then walked back towards me.. and all the while she was arguing with me.
    months later i came accross the video clip, and placed it on my pc.. and i felt sick to my stomach with what i saw. as she walked away from me, i could see this blurry figure jump up onto her, it ell down and then jumped back up puttingis long thin legs and arms around her, with is wide round open mouth aimed at her. she picked up the cigarette and when she came back towards me and looked at the camera, her face was no longer visible, but the face of a bald man with blk holes for eyes was seen. as she go closer to the camera, this mans face became clearer and he began smiling the most horrifying scary smile, and his eyes had turned from blk to a burning red.
    faces began to appearin the background, all with blk holes for eyes… i countded a total of 10.
    there was a figure that appreard that had its arms crossed over its chest, and as well as a fetus. and then as clear as day, a rams head appreared over the video footage, with burning eyes.. the video footage carried on, with my friedn moving around in the background, but the image of the rams head was still, as if there was a photo being held infront of the video footage being watched.

    i was so frightened after watching this video. and wasnt sure if what i had seen was actually real.. so i slowed down the video footage and took still shots of the video.. which was even more frightening because it just showed these demons even more clearly.
    when i told my friend about the video and about the demon i saw latching onto her, and that it was the same demon showed in the painting done my friend in the Uk 2 years prior. she asked to see the video and i as a bit sceptical, i didnt know what would happen.. but she watched it, and she was shocked.. and just said thank you.. and then left.
    i didnt see her or hear from her for about a year after that.. when i did see her again, she seemed alright, she is still living a drug filled life, with her mother.. but is more controlled.
    which is very sad, she used to be such a fun loving person until this demon attached itself to her.
    i just think people should be aware of the fact that demons and evil spirits try their hardest to take u over, not just in your sleep but in your waking life too.

  43. Victoria Ortiz says:

    Last night I had a dream about my friend getting attacked by a demon named Abraxas I have feelings for my friend who is a girl the demon told me be careful what you wish for and attacked her I tried to save her and I failed. I tried to get up from the dream but couldn’t. My mind was awake I could move my head side to side but I couldn’t scream why does that mean?

  44. gabe says:

    Really appreciate this blog tonight i was attacked by this demon twice tonight after awakening and falling back so bad that im a grown man and im a little startled i always knew demons could attack threw dreams but never knew how serious they could be im not quite sure who he /she really looks like as a demon
    but have a strong idea who they are disguising thereself as and tonight i fought and realized who it was and they did not like that at all but i can honestly say my grandpa who passed said my name i clearly heard it and woke up i really appreciate this blog!

    • BillyClyde says:

      Gabe demons can look like whatever they want in a dream attack. They can also imitate the appearance and voice of a loved one. It possible that what you heard was them.

  45. Misa says:

    I don’t even know where to begin, I been tormented petrified by these demons just like y’all describe ever since I was like 9years old I think this has to do whit the fact that I come from a family of witches and because I’m a sinner. My mom and Dad are always seeking counsel whit witches they always bring strange items to the house. I always try to pray and read the bile but at times I just feel really lazy to do so . I tell my mom the things that happens to me in my sleep, she knows them to be true but she just ignores me at times she just tells me to pray before i go to sleep. What really gets me is the fact that not only in my sleep I get attack it happens when I’m wide awake dozens of times it’s happen. Like this one time I was just laying in my bed doing some light bible, and my door open’s and shuts it’s self as soon-as I saw what happen I instinctively said “get out of here demon” the dam thing got on top of me and was chocking me it felt like my heart and chest was being torn out it was holding my arms down. I was trying to reach my bible across from me eventuality it left because i started to pray in my head.
    This other time when my mom got some lady to cleanse the house she said two spirits or ghost had shown them self to her.One a form of a women and another of a dark figure of a man I knew the women she told me her name was Rose when I was 17years old.(that’s another story) I had no idea about the other spirit of the dark man. The lady who apparently did the cleansing of the house said it was all done she seem a bit frighten. Anyways that same day i decided to go to sleep around 4pm of the afternoon. In my sleep i was awaken by sexual images of sex in my head I knew that was-int my own thinking. I knew it was happening again I open my eyes and I see this dark figure of a man over me, choking me and, whit incredible chests pain so i proceeded to pray in my head, even then my head begins to feel like its going to explode I then start to feel helpless really helpless has if i was going to die that day. I no longer could of pray. Out of the blue i hear this women’s voice over my head for I was laying down on my back.( pay attention reader for I was wide awake when this was taking place) what she said stun me it send chills right trow my body unlike when I’m being oppress by demons. She said “Jehovah is fierce and great, the Pure hearted watch over him in fate.” Has soon has she said that the dark figure of the man vanish like mist. I then began to look around for who ever said that. I felt like rose the spirit of the dead lady said that little prayer for my sake. That same day I proceed to pray for the dead and those forgotten by there love ones. Has I’m saying my prayers I kept on feeling so much chills threw my body none stop I feel like my prayers where heard. I have never seen Rose again. I wish I can say it ended in a happy ending. But till this day I’m still being attack in my sleep it’s really frighting.
    I figure I should share one or two of my experience’s.

  46. Sherrie says:

    Thanks for this blog post. This morning my phone rang around 3:30 am and as I was drifting off to sleep I heard what can only be described as a demonic voice speaking to me but I couldn’t make out what it was saying. About this time I noticed what appeared to be a blonde haired little girl who looked around five years old standing next to a white wall with her face hidden from view. As I stared in her direction, the child turned it’s face towards me and I could see that it wasn’t a child at all but what appeared to be a demon imitating a child. The face was elongated and the eyes were pitch black with a mouth that was too large for it’s face. It had this huge evil grin (kind of like the jokers grin) on its face and it began walking towards me. At that point I woke up. I just recently started reading the Bible and attending church regularly after nearly 30 years. Is this just a dream or was this a spiritual attack?

  47. annie says:

    I wish I could find more information than what you have written here.

    I’ve been incredibly sick for months with respiratory issues. I took a day off recently, to try and get rest and get better. When I laid down to take a nap, I soon began to dream that my husband was about to get frisky with me. Suddenly my husband in my dreams is upon me, doing things to me and forcing his tongue into my mouth, repeatedly. I’m not enjoying any aspect of this and I feel forced. I can hear my own voice in my ears as if I’m enjoying this, but it’s not me. That was when I began to realize it wasn’t my husband, either. His tongue wasn’t even a tongue, but some black tube-like thing forcing itself deep into my mouth, all the way to the back of my head. I could barely perceive something like an insect behind a shimmering image of my husband. All of this physically felt real and I continued to fight in my dreams until I was able to move again and wake up.

    I’m certain this was a demonic attack, as our family was viciously attacked the year my son was born. What I want to know is, what kind of demon was this, what was its plan, and how do I stop it? How do I know if its doing something to my son? My poor boy wakes up with some bad dream every night about 1:30am.

    • BillyClyde says:

      Hello Annie. Sorry about the delay in responding I’ve had server issues. I would say what you described was definitely a demonic attack. Their plan is usually to lead you in the wrong direction but it could be just trying to make you miserable out of pure spite
      You have an advantage being married and having a husband. Is he on the same page about this being demonic? If not try to get him on track. The Lord gives the father a great deal of authority in spiritual warfare where his family is concerned. But please don’t just leave the battle up to him, you will be more effective if the two of you work together.
      Now about how to stop it. Generally when we have trouble with demons it’s because there’s something in our life that the Lord Jesus doesn’t approve of. There are some things that are blatant demonic doors but any unrepentant sin can open a door to let demons into your business.
      Here is an article I have here about how to stop it, the right way.

  48. Betsaleel says:

    yesterday Night dreamed that One of my former Neighbor who is a college in office. cut my hand with a knife. this two times I am dreaming about him. what is the meaning and how can I stop that. please help me Sir.

  49. Lydia says:

    Thanks for this incitive writing…last night i had a dream i found myself in a room with people (gals) who seemed to be my friends but i cant remember their faces we were talking then suddenly one of the gals picked a razor blade and wanted to cut my wrist so that i can join their circle i resisted and started calling the name of Jesus. I heard them say that they have made my arms and feet to be numb so that i cant move…i woke up prayed and rebuked….a year back a had a very scary dream this demon was standing beside my bed dressed in a hooded black rob it was looking up to the ceiling so i called on Jesus and managed to chase it out of the house….when i woke up it felt so real i prayed and on sunday told my pastor and he also prayed for me…

  50. TaraPNW says:

    So this is sonewhat embarrasing to write exactly what happened but Im going to. Last night i was having a normal dream when out of nowhere it was interuppted and it was somehow like I wasnt in control over my own body in this new dream. I was in my bedroom, naked, lying on the floor with a bible in my hand and i started touching my self and other things with the bible in my hand. Granted i dont think i wouldve ever ever done anything like that in any dream and it was like i couldnt stop. Finally I was able to and I immediately got up and got back in bed. As I did, a giant black dog(somewhat human like) was standing over me. I think i instantly knew what it was. I looked at it and said “whats your name?” I was so terrified i was shaking. It said “Satan” with the weirdest tone of voice and somehow with a smile. I turned away and started praying even thought i had to try several time to even say the word Jesus, kinda like i was stuttering and couldnt say it. I woke up in the same position and exact spot that i was inin the dream…. I couldnt move, or maybe i was just too petrified to do so.

  51. Ronald says:

    I’m so grateful i came across this blog. all these comments are similar to my encounter that i just had last night. I am a christian however, i do not really practice it as much as i use to and i can admit that i am loosing my way. after indulging in a rebellious night of booze and partying on the weekend i reflected upon my life and started praying for God to show me the way and steer me towards the right direction it was the first time praying in awhile. and i have been telling my cousin and that we need to get back to God full time. any who, i was praying before i went to bed casting and rebuking any plans of the devil. later that night at about 1:00am i was confronted by, what i believe now as a demon. i was very frightened i was shouting but nothing was coming out, i wanted to move but i couldn’t. this went on for about five minutes. it eventually went away when i said: I rebuke you in the name of Jesus. i am 18 years of age living by myself and feel very vulnerable because i thought i was going to die last night.

  52. Kelah says:

    Hello, I’ve been so curious about this for awhile. I can’t seem to find anyone who have had the same experiences as me when I research this topic, but I’ve had some strange things. I’ve always identified as a Christian, I believe my faith is strong. However, I do believe in asking questions and challenging what I am taught because I feel like my faith will grow stronger with the more things I learn and discover about my relationship with Christ and everything that I am taught to believe, Regardless of my parents wishes I went to this ghost investigation (I know we aren’t supposed to be contacting the dead or contacting spirits) But I prayed and prayed for a sign and was told that my conscious would tell me if it was wrong or not. Anyways, I went,and at the time it felt really comfortable and calm and I ended up speaking to an old friend of mine who had been murdered. I was and still am confused to this day if it was really her. My parents told me that there are no such things as human spirits. Only demons and angels and it was a demon that I spoke to and this demon was impersonating my friend. I don’t know if my unsureness on whether it was her or not is due to guilt from my parents, or if its the holy spirit telling my conscious mind that it was wrong by giving me really uncomfortable dreams afterwards. I’m also wonder if it was a demonic entity that made the atmosphere calm and comfortable while I was doing the investigation in order to confuse me. I am so torn and I’m not sure if my thoughts are true or being manipulated and I need to hear from someone who knows a little more about this kind of thing. Well, the investigation went well. I felt like I got closure from her and it opened my mind into thinking of what the possibilities are of the spiritual world and possible warfare all around me, but at the same time of my intense intrigue, I have this fear that I’m messing with something I shouldn’t have messed with. Over a year ago, my best friend’s mom died and after my investigation, I had a dream about her mother. I was standing at the top of the hill. I looked down on one angle of the bottom of the hill and I saw her mother, waving, happy, and it was good to see her again. I turned and looked at the other side of the bottom of the hill and there was her mom again, waving, wearing the same outfit, everything. But it was different. Even though it looked like her, it had this eerie evil, and was almost as if it were impersonating her, As if it wanted me to believe it was her. I don’t know what that dream is supposed to tell me. I don’t know if it’s related to my having spoken with my dead best friend, or if its completely unrelated and a biased dream based on my upbringing and original thoughts. Please help.

    • BillyClyde says:

      Hi Kelah. In my opinion it was a mistake to try contacting a spirit. I think your parents are correct. The dreams afterward strongly suggest that you gave the enemy an opening to use. I think you should repent of the Ghost investigation and ask Jesus to forgive you for it. Say it out loud so the enemy can hear it and know that you have taken it to the Lord. Ghost investigations are just the kind of thing demons use to trap people.

    • dacatchman says:

      Your friend is awaiting resurrection in the place of the dead, as is the other friend’s mom. They cannot reach you or speak to you from where they are now. Read Luke 16, starting at verse 19.

      Whatever you contacted, it was not human. You roll the dice on what exactly you’ll get, but know that it won’t be anything good. You’re kind of gambling with “how bad” of a fallen spirit will take notice of you. You should never do it, ever. The Bible warns about it for a very good reason; not to confine you or restrict you, but to protect you.

      The second dream you describe depicts this for you, so that you would know. From this point on, things will worsen.

      Communicating with these things as you described gives them authority in your life. You should take the steps necessary to cut it off before it gets out of hand. Things may seem fine now and maybe in the near future, but they will escalate eventually. Repent and pray. Maybe you’ll be compelled to fast, which would also help. Whatever you are led to do to rectify this, it would surely start with repentance and prayer, and seeking help from the Lord.

      Afterward, I would also suggest you pray and ask to be delivered of your curiosity on the matter of ghosts, the afterlife, and such. You say you feel strong in your faith, which is great. If this is true, and you pray and seek truth here, I believe you will find it is not fruit of the spirit to continue in dabbling in this area. Though for many it might be disappointing the Bible touches very little on the demonic and the other world, it is done so for a very good reason. Part of our walk in Christ is obedience to His word, and ultimately trust in His plan for us. He protects us. Trust Him in that.


  53. Esmari says:

    Hi I had a strange demonic type of dream last night and I didn’t realise it was a dream until the end of it.I was very scared and my fiance and family were in it too but they tried to help me in my dream when I told them that I think I am being posessed but it is not in me yet,just tormenting me by apearing behind me when I look in the mirror or in my closet but it is always dark and humanlike but apears in the shadows wich is strange and it never smiles it just stares at me and when I scream it goes away.It wasnt the first time I had a dream of demons but I cant even remember the other ones I didnt think anything of it realy, but this time it was extremely vivid.I remember at one point in my dream at the end I was with my family while they tried to help me to make the demon go away and it didnt so I screamed while I was arching and closing my ears because of frustrasion.I was scared but I started praying in my dream and my whole family is christians so then I woke up and realised I was dreaming eventhough afterwords I was still a bit scared.This realy helped me to understand it so thank you and I will definatly try to wake myself up next time and be more alert about it.
    Btw so sorry for the spelling mistakes, but I am actualy afrikaans lol

  54. Jason says:

    Last night I went to bed at 2am. I felt myself dosing off and coming back (what usually happens when you are over tired) before actually going to sleep – if I was totally asleep. It felt like such a long time. When my attack ended I woke up and looked at the clock it said 2:30am. I can tell you the parts I remember. What happened is I heard this really strange noise that I can’t really explain – it was load sudden and adrupt and just felt bad. The noise scared me. It’s like with the noise came a bad presence and I felt my body get goosebumps and then I knew something was wrong.
    I remember saying “To our Father, who art in heaven…” to myself and I continued with the prayer. Then I felt my body rise like I was being pulled up into the air vertically and I can no control over it (it was not my body it was my “soul” – just saying I couldn’t have really been moving. Then I had a pretty long struggle of the minds against whatever this was. It let me go and once it did I was still scared but got the courage to get up and confront this thing – I couldn’t see it but I felt like it was moving around my room so I just kept coming at it to show it I wasn’t as afraid as it thought – then I saw myself in my mirror (my bedroom cupboards are all mirror) I saw myself saying the prayer in the mirror but the movement of my mouth was in synch with the words I was saying in my head. That’s the last thing I remember – then I woke up for real and looked around my room – I’m pretty sure I saw a few small orbs for a short while. I then went back to sleep.

  55. Estoya says:

    I have a question

    I have had a few dreams not directly back to back but close enough for me to remember them vividly. The first started when I was in my early 20s with a dream about people running and fearing for their lives. My family and I got into the car and we were driving to safety, but as we were going fire started falling from the sky and the bridge that we were on the water was turning to fire. After getting off the bridge we were then stuck in traffic and our car broke down because people were trying to get out of the city, state, or where ever we were. We ended up getting into a van with another family (a woman who had 3 children a older girl, a young boy , and a baby) we were going along and we ended up at this place where they had a divider from the area where things were really bad and a place where it looked peaceful. So we actually get to the dividers and the people say that the rest of the people can not pass and start to lower the dividers to shut people out. Myself and my children father get out the van and start to run. At the time we only had our first born son who name is Malachi and no other children. I thought that my child father had our son and for some reason I had the woman baby in my arms and we run until we get to a point at the dividers that have not been fully lowered and slide under to the peaceful place. However after we make it through I am looking around and I do not see my son whom I thought the father had, but I had this woman baby in my arms and I start to cry with sadness. Can you help me with this I have been trying to figure this out for many years.

    If you ca help me figure this out then maybe I can tell you my other dreams and you can help me and maybe they are all connected, because for the most part they all center around my son Malachi.

    Thank you in advance!!!!

  56. Nicole says:

    I have dreams that I wake up from screaming and bolting from my bed. The first time I saw myself and then something that was staring at ne with red eyes and a grin. I immediately woke up screaming and ran from the room. In another place I lived in I just woke up a little bit ago waking up because a man was gonna put a spider on my bed next to my sleeping form. Again I woke up immediately but I yelled no no no no and turned the lights on. Both experiences I saw my sleeping figure and woke up to get away essentially. Would these be attacks or night terrors?

  57. Rachelle says:

    Last night I had a dream attack. I had just fell asleep and all of a sudden I felt like I was floating, ive had alot of dreams where I feel im floating in my bed. Then it changed, dofferent guys kept popping up in the dream amd I had sex with them, it was so dark in myroom but I could see there faces but its no one I know personally. Then there was a guy standing at the end of my bed and I pulled on him and he got on top of me and began to have sex with me and then all of a sudden the guy vanished And tturned into a demon my hands/arms were over its back and I couldnt move my heart was racing and I could feel the air of it breathing on my chest, I tried to speak and say “in jesus name let me be” but I couldnt speak I couldnt move I had no soon as I woke up I swore I could still feel the air of it and ny arms lifted.. my heart was racing..I…… I think there was a meaning behind it. I use to be very sexually active and continied to be until recently like 3 months I was tired of having sex and it not meaning anything… I took a vow to not be sexually active but everyday its in my mind. I know sex is evil and temptation is always a problem, I know theres a reason behind this but I want to know why…

    • BillyClyde says:

      Hello Rachelle. Just because society approves of something doesn’t mean the Lord does. Sex outside of marriage is one example. That doesn’t mean it can’t be put behind you and you move on in a walk with the Lord Jesus, you can but it must be confessed and repented of. The demons are using your past actions as a claim on you. They want to draw you back into your former lifestyle in which you wre just where they wanted you. Please read this article.

      • Rachelle says:

        Yes I know. I thank you for that. I have changed amazingly and my walk and the path that Jesus has laid down for me is becoming stronger and more clear for me. After that dream I realized I wasn’t living right and giving into temption every where I turned. Drinking, having sex out of marriage and not focusing on God like we all should do. I took a vow of celibacy and as I asked the Lord for strength to not be tempted into evil every night I pray now, I talk to him more than I have ever before. I admit that I will always work on things to get closer to the Lord to learn the word better than I know today. I want to be a witness of his love and his word. The dream I had changed me and im thankful for having that dream. After having that dream I realized that if my main sin the one I have committed over and over again would be sex out of marriage and I had not confessed my sins to him asked for forgiveness then I would not be forgiven and possibly sent to hell to live with that sin for the rest of eternity would be extremely frightening, if that dream scared me that bad imagine living in hell with the same repeating dream. Thank you

  58. Last night I had a dream that I left a party and after I left a party I was either driving or on a bike. I was going down a dark cemetery area near my home and I saw two girls walking. When I drive by them I look back and saw that they looked kind of creepy. I started driving faster and I pass the same girls again…I keep driving and again the same girls then all of a sudden I am being held down by one of the girls. She had black hair. I immediately started praying and the girl tried to cover my mouth and started speaking in a different language. When I saw that she covered my mouth and was trying to speak over me I continued to say the same prayer over and over again and louder but then I was not able to hear my voice any more. My mouth was moving but no sound was coming out. I cried for help and then I got woken up by my alarm.
    This dream really has me wondering what this means. Its so creepy and scary.

  59. Norma says:

    When I woke up this morning and this has never ever happened to me. I opened my eyes and said the word Demon I don’t understand why I did that please help me understand what’s going on. Thank you

  60. Elizabeth Osborne says:

    Okay so I’m now 16 I had my first attack when I was 15 in a dream. I was in my bed asleep and it was as if I was watching myself sleep in some kind of spirits perspective. And there was a silhouette of a man by my closet and it came near me and next thing I know the sleeping version of me in my dream had a night terror of some sort. Then in the dream with the man still near my bed my mom came in and started rebuking the devil. Now that’s just a short version but I was very confused rather than scared. However what really confused me was when something happened….when I just happened to wake up in the.middle of the night. I woke up.and I was lying awake in my.bed and I had a horrible feeling similar to what I’m feeling now (just a feeling of a bad presence or at least i think that’s what it is). Then I tried to go back to sleep and I’m hearing these things about the devil and I turned over on my back trying not to listen and suddenly I felt a gust of wind and a tingling sensation spread I was terrified and called for I thought it tried to get inside of me.but I’m still.not.sure. Im confused as to why I keep getting attacked. I have gotten stronger and more able to control ny dreams and had a victory in a spiritual battlast night in a dream even. But why me out of other christians my age? Also I have become paranoid sometimes at night and I think I hear whispering but idk what it is…and I have been attacked more than just these two times…it’s very scary to talk about….especially at night but I need to know why so much and why demons come at me like they do and why me

  61. Darice says:

    The dream i just had tonigh…..I walked into this house thaf people said was haunted and i sat down in the living room/dinning room and this little girl that was a ghost/demon kept coming up to me and i would get her away by kicking or throwing her then finally i took a knife and stabbed her in the eyes and face and maybe te chest its a little unclear right now then she was gone i blink and there she was in my lap as a plastic doll squirting blood from holes in her neck…i woke myself up at that moment

  62. bata says:

    I great you in the name of our Lord Jesus christ, wen i was a moslem, i was attacked by demons in my dreams. But wen i gave my life to Christ, the bible gave me 4 answers to fight demonic attacks.1. If u know the truth, then the truth will set u free. 2. U should hav faith like that of a mastered seed. 3. Jesus Christ is my Lord & savior. 4. When u call on the name of Lord, u shall be saved. Those 4 answers made it for me. I gave my life to christ to see wether there will be any difference, they prayed for me. Wen i went to bed that very night i was attacked. I dreamt i was in an old building & i had no way out, there was a another girl traped in a pool of water in that building, when i tried to help her i fell in dat pool, i realised there was a big snake at the bottom waiting for me to sink, immediately there came a man whom i could look in the face, he pulled me & the little girl out of the pool, then he told us to follow him & be very fast. We ran following him as he was throwing special knives at very corner we reached. Finally, we wea out, the man who led us got a lighter & throw it to burn the house but it fell near the entrance (door way). Then he told me i knew what to do. God was testing my faith, to see wether i can trust him no matter what as long as he his on my side. The demond wanted to come blow off the lighter as i came to get it & in the course there was an earth queck. I reached the lighter first & i burnt the house, it came out as it was on fire, and turn into a beast with horns, wings, ugly & it resembled a man. It said it couldnt biliv i had done that, then it told the man who helped us that we wa his. The man told us we where free now & the devil burnt as he was descending in the ground. From that night, when i call on the Lord Jesus Christ in my dreams ol is well, sometimes am lifted up above the demons as their pleading for mercey. Fear is the devils souce of strength in your dreams, trust the Lord and have faith. Thank you Jesus for loving me.

  63. bata says:

    hello, everything u have said is TRUE, fear in God’s people has made them lose faith, the devil uses people’s fear to dominate & attack them. basing on my dreams, whenever am attacked i call upon the Lord Jesus Christ, immediatelly the devil flees or asks for mercy, once i call His name then all is well. nowdays am free from such dreams cause i have the greatest weapon of Jesus Chris, thats why i changed frm islam to christianity. may God bless u.

  64. christina says:

    Last night a had a horrible and disturbing dream my brother and this little and innocent looking girl was try to kill me but at the end they were chasing me and there a flight of stairs and i jumped down them and while i was jumping i yelled gods name and woke up frightened.

  65. Kristen says:

    Hi there,
    The reason I am posting is because I had a demonic attack two nights ago that left me scarred. I am a Christian and I am quite used to suffering from sleep paralysis where I will often feel a demonic presence near by, and it will push me down, and I will feel a giant weight on my chest. But the reason this time was different was because every time I have had an attack I’ve never seen a face, nor have I spoken to one until two nights ago. I was sleeping peacefully as I had had a hectic week of late nights. I remember waking up with the feeling of an unwelcome presence in my room. I was laying on my side and I could not move or get up at all. It sat down on the bed next to me and started grabbing my arm. As I started to panic the demon appeared before me and looked me straight into my eyes. I remember that he stank so badly, he were a cloak, and his skin was red and burn all over. I can’ explain it very well because I don’t really understand but his skin looked like burn wood on a fire, where there are cracks all over. He had these red demonic eyes. The strange thing is that I was not scared at that moment. He began to speak to me, but I can’t remember what he said. All I do know is that I asked him if he was Satan, he ignored me. I started repeatedly binding him in the name of Jesus, and eventually he left. Could I have opened up a door somewhere that I do not know about? Maybe it is my friends mom who is a reike master. I always try to stay from her, but she constantly tries to force her healing abilities on me. Please help. I am so confused and scared as this is the first time I have seen and spoken to a demon.

    • BillyClyde says:

      Hello Kristen. It’s possible that you opened a door without realizing it. I suggest praying to the Lord Jesus and asking Him what it is. If you don’t get an answer right away stay on it. Be like the persistent widow. The Lord will tell you in a way that He chooses.

      In the mean time you can command demons to stay away from you and stay out of your sleep before going to bed. If you realize that you are in a demonic dream force yourself awake and command the thing in Jesus’ name to leave. You can issue the command in the dream and it will be effective also. Keep in mind it’s the Lord’s authority you are operating in. Don’t say ‘I command you’ instead say ‘In Jesus’ name you are commanded’.

  66. Michelle D. says:

    I have been haunted by demonic dreams for the past few years, but i moved into a new house in December and there have been more. Specifically relating to my master bedroom and closet/bathroom area (where the demon resides in my dream). I wake in the dream (still asleep) chanting “father, father” and realize that i am in a demonic dream. I rebuke it, and it used to work, but lately my efforts to rebuke it have not worked. I have paralysis, I’ve attempted to say Jesus and the words dont come out. I rebuke it, only for it to come right back in the dream. Most recently, I woke up and immediatly after drifting off, the dream ressumes, over and over again. The demon is in my bathroom/closet area almost everytime. I’ve become scared to turn my back to that part of my room when i sleep, and have this eery feeling that something is in the room with me. I emailed a catholic priest, but he did not respond, In one dream i discovered a coworker of mine had a younger sister with darker hair, and when i woke the next day she did, in fact, tell me she has a younger sister with darker hair. I’ve asked forgiveness for my sins, ive prayed over my home, prayed over water and drew a cross with it over my bed. I prayed in the bathroom and asked God for protection, ive rebuked it in prayer, i have asked God to take away these dreams if they are not meant to show me a message. I am at a loss…

    • BillyClyde says:

      Hello Michelle. Your experiences in your dreams are not unusual. Keep in mind that the scenarios they put in your dreams have no meaning whatsoever. The demons are just using what they think will bother or scare you. None of it is real. Even the feeling about the bathroom area is just a fake impression they are giving you to wreck your nerves. As for the friends sister with darker hair. Demons can watch people from the spirit world so it would be no problem for them to know about your coworker’s sister. It’s likely they put that in the dream to make you think there was some meaning to the dreams but there’s really not.
      I don’t personally think Catholic priests are helpful because a lot of what they do in spiritual warfare has no basis in scripture. In the bible the only spiritual warfare you see the apostles doing is issuing commands in Jesus’ name. That works. But don’t say ‘I command you’ to demons, instead say ‘in the name of Jesus you are commanded’ to do this or that. Such as ‘in the name of Jesus you demons are commanded to flee from me and stay out of my dreams’.
      But they will come back until you find out what you are doing that is giving them the impression that they have the right to invade your life and kick it to the curb.
      You said this started a few years ago. What did you start doing different then? What happened at that time that may have opened a door for those things?
      Asking the Lord to forgive us for our sins usually doesn’t work. We need to confess specific sins to The Lord Jesus and ask His forgiveness for them. This should be done out loud so that demons can hear it and know that we have taken the sin to the Lord. Demons can’t read your mind but they do have great hearing. If you just don’t know what is giving demons an open door into your life my favorite advice to give is to take it to the Lord Jesus in prayer. A simple prayer something like this.
      “Lord Jesus. I am having trouble with demons and I suspect that there is something in my life that you don’t approve of. Master I ask that you tell me what it is so that I can kick it out of my life. Lord Jesus I ask this in your Holy name”. The Lord will tell you in a way that He chooses. Whatever it is repent of it and get it out of your life. Please read this article it is useful.

  67. Lyndah says:

    I woke up this morning with a sore hand. I’think I might have been fighting with something or someone in my dream. I can’t remember though. I’ve woken up with sore fingers before but not a whole painful hand. Thank goodness it’s the left hand and not right hand.

    I have been attacked before, the one time I was just about to fall asleep and I heard a voice outside my door say “she’s falling asleep, let’s get her” that’s when I brought myself out of the sleep and I rebuked using Christ’s name.

    I know what it feels like to be attacked, but I remember those incidents. I don’t remember what happened to my hand but I do know I went to bed with a hand that was fine and didn’t hurt then I wake up with a hand that hurts. Could I have been fighting something in my sleep? It wouldn’t be the first time and I think I might know why.

    You see, I used to smoke a lot of weed in the past and it took a lot for me to quit it. But about 2 weeks ago I started smoking it again and I wanna stop again, as in today. I think I opened something up to allow them in when I started smoking again. Could this be what’s going on?

    • BillyClyde says:

      Hello Lydah. When your hear things just as you are falling asleep like you did it’s a sure bet those things are around. I have experienced that myself in the past.
      As for the weed I’m not sure about that. Some drugs like meth and heroin are big time demonic doors but with weed I’m just not sure. I talked to one guy who told me he used it to avoid dream attacks because he never dreamed when he went to bed after smocking it. I have known people whom I’m sure were good Christians who used it with no ill affects. But from my own personal experience it seemed to get easier to keep demons out when I quit smocking weed.
      My first thought is to test it by quitting and then see if the dream attacks stop. But those things are master of deception. If the door were something other than weed it would be just like them to stop when you quit to make you think that was the issue while another door was left undiscovered.
      I would advise taking it to the Lord Jesus and ask Him in prayer to tell you what it is that you need to get out of your life. Keep asking Him daily until He tells you in a way that you know it was Him. He knows your thoughts so He knows if you heard Him, He knows if you didn’t and He knows if you are not sure. This article might be helpful.

  68. Homeless Henry Hatfield says:

    Dear Sir,
    Thank you for your incite. Had a terrifying experience with an entity they called the destroyer. He had great power even able to read my mind in my dream. Him and the other people in his house were very upset i would not bow down and worship him. He was able to change forms into various creatures and people. I opened a door and saw regular people worshipping him and he was his natural self a beast creature with a trident of fire. From what i gathered the destroyer was locked in his house but he was in charge of many people and demons and he exercised great authority making himself equal with the Most High. He also had a pet that dwelled in his house that was a type of wild boar creature. I finally worked uo the courage to run from the destroyer’s house and his servants tried to chase me but i heard him command them to let me leave. As i exited his house my country America was ruined being made desolate but i kept running and he launched a fiery attack at me and I cried out to Jesus and he put the flames out and i awoke. This dream has left me truly devastated today it was like nothing i have ever felt seen or heard.

  69. lyoung123 says:

    Dear Mr Clyde, My son is nineteen years old. About a year ago he started to experience horrifying nightmares and night terrors soon after he graduated from high school. Soon after that he became very depressed and had a lot of anxiety. A few months later he said he was seeing “images” that would last a few minutes to sometimes a hour on rare occasions. They would appear several times during the day. We took him to 2 psychiatrists and they diagnosed him with anxiety and depression. I asked him if the images were moving and he said it was as if you were watching a video. He has never heard any voices. After 3 months of no relief I was desperate and took him to MHMR and they did an hour and a half accessmen on him. The counselor then said she thought he had schizophrenia, but said she was only a counselor and he would need to see a psychiatrist to be absolutely sure on the diagnosis. A few weeks later we took him to the psychiatrist and he said he may have schizophrenia or depression with psychosis. He was leaning on deppresion with psychosis, because from the very beginning my son knew what he was seeing was not real. The hallucinations he experiencespecially involves people harming each other, satan harming people or trying to harm my son, creatures or monsters that my son has seen in movies from the past. Four months have passed since we started taking him to MHMR. He is on the 4th anti- psychotic drug and it seem to be working in that my son is experiencing less hallucinations than normal. He goes back to the psychiatrist in a few weeks and they may decide to increase the dosage in hopes to stopping the hallucinations altogether. Tonight my son came to me in tears telling me he was having problems battling unwanted thoughts of satan. His nightmares always have satan in them where he is trying to hurt my son or someone dear to him I am wondering if my son is suffering from spiritual warefare or is it a mental disorder. He sleeps with me in a king size bed because he is so scared of the nightmares and we also have to leave the lights on. He was bullied in school very badly and prayed and prayed to God to get the bullying to stop and when that did not happen, he lost his faith and God and considered himself an atheist. Today, after all he has been through I have been able to bring him back to Christ and he considers himself a christian. We read the bible together and pray together every day. This has really taken a toll on him emotional and I fear he may harm himself although he has promised me he would tell me if he feels that way. He is on a waiting list with Catholic Charities to go to individual therapy in which they provide on a fee sliding scale. We do not have insurance and I lost my job 3 months ago and we cannot afford counseling at this time. I would like you input on this. I know you are not a professional, a doctor per say, but I have this nagging feeling in my heart that this may be more demonic than meets the eye. My son is the sweetest kid in the world and his mission in life is to make the world a better place. We had him enrolled in college, but the professor put a movie on of a man being buried alive and my son couldn’t handle seeing it and asked us to pick him up and we decided to withdraw him from college to relieve him of undo stress. Thank you for your time and consideration. I will be waiting to hear from you. I am desperate at this time as any mother would want her child to be happy and at peace and right now he is not…

  70. Hey brother Billy,

    What do you think of Coffee?, do you think it may be a door for them?, I’ve been wondering about it since I have noticed some chest opression or something going on with it, I usually drink black coffe. I will write down my experiences later on.

  71. Christina says:

    Hi my name is Christina I just woke to where my dream seemed real I’ve been a Christian for 16 years now and a lot of stuff has happened in my life in the past two years where I never lost faith my son passed to years ago. My dream started to where I was some place that I’ve never been I come in the hallway yelling the son Holy Ghost Jesus Christ to get out then I started seeing this demons around me so I kept yelling it until they were gone I go down the hall way looking for my kids I find two of them so we started back down the hallway and I start yelling again this time my kids helped and we didn’t see anything then at the end of the hallway I see my husband I guess that’s who it was it looked like him well I said we need to look at my pictures well in one photo on the camera u see me laying on the floor like near a closet or a door or something and I had red eyes and I whispering to my son or daughter well I woke up after I saw that please tell me what this means I’m scared like I’ve never been scared before in my life

  72. Elizabeth says:

    Ok, to just start from the beginning. When I was 18 (I’m almost 21 now) me and a friend dabbled with a ouija board. At the time I was non religious, now I’m a Christian. And since I’ve had some weird things happen… But a couple things that has scared me the most, I’ve seen a dark shadow, then it just disappeared. And I had a dream of a demon just taking me to different places like it was teleportation. And I ended up in like a basement, and it was carving words and letters and symbols all over my body. In the dream, I thought I saw him, I couldn’t quite remember his face but he was in a suit and tie. Even til this day I am experiencing things like light flickering and me and my fiance was driving down the road and his CB radio turned on by itself and changed stations. My cousin, who is which a medium (not by choice) had said its oppression.

    • dacatchman says:

      Take stock on your life and the way you are living. If there’s anything that could be sinful and you are unrepentant of it, it can cause you issues here. You say you’re a Christian but only you know how deep that goes. Lots of people say they are Christian, but how do you know?

      The best thing is to do is pray and repent, asking for guidance on how to proceed.

      It’s very important to avoid avenues that would lend powers or principalities to have the ability to interfere with your life.

  73. Nicole says:

    I keep on getting the same dream over and over again. Its been over fours years now. I dream that there is a presence near my bed while i’m sleeping. I cannot see its face but at first i feel paralysed , I can’ t shout for help.I battle with myself trying to or hoping someone will turn on the lights. Then a member of my family appears in my bedroom but i still can’t move or wake-up and can’t even tell to switch on the lights so they leave again. Then i get more scared and later in my dream i somehow find the power to chase it in Jesus name. But then i keep on dreaming the same thing, very often. My daughter is very scared of the dark and refuses to do anything on her own at home. How do i stop these dreams?

  74. Lee says:

    Hi BillyClyde.
    I am not a christian, but I useto be, I kind of lapsed in that area of my life and got sick of falling off the wagon so to speak that I just stayed off.. that being said, I have always been a vivid dreamer since I was a kid, and on numerous occasions have had run ins with Other entities that just did not seem to fit the whole Dream motif and almost always I have responded to them in a christian manner (rebuke in Jesus name in the dream) There is just one dream lately I cannot shake, it is a dream where I am in a room with a friend, don’t even know who the friend is but I think we are just talking normally but I do not hear what about. I am in a chair facing a couch and a doorway, to the left of me is a fish tank that has a statue of the mother of Jesus in it, I suddenly notice that the tank water is leaking on the floor. that is when everything turns surreal, I look at my friend and he does not seem to notice anything, the water is pooling bigger on the floor, and the statue in the tank turns its head to look at me, black eyes and a black open mouth as if screaming. the talking my friend does is just muffled like I am listening but not really in his zone, I look at him and he still does not notice the fish tank.. suddenly to the right of him behind the couch I see a shadow fall back into the corner, then slowly rise, it looks like a person but is distorted, no real face, no real form but having a form (if that makes sense) I notice it because I hear it whisper “say my name” I hear myself ask “What?” and it repeats it “say my name”, I look at my friend still blabbering on about nothing then back at the fish tank, the water, then back to the shadow who’s voice is getting aggressive and louder,”say my name, say my name SAY MY NAME!!” I am dumbfounded about the whole situation. next instance while it is still screaming the same thing, it leaps over the couch past my oblivious friend and grabs me around the neck still screaming “SAY MY NAME” and shakes me and tries to strangle me.. this must have shocked me and I woke up.
    I do not frighten easially with dreams, actually hardly at all, and I have had things try to kill me in dreams before, but this one seemed different, and I felt like I knew this shadow’s name but cannot for the life of me recall what it is. I know it is a spiritual dream, I know because those sort of dreams have a specific feel about them than to normal dreams, and I’ve had many of them that I might just share with you another time. I am not actually sure what I am asking for here, Or IF I am asking for anything help wise, I just read everything and thought I’d mention my dream. I have had this dream numerous times and is the only dream where I have not confronted the shadow. If you read anything into it, great, would love to know your thoughts, if not, that is fine also.
    Be well.

  75. leo says:

    Please read this one! Its edited from the first one. Thank you. Hi I just woke from a dream within a dream. There were 2 people I met at a festival a few months back. They were trying to do a ritual or exorcism but there where 5 things they needed to get out of me or 5 that they were trying to put in me. There was 1 left an it went bad, and if it went bad I had to be pushed through a sheet of glass to be awakened. I was pushed though and awakened to being at my house outside my trailer the air was thick with either smoke or redish fog there was another friend or person I knew that introduced me to these festivals an when I came to seeing him I knew we had to get inside my trailer I grabbed him by the wrist he didn’t say anything he had dark eyes now that I think of it.. he was first to get in my trailer I go to close the door an my door handle broke off I tried to put it back on an told him to grab my bible from the side of my bed he stood there I called for my dog because I knew she was outside she bolted in I tried to close the door again my keys were hanging as if from the handle but they were what was keeping it from closing I shouted in the name of Jesus an nothing happened I yelled it again an nothing screamed IN THE NAME OF YAHSHUA an I awoke to laying in my trailer next to my girl friend. YAHSHUA was what woke me. I read your blog it made a lot of sense I’m not sure why I’m putting this out there but I am. God bless you an thank you for sharing.

    • BillyClyde says:

      Hi Leo. I’ve never been to one of those festivals but my son told me they were crawling with demons. Based on what my son told me nothing positive can come from going to them.

      • leo says:

        Yes I agree. They are crawling with demons you can almost physically see them. The next festival I go to isn’t going to be about fun it’s about doing the Lord’s work an testifying!

  76. fansee718 says:

    Good afternoon. I have never experienced this sleep paralysis. I am a Christian. There is a certain room in my house where 2 people on separate occasions, years apart have experienced sleep paralysis. I have slept in this room myself, with the windows open and sometimes closed. I have never experienced this. Once a guest was sleeping over and the other person who normally sleeps in the room was sleeping beside the quest. They claimed to have seen a cat or something in the room, I know cats can climb but it would be nearly impossible for a cat to get there and just appear in the window. That night the person experienced a very bad sleep. One of my family members believe that the guest had a “bad spirit” on them. I know that demons and things exist. When I was younger I was so afraid of “them”, and afraid of the dark. There would be times I would hear footsteps in the house when I was the only one home. I would hear my mother’s voice call my name, when I asked her what she wanted she would say “I didn’t call you, and don’t answer whatever it is”. Now as an adult I do not acknowledge their presence nor am I afraid of the dark. Is it because of this why they don’t bother me anymore? Or is it because I have accepted the Lord and He is covering me from their attacks. Please help me understand. I don’t want o experience this but I want to know a little why I haven’t.

  77. Beach says:

    First and foremost, I’d would like to say that I really appreciate that there is a site, a place rather where I can vent, and further the understanding events that I’ve seen in various accords throughout my life. And to also commend my follow commentors for sharing their experiences, in turn allowing for each of us to grow within our own right; Reinforcing the idea that God moves.

    I could go into detail with my experiences, but the amount of the lot that were noteworthy to me, would certainly exceed the amount of time I have here to comment here, as I do have work in just a few short hours. So I’ll start by speaking on the most recent event that happened yesterday (08-21-15).

    I consider myself an avid reader, and have enjoyed the likes of many literary pieces ranging across various genres in regards religious text, occult studies, paranormal, psychological studies, poetry, fiction/nonfiction, and many. Recently while reading browsing the web, I somehow domino effected’ myself into he abyss once more and ended up coming across a book, to whose title will leave unmentioned. It possessed visual interpretations of demons mentioned and documented through history. Religious on the surface, but certainly of occult influence. I found it interesting, and proceeded to indulge in it shortly before bed.

    One important thing that I would like to mention is, before indulging in any readings of “darkened” context, I typically pray to God for shielding against the influences that may lie underneath the surface of the piece. On this night/early morning, I don’t think I did so. The book also lacked an official English translation, so I ended spending my time on a website that had compressed the book in short-form; giving brief descriptions of each demon, as well as the illustrations of certain ones that came directly from the book. After reading between maybe 10-15 of these short bios, I prayed a little bit and proceeded to head to sleep.

    As mentioned by various commentors here, I have come to understand that when dreams seem to instantly start, like an automatic, partially lucid sleep.. 9 times out of 10 I have had nightmares. I dream and all, but nightmares come way less frequent… I frequent more so than either, as of late (adulthood), not remembering them at all. Though, my girlfriend says often I talk and even argue in my sleep with people… I most can’t recall any of it the follow day. Lol. But let’s get back to what happened…

    I don’t remember the intro to my dream/nightmare. But for some reason, this I would separate this from my typically dreamscape turn bad, run of the mill nightmare. This felt like an attack…
    As stated, the body of the event is very, very cloudy. But I can say that, initially I believe I was accompanying a companion, whose face or body I cannot remember. I firstly felt comforted and if I’m not mistaken, gradually started to feel uneasy. This companion then escorted me to what appeared like my own house.. I believe we were outside at first. I opened the doors, and we both walked in. (This is getting weirder while typing and actually reading what I am writing. Whoa.)
    After entering my empty home, I stood near my couch as if we were going to sit down, to which I did; but the individual didn’t. In a males voice, he stands directly parallel to me and says, “You want to see something?” In a eerily cold voice. It’s like my soul knew that something was really off.. But my mind couldn’t comprehend the question or the fact that, what can someone show me in my own home that I haven’t seen. I never responded only look took his/it’s direction. Seated. It proceeded to walk behind a blind spot near a wall/bookcase hybrid that is actually in my house, but not big enough to hide a person. With a few seconds, almost instantly he returned with a ball of darkness (think the antigonist Venom from the Spider-Man comics. Symbiote like) that moved and squirmed like that of a living thing. He held it like one would hold a child in their arms. It was pretty big. I froze and somehow was now on my back on the couch. He smiled and walk slow towards me, even though he would only have to take 5 or less step to be close to me. We locked eyes, but I don’t remember him even having eyes. He was now all black. A shadow. The darkness he held was blacker than he though. Approaching me.. He attempted to blanket me in it starting with me torso area first. I moved and pushed backwards, only further backing myself into the couch. But through the grace of God to which I will give this honor… I felt my girlfriend shaking me telling me to “wake up”. I was backed all the way into the wall to which our bed is pressed against. I was literally moaning and fighting in the physical realm. She said its was only for a short period. Like 4 or so moans and pushes. I could instantly recall ever bit of it and was very scared, but equally comforted by seeing her and my newborn daughter, and the energy of good.

    I was still pretty shocked tho. It bothered me a bit throughout the day, but eventually subsided. And now I am here.

    Thanks you all for allowing me a bit of time to share my experience. Love cures. And God moves. Thank you.

    • dacatchman says:

      I once was curious in stuff like you, but I’ve had to be delivered from it. Consider this, the bible says very little about organizations, reasons, how, or why demons are, where they are, and what not. There’s a reason for this.

      Trust this reason. Seek deliverance from your curiosity in this arena.

  78. Allan says:

    I’m not sure if the dream I had was from a demon but after I woke up I didn’t realize what had happened to me but I felt I had been violated in some way I guess.

    Ok so for a long time I wanted to make video games. I loved making them and doing it since I was young and is what I wish I could do. I went to school and got a B.S. degree in entertainment and video game design and got out and just couldn’t get a job. I’ve tried and I thought about moving but always felt it was wrong some how. My family actually relies on me a lot so I stay and try to find work around here for anything computer arts related and still fail to get the positions. I started to doubt myself and kind of gave up on it and have been sitting here for 3 years not doing what I wanted and still no job in what I wanted. I soon got very depressed and gave up and got fat and stopped taking care of myself. I woke up one day and decided to get my life straight and i’d had enough and that I was going to move on. I started eating healthy and exercising and living right and changing my attitude towards things. I started treating people better and whatnot. Here comes the dream….

    So I woke up come downstairs and started playing a game on my computer and a couple hours or so I got extremely tired. I couldn’t keep my eyes open to play the game I got super drowsy. So I decided to go take a nap. I laid down and passed out quick and started dreaming I was at Walmart buying diet food with my mother. Someone at the register was checking out and the cashier said something racist to this black guy. He got mad and then all of a sudden a bunch of other black people got mad. Next thing I know it was like a big looting scene with chaos and people trampling over people and running out of Walmart with all kinds of stuff. Someone ran past my mother and bumped her and I went off on them and turned out I went off on the wrong person. My mother said it was someone else so I tried to apologize but the 3 people of what I “thought” was a mother and 2 girls but they all looked the same to me. I couldn’t tell you what they looked like but I could see their eyes only kind of like a blur on the rest of them. I honestly thought it was 3 black woman. I apologized again as I was walking away and no expression no response just still and staring at me. I told my mother lets go out the back of the store so we took off as I held her hand and I turned around again to see those people and they were still watching me. It kind of weirded me out how they were acting. I just moved on quickly and took off with my mom. We went down the side isle of the store and as we were running I noticed one of those people were standing looking at something on the shelves like in the cold section. I think they were looking at ham or cheese or something or at least pretending to do so. I looked at them and they just stared at me as I passed and I said out loud “hey that was that person from the checkout… but how did they get over here so fast…?” my mother didn’t even notice and kept going and i was still holding her hand headed to the back of the store to get out of there. I turned to keep going and heard them say something but didn’t understand. I kind of resisted my mothers pull to go out the back and finally let go of her hand and went back and said what did you say? they turned and looked at me and said “I know what you want.” I said “ummm… how would you know what i want?” they just seemed like they smiled and started to walk away and i followed and they said ” I know what you want and I can help you get it.” I said get what and they kinda smiled again and started to walk around the corner back to the front where all the chaos was and said ” meet me over here in a minute and will talk.” I turned my head and looked back and saw my mother turn the corner and i couldn’t see her anymore. Let me remind you while i was talking to whomever this was it seemed like it was just me and this person and everything around me was still. as i saw my mom turn the corner in the back i thought OMG she is going to get hurt I can’t let her go alone I couldn’t live with myself if something happened to her and i wasn’t there… she’s small and weak i thought. I turned and looked and the dark blurred kind of person turn the corner looking at me and as they did it I said “maybe some other time i gotta make sure my mother is fine!” I took off to find my mother and the dream was over…

    I woke up feeling weird and didn’t really remember what had happened I just felt violated in some way and had a strange feeling over me. Later i remembered the dream more clearly thinking about it and it hit me I think something tried to make a deal with me. then i got really weird about the whole thing.

    3 days later a person i tried to start a company with to make video games calls me and tells me i need to take a vacation to California where he’s at. He told me that i was better than the people he’s seen out there and i would be awesome out there and would most definitely get a job. I told him no and then he continued on how we could still make that game together. In the end i told him my dream and he didn’t catch it…. I finally got rid of him nicely and probably will never talk to him again. He had screwed me over in the past with the games we were going to make so it was weird for him to call me because i had the impression me and him were done.

    So my question is… was this really a demon attacking me and telling me it can give me all i desire or something or am i just dreaming?

    Sorry for the long post there’s No way for me to get it clear without putting it all in… I guess details help…. I hope….

    • BillyClyde says:

      Hi Allan. That does sound like a demonic dream. It’s hard to say whether the Guy calling you was a coincidence or something else. It could go either way. It sounds like you did the right thing by turning him down. Another thing you could have said to him would have been “I need to pray about this and see if it’s what the Lord wants. I’ll call you back in a few days”. His response to that might have answered the question.


  79. POWER says:

    To be honest, things like this “transpassing” happens to me all the time
    but it never seems to work for them. I’m able to take control of my dreams and believe it or not i end up destroying them out of anger. I had one that I felt weak n couldnt speak at all. I got annoyed by the feeling n opened my arms while lookin up at the sky while screaming “ahh” really loud. and i ended up waking up. thank god. I’ve had many but that one was the most challenging other ones i seem to take control of it with ease.

    • POWER says:

      P.s when i screamed it wasn’t loud i was just trying to bring out my voice , it sounded low until i broke out of it and the scream came out loud and thats when I woke up

  80. Deborah says:

    Hi today I had a dream that left me feeling weird physically like my body was light but stiff if it makes sense ? I always have demonic dreams and I’ve gotten use to it so much I don’t care to pay attention to them anymore because I’m use to it even the sleep paralysis I’ve gotten use to . This dream was different because during the possession I was crying and scared and then I saw a white sheep from afar staring at me . I don’t know but it’s the white sheep I can’t stop thinking about anyways I had to get that off my head

  81. kesha w says:

    Hello. I just had a horrible nightmare like no other. It started off as a normal dream but all of a sudden it became dark. There was a evil presence who was killing ppl and hurting ppl and it was trying to hurt me on plenty of occasions. I thought it was a movie the whole time but then it was like the movie became real. When the movie was done n I thought the demon was gone it wasn’t. It came back again n again trying to terroize me. I tried waking up 3 times.Everytime I thought it was over or if I talked about it in my dream weird things started happening again. There was one scene where I was talking about the events and all of a sudden a cobra jumped pass me tryna bite me. Like it was thrown at me. And I remember telling someone “its because I’m talking about_________” can’t member the name. I finally woke and realized I was actually literally moving in bed trying to wake. I felt like crying.

  82. jen says:

    I had my first experience with sleep paralysis last night and it included a demon, not sure if it was good or evil or just trying to pass through. My dream began with me boarding a city bus I had never ridden before, but have seen driving frequently, although I no longer live in that city as of last week. I boarded this bus wearing a beach towel and flip flops, recieved many strange looks from other passengers but was not negatively effected by their gazes at all, which is not how I believe I would have reacted had it been real life (I am conscience to what people think)
    several stops later a passenger boarded the bus, it was a woman I have seen before in my life, possibly knew well- Although I could not get a good look at her face as the face before me was pale and veiny and had solid black iris’. She kept changing seats on the bus almost trying to sit closer to me, I did not feel frightened by her but instead I felt empathy for her, I could feel her suffering and wanted to relieve her of it almost immediately. When she sat closer to me I extended a hand to her and she immediately reached out for mine, taking a harsh grip on my hand. Almost instantaneously the color of her skin fleshened and the pale color tresspased up my arm and my skin became cold and pale, immediately as this happened I awoke in bed. I was paralyzed and fixated on the cieling above me and I feel like I was saying words but I am not sure what they were. This happened for what felt like 20 minutes or so and after that time I opened my mouth and expected to see a black vapour come from me, I felt a hot presence leave my lips and I flew with it through the walls and cieling outside and high up into the morning sky back to Kingston Ontario (the place I had moved from) and I entered a man through his heart (I believe his soul) as he was walking down the sidewalk….

    I immediately woke up as soon as I entered him and I did not feel harmed and I did not feel scared. I felt very deeply saddened and had a headache like no other. I talked to a spiritual friend of mine and he said he awoke this morning feeling frightened for me, even though he was not directly thinking of me.

    Help? I am so confused by this “encounter” last night was the first night since moving cities I had not reached a deep sleep as I usually take sleeping pills. But last night I prayed before bed for the first time in years for an answer to my mysterious sadness, and did not take any sleeping medications and it all seems so weir, but at the same time I feel like I was a vessel for a message to be passed from on part of the country to another. Help please!?
    Should I expect more?

    • BillyClyde says:

      Hello Jen. That sounds like a typical demonic dream. There’s no message in it that you’re supposed to get and pass on. There never is in demonic dreams but they will use imagery that they think will make it seem so. I suspect you had it on the night when you didn’t take the sleeping pills because without them you drifted slowly into sleep passing through alpha slowly and giving them a chance to give you the false scenario. As I understand sleeping pills drop you into a deep sleep quickly. That’s my suspicion of what was going on anyway. It may or may not happen again.

      This article may give you some ideas about why it happened.

  83. Leanne says:

    Hi this is Leanne here from Melbourne Australia. I just read your post and it makes so much sense. I have had this happen to me countless times and even all hours of the morning. The state is called REM, which means you are not fully awake or fully asleep and that is where I get attacked by the enemy. I hear noises at night too and I need urgent advice. I have encountered Jesus in REM too. When I go to get out of my bed in the REM GOD has given me something to overcome them which I can’t say lest the enemy finds out. In the REM state is that similar to an outer body experience? Because it feels like I have a body. I need advice on what to say or yell out to the enemy if this happens again. Thank you and God bless you. Leanne

    • Leanne says:

      Yes In the Rapid eye movement called REM I have been thrown through my bedroom window which was worse then scary. It was one night after Jesus had visited me for something personal and I went to tell family about the visit and the next night I was thrown through my bedroom window in the semi concious state because the enemy hated me having a personal relationship with Jesus and went to torment me because Jesus came to me on the 11th May at 5am 2005. I have also been levitated off my bed,.quilt cover pulled of me I have been pinned to the floor awake and my left arm was numb all over out of the blue and when I went to turn on the light because I was scared I did not make it and fell to the floor and could not get up as it felt like an invisible force was holding me there and I screamed out Jesus Jesus Jesus etc. After awhile my arm went back to normal and my heart was beating so fast. Just over two years ago in a taxi going to a Christian book store to buy a cd my left arm lost feeling and started to travel down my hands and that ended not moving and I opened the taxi door and screamed in the Name of Jesus Jesus Jesus I rebuke you. And I was screaming out to Jesus. I did not care who heard me. After awhile it went back to normal. I want to go home to be with Jesus and the Father because I am sick of this demon infested world. Before I woke up this morning as I was being tormented physically by demons I could not speek very well but I let them know that they are going to the lake of fire and I have eternal life. You don’t want to know half of what they have done. Jesus had to physically appear in my room in the REM to get the demons away because they were trying to pull out my teeth and it was painful. Jesus also supernaturally delivered me from a demon in 2007 who came to destroy me. JESUS IS THE BEST. I brought a book by John Eckhart called Prayers that route demons and break curses. What do you think of that book?

    • BillyClyde says:

      Hi Leanne. Remember that demons are liars and counterfeiters. Don’t take for granted it was Jesus that you saw. The bible says to test the spirits. Demons can put any imagery they want in a false vision. If the Lord Jesus wants to appear to you He doesn’t need REM to do it. He can do it any time He wants including when you are wide awake. It’s just the enemy who needs Rem/alpha.
      As for what to say.
      “In the name of Jesus you demons are commanded to flee from me now”.
      And you don’t have to yell it. It’s the Masters name that has the authority not the loudness of the statement.

  84. alicia says:

    I have the same dream where I’m watching myself sleep but then a beautiful voice is singing to me she sounds like an angel till she let’s out an awful scream then I wake and I can’t move but black shadows are coming towards me while she’s still screaming… I looked at my clock and it was the same time as when I seen in my dream while I was watching myself and I have tried all this and can’t find anything tht works to help me and it is getting worse . its to where this is happening every night now

  85. Danielle says:

    I have these dreams where i know it’s evil whatever it is trying to get me sometimes i can’t even move i can feel myself trying to move but it’s like something has me. When i try and call on Jesus it’s really hard for me to speak. Sometimes i can’t even say his name. What does this all mean?

    • BillyClyde says:

      Hi Danielle. It sounds like something is giving the enemy a foothold in your life. I would pray and ask the Lord Jesus to tell me what I need to change. The enemy manipulates those dreams and it’s them who are trying to prevent you from saying Jesus’ name. If you focus and concentrate you will be able to call on Jesus. Also you can call on Jesus in your thoughts.

  86. Kat says:

    Thank you all for sharing.. I almost felt odd looking this up but now I feel better. When I first became a Christian, really devoted myself and proclaimed love for God I had what one could consider sleep paralysis however to me it felt like someone, something was weighing on me. I could not do anything for a few minutes but as soon as I prayed I was released and woke up. My boyfriend us a Christian and he was instantly angry when I told him because he know this was me being targeted. The next time I was at my apartment going to bed with my dog and the light was on. My boyfriend and friend were in the next room watching tv. The attack began but it was as though I was still awake, nothing in the room had changed. My dog began to be choked right next to me by something invisible. It lifted him in the air and he was struggling but whatever was doing it was invisible. I was screaming for my friend and boyfriend, but the words would not come out. I began to pray and pray hard and it stopped. I awoke to the same scene, as nothing in the room had changed.. even the lights were on in my dream still! My friend came in and we prayed together. It was frightening. At this point I started to recognize what was happening and became angry and ready to battle! I have not had issues since.. until last night. In this dream the house I was in was dark, and the demon used an image of a friend who had committed suicide recently. Someone I thinkof often and miss. He was physically attackinget me, holding me down anf on the verge of raping me. My boyfriend in the dream was around and I called for him but he would not come. I pushed and resisted but to no avail. Somehow I got away and got outside, dragging my dog out as I did not want him to be a victim again like the last time (I knew through the entire dream this was another attack). I began to pray in my dream and shout, taking power away and I awoke. My boyfriend was next to me and I told him what happened. He prayed and held my hand but I stayed awake for a bit because I could feel the presence still waiting to slip in once I drifted off. Eventually I fell asleep, focusing my mind on beautifu, Godly things and fell asleep and dreamed normally. The presence was definitely still looming though initially. I am very confident in these battles now but they are still frightening. I’m glad I am not alone!!

  87. Rob says:

    I have suffered from demon dreams for over 20 years. I have tried casting them out in the name of Jesus but they don’t leave. They linger in the corners of my room. They have told me their names. There are three of them always. They communicate with me in dreams and in waking life and they make perfect sense. The number three seems to give them power. They admit to trying to possess my body but they can’t because Jesus is in me so they wait for their opportunity. How can I get rid of them for good

  88. kenny says:

    It’s a tramatic experience. Pinned down. You can feel the weight on your chest and knees by your ribs. Dark figure pacing around the bed. Coming up to my left ear and the most horrific scream. Then it went threw my body. Made me believe in christ.

  89. Mona says:

    Bless you for this article. One attacked me this morning while asleep. I have never caught so hard. I screamed in my sleep for Jesus to help me. I told the demon I was a Christian. My body belongs to Jesus. Any way it was horrible. Glad to know I am not the only human that this has happened to.

  90. Brenda says:

    Let me begin by saying I am a Christian both Baptized and a believer in Father. I am continuously looking for resolutions to my attacks which come in many forms which has been happening to me ever since I was a little girl. I am now 46 years old, still with no understanding to why these things continuously happen to me. I am attacked not only in a paralyzed state I am also attacked by a grey matter that may be in the outline of body or nothing more than a unformed blob per say which is not in a solid form. Many things have happened to me through my years in which have also been seen and or experienced by others around me. My animals have become my warning sign in my awake state. They see what I cannot. They chase while trying to attack what it is. I do have pictures to show it is real. They include the Mass and Orbs. In the last few years I have begun outter body experiences, my first terrified me. In my outter body experiences I have experienced many attacks. One I will never forget was the roars of anger from something not human so loud and terrifying. I have also been attacked in outter body states by the grey matter form. I have had to fight it off. I have things in my home disappear for long and or short periods of time then reappear with no understanding how and where it went to begin with. I have had exterior doors open that where shut tight. My bathroom door while I was in the bathroom one morning slowly closed on my, keeping in mind it had never done this before, I thought it was my granddaughter playing a trick on me. So, playing back once it shut I immediately opened it and said, Gottch ya”, but she was not there. She was in bed still sound to sleep. I tried everything to get the door to do it again by turning on the blow dryer anything I could think of. The result..nothing would close it. My name, I hear my name being called to me, so who or what it is, it knows who I am. When it is near I feel it’s presence immediately. It’s almost like the feeling in a room changes, not hot or cold rather a state of feeling confused or fear. I see shadows passing through rooms that pass quickly. Backing up, when I was a small girl I did have one outter body experience. I was flying in my living room. Sounds funny I know, but it did happen. Also I remember my blanket being yanked of my bed and no one was there that could have done it. I have had friends come to stay the night that would wake us up at night crying and begging to go home which we would, but they would never come back. Many times through my life I have seen a quick view of something happening and it would. My dad passed away May 8,2015. He came to me once which put me in an outter body state. He told me if he could find away to let me know he was ok he would. I was sleeping on the couch. He passed by me telling me it was time to wake up for breakfast in the robe I covered him in. He was walking which he could not do before he passed away. I called out to him. Told him to wait for me. He didn’t stop. He faded into the dark. Since his passing, my experiences have become less. I honestly believe he now protects me even after death. There is much more that has happened, but still to this day, I have no understanding to the question, “Why me”?

    • BillyClyde says:

      Hello Brenda. There is a door open somewhere letting those things into your life. I don’t want to try to guess what it might be without knowing enough about your situation. I can say with reasonable certainty that what you saw was not your Dad. The bible says that to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. Spirits of deceased people don’t have the option of hanging around the physical world. Demons are great counterfeiters and can appear to be a loved one. A good course of action is to ask the Lord in prayer to tell you what you need to change. Demons don’t and actually can’t just randomly pick a victim and oppress them. They need a contract/invite of some kind. If you diligently ask the Lord Jesus to show you what He wants you to change He will. Sometimes it’s something you don’t suspect. Here is an article that may be helpful.

      • Brenda says:

        Thank you very much. I read the article. I will definitely use the advice. I’m not sure what I did as little girl to cause the door to open, but I will pray harder about it and seek the answers to get the door closed. I know as an adult I’m not perfect and have made my share of mistakes. That too I will seek our Lord’s guidance to find peace from the demons that taunt me.

  91. Chucki says:

    I am a 57 year old woman that is a faithful follower of Jesus Christ. This year I have asked our Lord to take me deeper. Last night I woke myself up from a dream of being locked in a house with windows all around it. Evil people surrounded the house. Everywhere I went there was evil looking at me. I was safe and they couldn’t get in. I heard “Call on the angels” I called on the angels Gabriel and Michael, I was able to wake up and go straight to praying the Lord’s Prayer, Psalm 23, Praying heavy about being light and praying for them to get behind me in the name of Jesus and found it hard for these evil people to leave. I even hummed, spoke in God’s language and sang. (Thank God my husband was in another part of our home.) It was very uncomfortable.
    With time I finally visualized a beautiful vision of walking into heavens garden, being held by my guardian angel and then asking Jesus to protect me and I started ascending up and up and fell back to sleep. Just earlier that day a sister in faith invited me to start a new Bible Study on Deliverance and the power of prayer. I normally never have nightmares, last night was intense.

    One time about 20 years ago I had a dark entity cover me while sleeping and I was paralyzed. I started to cry, I couldn;t move. I wasn’t a follower at the time. I heard “Say the Lord’s Prayer: I did and the entity lifted and I never had a nightmare after that until last night.

    Am I being prepared for something?

    • BillyClyde says:

      Hello Chuki. This is just my opinion but I don’t think you are being prepared for something. I suspect the enemy is reacting to your starting a new bible study. They may be worried about what you might learn that they don’t want you to know. Keep in mind these dreams are just a fake scenario that a demon dreamed up. They can put anything in them and they will use whatever they think will lead you in the wrong direction. Telling you to call on angels is a marker that the enemy was behind the whole thing. Calling on angels isn’t scriptural. Angels don’t act on their own accord. They go where the Lord sends them and do whatever task the Lord has assigned them. It’s more appropriate to just ask the Lord Jesus to help you and He will decide whether or not to send angels.

  92. Hi there,

    I wrote on here some other day about this maybe, I think I asked you about beer and coffee.

    Well here its what happened before and just an hour ago in a dream.

    About 2 months ago I dreamt of a demon trying to possess me. Today I dreamt of a demon trying to possess me and it kind of succeed it in the dream, in it I was calling on my brother to help me with authority but he vanished in the dream or dissapeared, I felt my body getting hot in the dream, also my throat; as I was trying to not letting it possess me it did and I started changing my voice to en evil one, then I tried to woke up, felt the pressure on me, I managed to push it off of me while waking up, then finally woke up, rebuked it in the name of Jesus.

    I have no doors open I guess. I stopped drinking about 20 days ago. I stopped also coffee but this week I did drank coffee, yesterday I drank about three cups of black coffee and this happened. The only thing I notice is that coffee makes me think more of women, makes me desire them more than usual so I guess I kind of think sexually of them trying not to; I get the temptation to watch some porn but I avoid it, so I guess resisting it trigers the attack since this happened another day before i. Which I had this sexual need, resisted it, then felt as If my spirit was being pulled off by an entity, I prayed to the Lord Jesus, I saw the demon which was a Kind of man figure, it was a white light or like evil face bit its sillhoutte was bright white; but this was another day before as I said.

    So, somehow I still think black coffee may be the cause. I don’t know if its an attack only just because, I think it may be discerment from the Holy Spirit.

    The other day I felt a presence in my house, I think it moved a plant in the living room, I of course rebuked it in Jesus named.

    I accepted Jesus back on November 2014, since then I’ ve been closing doors. No beer lately, no porn. Not dealing with sin, probably just the need of a woman.

    I think I may be under attack but I keep thinking what it might be.

    • YC says:

      I am praying for you brother , I know how hard it can be to wrestle with the flesh alone not to mention demonic activity- don’t lose faith- BE OF GOOD COURAGE!….it is written ”We have not received a spirit of fear BUT OF POWER, LOVE AND SELF CONTROL!”…if you haven’t received the gift of THE HOLY SPIRIT- pray this prayer right now : FATHER GOD I REPENT OF ALL SIN, I CONFESS THAT YOUR SON CHRIST JESUS CAME IN THE FLESH AND BLOOD AND I SURRENDER MY LIFE TO YOU. BY FAITH I RECEIVE THE BLOOD OF CHRIST IN MY BEING AND WELCOME YOUR HOLY SPIRIT TO FILL ME. (after this, immediately start thanking and praising God with joy and authority -walk around your room with your arms raised to heaven – don’t stop until you feel God’s presence fill you with power! read my post below – sanctify your dwelling, get rid of anything that has any hint of ungodliness – clothes, music, whatever- GOD will bless you and give you the means to replace it with even better things- have faith! Just focus on God – and everything else will fall in place! God Bless you brother!!

    • BillyClyde says:

      Hi. It sounds like you are making steady progress. This is just my opinion but I don’t think coffee is a problem. Here’s another possibility though. Maybe misdirection. The enemy is tricky and may be taking steps to make you think the issue is one thing when it really is something else. I don’t know for certain that’s what’s going on but the enemy has been known to do things like that. I would continue to pray about it.

  93. I always dream of demons and paranormal things.

    Recently I dreamt that there was a demon in the form of a 6 year old little girl outside of a house I was in. She/It was trying to get inside and wouldn’t let anybody leave the house.

    It was at this point I decided to confront this thing. It appeared to me in the little girl form. I comanded that it leave and that it was not welcome in this house. That I am a servant of the Lord and the only thing I fear is God Almighty himself. That it was worthless.

    That was when the demon showed its true form. Its face stretched out and became haggard looking, with no teeth, and black eyes. It was nose to nose with me. It began screaming at me and I began screaming back at it. We were at a stand off and I was not backing down.

    After a few minutes of this, I woke up and felt as if I had accomplished something amazing. Such a sense of accomplishment that I had never felt before.

  94. Lincoln says:

    I knew there was something behind that”Alpha”word. After watching the movie”Teen Wolf”, i had this strange dream. When i woke up the next day, i quit watching the movie, but i noticed something on the disc: it had a single eye; commonly known as”the all seeing eye”, and the word”Alpha”. That was why I started googling the demonic meaning of Alpha, and i was glad when I came across this article. Please we should be sensitive of the films we watch.

  95. MarieElena says:

    If the author of this Blog/Site is still active; I would absolutely love to have a discussion with you.

    I have had Demonic attacks & dreams while entering the dream state or Hypnagogia for many years (or upon just waking) now – since young child-hood; years can pass without episode.

    Recently after a few years of not attending Church, I began to attend again and seek out Christ & reestablish my walk with Him. I know God is asking me to press-in and become a bit more responsible and “Holy” as of late as well – I mention this because just recently the attacks have returned in an extreme sense.

    The night I returned to Church was pretty bad.

    Last night I was attacked through-out the night many times; it was absolutely horrifying the worst part is…

    My Dreams/Attacks are very vivid and do include Pain – REAL pain; Excruciating Pain beyond your wildest imagination in approximately the same body area most episodes.

    The attacks have become so violent & so intense that I no longer want to fall asleep at night. It has gotten so bad that my primary care physician has requested I try medication for PTSD sleep terrors.

    I am afraid the medication might be making it worse because though I Can dream about demons, I believe these scenarios are actually attacks.

    I have “aura” and know when I am about to be attacked 90% of the time. It’s as though time slows down. Sounds travel differently, I feel a sensation as well. I can usually wake myself with some struggle because I often feel deeply sedated and unable to respond typically. I call out to Christ and “Bind” or Rebuke the spirit/dream as soon as I am able.

    Many times the attacks/dreams are sexual in nature.

    I believe I might be inviting some of this unknowingly but am uncertain as Christians have varying thoughts as do many web-sites on the subject.

    I would love to discuss some or all of this with you if possible.

  96. Joe says:

    Hello Brother
    I have just came back to the Lord for real this time I had a dream I was standing in my hall way an I saw a thing standing in my hallwall wearing a meancing mask a grinnin smiley not the happy feel good type I tried to rebuke it in Jesus name but couldnt my voice was incoherent as if I was paralyzed to speak.. I woke up an all 3 of my young babies woke up screaming at the same time… they were sleeping with me at the time this occurred.. My son saw something because he was completely freaked out an scooted right up towards me… Can you explain to me why this happened?.. I know it was an attack on me I am at the point where I am seeking God an i yearn to be close to him to hear him to be spiritually leaded by God through his Holy Spirit.. My husband isnt saved an I have been through alot with my husband I love him no matter what he had done or how he treats me I remain here by his side praying for him to be saved.. I t isnt a easy road because I have things I am working with myself an God but this dream was like no other dream I have ever had before I have had sexual dreams before but nothing like this.. explaination through the Holy Spirit will help me… have a clear an better understanding..

  97. YC says:

    First of all I want to give glory to God The Father for becoming flesh and blood through his Son Yeshua (Iyesus/Jesus) ; offering himself on the tree as a perfect sacrifice without sin and rising from the dead in order to conquer all powers of darkness that oppress mankind. To those of us who believe in His holy name, repent of sin and surrender our life to obey His word, He has given us authority over satan and all his minions. I, too , from a very young age suffered an unrelenting attack from demons in my thought life, during my sleep (nightmares, trance-like terrors and even physical manifestations)…I was born with spiritual gifting and could ‘see’ (sense) demonic spirits and extra-dimensional phenomena early on. This can make you a fun ‘target’ – at first to traumatize you into regarding these creatures as powerful and thus convincing you of this lie in order to control or even possess you. Demons try to create a ‘soul tie’ or ‘bond’ through traumatic experiences by generating a’ psychological-emotional-somatic’ connection with you and thus by simply ‘whispering’ thoughts into your mind that they have managed to drill into your subconscious repeatedly, they can perform a form of ‘telepathic’ mind control. At first in my childhood I told my parents (Christian) and they blew it off as just ‘nightmares’. They even went as far as taking me to a psychiatrist at one point ,even though the church services we attended, preached great deal about these things! ( (Major lack of spiritual discernment and maturity!) Here I was crying to them that demons were entering my room at night and strangling me- trying to kill me! Finally, my mother began reading the bible with me at night and soon I had memorized Psalm 23 which to this day I can recite word for word. It helped and the frequency of the attacks did lessen but not entirely. Then I recall that I had been taught of the power of the name of Jesus (Yeshua) while in church and how his disciples cast out demons in His name. It was on one particular night where a demon entered my room to choke me that I told it “I rebuke you in JESUS name!” The demon placed both of its hands over its ears and looked up, towards the ceiling, and let out a blood curdling scream. It then ran across the room, spread bat like wings out from its back and leapt out of my bedroom windows throwing them open and creating loud smashing noise. My mother came running in seconds later asking me what had happened, what the loud noise was and upon seeing the windows thrown open she asked me ”who opened the windows?” (These were French style shuttered windows that I myself had never opened on my own from the shear girth and size of them.) After that day, the demons ceased to manifest themselves physically/metaphysically and limited themselves to other activities such as ‘thought planting’ (where evil spirits plant thoughts into your mind, making you believe those thoughts are your own – usually convincing you to do something sinful or lead you into a situation that can be harmful/expose you to evil). So, even if you learn to use the name of Jesus you must stay alert because satan doesn’t scare that easily- he will come back to check on you- and know this- demons usually don’t attack head on – they disguise themselves and come at you when you are at your weakest/most vulnerable IE: half-asleep, dehydrated, poorly rested, fatigued, stressed out, emotionally unstable due to challenges in relationships or the overall environments you are exposed to (especially environments that are under ungodly influences). Let me tell you that even the most anointed and consecrated believers are attacked until the very end – our Lord Jesus was tempted by satan himself in the desert during his fasting, and it is written that satan even used Peter to try and persuade him to abandon his mission on earth (He rebuked Peter saying ” get behind me satan!”) — How much more will the enemy attack us?! The good news is this : HE WHO IS IN US IS GREATER THAN HE WHO IS IN THE WORLD – (scripture). This is an ongoing battle until we either leave this earthly body or we are caught up into the heavens with Christ when he returns- WHICH HE WILL… To all you young, not so young and even very mature people who read this – If you want to have true authority over satan- demons, witchcraft (which permeates society on many levels today), sorcery and all abominations that oppose God you have to surrender your life to God in every facet of your life. You cant be a wishy washy Christian that likes to listen to ungodly rock-rap-new age-or whatever else kind of music played on the radio or on some devil controlled music channel….remember that lucifer/satan was the head musician angel before his fall who used to lead all the angels in heaven in praise/worship unto The Lord…he knows a thing or two about the power of music…as a matter of fact- witches and satanists know this and use repetitious rhyming along with clever sounding words in order to cast spells (a lot of so called nursery rhymes are actually inventions of witches such as humpty dumpty, and the wish upon a star rhyme- astrology which is satanic), summon demons and perform their rituals. It is also written that ”THE LORD INHABITS THE PRAISES OF HIS PEOPLE”, this further illustrates that we as Christ followers should be using that power correctly in order to maintain God’s presence in our lives… Throw away the ungodly music, ungodly movies, search your home thoroughly for any things you may have bought that have astrological designs/drawings/symbology (demonic science belief system originated in Babylon that states that stars rule our destiny- A lie! The truth is GOD gave us freewill! We can choose to serve him and be blessed or refuse and pay the consequences).. The other day I saw a Christmas coffee mug in my mom’s house that had a few well placed satanic symbols on it- threw it away! (do some research on the internet– symbols such as the ”spiral maze”, ”arrows” and so forth having nothing to with CHRIST – and instead the occult….WHATEVER YOU DO- DO NOT CELEBRATE HALLOWEEN! ALL THOSE THINGS YOU HANG AROUND OUTSIDE AND INSIDE YOUR HOME THAT ARE IMAGES OF DEATH, DEMONS AND ABOMINATIONS TO GOD UNERMINE YOUR REATIONSHIP TO GOD AND ARE SIN PERIOD! IF YOU WANT NIGHTMARES AND EVIL SPIRITS TO HAVE TOTAL ACCESS TO YOUR LIFE THEN GO FOR IT. IF YOU ARE A TRUE CHILD OF GOD AND YOU REALLY HOLD THE BLOOD OF CHRIST AS THE MOST PRECIOUS GIFT YOU WILL HATE ANY FORM OF UNGODLINESS AND BE ALERT IN THESE THINGS… There is so much more I could write but in the end the most powerful things you can do to make yourself indestructible to the enemy’s attacks is to “LOVE GOD WITH ALL YOUR MIGHT AND LOVE THOSE AROUND YOU – EVEN THOSE WHO ARE AGAINST GOD (ESPECIALLY) – PRAY OFTEN ALL DAY LONG -READ HIS WORD AND MEDITATE ON IT — IF YOU FACE DEMONIC ATTACKS REBUKE THEM IN JESUS MIGHTY NAME – THEY WILL FLEE- GUARANTEED! May The Lord Yeshua be with you all!

  98. Marie says:

    Hello, please help
    I’ve had many dreams about someone or something trying to hurt me. And in some of the dreams where am running.
    But just a few hours ago I dreamt that I was back home in Haiti at my grandmother’s house, where it was a few of us. Out of all the people who was in the room I only knew 2 and 1 who I barely knew but remembered her face from my High School. And we were closing all the doors so that evil spirit couldn’t come in. And one of my cousin close her door at the last minute. And we could’ve sense evil spirits going around the house but couldn’t get in. And I woke up with a loud knock at my room door. And out of nowhere the song “hallelujah to the king of king” came to head. I started to sing it then I sang “victory is mine I told Satan get thee behind victory today is mine” i was singing it soft then i felt something saying to sing it louder and I started to scream “victory is mine in the name of jesus, Satan will not hurt me and my family. And I started crying. This isn’t t he first time I dreamt that evil trying to hurt me and my love ones. And I usually woke up crying. But this was the first time I sang and claiming victory

  99. Authority says:

    I experience demonic dreams every night. They offer me food, or attack me. This became extreme after coming in contact with a Warlock who was disguising himself as a man of God. I went through and extreme experience of demonic harassment. I even had a physical manifestation of a snake. We stared at each other eye to eye. My husband as my witness. Things a much better, but my dreams. So, a demon is in my house? When I’m having these demonic dream.

    • BillyClyde says:

      Hi. I can’t answer your question with certainty. Sometimes a dream is just a dream but it sounds like demons are behind the dreams you are having. I have never came in contact with a willing servant of the enemy such as a warlock. My experience has been with demonic oppression brought on by some sin or rebellion and I’m convinced that there’s always something in the victims life that is giving the demons a legal right. The fact that you experienced this before meeting the warlock suggests this is the case here as well. The warlock may have increased the traffic but the open door was already there.

  100. Adam Rivers says:

    You might think im crazy but… I was just falling asleep at 6:15 maybe 6:20 a.m. was asleep I’m sure because I was having a vivid very intense nightmare. The nightmare consisted of a woman seemed to be an old woman locking what looked like a half wolf half man creature in OUR basement…(bear with me) as she rushed up OUR basement stairs she slammed and vokted the basement door immediately as the beast thing lunged at the door I was awoken literally to a fairly hard slap to the very top of my head….mind you I really had no reason to believe in this kind of stuff until now my wife lay asleep next to me and I woke her up to tell her what happened…I sleep with my head inches from the wall maybe a gap of five inches between wall and head…I was under the impression spirits couldn’t harm people… We JUST moved into this house about two weeks ago… I will admit to feeling uneasy here vut attributed it to a new place. PLEASE please give me advice here my head is swimming I have yet to get any sleep nor do I foresee any in my future…

    • BillyClyde says:

      Hello Adam. What you’re experiencing happens to a lot of people. If you’re a Christian I would suggest starting with a simple command in Jesus’ name before you go to bed. Something like this. “In Jesus’ name you demons are commanded to leave my house and stay out of my sleep”. Say it out loud right after you’ve said your prayers and go to bed. Then see where it goes from there.

      But don’t do this if you’re not yet a Christian. Seek the Lord first.

      • zach says:

        Hey Bill, I want to share with you an experience I just had on October 26 at 1 am in the morning. I was dreaming a dream where my girlfriend and I were walking into church. As we got closer we could see people inside and the closer we got the nastier my girlfriend became and starting saying wretched things of the people inside the church. Then she transformed. The demon looked like a girl I used to know in grade school with hazy eyes, similar toveyes of a blind person, no color. We got inside the church and this demon was belligerent, I could tell it did not want to be there whatsoever. Now I knew this was a demon, but in my dream I also considered it my girlfriend still. I told her allie stop your embarrassing me. Then we ended up outside and the demon just started running frantically and very fast around a hillside seeming to turn younger in age too. I woke and the face was still so clear to me. The air in my room was very heavy. I prayed to Jesus and could hear electronic twitches/pulses in my tv’s clocks etc. I still did not feel good. I went out to the living room where I noticed a fan was on/white noise and switched it off. I was sure this fan was the portal. Anyway…I’ve had many experiences and have researched this topic a bit myself. If you would like to converse further and share information between each other that would be great. Thank you

      • BillyClyde says:

        Hi Zach. Sorry about the delay in responding. I’ve been tied up working late and haven’t been checking the blog like I should. I don’t personally think that demons need portals. I think they need an invitation/legal right. I think most of the time we have given them this by our sin. Sometimes we may not realize it.
        I would like to converse further also. I’ll take all the intel I can get. Email me if you like.

  101. fresh2def05 says:

    Ok so i do not have a certain religion althoug i do believe in God, our creator and i pray to him often. Sometimes, like last night, i have these very demonic dreams. I always fight back commanding the demons to leave but the fight ussually last the whole night and i wake up in extreme pain. The demons come in the form of faces. I can see the faces in the objects around my house. When they attack, the dream world begins to shake. I often dont even know im asleep until the shaking begins which makes it even more overwhelming because im thinking its happening in real life. Im very aggressive with the demons when commanding them to leave but they fight so hard sometimes or just laugh. Today i didnt wake up untol 6:30 pm because the fight lasted so long. I didnt think they could actually keep me asleep. I really need help on this. Its really taking its tole on my mind.

    …also, when i was younger i had this ability that allowed me to teleport at will in my dreams. If i didnt like what i was dreaming i could just teleport to a new dream. I could also wake myself up by simply blinking my eyes in my dream. As i got older, the teleportation distance decreased. I couldnt go to a new dream but only teleport to a different area in the same dream. Now i cant teleport at all nor wake my self up without struggling. What does this mean and how can i regain this control?

    • BillyClyde says:

      Hi. Demons aren’t under any obligation to obey a command unless the command is made in Jesus’ name and spoken by a servant of Jesus. A Christian who knows who his Lord is. And the effectiveness is hindered if there is unconfessed sin in the Christian’s life. My suggestion is to seek the Lord. He is the only defence against those things. If you decide to do so a good starting point would be a simple prayer something like this.
      ‘Lord Jesus. I have not known you but I want to know you now. Will you guide. I ask this in you’re Holy Name.’
      As for the teleport ability. This is just speculation on my part but it could have been a trick of the enemy from the get go. Something to lure you into experimenting with lucid dreaming. Demons have been known to synch their false scenarios to a victim’s thought to give the illusion that the victim has some control. They often do this to make a victim think he has awakened when really he is still in the dream. There is usually a noticeable lag like a first person shooter being played over a slow internet connection, which can be a tip off to what’s going on.

  102. Sophie says:

    Last night all I can remember is sleeping at my friends house woke up around 3:40am in need of water my throat was dry , I then proceeded to go to bed I then have a dream that I wake up but there is something choking me like there was nothing there but I could barely breath I was scared I started to yell but it was a wisper I then went to the only thing I do and try to do when I’m afraid and that is to repeat “love and light love and light” constantly in my head it was push away what ever it was I then yell god please help me and it felt like it had lifted , I then ran to wake my friend up and she was standing in the corner then turned and had an evil smile I then tried to wake her friend same thing then I felt I could move at all and they where doing sexual thing to me so I blocked it out called out to god it stopped I kind of jump out of my sleep woke up and my hands were pressed tight to my chest I don’t know what this means…

    • BillyClyde says:

      Hello Sophie. Calling out to Jesus specifically by name is more effective. The term ‘God’ can mean different things to different people. But when you say ‘Jesus’ demons know who you are asking for help from.

  103. Hannah stromer says:

    OK so I need help I drempt that me and my sister we sleeping on my floor and I was cuddling a baby I looked over and there sat a girl with no eyes and so I fan to turn on my light and when I got there I pressed my forehead to my wall and said I’m more powerful than u u can’t hurt me and turned on my last ght and opened my door and there stood me and I scream and slammed the door and tried to turn around then I woke up paralyze

    • BillyClyde says:

      Hello Hannah. Sometimes a bad dream is just a bad dream but yours has some markers of a demonic dream. The fact that you woke up paralysed is one. Does this happen on a regular basis or was that the first time?

  104. Chastity Dillard says:

    Hello. I came across this when attempting to look up what a dream I had last night meant.
    In my dream, I felt as if I was on some type of cruise ship and it was either sinking or just in really rough waters and started filling up with water. I kept trying to go up different floors to get out of the water and my dad was with me. There were spirits all around and I was the only one that could sense their presence and I was getting anxious and kept asking my dad to hold my hand for safety. I then somehow became unattached to his hand and a demon started choking me. I couldn’t breath and it was like he was trying to push my head down so I would go under the water and drowned at the same time. I didn’t see anything in my dream, just could feel something choking me and had this overwhelming since it was a demon and pure evil. Somehow I broke free and caught back up with my dad. Later in the dream I was having some sort of tea party with a young girl (maybe 4 years old?) and I could tell we were familiar with one another through our conversations although I really have never seen this girl before in daily life. She turned to me and had the most evilest face and it scared me very badly but I told her to stop rather than screaming. She did it twice more and I told her I would no longer play with her if she kept turning into that evil person. I then woke up. I’ve had a few other creepy dreams before, but I’ve never dreamt of something actually hurting me. Not sure what this means. Any insight or info will be greatly appreciated. If this helps any, I do have a relationship with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ although I do not attend church regularly and haven’t for many years now.

    • BillyClyde says:

      Hello Chastity. Sometimes a dream is just a dream. But yours could have been a demonic dream. The little girl sounds like the kind of imagery they like to use. Once she made the face it was time to bail in one way or another either by forcing yourself awake or asking for Jesus’ help in the dream. I know it’s hard to think of what you should do while in the dream. You are kind of along for the ride. But with enough focus it can be done.
      I’m glad to hear that you have a relationship with Jesus. I’ll bet you wont have any problem kicking these demonic dreams out of your life. I get the impression you just need to do a little praying and ask the Lord if there’s anything He wants you to change.

      I hope you will read this article.

  105. balderasm9487 says:

    I have seen this black dog in my drive way one night when I was coming home It was strange because the closer I got to it the more it began to fade away. Later that night I had to go pick up my girlfriend from work when I stop at a red light I heard this loud bark inside my car I quickly turn around and there was nothing.
    I also have those dreams where you are being choke and can’t move it feels like you’re awake. One dream I had was where I was playing in the living room whit my son and there was a knock at the door so I go and ask “who is it” and a women’s voice replies “It’s me” and for some reason I got mad and I hit the door whit my hand saying again “who is it” then I hear a voice like a dog when it barks saying “open the door” I immediately froze with fear in my dream.

  106. Leopardcat says:

    Not worse then mine i saw 3 demons one was satan and the rest was my nanna.I heard three knocks the night before.It was scary.

  107. starydreamer says:

    hi Im jennifer, I have these attacks at least once to three times a month. my only problem is in my dream I am unable to speak… anything. it always attacks right when I go to speak. as of late it was attacking in darkness. now in my dream bright blinding light appears and it attacks(unable to move in dream) me can anyone help? I cant find anyone, please. I wake up with a start. I want it to go away. Any ideas would be a great help, please.

    • BillyClyde says:

      Hi Jennifer. You don’t have to be able to speak. Next time you are in one of those dreams try just thinking the words ‘Jesus help me’.
      Another good step in the right direction is to pray and ask Jesus to show you anything in your life that He wants you to change.

  108. Daniel says:


    In this past week I have had several dreams in two nights that have been quite similar. The first night, in my dream, I was sleeping and having a sleeping paralysis attack, then, still in my dream, I woke up and fell back as sleep, and the whole thing happened again. I then, struggling, started asking the demon to leave in Jesus’ name, and it eventually stopped after a few more cycles of waking up in my dream and being attacked. The second night, in my dream, I was not sleeping, I was interacting with people, and the suddenly, a demon started to hold me, I fought it off and told it to leave. I then, thinking I was awake, kept dreaming, and the same thing happened a few more times, then, still dreaming, I saw one of my Christian friends and as I was about to ask him to pray for me, he himself became the demon, once again, I fought it off, and those dreams stopped. I would like to know if you can give me some advice or help me out, thanks.

    • BillyClyde says:

      Hello Daniel. That false wake up is pretty common. Demons use it a lot. They also use the trick of appearing as a friend a lot. If you can manage to realize that you are in a dream, command the things to leave in Jesus’ name. I would also pray about it. Ask the Lord if there is something in your life giving those thing a way in.

  109. name was stolen says:

    This is my dream: once i was asleep. O was in the kitchen with mom and sister. They both were talking nonsense stuff like you said. And I went to my bedroom and my sis came with me. I was changing clothes and i told her “hahaha mom is crazy” but then I noticed mom was there and said “what you said?” I told her I didn’t mean it in a bad way. My sis was touching my shoulder. And then I went to my mom’s bedroom. I was watching the tv . And then my sis asked me “you want some eggs?” I told her no. Few minutes later… happened.. I felt something behind me. By then I knew what it was so I started praying but something cut my mind. I was trying to scream but it didn’t work… then I thought God….I’m..sorry I have failed you. Then everything stoped. I noticed that the tv was turn off. The door opened. I fell from the bed but i couldn’t move. I shouted “SISTER!!!!!!” But nobody came….I looked up and it was all dark no lights. There it was a black thing I don’t what it called. But it didn’t have horns or tails it was all black and he told me…. “you can’t escape” his voice was deep evil i was really scared. And i finally opened my eyes. But I went back to sleep and I heard a tick tock and I awoke and said not this time you got me once but not twice. so i fot my phone and search and I founded this blog. It answered all my questions. Thanks a lot i get it now. All the characters were demons/bad spirits. 😁 thanks again

  110. bobbyjo says:

    My dream was very strange I had my eyes shut in my dream doing a remote veiwing experience while in dream state it showed me horrible things i remember asking for see my spirit guide not sure why but i did and i remember seeing clear a man ginger hair pale skin with suit on just staring at me in this vision so i asked to see my nan thats when i heard a horrible demon voice shouting shes not coming something along the lines, so next thing i open my eyes and went straight to pick up a baby girl out of the baby cot as i felt threatened and wanted to protect the baby i picked her up while holding the baby i was looking in the mirror i seen this man pulling out bogies out of its nose very gross i remeber saying am goig to town to get something to clear you out . Then I had woken up for real then. I have no idea but something evil is around me i had a remote veiwing experience in the waking world but only once and it scared me i didnt know it was called that until i spoken to someone it was horrible scream voices and violence while then i seen wanted on my door in bright red in the vision i had in real life one not the dream state am feeling confused if this is a demon or just and evil spirit.

  111. says:

    Hi, Lastnight i came back from serving youth as i do 3 days a week and 1 day mens group and sundays at church , God has saved me and made a miracle out of me from what i used to be and all i do is serve now and my heart has joy like never before , I came back and me and my girl were sitting around and got on our phones to get anything not influenced by god off our instagrams, face books, and watching videos as well just like sports ones I had the longest day and was worn out and came from serving the youth earlier, I was getting super tired and we agreed to read the bible and i was listening as she read acts, i was falling in and out of sleep and came back and asked her if i could read out loud and she wanted to so i let her and played down on the couch to listen I slowly fell asleep while she read and she asked are you asleep?? i came right back and finished it up then proceeded to bed, I went in her room and she slept on the couch, Back in the past she was attacked and her brother growing up and the mom and dad are aware also and it was rebuked , I have been aware and pay attention that things have happened in the house and a few weeks ago i was sitting on the couch next to her and felt this strong electricution presence attacking me and rebuked it and it so intensely wouldn’t leave then i got up went in to the bathroom and went to war rebuking it and anointed the house with oil everywhere doors , animals, back to what happened right before i went to bed she closed the door and always in the back of my head i was aware they’re were forces around before and keep my guard up. I passed out and woke up at least 4 times the 1st time i felt like it was morning and had a lot of energy and i only slept 2 hours after i had a 14 hour nonstop day, went back to bed and kept waking up for a drink felt so dehydrated , drank a glass of milk, then the last one came and it was horrible! i mean horrible! the most godly people in my life closest to me all bad things happened against me, I was somewhere where there was a huge building like a car factory but half of it was broken down like a bomb exploded half of it, I remember the most worse parts , so my mom wasn’t they’re like she always is were strong together in faith ,my girl who i love and we please god was slowly leaving me there , She disappeared and blocked my phone calls then i found her on the first floor of the building in a room and knocked and her mom opened it and said I’m just gonna be in his presence and she was naked and my girl was right behind her in the shower also naked and i asked her what issuing on ?? and replied to me i forgot but it was pretty much for me to leave so i did, I walked away in this eery place and kids were all around me Thats my passion is the youth and a big commotion was going on i didn’t know what it was about people were looking up and it was my girl holding onto a ledge at the top of the building naked holding on pretty much ready to let go and they’re was a kid about half way up the building and rocks were so close to falling on the kid from above and killing him where my girl was holding on the ledge and after that she let go and remember i was in constant turmoil when i couldn’t find her before, after that I was around my dad and and sexual interactions were being forced and i couldn’t resist it and closed my eyes then i woke up, then i woke with a sore throat and was coughing a bit sick ,so scared like it was real and prayed right away ran into the room and read the bible and praised to music then got on here, gods substantially gave me a powerful gift and a dream to change the world and help kids thats my passion now I have had the worst life since 14 a kid taking drugs everything but god healed me from everything and am a new creation and serve and do everything now and have been for about 7 months intesly , Youth ministry , youth projects and figuring out waist help the world, I could tell a bit before i fell asleep that i as off with god cause he’s always giving me joy, SO i can understand, I rebuke the enemy allay everyday no weapon formed against me shall prosper and the favor of god keeps my enemies from defeating me, Im warrior at heart for him he saved me!, Just need education and help to beat these demons

  112. Heather says:

    I just came across your site this morning because I woke up very frightened after a horrible horrible dream I had.

    I have a 5 month old baby and he’s an excellent baby I love him very much. but I had a dream where he was possessed by something or someone and bad things kept happening I can’t remember exactly what but I was terrified and there were people around me who I didn’t recognize but they were scared too and the baby kept doing evil things and I was stabbing my baby everywhere.

    honestly I am mostly scared at myself in the dream I would never do anything to hurt my son ever! I am religious and after reading your article I did pray but I’m still quite shaken up after that dream. I ended up waking up with a blistering headache. do you know what this could mean?

    • BillyClyde says:

      Hello Heather. Your dream sounds very much like a demonic dream attack. They will tailor a dream attack based on what they think will scare, confuse or stress a particular victim. In your case they used your son. When they attack a mother it’s very common for them to include the child in their scenario because they know this will be very disturbing for the mother, which is exactly the effect they are looking for. Keep in mind that it’s just a fake scenario that a demon dreamed up to scare you. There’s no prophecy in it, no message whatsoever. Often there is something in your life that is giving those things an open door. Jesus is the defence against them. If you can manage to realize that you are dreaming while you are in the dream you can tell the demons to go away in Jesus’ name. In the mean time please read this article. It may answer some questions.

  113. kay says:

    I had a similar experience to this. As I layed in bed thinking waiting to drift into sleep when I noticed I was in a surreal state of consciousness. I was laying on my side and I was over come with the feeling of desire, lust and the feeling of being seduced by something dark. From the corner of my eye I could see the silhouette of a man no facial features or anything of intrest just a shadow. In one swift motion this figure was upon me layed upon my cheek and murmured something inaudible but at the same time through its mismatched speech making sense of its intentions with me. In my mind I thought only that this will pass and I’d eventually fall asleep but something inside my being screamed at me to wake up and face my intruder. I listened and I turned around but I couldnt wake up. I turned to my husband but my arms were so weak I could barley lift them. As I tried to wake my spouse it finally revealed itself to me. He wasnt red he was flesh colored with small spikes surounding it’s chest and head. It also had these massive horns grayish forked tongue. I cannot forget those eye’s, so dark and full of need. It smiled at me like it new it had me. At that time I touched my husband and he put his hand up as to tell it to leave. The thing haulted back with fear but saw that I was still in a fragile state of mind so I told it to leave! get out! And that I was protected by my faith! I was a child of god and it just smirked at me as though I was challenging it for my soul. I started to pray and well do anything I could to will myself to wake up and it the devil like figure receded back into the shadows. I was awake now sweating and praying but everytime I was on the brink of sleep it still felt like it was nearby lurking and waiting for that opportunity to make itself manifest again…sometime latter that night I fell asleep with ease.

  114. I just have to write this: Last night it happened to me, I got so scared that I had to search up other people experiences; I wasn’t dreaming of anything, but My body was paralyzed for some minutes, which seemed long, tried calling out Jesus name and I would’t. This stopped when I gained the courage to declare them defeated in Jesus name.
    This always happens any time I pray powerful prayers before going to bed. I’m not much of powerful prayer until I feel God’s presence, but it is not clear that its a plan to scare me from praying and getting closer to God. I’m not backing off, No matter what. Until they look at me and free away.
    I would look forward to praying and sleeping peacefully in the night.
    Thanks for this article, I’m encouraged to not fear or look back.

  115. Pam says:

    I’ve read the comments below about experiences with deamons. Mine is different than what I was reading and need help deciphering it. I dreamed I was was exorcisingredients a deamon from a newborn baby. I kept telling to loose here in the name of Jesus. Thenot I kept calling for Jesus until the deamon left the baby. When the deamon left it stood behind me and whispered in my ear “spread your legs”. I said no and woke up. It was around 2:30 – 3:00 in the morning.

  116. Samantha says:

    I had a dream that felt like something entered my body I believe it to be a demonic attack. I tried to cast it out verbally my mouth wouldn’t open I mumbled again and again I was terrified. I woke up and my mouth hurt but I immediately said your not welcome here.

  117. lizeth says:

    I try and force my self to wake up it always starts with sleep paralysis im half awake n half asleep its weird I can actually fight it bak wen it attack i I can speak and I can feel idk how.I do it but I can always fight it back . Is that a bad thing to fight back?

  118. Zaturon says:

    I literally just experienced what you describe here i was dreaming but i felt i was in sleeping paralizys i saw a dark figure peeking thru my door it looked like the girl on the ring but with a really strong man voice he was talking nonsense so i focused on moving and moving when i finally became able to sit i flip him the middle finger in wich he respond by saying “you have no shame” and then i wake up

  119. Lisa says:

    Last night I could visualize myself in my dream interacting and I was supposed to be in my own home and I can’t remember the details now but my neighbor had to something to me about demons being in there or something of that nature. I forced myself awake and I was drenched in sweat and shaking and my husband prayed with me and I was able to fall back asleep after a while but the overwhelmingly creepy disturbance to my spirit was very present. I have had this happen to me since I can remember since I was a little girl and my daughter seems to be the same way. Are some people more sensitive to this happening to them? Also I loved reading this information I really appreciate it!

  120. Joshua says:

    Today, I took a little nap at about 5:00 PM. I first had a super odd dream where it began to flood and I was getting on a bus, and the driver was actually a criminal. He tried to escape somewhere with the bus, but crashed into a metal security fence and it didn’t break down for some reason. Then, what seemed like seconds later, I was in my parents room and my dad was laying in a weird way. He was basically on his butt, but his back bent backwards to where he was sitting and laying down at the same time. His knees were folding his legs in an odd position, and his chest was heaving, like he was on life support. After a few seconds of this, his body (one foot away from one foot away from me about) zoomed at me, in impossible speeds. He wasn’t choking me I don’t think, but just grabbing my shoulders super tight, and it was completely impossible to get out, no matter how hard I tried to fight it. I began to pray, I cannot remember what I said though other than I started to. I ended off with “and in the name of Jesus Christ, amen” and it lasted a few more seconds and then I woke up. I didn’t really wake up though, I was in the exact same position I was when I went to take a nap, and I checked the time on my laptop which I left open (everything was the exact same) and it read 9:11 PM. I felt super scared and like I was being watched, the room was very dark but not in a night way, just almost like it was made of shadows. Then I actually woke up at roughly 6:00 PM. I thought this was very perplexing because I’ve never had dreams like this before. I was brought into this world as a Christian with two Christian parents. I’ve began to pray at night more because I’ve recently stopped going to church and praying, etc. It’s been about a week I’ve started to get involved again. Thank you for this and the other article, definitely should help.

  121. Vivian says:

    Hello, Something that happend to me last night made a lot of sense after reading your article

  122. Ashlie says:

    I just awoke from a dream where myself and I guess my mom and dad ( but they were not really my mom and dad) had moved to a farm and one day I was exploring and came across this little dark skinned (important later) boy who looked about 6 or 7 and was only wearing some type of clothing around his lower body. I took him inside and fed him and made hi my son . One day I was cleaning the house when I saw the boy playing in the attic , I went up and the child said ” hi mommy, you know my real mommy used to make me eat garbage” I then got a vision of that little boy with his mom being forced to eat garbage and I vomited . The boy said “mommy come play with me” I said no I have thins to do as I was freaked out by getting the vision. Suddenly the attic door slammed shut on its own and the boy grabbed me with such strength and in a deep demonic sounding voice said ” no mommy stay” I threw open the door and ran down stairs. The next thing i remember is somehow knowing that boy wanted to kill mysel and people who I felt weremy parents in this dream and doing everything in my power to not interact with the boy . He suddenly grew so he over powered me ,got ahold of me and was trying to kill me by force all without any expression on his face. I tried punching him then grabbed a mirror and gashed his neck when breaking it over him . Even though he had a deep gash he was still fighting only I was on top of him now. My dad came along and cut his neck clean off his body with a big sword and helped me up. Then we looked down and the boy was now a white Caucasian young teen who’s body had re attached and who was evily smiling up at us. My father mother and I ran to our room where my father said we would be safe in for the night while my mother and I shared a canopy bed that somehow had locks on it so we could lock our selves in the bed, while my father slept in a glass walled bed. As I ran to lock the bedroom door the boy barged in and pushed me to the ground. He killed my mom and turned to my dad, suddenly becoming a snake ,gauged his eyes out, went through my dads body and out his eyes and showed my dad two cats swirling in a circle laughing… I briefly saw a halo on one who clearly was God and what looked like heaven with angels and loved ones and radiant light and the other with horns a pitch fork and fire that was clearly Satan and hell. He told my dad he must choose between the two , either heaven or hell and that would determine my destiny. I had become mute so I couldn’t cry out to my dad to choose heaven , and I couldn’t tell which was which as they were swirling around again. I woke up.

  123. Dayna says:

    I’m happy I found your site….I actually had a dream a couple days ago and I’ve been trying to figure it out since….So before I explain what my dream was I should probably mention that before I fell asleep I saw something was staring down at me (but I thought I was seeing things so I thought nothing of it.)

    Basically what happened in my dream was I was walking to home room and once I got inside I saw a man with large black wings standing just a few feet away with his back facing the door. When I stopped the man turned to stare at me, and I noticed he had one purple eye and one pure black eye. As soon as we made eye contact he said “when the sun stops spinning” and then all the lights in the school shut off. I then found myself hiding behind the desk in the library and when I looked out from under it to see if it was safe I saw the mans one purple eye and then he started to crawl towards me (like a spider.) When I woke up I was absolutely terrified, and what scared me the most, was I saw a figure sitting on my computer chair facing me and then it just vanished.

  124. K.Sweredoski says:

    We have a family history of dreams that clearly have the denomic activities. I’ve dempt that was since I can remember and have on the same token had what I call, Gift Dreams, because they are dreams that have Jesus in them. We are extreme lucid dreamers. My grandmother (whom I barley knew) had dreams of things in the future, but didn’t talk much about them because you weren’t suppose to. Be strong in your faith and learn to take control. Write down things that you feel are important and then you have a better chance at using that info in your next dark dream. There is good and scary items in what you will be eeing, but I Know ITS FOR A REASON.
    I do feel like people that have these repetitively are special and this is just a phase that you will pass through . There are marvelous things you will see in the nights ahead…it jist takes time.Talk to someone about what your seeing and get a plan to combat it ..I talked with priest and pastors that didn’t give me much help, but just talking helps.

  125. bt7613 says:

    Last night I have no idea what happened. I woke up, sat up yelling as loud as I could to a presence at the foot of my bed watching my wife sleep. I didn’t realize that nothing was actually there until she awoke and shook me.
    We thought it was a nightmare and went back to sleep. Then I awoke because something in my dream was squeezing my hands and I could not open them. Once I woke from that sensation I could not stop thinking about what had transpired.
    I began to try and pray the our father and I could not remember any of the words of a prayer that I have prayed my whole life. I asked for my wifes help and she prayed with me out loud. Once the prayer was completed a chill went over my body and head and tears began to flow uncontrollably although I was not crying. We said a few more prayers and I went back to sleep. This morning I feel very different almost like in a haze and the world around me is a little bit slower.
    I have had these types of paralysis dreams years ago. And also yesterday in the morning I felt a cold chill hit me and I told my wife why did you open the door and she said she did not which I thought was very strange.
    Any thoughts would help me or any advice on a good prayer. I actually am a little shaken up about this right now.

    Thank you

    • BillyClyde says:

      I like this prayer or something like it.

      ‘Lord Jesus I am having trouble with what I believe to be demonic dreams. Lord if there is something in my life that is giving the enemy a welcome mat I ask you to tell me what it is so that I can kick it out of my life. Lord Jesus I ask this in your holy name.’

      Whatever the holy spirit reveals to you act on it.

  126. Laura Smith says:

    I’m not exactly religious (open to the unknown/supernatural beings, but not dictionary religious.)

    Occasionally, I have dreams that I’m fighting away some unseen force. A few nights ago, I dreamt that I had to go into my sister’s room, lay on her bed with her, hold her hand, and work together to fight off something unseen/evil. In this dream, I couldn’t move but was still somehow screaming “defense.”

    As I stated above, this isn’t an uncommon thing for me; however, when I told my sister about the dream, she told me that she had dreamt that something was standing by her bed and ended up furiously kicking at the wall. She actually injured her foot. She was so upset about it that she woke her husband.

    I’m not sure if this is the product of our shared experiences that day, our shared childhood, biological stress signals, or any number of possible explanations – but there’s always a chance that it was something currently unexplained. I’m not expecting any definite answers here; I’m not looking for the impossible. Though, I would like to hear some opinions on it?

    • BillyClyde says:

      Sometimes a dream is just a dream but if this is a demonic dream and not just a result of shared experiences of you and your sister here is one possibility.
      Demons can watch us from the spirit world so they would know all about your shared experiences. They are very tricky. It would be just like them to put the same scenario in your dream and your sister’s dream on the same night. The demons goal often is to lead someone into false beliefs. In your case maybe they want to convince you there’s such a thing as a psychic connection hoping you will pursue it and dabble in the occult. Just a possibility.

  127. Shane Turner says:

    I am not sure if these dreams with demons are real or not. They are very terrifying. I want to believe but have a hard time believing or accepting these things as true. A couple years back I had a dream of being in my sister’s old trailor from the mid 1980s to early 1990s. I am with one one of my cousins in the living room and we both look down the hallway into the back bedroom and see this shadow figure which is about 2 to 3 feet tall. My dad told me what I should do if I see a demon. So in my dream I yell out in my dream I rebuke you in the name of Jesus as it is running towards us. I wake up and I feel stiff as a board and unable to move for a few minutes. Last night I had a dream of a friend who was telling me to put the blanket over my head. I think they were doing a ritual of some sort. It seemed like I was in a bedroom in a trailor we owned years ago. However, I end up beside a building with the numbers 87, 1732, and even 666. I open the door and find my brother Gabe sleeping on the floor and his friend just about 15 feet away. It seemed like a number of people were sleeping on the floor in sleeping bags. I approach my brother Gabe and start talking to him about some ritual other people were performing and all of a sudden I hear this growl that sounded evil right over by the tv. I screamed and I woke up from the dream and flew into the living room. In the end if this stuff is real I am not going to make it. Ever since I was 10 I felt like I was destined to go to hell and there are several reasons why I feel like this. Feeling powerless over my unsaved loved ones at age 10 or 11 did not sit well with me. It was like then let me save them. Another thing I curse the God of the Bible constantly and yelling at the sky screaming your selfish and cowardly for creating beings. Why is it that you need other beings? What were you doing alone in all eternity before deciding to create. Were you like bored or scared etc? Demons if they exist are frightening to look at it. As to why those hideous looking things get to roam around scaring innocent people does not sit well with me. These demons scare innocent children and animals who have done nothing wrong and I ask why God do you let this happen to children and animals. Those things would scare the bejesus out of me if I saw one for real. Even as a child God never felt like love to me. It was nothing but fear, hatred, and terror beyond your wildest dreams. Our camp counselor had to get the main director to come see me because I was throwing a blood curdling screaming fit that I was going to burn in hell forever. I was 10 years old and I had asked Jesus into my heart and was baptized and asked Jesus into my heart many other times. When something is based on fear it causes me to hate it or rebel against it. I could not or cannot accept my memory being wiped clean and forgetting about other loved ones who were cast into hell forever. I will not and cannot accept this or love a God more when he dishes out such a malevolent punishment.

  128. Brittney says:

    I have been dealing with this problem often, it will come for a while and then it will leave me alone for some time. I noticed that it started getting stronger and i was afraid at first but now when I’m sleeping it’s almost like we fight in my dreams. In some dreams it’s dragging me from my bed or tossing me to the floor holding me down like in sleep paralysis but i don’t back down anymore and while we are fighting in my dream I’m screaming that i rebuke it in the name of Jesus Christ and i keep repeating it and then i wake up. I have gone threw my house time and time again with holy water blessing it and demanding it leaves. It works for a couple months but it returns as if the holy water Expires. I was thinking that maybe sage would be my next step.

    • BillyClyde says:

      I recommend not using sage. It’s an occult practice in itself, a spell if you will. Demons are tricksters so they may back off a while to make you think it worked while it really just opened the door wider to them. I don’t personally think holy water does anything either. They are both just a form of talisman. It’s my opinion that demon problems are a result of having something in your life that Jesus doesn’t approve of which is giving them an open door.
      I hope you will read the article I am linking and try this instead.

  129. Mulinda Enock says:

    Okay, Am Enock, for some good time i was raised as a christian and later i left the christian society, I was taught how to organise a powerful prayer, i had a worst night mere, At home we have a latrine outside the house, it has 2 cabins, the one used by infants and the other Adults, Every time the infants cabin is always open coz they cant reach the handle of it, the Adults’ i always closed, when i visit the latrine at night, i close the infants section, thats my routine, but in my Dream i found the infants cabin closed it was night and i wondered who was inside! i approached the door and it eventually opened up its self without touching it, i was scared then i tried to check again but saw nothing, i left, the latrine with the infants cabin open, then i came back to close it, again i found it closed, i again tried to check it opened up and nothing was inside, in my dream i knew it was a demon, I opened up both cabins and i started a powerful prayer, but as i was praying some words could fail me to speak then out, until when my auntie came and joined me in a prayer and then i said amen with her then i gave her a hug, Wat really does that dream means?????

  130. Faith says:

    What happened to me was I had the demons casted out but I open doors to fengshui ,fortune telling, false teaching church etc which had allow more came into my life. My dreams can comes in parts, stop for years and then comes part 2 continuing from part 1 years ago. A check on facebook showing the acquaintance I saw in my dream loves to attend the yearly universal studio Halloween night . These escalated to demonic controlled people who appear from no where to cause trouble in my life. God reveal 4 demons so far so I could reflect , repent my sins , I then bind, break and render the D powerless with the blood of Jesus prayers. I am not out of the woods yet but I would like to encourage everyone to have faith in what Jesus done for us, and go back to bible for direction. No one, not even my family could understand what I am going through.

    • ken says:

      My friend i believe you i approached many pastors and churches regarding my attacks they looked at me like i had a 3rd eye on my head ,none the less continuing to press into God being lead by the holy spirit that Jesus promised when he asended to the heaven .in the word it saids that God will finish the good works he started in us and God cannot lie so be of good cheer folks the Lord is purging his house praise be to God .we have Jesus and the holy spirit in our lives to see us through the storm ,be of good cheer my brothers and sisters in the lord ,repent of any open doors to the enemy with the workings of this world and God will set us free ,he will here our prayers if we ask in Jesus name . I thank God for leading me to thus sight ,i no longer feel alone in the battle .may God richly bless you and uphold you through the battle and remember that Jesus has already overcome the world by lying his life down selah my friends sincerly Ken

  131. George says:

    I like the interpretations

  132. Maria says:

    I just woke up from dream. I’ve had these dreams before, I can get them maybe once a few months or maybe 2-3 times in a week or even wake up from one and go back to sleep and have another. Well I can usually feel I’m in my room and in my bed. And I feel like I’m paralyzed and this noise like a very loud dull noise. I don’t see anything sometimes but I feel a dark presence there and sometimes I do see something. I usually resite this phrase over and over the blood of Christ has the power and I pray to God and ask him to help me. Sometimes I feel like I have to repeat it over and over and eventually I wake my self up. Other times it happens and somehow I just get past it into normal sleep with out waking up. The times I do force my self to wake up I find it very scary. I haven’t understood what’s going on and never really had curiosity to look and see what this could mean. I did right now and I came to your site. Could you give me some insight please, thank you.

    • BillyClyde says:

      Hi Maria. What you are experiencing is pretty common. I like that you use the phrase ‘blood of Christ’ I know what you mean about it being scary when you force yourself awake. From my experience you wake up with a really creepy feeling. I’m not sure why this is. I think it’s because you just broke out of a scenario that was being fed to you by a demon and the thing threw in the fear as a spiteful last punch. Demons can manipulate emotions and create fear when it normally wouldn’t be there. In the past when that has happened to me. Once awake I say something like this out loud ‘you demons are commanded in the name of Jesus to flee from me now and stay out of my sleep’, after that I could usually get a good nights sleep.

  133. Kristina says:

    Hello! The Christmas just passed by. I was fasting for 40 days (cut off meat) before Christmas. I am Christian but living in Orthodox country. I was listening to audio Bible these days and praying on Christmas and this night on 27th full moon I had a regular dream and then this evil force started lifting me, I felt the pressure on my sides. It paralysed my body and my voice. I started screaming in my mind Stop! Or Let me go! It lasted maybe for 10 seconds and then I woke up terrified.. It was not sleeping paralysis for sure. It was a different experience. I cried a lot and then after some time I fell asleep again. In the morning I woke up with the pain on my right side. What was that?

  134. Michael says:

    I had a dream last night that really freaked me out, I was at some sort of funeral and a religious leader was on his knees next to me and I was on my knees too, he said that he wanted to open the procession with a prayer against some sort of mythical demon that is to be released in response to the boys death. Once he started to pray I immediately felt attached by a Evil spirit and the religious leaders words started to sound of that of a demon and did not sound like English I could not make out the words. At about this same time I felt like a car hit me and my body went flying towards the coffin the force was so strong that It woke me up instantly. I immediately begin praying but felt uneasy the rest of the night and struggled to get back to sleep. Does anyone know what this means?

  135. Kufre says:

    I love this article a lot, I had a dream that I was in the mist of people having fun and the next thing I was pressed and I needed to ease myself, then I went to the rest room to do it only to wake-up and realize I was socking my bed with urine. What’s the meaning of this kind of dream please? Thanks..

  136. Alejandro says:

    I had sleep paralysis for so many years but stopped about a month or two ago but now I’ve been getting so many nightmares …tn I was with my x gf in a dream and I told her in real life were not together anymore were with different ppl but I still care about you …at that second I felt a chance I could get myself to wake out of my dream but didn’t because that’s when I usually get sleep paralysis so I let my xgf keep talking in my dream …she got up and said follow me, I took a few steps behind her while I saw she was walking down towards the basement. Something told me to stop and she ran back up stairs and smiled and told me again follow me… I followed behind her a couple of steps again and saw her continue going down stairs …so I threw a chair at her because I thought she mayve been a demon leading me to hell …so I tried to run out of the house and was woken up by my dogs tail hitting me ….do you think my xgf now the dream was a demon? Or should I have followed? I mayve been lucid dreaming at this time

    • BillyClyde says:

      She may or may not have been. If it was a demonic it wouldn’t have made any difference if you had followed. You were just being shown a scenario and if you had followed you would have just been shown more of it. Nothing in a demonic dream has any meaning.

  137. Akayla peacock says:

    Hi I’m Akayla and ive been having different dreams where there would be different kinds of demons shaped as people then turned into people with white sackcloth over their whole body and they wouldnt charge at nobody around me but they would charge at me. But they would only do it when the people who are close to me say that they are trying to protect me. And I would see people who are close to me become one of them and try to eat me alive or molest me. And also in different dreams I would feel like I can’t talk or move or even breathe like something was holding my tongue and breath from saying anything and others I would be awake about to be sleep. And it started when I repented and accepted god as lord and Savior.I just want to know what does this mean and why is it attacking me now??

  138. Samantha says:

    Hi, I have been having some issues as well…this morning at 4 am I was awoken by a dream I was having and immediately I began to pray. In my dream there was what appeared to be zombies at our bedroom door. (We have a glass door to our room with blinds over it) but in the dream there was no blind and they where trying to get in. My husband ,son and I ran to our restroom and then decided to make a dash from our room out the sliding doors in our room towards our car out of the house. As we left someone or something I didn’t see shot bullets at the zombies. Then I woke up. Some background is that we live with my father and 3 brothers. They are not Christians but my husband & I are. I know that there’s probably things I cannot see in our home… But sometimes it feels as though I can sense it. During the day I might randomly feel anxiety or feel like I am suffocating and cannot breath or worse hear things no one says. I start to pray and things get better. My dad has accepted Christ but seldom attends church. We have lived here about a year and some months. God sent us here with a purpose we know because our pastor told us. Although, we are planning on leaving soon because our daughter will be born in April and feel the need for privacy.

  139. Mickie says:

    I thought I was awake and something was holding me down. A dark misty very heavy something. I could not move or talk. Next time it was hovering over my son. I sat up and started screaming at it. Rebuked it. Told it that it could not have my son and to leave in the name of Jesus Christ. I commanded it in the name of Jesus Christ to leave. The next time I awoke to find a small ball of dark misty matter floating in front on me. Its shape kept changing. It hovered. At this point I believed I was seeing things due to the amount of stress in my life. So I went back to sleep. About 4:30am I awoke from a dream in which something I could not see but only feel attacked me. it pushed me down on a kitchen floor then raised us both to the ceiling. I rebuked it in the name of the Lord and kept commanding it to leave. It dropped me and went out the front door. Other parts I remember were that my hair was cut in the attack, there were two male witness that thought they saw a female attack me, upon informing one witness that no it was a demon that attacked me, the witness asked me to explain since I was “learning so much.”

  140. Kelsey says:

    What if you can’t wake up no matter how hard you try. Keep in mind I’ve always been able to wake up in any scary dream.

    • BillyClyde says:

      I’ve always been able to wake up as well but if someone just can’t I would suggest saying the Lord’s name. Something simple like ‘Jesus help me’. You can simply think it in the dream and it will have an affect.

  141. Luca says:

    Hi! Thankyou for this article, you have helped so many to answer their questions including mine. I would like to talk about an experience i had of a demonic attack.
    It begins whilst i was walking with someone that i could not identify down a small dark alleyway. Whilst reaching the end of this alleyway, being presented by a much larger patch of land and an entrance to a sewage, or underground: a pitch black scene with thick metal bars imprisoning it. In addition, i may add that the entrance had the shape of a semi circle attatched to a wall.
    Soon suddenly after seeing the entrance i turned around and saw a dark shadow of a figure flying through the air propelling itself towards me ( ignoring the other person ). As it did, without thinking, i shouted, ‘ In the name of Jesus Christ, i send you down to the abyss’, whilst pointing directly at the dark entry. In response, after my vision going black, i heard a very unique, crackly voice, possible one of the most sinister sounds i have ever heard, ‘ Jesus Christ! Jesus Christ, boy!’, the demon spoke to me, directly to me. Then i soon later returned to my state and woke up. This whole scene took place whilst i was under sleep paralysis:In the morning of when i woke up today, went back to sleep, woke up and then fell asleep again. On my third sleep is when i felt the buzzing feeling entering my body as,soon as it spoke to me, i could not open my eyes and as of then i knew i was in a paralytic state. This is the first time that this has occured ( an exception for a nightmare with a voice speaking to me, however i just assumed it to be a nightmare), but i know why this had happened to me.
    Over these 2-3 Christmas weeks i have been exercising actions of masturbation over myself, excessively and as an addiction as well as the viewing of pornography. On the last night of me masturbating, i planned to to so in the morning, before school started. Rather excited i was for the moment, whilst laying in bed, just about to fall asleep for some reason i began to pray to god. I may add that, i was a religious Christian, had a strong bond between God, but instead chose the path of pleasuring myself and being my own God instead. I was a loyal servant. I prayed to God thanking him for everything and for those that i love to go to heaven and follow the path of God despite knowing that i would go to hell as a result of my own path. After praying, i decided to rejoin God, abandoning my future plans of pleasurement. I believe that it was no coincidence that this had all occured. I may additionally include that whatever spoke called me ‘boy”, this is completely necessary since i am still young, at the age of 15.

    • BillyClyde says:

      Hello Luca. I went through a struggle very much like what you are describing. A lot of people have. Here is the key that helped me. Never leave the sin unconfessed. I know you feel ashamed confessing something like that to the Lord Jesus, I did as well. But you must do it. Even if you have to confess the sin every day for a while until you can kick it permanently. Never leave it unconfessed. Also confess it out loud so that the demons can hear it and know that you have taken it to the Lord. Demons can’t read your mind but they have great hearing. A simple prayer something like this

      ‘Lord Jesus I have commited the sin of watching pornography and masturbation. I wish I had not done it and I repent of it now. Lord I ask your forgiveness for these sins now in your Holy Name’.

      Your not going to hell because of this sin. It doesn’t work that way. Nobody obtains salvation by works such as the work of avoiding sin. When demons have an open door they will implant thoughts in your head. It’s very common for them to tell someone they are already headed for hell. It’s a trick they use to get someone to just give up and accept the sin keeping it in their life. If you were already headed for hell demons wouldn’t be putting this much effort into oppressing you because you would already be right where they wanted you. Don’t buy the lie. Even the urge to watch porn is usually a demon implanted urge.
      Confess the sin, confess any past sins that you have left unconfessed. Then break the contracts that were given to the demons by your sin. A simple statement something like this.

      ‘In jesus’ name any contracts that demons had with me because of the sins of porn and masturbation are now broken and rendered null and void’.

      It’s a statement not a prayer. With this statement you aren’t asking for anything you are establishing something. Say it out loud so the demons can hear it.
      Start your days with a prayer which includes asking the Lord to take away anything that would allow the enemy to get into your business. When you experience temptation you can step off somewhere by yourself and say something like this

      ‘in Jesus’ name you demons are commanded to flee from me and stay out of my thoughts’.

      You can say it quietly so that no one else can hear you but you must say it out loud so the demons can hear it, remember they have great hearing.
      These are hard sins to kick but so you may occasionally fail for a while but you can have steady progress until you can permanently kick the sin out of your life. Confess it to the Lord. I got free of those two sins and so can you.

  142. Crystal says:

    Hi, I am new and I’ve had demon attacks for years now it stopped then started back up here recently they trick you any way they can. But for me I was brought up in a Cristian family (dad’s side only) my mom an her side are nuts and I had a lot of abuse and other things these demons use that now that I have my kids to hurt me an make me seem like I am my mother. Now, each time I have a demon attack I am in my child hood home (one of them anywyas ) I don’t understand what is special with these things that I am always in thsi house. Nwo, last night was the worst I woke up screaming crying for Jesus to save me an my family . It was two girls that are my own a gradmtiher that was a shape shifter an two others well we had to leave right away we ended up on the side of the road where the shape shifters were an a car was banged up badly then we were in my house , one slit a teen girls troat an started to draw circles a say weird stuff , I turned to my doest daughter an she said Come on mommy come on and my youngest next to me looked up at me with a evil smile N said yes mom come on. This is cruelest y et others have been th em draining me of my blood telling me they would drain me and it use to be that as soon as it would Start I would know an rebuke it an call to Jesus now I can’t for some reason. Other dreams have been me flying over my town very very vividly an I was aware in the dream. Please help me stop these things like I use to. I have seen these things full effect they are talking black an evil they can make th em self known while sleeping or not I don’t want it to get bad like it was a couple years back

  143. Crystal says:

    Also, when I wake and am still in thsi sleep state I see things, dark writings on the wall bugs moving on the walls. Now about 2 weeks ago I was bite in my sleep by a demon (I know how it sounds ) they told me over the summer they would drain me of my blood an they have . I can feel a sharp prick in my back legs where they want to poke me , an when I wake I see them jump away from me and hide behind a pic frame on my wall or jus disappear ? Please give me any advice at all thnks

  144. Leave the house? How do I kill the son of a bitch? Its bothering my dreams from time to time. I want revenge to destroy it.

  145. Sara says:

    I have been fighting demons in all sorts of shapes and forms since i was 15. When attacked, at most times i manage to kill the attacker.
    The last dream i had was my boyfriends dog who is the most calm gentle dog you could ever meet in your waking life, kept attacking me. The first two times it attacked me, it left the weirdest looking symbols on my hand. I knew right away that this isnt the dog i interact with everyday. The third time it attacked me, i killed it and threw it out the window. The moment i killed it, i opened up my eyes, cried and started praying. The room felt condensed with negative energy until i started praying.
    I read somewhere that people who fight demons in their sleep are chosen by god for a reason.
    Fight and kill in your dream. Pray pray pray!

  146. George says:

    Hi my name is George and I have had a lot of scary spiritual attacks in my sleep before, but nothing like the one I had today. I was taking a nap in my bed when the demon attacked me. I remember waking up but not being awake (strangest sleep paralysis i’ve ever had), as if I was in two different realms at once. In one of the realms, I wasn’t able to move, but in the other, I was moving and I was able to speak…like it felt real when I reached for my phone to call someone to wake me up, but then I would wake up again and realize that it never happened and that I still haven’t moved and just imagined myself doing it…it’s very hard to explain. But in both ‘realms’, I was being grabbed and pinched by a demonic figure that i can feel right behind me, like i felt it’s two hands grabbing my body but it felt like it was trying to drag my soul out. I was sleeping on my side and unable to move, but I also pictured myself moving and calling out for help but realizing that I hadn’t moved and I hadn’t called out for help…I was just imagining it, while being attack and dragged by this demonic presence…the whole entire time i was feeling extreme fear, mainly because something physical was grabbing me in my sleep and I couldn’t do anything about it..but what also scared me was that me calling out for Jesus to help me and get rid of the demon was not working…I was brave though and kept commanding the demon to leave in Jesus name, and it eventually left…It was like a sudden click where I was able to open my eyes fully and was able to actually touch my phone and turn on my light…all of which I thought I did in my paralysis stage but was just imagining it..I wasn’t scared at all when I woke up and said a prayer to make sure the demon doesn’t come back. Just wondering what I should do when Jesus name doesn’t work against the demon.

  147. Ansley says:

    Hey there, I had a dream the other night about my deceased grandmother. Her and I were very close! So in my dream she was walking around my bed to the other side and when I looked up to see her face it wasn’t her, it was a scary face almost like a demon just smiling down at me. What does this mean

  148. Ariel says:

    Thank you.. For the suggestions I’d just Finnish rebuking the demons in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. And feel the guarding spirit. My first dream was me and my family was inside the house while a witch trying to turn around in our house. On my curiosity I’m trying to open the side door when its eventually attack me, while fighting with her my friend was able to awake me, after that I sleep again. For the second time I was inside the house while opening the door I saw 3 bad girls that doesn’t speak and looks very angry and one is holding a knife . I’m fighting with it but she had an ability to make it float and harm me in my tummy, after that I was awake again for the second time. After that I was sleep again and saw that people was working on building the buddist temple with the pegans gods. And after that the dream jump on the cemetery and their I saw a girl trying to negotiate with her grand parents while I’m in the middle of them her grand mother gone out from dead in the form of demons with red eyes she’s trying to arguing her grand daughter and the then suddenly the the grand father came in the form of demons also with red bright eyes trying to stop her dead grandma. After that both her grand parents became a black seeds and I was the one who plant it in the soil and said that may you rest in peace and then I wake up again.

  149. I think I had my first encounter tonight, I had just gone to sleep and was in the alpha stage when all of a sudden my body shook and I had an out of body experience, I could feel that I was asleep but I was trying to get up and move out of my room because I felt an evil presence and tried hard to open my eyes and see light and focus on the things around me, my body shook again, and I visualised running and calling out to my family, then the third time it shook I shouted at the devil to leave and that I was living for God. Then I woke up slowly and began to see out my window….never happened before and I’m not sure what to make of it. I’ve been growing in my faith a lot this week, and God has been working in me so I think the devil was trying to dampen my spirit? Can you explain this? Or was I just dreaming? Thanks

  150. Brandy says:

    I dreamt I was walking down the street holding my boyfriends hand (which is now my ex), and as I looked down the side street, I seen my ex (which is now my husband), sitting on the curb with his head bowed. I felt sad in my dream and felt as though he needed me, so I dropped my boyfriends hand and told him I couldn’t be with him anymore because my ex needed me back. As I started walking towards him who was sitting on the curb, he lifted his head and was wearing what seemed to be a black hoodie, as I was getting closer to him his face turned into a demon. I hesitated to keep walking for a quick second and he looked the other way towards his house and glanced back at me, and when he did that he was normal again. So I approached him and we took off walking together towards his house. I am not sure what this dream meant.

  151. Sonja Stuart says:

    I just had a dream that my fiancé came and attacked me with a fly swatter. He hit me only one time and I blocked it with my left forearm.

    I also had a dream recently that I was washing his feet and legs and my fiancé told me that he had been putting spells on me and he tried to mess with my dreams. I told him I was leaving him and he asked me did I want to be pregnant with his child and I refused. Later on in the dream I was watching Joyce Meyers on tv in my living room and everyone on tv was getting delivered. It was two babies or toddlers running around playing. and then I learned I was pregnant but in my dream I wanted to terminate the pregnancy. what does this mean?

    • BillyClyde says:

      The dream has no meaning it’s just something a demon made up. Sounds like the enemy may just be trying to plant bad ideas in your head. Abortion is an abomination in the eyes of the Lord. The same as murder to Him. You wanting an abortion in the dream is something a demon inserted in the scenario. Not a real desire of your own.

  152. Adjoa eshun says:

    Hello my name is adjoa I really want to know what a sleep paralysis is because I have being dreaming and in my dream I cannot talk or move but I feel my whole body shaking I am a true believer of God but whenever I start drifting away that is when I have those dreams and the last dream I had it was the same and I saw a man in my dream I asked him what it meant and he kissed me on both eyes and said it is. Serious demonic attack pls help me thank you

  153. Jennifer says:

    So I have been having sort of the same dream since I was little. But it was never the same dream just the same problem. It could be a normal dream then a door leading to a basement of attic will appear out of nowhere. I would feel an evil presence stopping me from going near it. I always get pulled towards it no matter how hard I try to resist. Sometimes I get pulled in sometimes I am able to fight back and I wake up. But when I don’t I hear evil voices but never see where they are coming from. People become strange to me like I can see the evil in them by they act normal to everyone else. This dream happens once or twice a month. I don’t know if it is trying to tell me something or I could just be stressed out.

  154. Danielaaa says:

    Hi! I dreamed that me my mom my husband and my son were going to like a trip to the river & then it turned into like apartment but there was an evil spirit there and it was only outside basically if we were inside one of the apartments room we were safe… long story short in my dream there were also old friends from middle school and biggining of high school one of my friends was being chased by these people that were staying at the apartment as well and they wanted to kill her I guess because they were looking for her caring guns. Then I found her she was hiding and a guy was with her he was helping her then we all ran we were in a theater room we ran out went to the place we were staying and aparently my 2 month old was outside on top of a table sleeping for some reason I texted my baby & he responded I don’t remember what I txted but what I do remember is that I told my mom why is he txting me back he’s so little so I txted him saying “you know how to read and write?” & all I got what “yes” the thing is I had the phone were supposedly my baby was txting me I found it all odd & at that moment I got the chills we decided to leave we got into a truck my mom was helping but some stuff away and i was putting my baby in the car seat we were in the truck then the truck just starts going and my mom is like ok stop the truck we’re not done and I’m there seeing no one in the front and the truck is just running by itself then it stops minutes later we are wondering what just happened & then minutes later my baby starts bleeding from his eyes & all we say at the end is “great it was inside him.” So the spirit was inside my baby… then my baby just woke me up from the dream… what does all of this mean? While typing this I feel scared and felt like someone is watching me please someone help me figure what my dream means.

  155. Candance says:

    Contact me via email please. I have been having some dreams and other occurrences. Thanks

  156. Melissa VanOstrand says:

    This was so helpful. I had a dream I was in my car . A black sheet or snake slithered over the passages side I was paralyzed. I made myself wake up. I’ve never had this kind of dream. I

  157. Lari says:

    Okay, so this article makes sense but it hasn’t really answered what I was looking for. I’ve searched all over the Internet and this seems to be the closest to what I am looking for. I really need help though trying to figure out what my dreams mean. I’ve had lots of nightmares about a demonic spirit (I’ve never seen it but I always sense it in the dream and as the dream progresses it gets more intense and then something happens). It’s been going on for years and it got so bad to where I would have them every night, sometimes multiple times a night and I wasn’t getting any sleep. So they put me on medication that prevents nightmares and it’s helped a lot. But it’s always at my house (or “my house” in the dream). Id be doing something or just be there in general but I would feel uneasy as if something was off. The most recent one was a couple nights ago: I was in my room and something didn’t feel right. My sister had just left and my mom was asleep in her room down the hall. I didn’t wanna be in my room so I went into the hallway to see if anybody was there (there wasn’t) but when I went to close my door it forced itself back open and when i tried again it did the same thing. I was terrified and ran to my bed and then woke up. All my dreams are similar.: somethings off, I try to tell someone or I get out of the room and then something happens to me. I’ve been picked up and slammed into the wall, grabbed, chased, beaten, slammed into other things, thrown across the room, I’ll go numb, exc exc. It usually always ends because I get so terrified I wake up. Like I said, it’s been going on for years and I really wanna know what it means. I can’t find answers because all the articles involving demonic attacks or whatever involve people seeing the actual demon but mine is always invisible. Kinda like paranormal activity. Help me understand this!

  158. Gabriel says:

    Thanx. A lot will know now when to set the alarm. These things sometimes block my words though or stuff my mouth with the bedding in my paralyzing episodes

  159. I had a dream that the deamons was holding each arm of mine I could not get loose I asked God to help me he said I can’t help you what dose it mean

    • BillyClyde says:

      It means nothing. The term ‘God’ can mean different things to different people. Even pagans and new agers will talk about God but if you ask them to define God you will find that the “god” they are talking about is not the genuine God of the bible. Next time ask Jesus to help you. Using His name leaves no confusion about who you are talking to.

  160. Terry says:

    My Husband just had an attack he was laying beside me and we both where about to fall asleep it was about 15 minutes after we went to bed when our dog jumped on top of him he jumped up screaming …..our 3 year old sleeps with us he said that everything went dark so dark you couldn’t see in front of you but he had the baby in his arms asleep and he couldn’t talk or move and the demon was trying to take our son he said he was screaming for me to help but I never heard a sound until the dog jumped on him then he let out this wail of terrified pain the dog don’t ever jump on my husband she don’t like men and is very scared of him she is a rescue but she jumped off of me and onto him like she was attacking something that’s what woke me…… Please help

  161. Athena says:

    This stuff happened to me as a child but i was surprised when that happened to me early last year like i thought that stuff was over but it’s not it was horrible like when i sleep i feel like i was being attacked i was trying to wake myself up or try to scream for help i was forcing myself for dear life but i couldn’t i was paralyzed but once i did woke up it was fake i didn’t really wake up i was trick and again i was attacked and i was trying to scream for my family to hear me but i couldn’t but once i did woke up for real this time i just got my phone and try to stay awake all night until morning comes

  162. Kayla says:

    I’ve been having this dre where i was knocked down in my kitchen and pulled into a cupboard of darkness I couldn’t not move but i knew it wasn’t really and that i was sleeping.

  163. Jenna says:

    I think I had something like this happen to my yesterday. I rent a room in a house and was just getting back from a friends. When I got into the house I could hear one of the smoke detectors going off upstairs. It already had the cover off so I went and reset it and it shut off.
    I went downstairs to take a bath and when going by the basement door I thought I heard a woman talking but thought I was just over tired.
    After I took my bath I went upstairs and went to sleep. The dream felt so real in scared to go back there to sleep. In the dream I was walking up the stairs to my room when I was half up the stairs this ghost-like figure came up to me and started to choke me. I got away ran into the room and was holding the door back as this thing was trying to come in and get me. I began screaming “in the name of Jesus Christ I command you to leave!” And kept saying it over and over. Right after this I woke up and literally gasping for breath and left like I had been choked.

  164. Brooklyn says:

    My name is Brooklyn. Here recently I had a dream there were Demons in our house and my husband and I were casting them out. Now, I have had these dreams many times before but this time it was different. Usually in these dreams, I am fearless and calling upon the sweet name of Jesus. This time, I was still rebuking them in Jesus name, but I was terrified. I have noticed as well that while your asleep is Satan’s easiest time to bother you because you aren’t “conscious”. I am just very confused as to why this time was different? I have also had nightmares 3 nights in a row. The last one consisting of a very painful miscarriage that I could feel even though I was asleep. I am in some Spiritual warfare right now!! Thank you.

    • BillyClyde says:

      It sounds like you are in spiritual warfare. It’s not uncommon for demons to change up their dream attacks. Remember they only want to scare, confuse or stress you. If one scenario isn’t working they will try something else.

  165. Joshua says:

    I praise God for you. Your article described everything I just experience.
    Thank you again.

  166. Rachel says:

    I think I dreamed that my little niece, who just turned 4 yesterday, had a demon in her. In the dream, she began to cry really loud and when my sister went in there to check on her, she began to curse at her. She sort of didnt sound like herself at all. So I went in there and saw how she was acting so I grabbed a hold to her and began to demand the demon out and she said “demon?” like she was taking it as a joke and thought it was funny. Then I began to bind and rebuke it in the Name of Jesus Christ and told it that it had to flee and i remember i tried to whoop her for saying those things but she felt nothing and was just looking at me like i was crazy but then I woke up. Do you know what it means?

  167. Natasha says:

    I’ve had this happen to me several times as a Christian woman. It was terrifying but I always got out of it by saying “I rebuke you satan in the name of Jesus Christ! Amen!” I said it firmly in my head because I couldn’t speak and after I say it I can move and a peaceful feeling comes over me. It works every time. One time I heard really loud whispers in my ear in another language while paralyzed. It sounded so demonic. And even after I got up and went to the bathroom I heard it again. It was very scary. But the Lord will keep me. The Lord is my protector and my shield. My trust is in him and in him alone.

  168. Anecia says:

    Yes I just woke up this morning from a dream. I was dreaming of a possessed person that I was trying to rebuke but I couldn’ . I was trying so hard and she took my voice away and I tried to put anointing oil and rebuke her and every way I tried I couldn’t so it bring fear unto me that I didn’t want the demon to see. It slammed me on the ground and tried to scare and destroy me but I couldn’t give up and kept trying but never rebuked it and woke up not accomplishing. Its not the first dream like this I had. As I get older it gets worse and more detailed. What does this mean?

    • BillyClyde says:

      In those dreams you are just experiencing a scenario that a demon is putting in your dreams. You’re kind of just along for the ride. You can actually just think the words ‘Jesus help me’ and it will have an affect.

  169. Jennifer Parks says:

    I’ve also experience this a lot, one of my dreams last night was I saw the demons making a scene around me and when I began to confess in my dream that I’m protected by Jesus Christ the demon replied with his eyes going in completely white that he is Jesus. I’ve also had demons that would choke me in my sleep when I tried uttering the name of Jesus . I fought hard in my dreams to release his name to get them away from me and they would try to seal my voice so I can’t utter his name. this is on a regular, I see when I try seeking God they come in full attack. I have been told by several preachers that God has chosen me, the remainder of the message is for me to seek what he has chosen me for. I’ve had dreams of baby and I named him Jadon, when I looked this up it says the name in Hebrew means God hears you. A few days later I had another dream about the baby and the baby was trying to pull up on the window seal and when he turned his head he looked at me and his eyes were black with a demonic smile. what can I do when I try to utter the name of Jesus and they try to take the breath out of me to not. I even came across a demon that said he was the devil and I was his toughest challenge but he will seek to get me.

    Please Help me

    • BillyClyde says:

      It’s common for the enemy to make it hard for you to speak in those dreams. If you focus and don’t give up you can say the Lord’s name. You can also just think what you are trying to say. It will still have an effect.

  170. I had this weird dream last night which I find quite disturbing. I do believe there is a God, but I am not religious. I was not long in bed sleeping when I dreamed that a dark figure stood in the room. The next moment in a flash it was sitting behind my head. I asked him quite calm “Who are you?” At that moment he bent over and pressed his lips against my cheek and answered telepathically “Jesus”. But he started sucking my cheek, harder and harder and it started hurting. So I asked still calm but confused “Why are you doing this?” And he said “You will know when the time comes”. And I said “I don’t understand, please, why are you hurting me?” He made me clear I would not get an answer right now. It did not feel right. I pushed my head back because I wanted to see his face and he told me not to look. I saw no face but just a dark silhouette. I asked him to stop, said I did not trust him and forced my hand between my cheek and his lips to get him off me. I succeeded and pushed his face away without feeling I did. Immediately he vanished. Then I also woke up. The first thing I did was touching my cheek to feel if it was really hurting but it didn’t. Then I saw on the clock it was still the first hour of my sleep. Surprisingly I was not shaken up or scared which I normally would be after such a dark dream. Just turned around and went back to sleep.

    What does this mean? Is it a warning? Have I been visited by something in my dream? And why was it doing what it was doing? Has it anything to do with religion or is it just a metaphor for something else? I do not really know what to think of it.

    • BillyClyde says:

      You can rest assured that the thing was lying and most assuredly wasn’t Jesus. I suspect you have been thinking about Jesus lately, maybe someone has talked to you about Him. One possibility is that the devil doesn’t want you to pursue a relationship with Jesus so he is striking out in your dreams. That would explain why the thing lied about being Jesus. Those things hate and fear Jesus.

  171. Lucy Stewart says:

    I had a dream last night. I was in my room and this woman in her late 30s came into my room and she stared me down than left. Once she left I felt a tingling sensation in my body it was like someone was trying to take over my body. And somehow I knew it was her. She tried and tried to read me, get inside of me. A couple times i gave up trying to push her away but she kept on coming. I started to run downstairs to my garage where my mom and sister were waiting in the car. The tingling stopped when I finally got into the car. When my mom,sister and i were started to pull out of my garage she appeared again in a asian mans body. And started to wave as we pulled away and once we were out of sight. The pulling started to come again. My whole body started ot tingle and vibrate as she tried to enter. Than I woke up. Was she a demon? Please let me know what to do.

    • BillyClyde says:

      Hi. It sounds like it was probably a demonic dream. Keep in mind it’s just a false scenario that you are being subjected to. If this happens again you could try something simple like just saying “in Jesus’ name go away”. If the dream stops right away you will know that it was a demonic dream.

  172. Lewis says:

    I’ve had many similar dreams and I’ve recognized them as demonic attacks. I’ve been assaulted in my dreams before too. It’s very surreal. I’ve experience much spiritual conflict and ever since becoming a christian in 2012ish>>>I frequently see the “black whisps” and “orbs” or even shadows darting across as well as audibly hearing something. I’ve lived in about 4 different places as well since becoming a christian so yea… I know it is a tactic of intimidation but the Lord has reminded me that “they have no power of you anymore” but these things still happen quite frequently.

    Last night my dream was similar to in that I couldn’t move and felt a serious pressure trying to hold me down. Pillows began lifting in the air and I kept hearing a higher pitched demonic laugh behind me. I remembered in the dream that demons cannot read my thoughts so I began to pray and beg the Lord the deliver me from it. I couldn’t speak anyway. I woke up eventually at about 3:50AM and honestly I was pretty shaken by the incident. I read through Psalm 91 because I was honestly struggling with the fear of falling asleep again. I became angry in the dream though, I do remember that.

    Another thing: I have something or things attached to me and I’ve tried praying to God for its or their removal. I’ve reflected on my life to see if their are grounds to this. I know they are there because I can feel them on me when they move, but I don’t know how to explain it. On top of that about two years ago when I met a girl from church who told my roommate later on that when she first saw me she saw several demons following me, which didn’t come as much of a shock after alot of experiences. God showed me how Paul had a thorn in the side of his flesh (a messenger of satan) to humble in. I do know that one night after experiencing alot of overt action I woke up very briefly kind of in a hazy state and these words were given to me: “Those who are not fastened here must leave”. I understood, said the words out loud, thanked God, and fell back asleep rather quickly.

    Sorry, my words are kind of all over the place. I don’t have too many people to talk to about it but I also don’t wish to dwell on it too much. Either way I know that the Lord works all things for good for those who believe and trust in Him.

  173. ManitobaGuy says:

    I need help, i’m very confused to what has been happening to myself and in my household. so it all started about 3 weeks ago, I have 2 dogs in my house, my wife and my child. my daughter, sleeps in her own room right beside ours as we live in a somewhat large trailer. so one night as me and my wife were sleeping together and getting ready for bed, my daughter was asleep already, I seen a shadow walk by our door and into her room, not thinking anything of it, I thought it was just my eyes playing tricks on me. but 5 seconds later it walked by the other way going into the far side of the trailer, so I went to take a look and it was gone. and my daughter was ok, she was sleeping. this was the first occurance, not thinking much of anything. so 3 or 4 days later we were watching tv in my living room and it was around 9pm, pretty well dark outside and we were watching tv with the lights off. then all of a sudden my dogs start growling and barking down the hallway, so at first I was scared then I just stood up and said whoever is my household, please leave, I don’t want you here. then my dogs stopped barking and growling. that’s when I got a little worried and started to think and read up about it more. so about another 3 or 4 days later, we decided we wanted to sleep in the living room for the night with our daughter watching movies, and it was a good night overall, enjoying the night then, in the midst of the night, while we were all sleeping, I randomly woke up because I heard something in the hallway, so I got up to look and there was a shadow type figure standing there looking at me, no body features, just all black, I wasn’t scared or anything, I just stared at it for a good 15 seconds and then rubbed my eyes and it was gone, so I just went back to bed, nothing else happened. then about 4 days ago I was sleeping again in our room this time, and I woke up in the middle of the night, but this time it felt as if I were dreaming , but at the same time im pretty sure I was awake, then there by the doorway (by this time I was getting our daughter to sleep with us because I was worried) there was that shadow figure standing there again, but this time it was different, this time it stood there for about 6 seconds, then started to get distorted and move around but just in that one spot. then for about one second it took shape as a human figure again but it had horns and a tail, then went all distorted again, not thinking anything of it again I just went back to bed again. so at this time me and my wife are very worried about what its gonna do next. well last night, I was dreaming, right as soon as I fell asleep, in my dream I got out of bed walked to the door and then turned to my wife, said came you come with me to grab water, because well I was scared, then I opened the door and I saw a tail wip in the kitchen and turned around to my wife and said “did you see that” but right when I turned around I took a glance at my wife, then all of a sudden I lost all feeling in my body and started to collapse to the ground, but I heard a weird, sounded sort of demonic type of voice saying something just in my head and before I hit the ground, I woke up and I couldn’t sleep all night, so can someone please help me, tell me what to do and what I should do..

    please help…

    • BillyClyde says:

      OK these things happen on the edge of sleep when your mind is sort of between the two. Sometimes it can seem like you are awake when you really aren’t, not fully anyway. I don’t know if you are a Christian or not but the solution is the Lord Jesus. As a first step I would try something simple like when you see this shadow say this out loud “in Jesus’ name go away”. Then take note of what affect it has on the intruder. Contact me by email if you want to talk further.

  174. Sarah says:

    Hi, my name is Sarah and i had this problem since I was a kid. It has been happening a lot recently and getting worst and worst. It attacks me at night when I go to sleep alone in my room. I turn on my TV and play music on my phone for I can be on alert, but recently he turns the volume off or down. Sometimes he tries to “take away my voice” when I try to rebuke him and makes it seem like I can’t move a certain body part when I try wake myself up to rebuke him personally. This time he tried to “take away my breath”. When I woke up in rebuked him and made sure he was gone. This gets exhausting all the time so I looked it up and came upon this website. Please email me asap.

    • BillyClyde says:

      Hi Sarah. I hope you are rebuking in Jesus’ name. Those things are not under any obligation to follow the commands of a human unless it is a Christian issuing the command in Jesus’ name. Keep in mind it’s not real. None of it is anything but a fake scenario. Smoke and mirrors, a visual show that you are being subjected to. Even the loss of breath isn’t really happening it’s just part of the fake scenario. I know it seems real at the time but it’s just not. As a first step just say this when he comes around “in Jesus name go away”. There is more that you should do but do that first so you can see the power of the Lord’s name.

    • one iota says:

      i have had dreams of dmons that have affected aspects of my reality.
      i would like to share a couple with you and receive your opinion.
      in the back part of my house, the part that was added on is the haunted room. One time I had mail ordered a new silver chain necklace that had a hook that was too big to fit through the loop of the charm that I wanted to wear with it. I was perplexed until I realized that Under The Lobster Claw on the chain was a hook that was small enough to fit through the loop. I would just have to remove The Claw then remove the ring that held The claw to the hook. Like a dummy I put it back together again the same way I had taken it apart instead of attaching the ring and the claw to the large hook, but I was so happy i was able to get it to work i went and told my wife who was in The Haunted room exactly what I had to do to make that necklace work. Something was listening. it was either that night or the next that i fell asleep at my desk in that room somewhere around 2am. i woke up at about 4am and when i stood up i felt the charm fall; caught at my waist by my pants. i thought well that was a cheap chain what broke already and expected it to slide off my neck as i headed upstairs. it did not. it was still intact. and so was the loop on the charm. that would mean for that charm to be removed from that chain, because i had put it back together the wrong way with the claw and ring attached to the small hook, first the lobster claw would have to be opened to let go of the big hook, then the ring and claw would need to be separated off of the small hook, then can remove the charm, then press the ring and claw back onto the small hook, and finally hook it to the big hook to be around my neck. i told everyone what had happened. my wife said “strange stuff is allowed to happen sometimes.” umm … NO. my friends set out to debunk my story. which is what i would have done. they were able to create a doubt in my mind that there was a reasonable explanation why it happened. not even a week later I find myself in that room late at night thinking I had better not fall asleep in here. i remember seeing the time at just before 3am and i was about to stand up to go upstairs when i woke up. uh oh! the clock said it was almost 3:15. I checked the necklace. whew! the charm was still there. i went upstairs and to bed. so you know how when you first wake up the charm falls to your back and you have to pull it back to be in front of you again and normally the charm will just travel down the chain till it’s in the middle. well it didn’t. it couldn’t. the charm wasn’t free-floating on the chain anymore. it was attached to the ring that was holding the claw onto the little hook! there is no way short of supernatural for that to happen. i tried to recreate it and it took me longer than 15 minutes just trying to close that little ring with the lobster claw, the charm, and the hook all inside of it.
      – one iota

  175. Ty. I have had night terrors since 5 yrs of age. They have been very tramatic. I know there intention is to take my life. I have to fight in Jesus name. It is extremely hard when they get you into a deep state where you can barely breathe. I tend to call out to anyone in the room. I’m aware if there is someone there. I plead them to pull me out get me awake don’t stop until im on my feet. When im really growing spiritually stronger n sharing my faith these attacks get intense. But they cant have me. I belong to Christ and even if all i can do is call out to Jesus in my mind because im unable to speak. It works. Jesus can read our minds. God says blessed are those who are persecuted for His name. Its good to learn as much as we can and consentrate on Gods power n love. Not to be in fear ever of these deamons. We should only fear God above. Believe me i do still get afraid but i will continue to call on Christ He promised to never leave or forsake me or you if you have chosen to accept Jesus as your savior He is all you need and really does love us inspite of what we do. I appreciate just knowing that im not alone in my experience of demonic attacks. Ty God bless. The blood of Christ is strong pure n very much alive n flowing in the body of Christ. That would be us. We are the body and must work together.

  176. Lucy says:

    I had a dream last night.. I was on my side facing towards my window all of a sudden a heard or felt like someone was yelling directly into my face and trying to attack me. I suddenly woke up me I was terrified. I feel like I have experienced people yelling directly into my face before but I can’t remember.. What does this mean?

  177. Erin says:

    I am a believer in God!! I found your blog while looking for answers to a dream I had last night that has left a lingering feeling of uneasiness. The part I wish to mention is when my mother came into the room and questioned me about what I had said about my father in law. Looking at her in confusion because her way of questioning was out of character I replied… nothing, I”ve said nothing. Looking at me in anger so intense I felt the rage and said who are you? She yelled I’m your mother!!! I knew to reply… no you’re not and when I looked up at her it tooK a different form of an old lady witch like with white hair and I turned to walk away and head to a stairway to get away. She started raging wanting to get at me screaming and people around tried to hold her back as I started up the stairs they felt unsafe at first but I continued I looked back and seen her coming and fast. I made it to a steal door with reinforced glass. As the door closed and locked behind me she was banging and thrashing at it but I knew I was safe in the same moment I woke up… my heart was beating out of my chest and was full of anxiety. I just started praying for God to come in the room to calm me to protect me thanking Him for doing so. I’ve been a vivid dreamer since the age of 5 I believe and my dreams feel very real at times but this one I was visited by a demon? The door… am I protected? ? Thoughts on this …. anyone? Trying to make more sense of it.

  178. Sharlene says:

    Please help me. Spirits snd evil spirits are something I’m generally afraid of or at least cautious. I have had a lot of strange dreams before but especially recently. A bit of background story is that I moved from my hometown Cambridge, England to Austria to live with my mum because of an abusive relationship with my dad. Not that bad at all, but I wasn’t happy and neither was he and towards the end he slapped me once. Anyway, I’ve been here since October and my dreams since I’ve been here have often been about laying in my bed and trying to scream with all my might but pretty much no sound is coming about because of an evil being, but I can’t remember how I see it in dreams. I think I’m just surrounded by darkness. I just woke up from a dream where I told my family and we went to see a person who helped us, even though I can’t remember what she said, and then when we went home we realised our pet cat, whose not quite a year old yet, was the demon or whatever. It then started doing strange things like splitting into 3 or 4 cats and confusing us. I think I’m my dream I had also slept next to my cat, but I’m not sure. Also, for a long time I’ve had a problem when with normal dreams and scary dreams, I can’t decide whether it really happened or if I dreamt it. I’m not a Christian, although I have been baptised. I don’t think I’ve ever done anything to let demons enter my life but I know family member have experimented with ouiji boards. My mum told me that she used a ouiji board before I was born and got contact from a spirit, which apparently was me! She said the spirit told her she would be the spirits mum and that she’s pregnant. She then went to the doctors who were reluctant to do a pregnancy test because she was so early on in pregnancy that people don’t normally realise already. She was pregnant and it was me. I’ve had other experiences, which I’m not sure if you need to know, such as I’m convinced I saw a fairy when I was a little girl. Maybe I dreamt it but I was in my mums bed and my mum was asleep, then the fairy was just there flying above me and she seemed really nice. I remember communicating with her but I can’t remember what. She was white and the size of a normal woman I think. She didn’t stay for long because I remember she just suddenly flew away out the window. Anyway, PLEASE help with my dreams, but I must admit I’m a little bit scared to do anything to do with God/Jesus because 1.) I’m sorry, but I’m not sure if I believe, 2.) When people convert to Christianity I’ve heard they then get lots of real attacks from demons/spirits and obviously I’m a bit afraid so I don’t really want to put myself at more risk.

    • BillyClyde says:

      Hello Sharlene. Have you perhaps been thinking about Jesus lately? Maybe trying to find out more about Him? It’s possible the enemy is trying to prevent you from moving in that direction. Demons usually don’t spend much time harassing the lost because the lost are right where the demons want them and they want to keep them there.

  179. Jenn Buchan says:

    Need help…
    I get attacked alot

    But this one was different and I’m trying to discern calmly so I don’t freak out …dreamt 4 introuders broke in I was at my boyfriend’s house (but wasn’t really his house) he at work. 4 people broke in 2 woman 2 men the ringleader took my right hand and cut a slit between my thumb and hand out a piece of small paper in it with I believe the letter b and tolde I am cursed then when I replied I said God does not curse people he then shook his head and said sarcastically “okay” and smiled I looked down thinking there was blood from cut and told me it was only ketchup I tasted it and it was ketchup..
    Then boyfriend came home and they killed him he was ghostly white and where using chainsaw…yes now u see why I’m trying not to freak out…help me interpret.. Do I have mark of beas??

  180. rosanna says:

    I have had plenty of demon dreams where I feel attacked can’t breathe where they come at me in all angles like choking me til I almost give up fighting. I have learned to rebuke them and claim the blood of Jesus. But llately I have had these dreams and these tradgic dreams but at the end I see fire and there’s the two little demons that look like children behind a car window smiling and laughing I rebuke them n they laugh… I also see the right before

  181. jcoopdo says:

    I had a dream a few months ago where I was spoken to . I don’t really want to even call it a dream as much as I was spoken to while sleeping. The voice spoke to me in a voice I will describe as the cancer smoker commercial where the lady speaks through the hole in her throat from vocal cords being removed, over lapped with a thousand whispers. He Spoke to me as if I had spoken before, over my right shoulder and into my right ear, and it went deep into my being, it made my blood go Cold, could feel it in my bones, eyes are watering as I write this. He held my attention entirely until he was finished with me. Nothing I could say affected it in the least, the lords prayer did nothing. Nothing, I prayed and he just seemed to be right behind me, on my shoulder, whispers I could feel on the tiny hairs on my neck, voice that I could feel. I remember no warnings, no disturbing images or obscenities, just one on one until he was finished speaking. I awoke shook, this voice I had spoken to before, I could feel the familiarity. I sat up and my wife asked what I was doing, I started to explain the feeling and described it, she said I woke her up flailing my legs, almost as if I was trying to run, but I stopped, and when I stopped, I started laughing. She assumed I was dreaming about something funny or good, so she decided to let it go and see if it would stop which it did, an d I awoke a couple hours later. I’m 36 and the last time I had something similar I was a child and was shaken awake by a horned pig horse faced creature, several months of Shadow walker sightings in my parents home and bibles were placed in every room, sightings according to my parents continued but at a lower frequency. I know these things are supposed to be nome sense or a warning in lifestyle but this was more. It was so deliberate and calculated. In 99% of dreams I’m a master, level jedi, this controlled me so completely and spoke so deliberately that I’m just off now. I’m different, as if it took something away from me. Hard to explain. No sightings in the home, commanded entities and pray consistently but scared at any moment he could come back. I’m not afraid for my wife or kids, he was there for me, that is crystal clear. So hard to even write about, very emotional. The question I have is anyone similar? Right shoulder ,right ear, very very choked non human whisper laiden voice in full control?

  182. Josh says:

    My name is josh lister. I have had sleep paralysis since I was five years old. I remember my first experience as vividly as Waling up this morning. I remember being in a narrow corridore and at the end of it was a flight of stairs going upwards. I was being told to climb the stairs by timone and pumba (I loved the lion king) but half way up the stairs I froze and woke up not being able to move, speak or even breath. Now I realise I was being minipulated by something by using characters from a movie I loved. This was only the beginning.. Between the ages of 5-10 I have woke up to a ghost like arm hovering over my body, the faint whisper of a woman, paralysis as often as twice weekly. Now, to explain a few things. My dreams.
    I have dreamt the earth exploding three times, each time a different place. So vivid that I could feel the heat, the fear, the screams around. I’ve felt the gravity lift as the earth has fell out of orbit, the movement of my organs as if I was being pulled of the earth. I have woke up in a dream in a plain vast desert, around me nothing but darkness and stars with three blood red moons in the sky. Unable to go anywhere, but I didn’t need to as I was fixated on the moons. I have dreamt I have been to heaven (twice) each time it was the exact same place.. Even though I wasn’t told it was heaven I felt it.. But there was no God and because of how vivid it was I can tell you now Jesus does not exist, maybe a person of some kind or some entity. But what I have experienced through just the dreams I have spoke of I haven’t once come across any god like figure, and after doing extensive research on the dreams there are more than one gods at play here.
    Now, back to my paralysis. Demons or entity’s do exist. That’s what everyone wants to know and hear and believe me they do. First off, I first experienced the pressure on my chest at 15, two years later was the first time I saw her. A little girl maybe about 10-13 standing in the corner of my room as I woke completely paralized, but this was no (astral projection) she was there as plain as the fingers on my hand! She walked to the end of my bed and vanished then i was able to move again. I had nothing like that for years, al though I suffer from sleep paralysis at least 4 times a month sometimes as many as that in a week sometimes even twice a day!
    A few months ago I had a series of dreams, I can’t see it but I know exactly where it is, its presence makes you jitter until you can’t run away, to even move makes your hairs stand and your heart stop.. I woke from this dream and felt it in my room, the feeling hadn’t left and before I knew it I was back in the dream. No matter where I was I could feel it, it chased me but I couldn’t see it. I woke screaming for help and as I woke I had already woke up my two flat mates up that were there already when I woke. This happened for days in a row, I refused to stay in the room and slept on the sofa and this is the worst of all… I was trapped in a house with people I do not know and I was trying to escape but it kept killing people, it levitated someone and threw them out of the house through the roof, as I tried to escape a body landed in front of me!! I got back in the house and it had me on a sofa just like the one I was asleep on and it was right above me and as I screamed for my life it help me down and I was woke up by flat mate and I had marks on my shoulders from where it pinned me down! A week later I moved out and it followed me and levitated me in my dream and I woke in paralysis and felt it behind me, when I broke free I must have spun in circles for about five minutes because I could feel it. Another dream I was trapped in a house with people I do not know and one by one again it was killing us off until it got to me and I woke.
    Now it’s back. It’s been months since the dreams and now they are back, but now I cannot wake, I’m hitting things in my dreams whilst trying not to be killed by this entity, my girlfriend tried to wake me and from waking I had thrown her off and screamed out for help as if it was her! I feel it watching me as it has my entire life. I feel it watching me now. I have seen both sides of the spectrum through experiences I don’t expect anyone to believe or understand. Just know they exist, we aren’t alone. As I feel it is evil I also feel protected. I don’t know why but I am shown things I can’t explain, things that aren’t explained yet I know what they mean. This is short versions of some experiences, I have seen with my own eyes things that just cannot be explained, felt things and been shown things by entities that I cannot explain in words and even if o could no one would understand or believe it.

  183. dustin says:

    I just woke up from a dream it was about one of my really good friends that died and I was hugging him telling him it would b ok then as I’m hugging him looking behind him I saw Jesus then he seemed to turn into a demon or gargole and climb the wall then next thing I know I was n a bed with ppl around me and I couldn’t get up like I was paralyzed and couldn’t talk if any of this sounds right please write me back

  184. Jeanne says:

    That is so true but it took me years to find out what was really going on…. They will trick to be my child my sis my bf all the time … I feel they scratches and bits.. I pray tell them they need to go back were they come from… I thought i need a spiritual body cleansing … I started hearing voices thought i was gone loosew my mind … But all the voices do is lie…. I fight the demons n my sleep…and it feels like my body is being drain … I also realize how to get rid of the voices by not feed it to by not reponding back and listing ro them its hard but it works

  185. Anonymous says:

    Hello I’m curious as to how to protect my child from this. She’s 5. Says she has had dreams of satan, spiders eating her, and of a vampire with creepy eyes that turned into our dog who then had creepy eyes and tried to eat her. She prays every night before bed that the lord would protect her from bad dreams, a list of things she’d like the lord to let her dream of instead (she makes this part up on her own.. Lol) and that he would send an angel to protect her and watch over her while she sleeps when she does this she doesn’t have a bad dream.. But if she falls alseep early or in the car and we carry her up to bed.. Then she ends up with a nightmare. I pray for her but it doesn’t seem to help as much when she prays for herself. Does she need to rebuke the spirit herself? Or as her parent can I practice that right over her.. Do I have that authority?

    • BillyClyde says:

      The Lord give a Christian parent an enormous amount of authority in spiritual warfare where the children are concerned. More so a Christian Father but a Christian Mother as well. Something simple like “In Jesus’ name you demons are commanded to stay away from my daughter”. It can help quite a bit. If you have any open doors they can use the demons may lash out at you for it though. Be prepared to do some house cleaning of your own.

  186. Mel Jarquinn says:

    Jesel says:
    May 23, 2015 at 1:11 pm
    Hi my name is Jesel , I’m not really good at English but I’ll try my best to share my experience .Just like sister Jeannine, Mine started after I become a christian which is last September .The most recent attack that I’ve encountered is today.But it’s not the same from any other it’s because I saw the demon it look like a man and the color of its skin is white, and head with horns .He strangled me and I couldn’t breath, His stares at me looks like He wants me to suffer so hard before I die.That demon almost choked me to death.But Thanks to The Lord He Saved me again.I am really thankful to The Lord.During the attack I was calling Him .With Faith I said to Him “LORD JESUS CHRIST SAVE ME !!” with that the demon vanished and I woke up .after what happened I cried and I thank and Praise God..

    I had the same experience as Jesel did please explain how is this possibly, i am glad I had a strong heart because if not I think i would had a heart attack.


  187. Jana says:

    I have only had one other dream before last night where demons had interfered with my sleep. However, last night, I had another that I think was demonic. Setting: I was flying over a beautiful lake, really enjoying myself. For awhile, I knew I was dreaming. I saw this beautiful cloud come down from the sky, moving quickly. Birds flew away from the cloud, and I forgot I was dreaming. The cloud went into a silver bucket, and I flew over to see what became of it. Inside, I saw a statue of Jesus, and it moved. I asked the statue what His will was for me (Right now, I have a couple leads for some major life changes). The statue would pose, and I would “guess” as to what it was trying to communicate. The last thing it did was show what seemed like Jesus talking to a crowd with His arm extended and finger pointed. I said, “you want me to teach?” and then I noticed Jesus’ face turn into a demon. I jumped back and woke up.

    The last dream I had I was taking a nap on my bed and knew satan was behind me – I could hear him. he took my vision, and my strength and I was calling out to God to rebuke him. Eventually, I woke up.

    I understand this dream, but I have never heard of a demon taking the form of what I thought was Jesus.

  188. Molly says:

    Last nite I had a dream, in the beginning I was being lifted off the ground by an unseen force, I was against the ceiling and walls trying to get down but couldn’t control it during this episode I could physically feel what I can only explain as g forces in my head. I didn’t feel them in my dream but I could in my physical sleeping body and I couldn’t wake from it. I ended up running flying falling and stumbling down a dimly lit hallway to an entity that I did not recognize and it told me I was chosen by ( it said it’s name but I can’t remember it) I was fearful bc I knew it was an evil entity that wanted to posses me. I ran/ flew away and ended up in the same room My dream started in where I flew out the window and began flying over hordes of people and striking them down. In the beginning I didn’t want to do it but couldn’t stop, the dream was frightening realistic I could single out one person fire and watch them fall dead. I didn’t have a gun but it was like I was shooting them. I eventually began enjoying it and massacred alot of people. I woke up terrified and confused and my head felt really weird. I didn’t feel alone in my room. What the heck did I experience.

  189. Johanna says:

    Hey my name is Johanna and I always had sleep paralysis since I was little I went to some kind of witch she told me I had a woman that wanted to take over me I always have bad sensation that someone is around me I always try to have a communication with God lately it’s been stronger I feel him listening when I’m praying but there’s been two night with the same exact dream where there’s demons in my home I can’t see them but they going me my husban and my daughter than we get a priest and he scares them away I need help I don’t know what to do I’m not afraid I just feel useless .-

  190. Adam13 says:

    I’ve had demonic dreams for a couple of years now (about 2-3 years). I am 20 years old and was raised in a Christian home, but never really gave God a chance to rule in my life. After graduating high school, I was afflicted by intrusive thoughts and demonic dreams (sleep paralysis). I then decided to accept Jesus Christ as my Lord. I thought my demonic dreams would be over and that my perverse intrusive thoughts and lust (been looking at pornography since 12 years old) would be extinguished. Ironically, it seemed that my demonic dreams have increased, and that my lust was even more pressing.

    I haven’t really been a good Christian. I am still tempted with porn and lustful thoughts (which is my weakness). It is very difficult to resist sin when I am tempted. Luke 6:46 says “And why call ye me, Lord, Lord, and do not the things which I say?” How can I claim to be Christian when I periodically don’t act like one? How can I struggle with the same addiction for years and call myself Christian? I’m a hypocrite.

    Recently, I’ve had stronger urges to follow the Lord. About 2 weeks ago, I decided to cut off regular TV watching (which introduces all sorts of temptations). Also, I am consciously resisting lustful thoughts, and countering them (in my mind) with God’s word. It appears I’m making a stronger effort to obey God. My lustful thoughts have decreased and I am praying more to God. I still struggle with lust, but not as much as before.

    These past couple of days, I’ve been afflicted with demonic attacks (sleep paralysis and hearing thuds) before going to sleep. This is understandable, I am seeking the Lord more and the devils don’t like it. However, this is where it gets weird. Last night, before dozing off to sleep, I felt a urge within me to call out to Jesus for deliverance. In my mind I said, “Jesus, please liberate me!” Right after this thought, I was overcome with sleep paralysis and heard noises in my room. I tried to call out to Jesus with my mouth but I couldn’t (which is typical). After a couple of seconds, I regained control over my body and started rebuking the devils in Jesus’s name out loud. After I rebuked the devils and praised God, I went to sleep. I then had a series of bad dreams, which appealed to my weaknesses (lust and pornography).

    I understand why I am being attacked this sort of way. I’ve played with sin and am suffering it’s consequences. I’m reaping what I have sown (in my case, spiritual oppression). However, what I don’t quite understand is why did this demonic attack come after I thought “Jesus, please liberate me?” I thought it strange. I didn’t expect demonic oppression. This is the second time this sort of thing happened to me. The first time was when I thought of Jesus’s words, “Ye have heard that it was said by them of old time, Thou shalt not commit adultery: But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart.” Matthew 5:27-28. After thinking that, I was overcome with sleep paralysis.

    Is it common for demonic attacks to come after thinking of holy things? Has anyone else experienced this sort of attack? It unsettles me quite a bit. It makes me feel as if God has forsaken me. Maybe, He is trying my faith, I’m not sure.

    Thank you for reading this. Any similar experiences or biblical explanation (most importantly) will be greatly appreciated.

    • Adam13 says:

      Oops. It seems as if I’m implying that the name of Jesus does not work in rebuking evil spirits or dreams. That’s not the case. In many other cases, just thinking “Help me Jesus” when paralyzing fear comes upon me, deters the attacks. My attacks have never exceeded 10 seconds. The name of Jesus always works in deterring the demonic attacks. However, are demonic attacks (sleep paralysis) common after thinking about holy things, such as Bible texts, or for yearnings of liberation? This sort of thing makes me think that I’m cast off by God, and makes me sometimes believe I’ve committed the unpardonable sin (intrusive thoughts mentioned above).

  191. Anastasia Lee says:

    Hey, I got some weird dreams about being possessed. In those dreams, I was in the middle of old buildings somewhere in Europe, I think it was in late 1800s. I was completely possessed by demons, I could fly, run as fast as leopards and idk why, I killed a lot of people and eat their flesh. Then, I hate everyone around me, even my mom lol. Im not a Christian tbh, but Im just curious why those dreams are so weird and they are getting weirder and weirder, I really want to find the meanings behind them but i cant find any. Can you help me? Sorry for my broken English. :’)

  192. one iota says:

    when i was first moving into my house i was moving boxes around in the part of the house that was added on to the original. i had the lights dimmed since i was comfortable there and the floor was still basically empty. when suddenly my cat, the one that has no tail, ran out in front of me and sat at the door leading to the rest of the house. this would have originally been the back door. so i said ok and put down the boxes and went to the door to let him in, but instead of turning the door knob for some reason my hand went to the light switch, which was one of those dimmer kinds. and as i turned the light up, i watched as my cat gradually disappeared. there was not a cat in the room. they were all upstairs in bed. later i realized that was one sneaky way for a dmon to ask permission to enter my house.
    – one iota

  193. one iota says:

    Stuff i have learned in my 50 years on this planet.
    these are all open invitations.
    you never know what you’ll let in.
    Both dmons and cancer thrive on the stuff.
    the saying of its the devils tool is correct, but not in the way you might think. it has more to do with what you hear (or what you don’t hear) than what you might see. look up Delgado and S S S S or S-QUAD.
    they CAN read your thoughts as well as implant thoughts that you will believe to be your own.
    – one iota

  194. jon semple says:

    I have had the same reoccurring dream for years and years. Seems to be demonic in nature. it may happen once a week, once a month, or over a few months. Just when I think I won’t have another, it happens. As I type this or whenever I think about the dream or dreams, I get off the charts goose bumps. When the startup of the dream occurs, I always know what is about to take place as it becomes very gray in surroundings. Last night I had another and as I get older they dream becomes even more vivid. My dream last night I chased my dogs as they ran into a building. Once in the building it became very gray and I couldn’t get the lights on in the building. The lights never work. I try to yell but as hard as I try, it’s almost impossible to. Inside the building it looked almost like the inside of a jail as 2 men walked down the stairs to get to the lower level where I was at. They had orange jumpsuits on and one had long white hair. They saw me and I tried to yell as I never know how close they will get to me. They seem to be very demonic. Very Very Chilling. Again as I type this I’ve had non stop goose bumps as I do thinking about the dream when I wake up. Lately I’ve left the lights on in my apartment except in my bedroom. Seemed to slow them down until lately when I guess they’ve become more brave. What can I do as I have had this same dream with different settings and demonic figures. Help Me.

    • BillyClyde says:

      I think this is a good first step if you can keep your wits about you when you find yourself in the dream. Just say something simple like ‘Jesus help me’. And take note of the effect it has on the dream.

  195. Matt says:

    I have dreams like this once a month. I’ll be having a regular dream then there is a trigger where I can feel something dark enter the dream. I usually just say in my dream I belong to Jesus Christ be gone evil one, but this time it was in my house and I could feel it was waiting in the basement so I went down there and started performing a blessing on all the walls and marked them with crosses and holy water then I woke up. Do you have any idea what this means?

  196. Little soul says:

    Just last night I had a terrifying dream!
    In the dream I was in my place singing a worship song. All of the sudden my voice changed to a demonic voice and I felt it wasn’t me singing I was freighter and stopped. Behind me I herd voices laughing at me, I was scared. After this I heard someone knocking on my door. I opened it and saw two men standing outside I tried closing it and they pushed it back and said “we want to talk to you.”
    They said specifically things about my boyfriend, how I have been speaking to him about God and that they didn’t like it. Meanwhile I was praying with both knees on the ground, they were laughing in my face I could see how from being man they were turning and shifting their faces to demonic and ugly features. Telling me “if you don’t stop talking to him about God we will hurt yoy and your kids because we want his soul for satan, he doesn’t belong to God”. (By the way my kids in the dream were sleeping in their beds.) I saw how they were sticking sharp things in their back showing me how they were hurting them, but my kids couldn’t feel this, they were paralyzed or something. They said, “are you ready for your turn!?” I kept praying to God and felt weak screaming at the top of my lungs to not hurt them! I screamed “for the blood of Jesus I command you to leave us alone you have no power over us, we don’t belong to you!” They said, “ok we have no power over you but over your boyfriend we do!” and they disappeared in the air. I ran and grabbed my kids when I tried coming out of my house they were outside waiting and blocking me from coming out, I closed the door again and was praying for help.
    My boyfriend came in to the house, he was allowed to go in and out of the house they were using him to hurt me, he looked drunk and totally out of his senses. I tried talking to him about what had just happened and he didn’t believed me and would start screaming at me and cursing me out, I felt powerless. He seemed to be a different person then the one I knew. He didnt know a thing of why his attitude and personality had changed. Matter of fact he looked comfortable the way he was. He left again they came back again and did what they did the first time over and over making me scared and weak, trying to hurt us. Saying,”Your boyfriend thinks we’re his friends, we will get him more drunk and get him to party and do you wrong, it’s a little secret he doesn’t know and he will never know.” I kept crying and praying to not do this anymore. Somehow my neighbor herd me.
    (My neighbor has keys to my house) In the dream when she tried helping get out, they went to her and I don’t know what they did to her but her body wasn’t moving, as if they killed her. it seemed like they didn’t want me to leave this place. They said I could never leave. I kept praying to God to have mercy for us and help me leave. It’s like if he sent an agel, my mother was at the door, she was able to open it. (My mother is very close to God she’s not a saint but very humble woman they had no power over her her power comes from prayer.) She came in and said “daughter what’s going on? I told her everything and she said “let’s go we have to leave! Grab the kids we must go!”, she kept saying, “In the name of God and for the blood of Jesus, you must leave them alone, leave this place!” over and over while we were walking outside she also had a rosary on her hands, holding it tightly and didn’t looked scared in front of this demons. They didn’t made it easy for me to go, they kept holding me back on the way out doing and throwing things at me, they somehow called two more demons to go and stay next to my mom’s house to keep tormenting me, like giving them instructions. When we got to my mom’s house I saw two woman walk out of a car moving in to my mom’s neighbor’s house, I suddenly stopped and looked at them their energy was so negative their face shifting and changing like those guys, they stared at me with such hate. I knew who they were, i told them, “you have no power over me, you have to return to where you came from.” They replied, “we are not done with you yet, this is just starting.” And I woke up from that! I woke up exactly at 2 am my legs were in position of prayer like when you kneel down but instead I was laying on my back, I could still feel that negative energy there watching me in the room, I prayed to God for peace in my mind and body so I could sleep again. I’m just wondering why am I getting this types of dreams it’s the 2nd dream since this year started. If someone can help me interpret would be very helpful, my boyfriend it’s a wonderful guy but also has a negative side like any other. He’s not perfect but neither he has treated me wrong. Also I don’t go to church my connection to God it’s thru prayer I’m very confused of where to go to church since I don’t want to end up in a place where God is not being worshipped, I’m probably wrong for this and i admit it but I ask God to lead me to where he needs me to serve him so I can learn more and be worthy to him. I read the Bible I consider myself a good human being, humble, respectful, a good mother. I just don’t understand this. Please thank you so much if you took the time to read this, and beforehand thank you if you could leave your opinion on this. May God bless you all out there brothers and sisters!

    • BillyClyde says:

      Hi. It’s important to keep in mind that none of the contents of these kinds of dreams have any meaning. It’s just a scenario that demons made up and put in the dream to scare or confuse you. There could be a lot of reasons why the enemy is invading your dreams but never believe anything they say in these dreams. They lie, they are experienced liars, it’s what they do.

  197. Charlotte says:

    My had a dream that he couldn’t move and he heard something jerking the door knob as trying to get in but couldn’t. He finally woke up and called me and we prayed.

  198. Alex says:

    I’m a christian but for the past two years I been living a not so christian life. I always have this wierd scary dreams when I sleep .. Atleast 3times a week .. To make long story short I was a drug addict and when I came to Jesus Christ he cleaned my body and mind , after I felt that I was comfortable again I stopped attending church n living a life of sin again ( but I have never done drugs again) . lately I feel a call inside that I need to walk with him n try to go back to his path and lately I’ve noticed a pattern , every time b4 I go to sleep sumtimes I read about god , not the bible but just random stuff or some times YouTube videos about god .is god real, does god exist, and those are the nights that I get those really nasty dreams. And I would say 80% of those nasty dreams for some reason I’m using drugs on the dreams. Its very disturbing because I know with all my heart that I never wanna go back to that life so why do I dream about it..

  199. Amy says:

    As I’m dozing off and falling asleep I sense a demonic presence. I try to wake up, but can’t. Then go into dream mode and I go to the bathroom to try and confront this presence but can’t. This feels so real because I’m wearing what I am now and walking through my house as is. Also when I’m dozing off I feel like I’m fighting with something. What is this?

    • BillyClyde says:

      Hi Amy. It’s common for demons to make the scenario look just like your house. It’s to make you think what you are seeing is real when it’s really just a fake dream scenario. There will usually be something that doesn’t quite match or just doesn’t look right.

  200. Edward Navarette says:

    Just read this and wanted to say how spot on all this information is. Last night I just had three back to back terrors dreams, my girlfriend waking me up because I’m saying stuff or shaking real bad. Feeling like the dream isn’t even a dream and like its projections of my memory of stuff that scares me and I’m just in this world made up of all this bad stuff and I am being attacked of what I’m seeing. After I had my last one I didn’t have anymore and went to sleep but my girlfriend told me she had a weird kind of dream.

  201. Amanda says:

    I want to say first of all that I’m very thankful for your blog. I just read it today for the first time after reading several articles on the Internet. Your blog describes the torment that I experience regularly. I have a history of sexual sin and even though on the outside one would never know it still shows up in my mind and in my sleep. Once I awoke from a very immoral dream and actually saw a black figure in the doorway of the bathroom nearby. It was taller than the doorframe and black. I could not see through it and there was light behind it. After realizing what was going on I immediately prayed, “God help me!” and went to sleep. This was the first time that I was aware of demonic oppression in my life. I’ve trusted Jesus as my savior and I believe that He has a plan for me and that the enemy wants to keep me bound. For months I was afraid to go to sleep. I had to sleep with my K-love app playing all night, a lamp, and my Bible close by. I drove my husband crazy. There aren’t many people I can talk to without getting strange looks or judgement. I now claim the verse, “God has not given me a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind.” and I have taught it to my children. This morning awoke when my husband left for work around 5:00 am and went back to sleep around 5:30 because I set my alarm for 6:30. I had a strange dream with familiar faces and I was confused about what my friend was telling me. It’s just as you didn’t make any sense! The next scene was starting to be immoral and I knew it so in my mind I started to just say the name of Jesus but it would not come out. I kept trying and trying until I could get His name out of my mouth. I opened my eyes fearfully and I said it over and over. Then I asked God to help me. My body started shaking unctrollably and I was afraid of what was happening. I want to think I was upsetting an evil spirit. I then asked Jesus to bind the evil spirit and remove it from our home. I know God has given me a sound mind, so I know I’m not going crazy. What was the shaking??

  202. nikki says:

    I just had the most terrifying dream of my life. I had this demon talking to me. He didn’t make much sense in my dream but I was so scared. He was holdin my arms down where I could not move and in my dream i was kicking him. I woke up to the fact that I was actually kicking and flailing all over my bed. I’m not as religious as I would like like to be. But I woke up and felt as if something was here so I said leave. And then I started to pray to God to fill my home with light and love and to cast out all shadows. I don’t know why I was praying for that. I don’t really know how to pray. But I was honestly so scared. My heart was pounding and it was hard to focus. In my dream this demon was a bluish purple grey color. With the blackest eyes. I don’t remember all what he said. He was scaring me I thought he was ring to say he was going to hurt my children. At least that’s how I felt. That’s when I became unable to move because he was holding me down. I yelled for my fiance as I was kicking and that’s how I woke up. I’ve had bad dreams before. But nothing like this.

  203. Ivan says:

    Hi, God bless you all, thanks to brother Billy for this site. I’m leaving here an url of a brother in Christ that heps me a lot. We have many brothers that are being used by the Lord God to minister and edify the body of Christ (I’m talking about real brothers not wolves in sheep clothes).

    Please watch this vid, it will be an eye oppener, God bless you. The Lord made sleep time for us to rest and dreams are for Him to reveal us things. Like when people on the bible  had dreams from God to reveal them issues or things that will be taking place, to take action is some way but always with the Lord’s good will.

    You don’t have to be disturbed by demons, if you are a born again christian you have authority in the name of Christ to rebuke them and put an end to this situation. 

    I took some time to send this individualy but it will be faster this way.
    God protect all of you and best regards.

  204. Madeline says:

    Hi my name is Madeline. Almost 3 years ago I went to sleep in my room in the dark. Okay so then I thought I woke up because I could see my room because of only a little lighting from a night light in my brother’s room across from mine. So I’m laying there and I can’t move or speak. I feel an evil presence and HORRIFIED. This was the first time that happened. I felt horrified but didn’t see anything demonic. I wake up. I was just very scared, I couldn’t move, I kept yelling for help, kept trying to scream but I realized nothing was coming out.. Now I realize I don’t know if I am awake or not. I began trying to move, trying to toss & turn. Okay so weird part is i felt myself moving in real life but in the dream I was not moving at all. I was so terrified but finally I woke up drenched in sweat, hot, crying, tossing & turning! I ran and turn my light on and didn’t sleep that night..

    This year in January I was sleeping in my bed. I “wake up” and I feel a evil presence but don’t see anything demonic or anything. I was very scared, but I kept calm. I then tell myself, “it’s just a dream, I’m not awake yet” I lay there calmly, seconds later I wake up…

    A few weeks ago i was sleeping on my side, I “wake up” and I felt like something pushing underneath the bed like there was something under it. I remember trying to say “Daniel is that you pushing under the bed?” (My boyfriend who was sleeping next to me)…. I realized I couldn’t speak or move to turn over to look at him. Then I feel more than 1 evil prescience… Now I was very terrified but I didn’t scream. I hear, charms & creepy music playing, and I hear whispers.. My vision got darker.. I tried saying a prayer I don’t remember which one, in all honesty I believe in God but I am not a very religious person at all I don’t go to church.. But when I tried saying a prayer, I remember saying “.. In Jesus name amen” they got closer to me while I tried to prayer. I was so scared.. I don’t remember what happen after that, I just woke up somehow.

    But last night it happened again.
    Well this morning.. I was sleeping on my side after my boyfriend left for work around 7am. I “woke up” and I look around the room. I feel one evil presence again. I look around and notice a black figure at the end of the bed but I tell myself it’s a dream and I closed my eyes, in the dream. I shut them so hard and told myself that I would open my eyes hard and wake up. And I did that! I shut them tight, and then opened them hard. But I turned on the light and fell back asleep with the light on. Okay so I needed to get ready for work and before falling asleep, I was planning to grab my things and go get dressed for work upstairs, since I was scared and if there is a demon bothering me, they must’ve known my plan. Because when I fell back asleep I dreamed that I got out of bed and grabbed my things, but was I got closer to the stairs I couldn’t keep my eyes open, walking as if I was drunk, struggling to walk and there was a mirror standing in the middle of the floor in the dream. I tried grabbing it to keep my balance. But it was shaking. I woke up for real. And I was so tired feeling, omg I was tired. But after that dream I was scared so I wanted to go upstairs but something wouldn’t let me keep my eyes open, like I kept falling asleep in a millisecond !!! It happened like 10 times so quick!! I would fall asleep and wake up in the dream world but wake up in real life and it happened so quick like 10 times till I got myself to get up and grab my things and get upstairs. I went back to sleep on the couch upstairs & I fell asleep. I know I dreamed but I don’t remember what. But I do know that for a second I woke up and thought someone turned a light on but I think something pulled the covers off my face and that’s why I thought someone turned lights on, because the sun was bright and I had my face covered. Idk… But I feel scared about this, I don’t want to be bothered like this anymore. If I am being bothered.

  205. kelly morris says:

    I was at hospital as ill and family started swearing i got angry a vicar or preist took me too a church for chat as i walked in my body felt amazing tingle felt lightened then came banging chains on door i asked what was as sensitive to noise and vicar preist looked at me as if to say you know i thought devil then door bust open i was flying in air being pulled buy devil and preist the preist was being attacked my hand was burning in pain i woke up as i slept with my daughter last night and she kinda woke up giving me thumbs up abd mutterwd she wasnt feeling good i cuddled her back to sleep i stayed awake then as it was so real and the fact my daughter actually did give me thumbs up and spoke as i actually woke in real life what does this dream mean please

  206. K.K HARRY says:

    I fight demons frequently please help

  207. Serena says:

    Good evening everyone I want to share my attacks. No matter where I go and no matter where I matter how much I pray or how much I believe or how much I go to church I wake up with bruises as well as experience red burning handprints while awake. Often in my dreams I’m paralyzed. My defense is always to say in my mind “release me in Jesus name” I’ve had horrible Vivid nightmares I’ve heard and seen things while awake. My apartment was blessed and cleansed, I pray before I go to sleep and still the attacks continue. The most recent attack was tonight when I doze off to sleep I guess was in my “ALPHA” state like mentioned in this blog. I n my dream I was in my bed being restrained and was being fondled by some strong unseen force. Sexual feelings of arousal came over me and I began to respond to in pleasure when I realized I was under demonic attack and I struggled to say out loud that I am God’s child and cannot be harmed. I tried to speak and move and couldn’t. I struggled, moved and I could hear growling and felt my arms restrained; felt like my entire left side was paralyzed I woke from bed opened my Bible read Psalms 23 and other passages from the Bible. I decided to leave this dream here with all of you so that you realize that even Believers, true Christians are also attacked. It doesn’t matter if you are good and it doesn’t matter if you are bad or even if you’re a Christian or a non-believer, evil still finds Its way to all of us. Thus, as God’s children you must fight back with the word by opening the Bible immediately after a spiritual attack in a dream or in wake often helps. Reading the Bible everyday strengthens your knowledge and your faith will help you. God bless you all, be well, be safe in Jesus name.. Amen. Regards, Serena

  208. Trey says:

    Im angry. The demon attached itself to me exactly as you said. It was immediatly upon Alpha state. I had prepared myself for a glorious experience or dream prior to attempting to sleep. Im going through times.
    I prayed to God like never before. I prayed for angellic guidance. I layed in bed awaiting the vibration I always feel before the alpha state. The second I felt the vibration I test my arms by moving to see if they actually move in bed or if Im free to explore the spritual realm. Last night I was screwed. The demon was attached to the back of my body. I ooutsetched my arms like Christ on the crucifix. I could not tear the entitiy off of me because it was like a magnet on my back with its fingers intertwined with mine to deny me movement. I want to fight. I Woke myself up with tremendous strain. What are the risks of continuing the battle? Its almost impossible to even say Christs name during the battle. I dont want to give in. I welcome the fight. What qre the risks?

    • BillyClyde says:

      It’s just imagery and a fake scenario that the demons are putting in your mind. These false images can’t actually do anything to you. Not from my experience anyway. So there’s no risk. What usually happens is when you focus hard enough to make things go the way you want it brings you back to beta out of alpha and the dream ends.

  209. Starr Boyd says:

    I was attacked this evening. I take responsibility for I recently gave up an addiction and I had a glass of wine with my husband. I wasn’t a an alcoholic but I had cravings to go back to what I used to. Such a slippery slope. In my dream, I kept hearing a bible verse telling me not to drink because the devil roams. The devil wants my soul but he will never have it in Jesus name! I know I displeased god by drinking that one glass of wine. He wants me clean and sober. Message received lord!!! I rebuked the demon in the name of Jesus and the devil told me I was weak. I kept trying to punch the glass (he was outside my window) and I said “I rebuke you Satan in Jesus name” . I woke up shortly thereafter. Spiritual warfare is real. I pray God is with us all.

  210. Anna says:

    Okay…I maybe crazy I don’t know…so I literally just woke up about 30 minutes ago I fell asleep at exactly 3:15 I knew that I was not all the way sleep I could feel my eyes practically peeling open…but I was dreaming or think I was dreaming I can barely remember how the dream started ….I was standing in my kitchen all of a sudden I start to hear a voice a voice that was ugly I can’t even describe it then I look all around me and it’s like my whole house was filled with people that I did not know with the exception of my daughter, okay, so one of the people says it’s a demon in your basement and the demon starts laughing and talking…I have this little curtain as the door for my basement so I peel the curtain back to see its face and it runs from me so my daughter goes strolling down the basement steps in an white dress which it is a dress she is wearing right now but it’s weird to me because she’s 5 and terrified of the basement I hurry down the steps at this point we are at the bottom of the steps I pick her up and try to run up the steps but it feels like I am moving in slow motion or getting stuck in quicksand…I look behind me to see the demons face but it runs from me again into a room that is in my basement and I am finally able to run up the steps I sat my daughter down and the people that I didn’t know took her in but I didn’t think anything of it because I felt she was safe with her…so I start trying to talk to the demon but as I am speaking I could hear no words coming out of my mouth..I take a deep breath and could finally speak asking it what it wanted and it laughed at me, at this point I am frustrated so I look down a heat vent that I never even noticed was in my kitchen in real life, to try and see the demons face but it ran again and so I started talking to the demon I don’t know why but I’m telling the demon that Jesus loves him it gets really pissed then and starts to scream…so then I start to sing the song Jesus loves you and once again no words would leave my mouth so the strangers that was with me started to join in and sing with me now the demon is extremely pissed and starts to talk I’m the one taunting the demon I ask it demon have you accepted Jesus yet then I go to look down the heat vent again I say demon please don’t run from me and it starts to cry I laugh…and then I wake up…I feel weak very weak I fall back to sleep and have a dream of a little boy that starts confessing to me that he killed someone but he is dead too then I wake back up it’s now 3:59…my sister and brother are now walking through the door from school I am now sitting in the kitchen looking down at the basement I ask my sister is it an heat vent on the side of the stove she says yes and that’s when I found this site …the dream was so surreal and every detail of my house was right on point! I’m gonna say one more thing and I’ll be done last night around 4am and I woke up to the sound of knocking it was like boom boom boom boom boom boom I woke up my fiance and asked him did he hear it too he says yes so he goes to the door both side and front nobody is at the door but we still hear the booming so we lay back down and it starts back up after about 10 minutes of that it stops and we fall asleep….I’ve always had dreams like this and after them I always feel completely drained! And I haven’t been that close to God lately as I should be…help me out here

  211. Angela Percaccio says:

    Whenever I lose my faith and stray , the dreams dont come. Once I return to my Jesus, I get crazy demon dreams where I feel them physically hurting me. I have to say in the dream The body Of Christ I command you to leave me , and I wake up. Thank you for this article. This is so scary.

  212. Brandi says:

    Thank you!! I have just maybe this might be the third time that I have woken up from being choked by a demon in my Christian faith and walk with Christ is the strongest ever so I find this a bit weird but yes of course I repeated in the name of Jesus. I have never heard of this but so glad I found your article. Thank you for sharing. God bless

  213. Amy says:

    Hello everyone, I have had these types of dreams all my life. What I have come to understand about them is that not all dreams are attacks, they could be from something you saw on t.v. or what you have talked about earlier in the day. How you will be able to know what is what, is read your bible everyday, get God’s word inside your heart, alot of times, especially when you have accepted Christ or rededicated to Him, you will always get attacked. The only way to fight these demons is if you read, fast, and pray. We are in a spiritual battle and we cannot physically defeat these things, we can defeat by prayer and reading. The more you get to know God (characteristics, manners, and who He is) the easier it will get. The enemy uses fear to distract you from walking in your true purpose for God. The enemy’s main purpose is to seek, kill, and destroy. The further he can get you away from God, the happier he will be. Got to put on your spiritual armor and not give up. Once God has delivered you from fear, the enemy will try different avenues to shake you up. Have to keep your spiritual ears and eyes open so as soon as you recognize the impending attacks, you know how to fight. Remember, we are fighting from Victory not to victory…have a blessed day everyone!!!

  214. Angeline says:

    Hi. I need some help/advice. Last night I was having a lot of difficulties sleeping, but eventually fell asleep around 3am. After about an hour I think, I had a dream. I was in bed, but for some reason I was topless (I always sleep fully clothed). I saw sort of like a black movement (not solid), from above my bed ran straight down and lied on top of me. I was so scared, and a few seconds later it jumped up and onto the cupboard above the foot of my bed, all the time staring at me. I was so freaked out, I tried to scream so that maybe my parents would hear me, but I found myself unable to move or talk. I struggled to roll over to cover my exposed chest, slowly I could move and suddenly the black thing jumped on top of me and that’s when I woke up. I found myself in the exact same position as I was in the dream, but I was fully clothed.

    I don’t know what to make of this. I have a friend who is into spritual things told me before there is something in my home. We are a catholic family, been living here for 16 years but we never got round to blessing the house. My friend had said before that she felt safest when she was in my room. I religiously go to church every weekend, but the past 4 weeks something always came up so I’ve been missing mass.

    Is this the reason why it suddenly attacked me? I desperately need some answers please. Thank you.

  215. Kia says:

    This morning as I was going back to sleep; I thought I would listen to testimonies while I slept, because I am trying to become closer to Jesus. So I thought if I listened while I was sleep I’ll have more of a understanding of the power of Jesus and the experience people have had. Well three times I started to fall asleep and I had my mind completely on the testimonies, then my dream started to drift into a completely different mind set. So I woke up. And this continued atleast two more times. When I woke up again I said to my self I am going to focus on Jesus regardless. So into this terrible dream I was being chased for some reason but at the same time I was asking people for help, And it seemed like every time I asked for help that person would just come for me and try to hurt me. And then I started shouting IN THE NAME OF JESUS I REBUKE YOU SATAN!!!! YOU CAN’T HAVE THIS PERSON !!!… after I yelled that each time. The demons (which looked like regular people) woud back away, or tense up as if they were in pain from hear the name jesus. But I feel some people were possessed also because after rebuking the demons they would return to their natural selves. So I believe in this dream I was being attacked. And I also had the power, and the authority so I used it. I wonder what was the main purpose of the dream

  216. Lili hardman says:

    Does this happen to everyone that’s a Christian. Do you have to be a certain age for this to happen ? What if your with a group of people, does it still occur? If so, what can they do about it?

  217. Aisha nicholas says:


    I’m just 16 y/o. I am a christian. My dreams are way too scary. I can see red, dark places.. 2 paths and this time I saw a tail of a devolish- i think. I don’t know what to do. I can’t calm myself down everytime i dreams about those stuffs, but my friend said its just a dream so don’t panick and worry.
    But this time it includes my family. I tried to wake them up but they can’t, I saw my mom woke up but she feels so cold when I hug her in my dreams. Then that night I was in my bedroom alone someone standing outside of my door near at the kitchen table, then after it goes in my room I’m like pushing my cabinet to resist him ( he’s behind my cabinet so i was pushing it cuz it’s my only choice). Also my friends and family all of them appear in my dreams

    What should I do for it?
    How can I stop?

    Thank you very much..

  218. virendrasinh bhosale says:

    hi I got same dream last night but in my dream I fight with demon (black brown colour ) and I win this fight..n finally I woke up in midnight…
    what does that meant to me?
    can you help me for understanding meaning of my dream

  219. Danielle-Marie says:

    Hello I’m so happy I found this and have been reading through the coments and see I’m not alone in this.
    5 weeks ago I let jesus back into my heart again. I did become a born again Christian in 2008 but lost my way a little. But 5 weeks ago I started reading the bible and preying daily for forgiveness of sins and repentance I prey this every night but also prey for guidence and I aslo ask the Lord of there is anything I am doing that is not pleasing to him. A sin I do not know is a sin then to let me know and I will stop whatever it is that he does not see as holy. I’ve changed a great deal and have Stopt doing stuff completely. But just in case there is anything I still do that I do not realise is a sin then for him to let me know in a vision or a dream but nothing has happened
    However one thing I have noticed since turning to our saviour jesus Christ and God is that I’m having these really awfull scary dreams. I have at least 3 or 4 a week although the last week or so I had some rest from it and slept peacefully untill last night.
    The dreams I have I don’t actually see demons but I really believe I am being attacked
    in my dream last night I dreamed I was in a house but it wasn’t my house. And I was on the Ceiling and I was going towards my daughters room and I was shouting at her but this awfull demonic voice came out of me like screaming and shouting. There were people there is cud see them and they were trying to get this thing out of me and I was trying my Hardest to speak but found it very difficult. But in but in the end I managed to shout I REBUKE U DEMONS IN THE NAME OF JESUS I was saying it over and over and then I heard one of the people say it’s coming out the devil is leaving but will take some time. All the while I’m still screaming out I rebuke u demons in the name of jesus. I tried to say I rebuke u devil also but that wudnt come out.
    I’ve had the same kinda dream but was a different place setting. It was at a church that was outside and it was really sunny and they were trying to get this thing out of me and again the demonic growling and screaming came out and I cud feel this rage. Again it ending with me shouting i demand u to leave in the name of jesus.
    I’ve also had dreams where I feel the covers being tugged and I’ve been touched on the cheek b4 by a ice cold hand. Also have had the whispers in my ears. I can’t recall what was said but at one point it said my name.
    It just seems since I’ve opened my heart and let jesus back in again and I prey and read the bible daily I’m having more frequent horrible dreams. I have to wake Myself up from these dreams which can be very hard but I always manage to in the end. They are dreams but I really think I’m being attacked especially as they happen Alot now. I’d the Lord testing my faith or is the enemy and his minions angry with me for choosing Christ over them.
    Plz write back i really need answers.
    God bless u hope to hear from u soon.
    PS sorry for the long post x

  220. Ann Ramos says:

    Please, I need some help. My family needs guidance.
    I had to look up this topic, because it’s getting out of hand.
    I wrote this down on my journal:
    Date: 6/12/2016
    I slept, like any other night. I share rooms with my brother. And I fell into a deep sleep. Soon enough, this didn’t feel like a dream at all, in fact I woke up and shocked, to feel an entity pull out my soul out of my body. My soul was floating over my bedroom and as I tried to control myself, I felt like an astronaut in a spaceship with no gravity. I can see my brother sleeping on his bed, and I’m trying to yell for help, but I couldn’t speak. I felt someones presence. I turned to my right, and there was a little girl at my door, and at first she looked normal. So I asked : who are you, what do you want? As soon as I made the question, her face turned demonic, with black iris. The demon revealed itself to me . That’s when I yelled “leave me alone!!!!” And I tried so hard to wake up, and I did.

    To what others may seem like a nightmare, this is an occurrence not only happening to me but to my mother, as I just found out it happened to her.

    She woke up last night and told me about her experience, and what alarmed me, is that her dream was the exact same dream I had. Take in mind, I never mentioned my dream to her, at all. She sat up, really scared and told me that her soul was pulled out, and she was floating, just like I, and that she saw the same little girl, who at first seemed like a normal girl, but when my mother asked her “who are you?!” Then again, the demon revealed itself.

    These are not our 1st experiences with the super natural. I truly feel that something happened at my home.

    Please help.

  221. Sarah says:

    My dreams are always starting off as not seeing anything but feeling this dark force then the paralysis part kicks in I can’t scream or move it feels and takes what feels like forever to wake up out of it. .

  222. brit says:

    I am having serious nightmares my sister pssed away in March from using drugs she contracted a disease in the heart and ultimately lost lost her life she was like my shadow she was my best friend she was the only one that I could ever talk to she was the only one that was ever there. Ever since she passed I’ve been begging for a sign I can’t even get like a flicker of clouds or I don’t feel hurt anywhere but recently I have been having really really really bad nightmares where I feel like I’m being held down and can’t scream I can’t talk on things in the room like my lights on my air conditioner feel like it’s goes off I see shadows and things I think I’m up walking and I’m really not. I’m really really scared I don’t know what to do and I don’t know if it’s her telling me that she didn’t go to the other side or if it’s the devil playing tricks with my mind I don’t I don’t know what to do please help. Thank you

  223. rob says:

    I had a dream this morning while I was half asleep. There was all this lust and as I live there rebuking these urges I heard a voice in my head calling the spirit names. I started praying immediately what I wonder is there something I could have done to open myself up for an attack like this?

  224. Jason says:

    So I’ve been attacked while sleeping the past 2 nights. Last night I prayed questioning if God wanted me and if he did, then for him to protect me and not allow these attacks. As I was sleeping I felt the pressure on my chest and someone/something say Satan is here. I immediately felt shielded and someone/something woke me up. I looked at my clock and it was 3:15 am on the dot. This is when i usualy wake up from my attacks, which happens pretty frequently. Usually when I wake up I’m panicked and terrified. But what ever it was that woke me it made me feel shielded and somewhat calm.

    I just want to know why this is happening to me? I’m terrified to go to sleep.

  225. Stephen says:

    The other night I must have been entering REM sleep as it was around 4-5am. I started dreaming about a large rectangular downstairs area. I was in the kitchen which was at the end of the house. It was bathed in a dark white light that semi illuminated the rest of downstairs. I see a woman and a man. I can’t remember all that is said, but more than halfway through I’m in second person view of the women as she pick objects off the shelf and name them. Cup, candle. As shes doing this the color of the dream goes all gray, and she starts over. Cup, candle, grapes, object I cant remember. She then turns around and the dreams color changes again, this time the entire rest of the place is in darkness like somone turned off the light. Theres mow an amber gliw filling the kitchen. I feel no fear or unease, nothing to suggest anything sinister. The man is now sitting on the counter indian style, and hans the women a piece of paper and says something along the lines of “I’m sorry, but your father just died”. The women opens the paper but I don’t remember seeing anything to read. The man disapears I think, and a small dog appears. It’s small, fluffy hair, white or vanilla the amber glow throws it off. I focus on the dog for a short time. The women leaves into the darkness. The dog follows. Then from out of nowhere, I think what if someone else calls the dog instead. No reason for tbe thought. But shortly after I hear from nowhere specific the most horrid, awful scream, yell, roar I’ve ever heard. I’ve never heard sound in dreams before, ever. When I think of mysic, noises I make them in my head but with no tune (I can’t explain this very well). But that noise in my dream, I heard it, as if it was just nearby. I awoke in utmost terror, frozen in fear, entire body on end and tingling. I’ve had visitations before but this was new, a new kind of fear. Took me a good few minutes to brave the outside of my covers. Once I did though I went into action praying, saying the lords name, speaking in tongues and anointing every doir mantle in my apartment with oil. Any idea what this dream meant? This was out of the blue.

  226. anonymous says:

    I dream in control of my awareness “LUCID”.
    I don’t know why that is so hard to remember.
    Lucid dreaming. My dreams are terribly psychotic at times; mutilations in the process; getting burned, shot, loss of air, but mostly dealings with the monster i know is a demon or the devil attacking my mother or just having a wicked conversation with me. I’ve used the Jesus authority and brought light in the darkness and it worked. They fleed even before I woke up. But sometimes I don’t feel fear just a sense of disgust like why are here and try to get to the bottom of that but it just gets more violent. So i move away from it. Its small naps that trigger these bad dreams i think you’re right about the alpha state window.

  227. Lilly Bruce says:

    Thank you this really helped. I have a had an evil spirit hold me down in my dream . I have some my self upon screaming I love God.. And the Lord’s prayer . Sreaming it our soblud it woke up others. This is very scary. Thank you Jesus for your love and power to stop this dream. And bless the writer of this article . It is helpful…… Lilly

  228. Vitor says:

    Forgive me for my grammar so a couple of years ago me and my mother were visiting her mum. At the time me and my mum sleept in the same bed because I was scared of being alone in a while new house. Do we both went to sleep and my mum had this demonic dream and it went some thing like this: The demon was big taller than her and strong. His skin was red and he had bull horns. He told my mum that he was going to take my life away and kill me. Between me and the demon was my mum she stood up and said you are not taking my son away. At the time my mom branded sandals and she had her kid by the demon on top of the kit was scissors the demon grabed it and charged forward to me. My mum god into a big fight he trew her on the closet and it broke. at this time the demon charged forward with the scissors like a knife to me, at this time also my mum called for god to help her in the name Christ. At that moment a white light shinned on top of us she explains to me that the light wasn’t hot nor cold it was so so so so white nothing can compare to it se says. When she woke up she was at her bed and she was bruised where the demon attacked her. At this time we left the house and went into a hotel she didn’t tell me anymore dreams at the time.

    This is my mum’s dream It occurred over 3 years ago. A couple months ago my mum was going to sleep and when she did she got slapp across the face and she woke up in a hurry. We prayed and it did not happen again. And that were only her dreams I also have my dreams as a teen… a couple days a go I dreamed about exorcism a demon out of a cat statue made if China the demon left but I am still a bit worried about what do these dreams mean? Can some one plz help me….

    PS: me and my mum have this thing that when there is a presence, good or bad we get goose bumps and we feel the “thing” around us. Like in church when we sing we get goose bumps or when we see a shadow or some weird thing round the house….

  229. Elisabeth says:

    I’m amazed how I found this posting . Last night was a night like every night .
    I put a sermon on from Jim Cimbyla , Brooklyn Tabernackle , for the first time I traveled into NY from CT to Brooklyn Tabernackle church . I do attend another Christian church every Sunday. That was a big deal for me going to Brooklyn Tabernacle.
    As I fell asleep still hearing the sermon in the back round my husband starting to open my mouth with his fingers but I noticed in the dream these fingers were gray , black , pale color I kept saying what are you doing , stop ! Falling outta my bed onto the floor my younger daughter said ” it’s alright mommy give me a kiss , so I went to give her a kiss but she started to spew and spit inside my mouth ,I struggled to get away from her and ended up back in the bed on my back looking up . This whole time I struggled to wake myself up , still hearing the sermon in the back round , when looking up a big black figure hovered over my bed I could see facial features but no colors just a black mass . In that state of dream I said “in the name of Jesus get out , 2nd time in the name of Jesus GET OUT 3rd time but this was out loud waking up my husband and daughter ” IN THE NAME OF JESUS GET OUT!!!” My eyes opened and this black figure grinned at me and then disappeared” I’m really scared I didn’t go to sleep the rest of the night . I took medication to completely knock me out . A little bit of my back round I was saved in 2011 and had backslid , on and off but 2016 I prayed and making sure I attend church every Sunday . All has been peaceful , yes I have struggles , humbling myself , how I speak , basically trying my best to be good and walk with the Lord.
    I’m afraid to go to sleep tonight and not looking forward to it. The one thing I haven’t been doing is reading my Bible. I read it from time to time but not every night . Could there be something in my house , I’ve had this dream once before. What should I do ? What should I do to prevent this from happening again. I am frightened .

  230. Shea says:

    I don’t even know if you’ll see this, but here goes. This is not about me, it is about my friend. He dreams of a demon regularly. The demon is taunting him in the dreams. Recently he was having this dream and his father was visiting. His father had gotten up to go to the bathroom during the night, and when was returning to bed he look over at my friend who was sleeping on the couch. He saw a demon standing over his son, the demon looked blue. Then the demon turned to him and smiled. Then it disappeared. He did not wake his son. He didn’t know his son was dreaming about this and at breakfast he told my friend what he saw; this frightened my friend because how he described this demon to him is what the demon looked like in his dream. He has been very bothered by this and wants it to stop. He is at a loss and I am trying to help him find an answer.

    • scaredweb says:

      Hello , I read your posting and wanted to let you know that if you have a bible please read out loud psalm 23 and a prayer to Jesus asking him to protect you with white light and the armor of God . I’ve prayed tonight and read psalm 23 out loud . I too had a dream last night and that thing hovering over my bed grinned at me as well but I said 3 times In the name of Jesus Get out . But the 3rd time saying out loud screaming and demanding in the name of Jesus to get out . I am very frightened tonight as I lay to rest . I also prayed the Our Father . The bible is the word of God and I have faith in my Lord Jesus Christ he will protect me and my family . I am a born again Christian 5 years now and I need to be closer to God I guess the dark side isn’t liking this and this is why I might of had this dream . Dear Lord , please protect Shea , family and friends please may your white light surround them and put Gods armor on them . In the name of Jesus I pray . Thank you Lord .

  231. kimberly strawn says:

    Hi Gbu . my name is kimberly strawn im 15yrs old & i had this dream.
    I had a dream about rebuking demonds & my Godbrother got possesed by one in my dream & i was rebuking the one that was trying to get to me & i felt like it was getting into me i felt it in my dream & then it left after i rebuked it like 3 times & the leader of the demonds was an old teacher of mine that worked at my school i go to a christian school btw.& ever sence she got fired we havent been having alot of trouble with her & i never had a demond dream before & im wondering what it means. i would really aprecciate it if u can respond.
    thank you Gbu.

    • BillyClyde says:

      Hi. I don’t think any meaning should be inferred from a demonic dream. Anything the enemy puts in those is to mislead, confuse or just to scare you.

  232. Abishahlom says:

    I had one of dream i saw i was talking to my father and suddenly my father attacked me and grab me from neck and i saw that figur of my father changed to gray thing and black eyes he was siting on me . I couldnt move speak for a while but i said jesus save me and it stoped

  233. Jake says:

    Hello Jeannine, my name is Jake I just read your article and I must say it sounds spot on to what I have gone through, I mean I was awake and the dream or demonic attack has happened to me just as I have started to fall asleep it’s almost like when I wake up it was absolutely real as if I was awake, the part that scares me most about your article is how you say DO NOT INTERACT with it the attack, well as it starts to appear to me it’s like I feel weird and try to block it out and ignore it but I also can’t move or wake up as if there’s nothing I can do to prevent it from happening, but after about 15-20 seconds after I manage to force myself awakefrom this and it just feels SO REAL the first time is whispered in my ear and told me to go outside then the second and last dream I had about a week after it whispered in my ear again saying you didn’t come outside, I’m just wondering if anything bad or an injury or something worse than just a dream can happen in these situations ?

    • BillyClyde says:

      From my personal experience it’s just a fake visual scenario. And at times not even a good one. They can’t actually do anything physical to you. Physical problems caused by demons are normally stress related. That’s my take anyway. Others may disagree.

  234. mathew Fitzgerald says:

    im 15 i just woke up and I have had a dream about me being at my aunts house and i was laying down at night and i look around a a blackman he looked homeless jumped through the window and grabbed a little doll and growled at me ,but after that my family came home and my nephews ran at me and they both jumped on me,my mom and my sister fell asleep and after that i just did what i normally do,play on my phone ,chill,etc. and then i kept hearing a goats crying as i brought up the convorsation about eating goats and i went to the bathroom to throw up and i looked in the mirror and my teeth was ugly black and somehow woke up just a litttle to tell my mom that i need to get out of the dream i was and i still am scared i felt like i was in actual hell.

  235. Ethan says:

    Thank you so much, your article is exactly what’s happening to me, my hours used to have a dark entity haunting it proven by psychics, it was mainly attached to me, we starts ignoring it and aftr a while it left, but once a month in the middle of the day I’ll having vibrating sounds in my ears and then experience terrible head aches and then I wake, I can’t move only see, and aftr struggling to move for 5 minutes I “REALLY” wake up, but whilr that demonic image is being played in my dream, I always see something, this morning it happend and when I was stuck and couldnt move I looks up and saw a clear wrinkly portal above my head and a arm came out of it, not as I it was trying to get me, like the person in there needed my help, and before that happend I had a dream that me, my mother, 2 friends and 2 neighbors were with me, I was acting my self in my dream but they were acting strange just like the article says, they have green eyes in real life, in the dream they were black like the article said were demons, I just hate this happening to me, I’m only 14 and I’m being tortured by this entity(s)

  236. Nia says:

    I just woke up from a nap it’s about 1:42 pm let me
    First day that I just had dejafu that I was typing this but anyway I just woke up from this confusing scary dream I have a 7 week old baby and I had jus fed him being tired I decided to take a nap as I was falling asleep I kept hearing things in the living room but I didn’t think anything about it mind you I was in a alpha state as I have read I was alseep but very aware so finally I think not sure
    But I think I fell asleep but I was still very aware as I was sleeping I heard nails tapping on my room door and a females voice whispering mind you I’m fully aware that I am dreaming so I look over to see if my baby is okay and I see him thrashing around them I see him being slowly pulled out of his bed he is still alseep but he is moving
    Around and I see my
    Dog who was really
    I’m the room with me
    At the time get up and go sniff at the door so me knowing something was
    Up I was planning to grab my son and go out the window by my bed because I jus knew outside of my
    Door was something scary so when I tried to get up I couldn’t my whole body was tingling and I felt really droopy I couldn’t move at all finally I was able to so I crabbed my baby and was going out the window when this lady with an old cook apren on flipped my bed and popped in front of me as I was going out my
    Window I can’t remember what she was saying it was confusing but she had a deep demonic voice and she was speaking words and laughing so I left the window and somehow my son disappears out of my arms but surprisingly I didn’t seem worried about it back to lady she came out the window after me and attacked me and I remember calling out for God and saying in the name of Jesus and saying the fire of God but nothing happened I’m not a Cristian but I remember repenting for
    Sins as the demon was holding me
    So I called
    For God again and kept saying the fire of God and it worked the demons looked feared and worried it’s eyes got wide then I woke up I was sweating heavy I looked over my son was sitting there just fine but I still had this feeling of uneasy ness I’m freaking out I need answers and this isn’t the first time I had a dream like this being fully aware and knowing what’s going on and being under attack this is my third time having a dream like this

  237. Jennifer Bascones says:

    I’m confused..demon attack in my dreams last night scare the hell out of me,I didn’t even know how to pray and call His Name…okay…my confession time…
    I’m trying to study witchraft,and other Neo-Pagans stuffs due to DOUBT to Christianity and anything that revolves it,including,sexual abuses of the priests and preachers,corruption inside the churches,etc…now I’m really confused….physically,I’m okay,but,spiritually,I’m empty…I don’t wanna seek help,but I think I need it…can somebody explain all of these things to me?thank you!

  238. thevirtuoustreehugger says:

    Such a good blog entry 🙂 I’ve experienced this first hand, especially incubus spirits when I use to be addicted to porn. I am never scared during the dream or when I awake because I know I belong to God. However I’m very frustrated and confused. I know that you have to have a door open in order for demons to have authority to influence you. But I’m pretty sure that I haven’t done anything for them to have a way in. It’s currently 4:34am and since 12am I’ve three different versions of the same demonic dream. It has never happened this frequently even when I was constantly viewing porn and masturbating. Thankfully the dreams barely last a minute because I’m always aware of what is happening and I wake up. I even heard one audibly mock me by saying “Darn” when I rebuked it and it had to leave. But it came back every time I just started to fall asleep. Every time it comes it tries to seduce me and make me think sexual thoughts so that I will want to fall back into masturbating again. When I refuse, it puts pressure on me and/or chokes me. I feel I should say this for some reason. One of my spiritual gifts is prophecy. I’ve just starter to operate in it. I’ve been having dreams that are spot on with things my mother is going through. I’ve just started to sing in the spirit, accurately interpret my dreams and otherwise I have so much peace. So why is this happening to me?

  239. Laura says:

    I usually listen to binaural beats or some sort of lucid dreaming track. I get really good sleep when I do this and it really raises my energy and when I lucid dream I almost always see my kitty that just passed away (I’ve had her since I was 9, she went into foster care with me, basically closest thing to family I’ve had in the last 16 years, really important to me) I remember interacting with her for a long time which isn’t unusual next thing I know its like my dream was hijacked I’m seeing random people I know then I’m on a bed being held down by something I cant actually see I dont remember if there wasnt anything there or if it was a blur ( a big fear of mine is being assaulted) its trying to lift up my shirt holding me down I’m kicking and screaming then there are fingers being shoved in my mouth, I bite hard, I realized something evil was happening and I call on God my spine convulsed like some gross shapeshifter movie I jolted awake and I swear I could feel what happened in my back. I still had my headphones in and the music for lucid dreaming sounded sinister I’ve never had a problem with the music before its usually very comforting. I ripped the headphones out hopped out of bed and made my cat come lay with me. Basically just lied awake the rest of the night. So freaked I honestly believe it was an attack it was just like nothing I have ever experienced not sure what to do.

  240. Jayleen says:

    Hi I’m Jayleen my dad had a dream that he with his dead grandmother but instead of her being normal she was a demon and she was pulling me to demon realm and as a weird coincident I’ve been hearing weird voices calling my name and I would ask my family if it was them and they would say no I don’t know what this really means but i wanna find out if any one can help me please email me at :

  241. sadie says:

    I’ve had someone visit me in my dreams for as long as I can remember. He comes to me as a handsome man. A lot of the times wearing a black cloak with a hood. Last night he visited me again. I was paralyzed. I felt like my entire body was levitating. My Cat was standing at the foot of my bed staring at him. Then suddenly I was somewhere else and he was holding a child. I have no idea why there was a child. He was trying to speak to me. I couldn’t hear him. But his lips were moving. Then We were back in my room. My cat was also there at the edge of my bed standing where he could block him from him. I know it sounds weird. But I finally broke free from paralyses he was still there and I sitting up in bed. I tried to speak but I felt as if i was out of breath and it came out as a whisper. He smiles and just leaves. He’s always visited me. I’ve even head butted him before. I just want to know whats going on. Am I crazy or does this a visitation?

  242. Taylor says:

    This is the first time I have ever experienced anything like this. In my dream, I was asleep in my bed, but it was in a van for some reason, not my actual room. A black figure came over me and held me down several times. Every time I tried to scream, but nothing came out. He eventually spoke to me, and said, “After the tenth time I will take over your soul.” The demon then came back after, but he disguised himself as my mother, and the same thing happened again and I woke up. I had an overwhelming feeling, and I couldn’t breathe. Like something was on my chest. I haven’t been able to go to sleep since. I have been searching online but I am finding different interpretations. Please help!! Thank you!!

  243. Priscilla says:

    The last half of my dream last night consisted of something holding me down by grabbing my wrists. It was behind me and I was trying to scream but couldnt. I felt it was something bad. I have had a lot of nightmares since I was a child and taught myself to wake up. I struggled and fought out of its grasp until I woke up. What was that and how do I keep it away?

  244. Ava says:

    I just experienced this – woke up at two in the morning after having a horrific and vivid, though nonsensical nightmare. In the dream, the entity took the form of a person that I’m currently interested in romantically. I was home alone at night and he was just hanging around on the porch. I watched him for several minutes until he knocked on the door (I should probably mention that in the dream, I didn’t seem to know who he was). I went to the door and started talking to him. He just kept saying something like “Let me in. It’s unavoidable. I’m going to eventually get in anyway.” At this point, I got scared , and I think it picked up on that, softening its tone. I told him to get off my property or I was going to call the police. He seemed to hear me, but just kept standing around outside! I went into another room to get a gun and call the police, but before I could, it was standing right behind me! I was freaking out when I saw rope and a large knife in his hands though all the while, this thing was trying to shush me like a child telling me to calm down. I started screaming in the dream and began to wake up though I felt that I was paralyzed and unable to wake. Finally I started fighting and kicking and I woke up. Ever since I got up, I’ve been hearing the weirdest stuff-it sounds like someone moving sporadically on the floor below me and every so often I hear someone slapping the side of the wall. But infrequent paranormal activity is something I’m now quite used to here. This wasn’t the first time I’ve experienced sleep paralysis, though it’s usually just me waking up and sensing a presence in the room while paralyzed. It usually goes away after several seconds.

  245. Damion says:

    Please help if u have any answers or suggestions. I have had 3 out of body experiences all of which took me to this world that looked exactly the same as the setting I was at before the experiance. The only difference being it’s like there is an almost misty type fog and there is no color I only see that world in a kind of black and white. the people aren’t people, they seem to be a kind of entity that I can put into 2 categories. The first are the common ones and they fill this world they are like shadows or silhouettes of men women and children. They can’t speak and they don’t seem to move they just stand and stare as if confused and curious as to how they got there in the first place. They also seem completely harmless and kind of unreal, I can easily disregard and ignore them. The second is what scares me she seems real as if I could touch and feel this entity. She can also speak. One day I got up the courage to ask her what she wanted she only pointed at me and then mentioned my girlfriend at the times name. For months i felt this presence following me in my everyday life, until i broke up with that girl then it finally seemed to fade but not fully. Now it seems like she can reach me in my dreams. However I’m not sure if it’s the same entity. Normaly she apeared as a women in a torn white dress with long stringy black hair and pitch black eyes. In this dream though the entity that felt real also appeared as a women, but She looked tall skinny and her head was shaved except for her black bangs which were braided and swept back over the dome of her head and looked almost like horns. The dream she appeared to me in still seems so real like it was a true event in my life. It started with me in the backseat of a car pulled over on the side of a nice residential neighborhood street. 2 of the shadow silhouettes filled the front seats of the car. Outside my window on the sidewalk stood the lady with braided horns. Without rolling down the window or exiting the car I heard her plain as day say to me “who are you?” For some reason I felt insane sadness when she said this and I started crying and just said “what do you want?” then all she says is “I’m so sorry”. I notice behind her is an older white 2 story house made with wood and brick. It was a nice looking home well kept not worn down. But after she said im so sorry she didn’t say anything else she only pointed to the door of this house urging me to go inside. After I refused to enter out of fear of the previous lady in white, this new entity with the braided horns walked with me down the street and started to explain how I was in a dream and that I had control and power to change things. She then tough me how to control these dreams a little bit better in way I can’t explain. It’s like she physically and mentally tough me but I still couldn’t alter the world nearly as masterfully as her. I was still trying the grasp the fact that I could basically do anything. This entire time we are walking though we are also walking by this same exact house over and over again and Everytime she tried harder and harder to get me to go in. The more I refused the more upset she seemed to get. But im to scared to enter because something about the house seems very off and malicous. I have had this dream or very similar ones several times now and each time I think more and more that she is the woman in white trying to trick me with a disguise. Or maybe she is trying to help me defeat the lady in white? The more I have this dream though the more I keep getting sleep paralysis and other almost increasingly bad dreams and I just want them to stop.

  246. Maya says:

    I had a dream something black was in my bedroom infront of me had no hand or foot it was in d air jus over me an as if fly an reach on me I wake up..I jump up out of that dream as it reach on me what does that mean?? A few weeks ago I also had dream father which is not alive he die almost a year now but he talking to me can’t remember what it is he say or asking but all I know I was saying i don’t know,i don’t know…all of a sudden my night lamp has fall an break I jump an watch it cuz it just fall just like that an I know I was in deep sleep when I check the time it was 3:33am my son sleeps with me an his dad on same bed an all of us was asleep that hour so can’t be none of them did that. The was on a table in the bedroom with us it that some evil spirits around us..

  247. Giselle says:

    I’m a cradle Catholic but recently returned & studying a lot about my Faith.
    Well, last night I had a dream.
    I was at home (but not my real home) when a life size Jesu’s statue got up (from a lying position) & moving & talking. I knew it wasn’t Jesus because his head was backwards; so I acknowledged that in my dream and moved on. Then it possessed a snow globe of Jesus (I know, but hey, dreams) & I acknowledged is not really Jesup so he returned to the huge statue. I wasn’t scared at all. I kept saying g Our Father, Hail Mary’s in my dream.
    I woke up calm & happy to know I was protected by God love.
    Hope it doesn’t sound strange but it happened.

  248. Daron says:

    Hi. I had a dream experience like you mentioned in your article. A childhood friend of mine had recently died. He appeared to me in a dream in the same suit he was buried in. I knew this was a demon because his eyes were extremely black. I asked him, what are you doing here you’re dead? His response was, no I’m not everybody keep saying that. I realized that this had to be a demon and I woke myself up and I just started rebuking it in the name of The Most High GOD. Can you explain if you can what this dream meant? Thank you. Daron

  249. Krissy says:

    Finally I read sow thing that’s accurate on google lol I have been dealing with This for years and my inner soul screams demonic even tho when I try to research it all that will pop up is dream meanings which is total BS!!! Jesus is the only one who helps and who saves and he has helped me in major ways in the past I had four in my house who would do horrible things mainly at night. Jesus came and saved me an my family. Last night I was in that dream state an all I could hear was my front door turning but not opening an the thing was angry it couldn’t come in an all I kept saying in my head was Jesus please help me wake me up please and telling it to leave in Jesus name an it felt like five min could of been less finally I awake and started to thank god an turn on my preaching show. I am just happy to be able to read others stories and that I am not alone nor crazy for my soul lettin Me know it is demons attakin I had one tell me a few months ago they would drain me of my blood ??? Very very creepy

  250. Kendra says:

    Mom I Keep Having These Demonic Dreams & Every Time I Try To Say The Devil Is A Lie I Rebuke You In The Name Of Jesus It’s Like I Can’t Get It Out. My Last Dream I Had Like This I Defeated Him This Time It Wasn’t Working. I Don’t Like It They Are So Real W/ The Big Black Eye’s & The Deep Manley Demonic Voice I Just Busted Out In Tears I Feel Like That What Was Happening To Cai’Ceon My Two Year Old A Couple Night’s Ago When He Was Crying In His Sleep. They Seem To Be Getting Worse.

  251. Cheryl says:

    In my dream, the demon wanted me to think he couldn’t see me but I could him. I believe it wanted to feel my reaction first. I looked at the demon across the hall in this huge house. I could see all the evil it had done. I became very angry! I yelled at it… YOU, Hey YOU! He turned to look at me. I yelled GET OUT OF HERE, YOU DON’T BELONG HERE! Then I got up to go towards him I was soooo angry! I woke up. I had no fear. My dream was in color which doesn’t happen often either.

  252. Alyssa says:

    I’m 13 and on Friday I had a dream where I was trying to watch a movie when something starts chasing me and my family around my house. My family and I later on went into the house again with a priest to bless the house later on they started recording evidence. After that all the lights went out and everything turned off it was pitch black and a demon started attacking me when we got the lights back on I found my family dead. I ran out of the house I then had been dragged to hell and I just woke up. I have been seeing the same demon since Friday when ever I close my eyes. I have been scared to fall asleep since that night. I fear I might wake up with markings or something I often watch scary movies but I have never had a dream like this before I’m scared that I might get physically hurt myself I’m super scared and don’t know what to do.

  253. Johnny says:

    Hi There, My name is Johnny and i am Catholic christian. My Demonic attack dream was one of the wickedest i’ve ever experienced. If you can help interpret it, since there no real interpretion i can find. Here goes, I found myself at night time in an open alley, a building on the right and train tracks on the left. Strong white lights illuminating the pavement. no one around just me, i suddenly tought this was a murder scene. Suddenly, i was crippled by immense pressure. my body twisted, my mind confused, i was speaking tongues! All i can remember is having the will to get out of that place, on the other side, a normal sidewalk with people on it, i wanted to reach it. so i crawled all crooked, pressed on by strong gravity. Confused, speaking tongues. I think i either found a Murder scene or was attacked by a demon. What was this about?

  254. Vanessa says:

    This has happened to a lot of Christians. I know it has happened to me many times as well just as you say, when I’m almost falling asleep I’m like in the middle half awake and half asleep. But in the end I call out for Jesus and rebuke it in Jesus name. They have fought back but I keep rebuking. Sometimes I get anointing oil and anoint myself lol it helps.

  255. Celeste says:

    Hi I had a dream recently I was standing in front of a mirror with blackness around me a voice from the side of my face came up and told me “you are closer to the devil than you are to God” and before that it seemed like everyone in my house was so rude to me and hated me is there any certain prayers I could do it really freaks me out never have experienced anything like that before

  256. Jay says:

    I’m responding to the topic regarding “Demonic Dreams.” That in itself has been my whole life, and I don’t understand it. If it’s not a demonic attack in my dreams, it’s in my waking life as well; church, family, and so on. I struggle with saying the name of Jesus when I am under attack in my sleep. Instead of saying Jesus the first time, I find myself always calling out my mother’s name (which comes out easily) when under attack and don’t know why. Then after I say her name and nothing happens, I try to call on the name of Jesus and struggle with getting it out; when I eventually do, the evil spirit leaves. I have fears that I don’t belong to God, and my dreams and people in my waking life make it a point to get me to feel and believe that. As I’m writing now, I’m having pressures on the left side of my head and unable to sleep. I don’t know who to really trust and turn to, from fear of being deceived and ensnared by the enemy. After all, the devil has been after me my whole life. I feel like David when he said, ‘I looked on my right hand, and beheld, but there was no man that would know me: refuge failed me; no man cared for my soul.’ (Psalm 142:4) By writing this to you, I’m just taking a chance out of desperation. I know God gives dreams, and sometimes I know without a doubt it is from Him. Then there are some dreams and waking experiences I have and wonder WHAT. I have been in a long, and am now in a conscience and sub-conscience warfare and I’m not sure if I’m winning.

  257. Gardenia says:

    Ive been a Christian for a while and had a couple of these demonic dreams but in each one I always rebuke them in the name of Jesus and they scream then I wake up a while after last night I dream that I was in a big home getting ready to leave somewhere when all of a sudden the home got dark and I felt a darl presence and sure enough I turned my head and a a man with long hair full of blood was standing before me I saw his demonic face then right away rebuked him in Jesus name and he was thrown back but the first time I rebuked him my voice was a little shaky then I rebuked him again but this time I was fearless it was an intense dream but I was able to wake myself up after

  258. Joey says:

    I’ve been having dreams of evil spirits coming in my home. My wife states during my dream I tend to recite the Lord’s Prayer multiple times during my sleep. She say’s it really creeps her out due to the fact my voice changes during recital of the prayer. The dreams I stated are somewhat repetitive, sometimes different house and or different evil figures. I cannot remember what the figures look like but can remember the position I was standing while reciting the prayer and remember objects or surrounding. I don’t know why I am having these dreams maybe someone can shed some light on the subject. Thanks in advance.

  259. Leticia Granado says:

    Hi most of all thank Jesus for another precious day!! Thank you so much , for this help my name is Letty , I’ve been attacked as far as I can remember I’m 52 yrs ole even as young , even in my times of party’s doing drugs walking the streets alone to get drugs , always believed in God !! My parents always said in our family me _ my brother’s !! Without Jesus Christ!! They’ll be nothing nothing will be right without God! For the love of God my dreams then , starting having em again, OMG!!I’d say this dreams can help Steven king make scracy movies, Lol but in the blood of our Father JESUS Christ!! We’re save bless protect, forever n ever and thanks again for this plz sent my way words topic of our Father God all the times God bless us all

  260. Chris says:

    Hi guys yes it makes sense every time I step out for jesus or do kids ministry work or even have a word at church that night I always get attacked in my dreams sometimes just in my sleep state and a slight awareness it’s like I can here frequency sounds words that don’t make any sense and attacking me dreams zombies’ black stuff even evil suggestions .it’s horrible but on the flip side I have dreams of people at church which are true or situations in the word that happens. ..I even fund that my relationship with my wife is always trouble some confusion. ..

  261. Matt says:

    Email me. I need verses that back up what you’ve said here. Not asking out of doubt, asking out of a need to take this knowledge to battle for myself.

  262. rachel says:

    Hi, my name is Rachel. I am 28 years old and have recently become a Christian. I currently live with my father and his girlfriend.
    After moving in before going to bed I prayed and asked God to protect me and my room from any darkness or evil. A few nights later I had an awful nightmare. I was asleep in my dream and there was a sudden darkness (darker than night). All of a sudden there were these dark shadows pulling at my feet. They started to drag me. I started to yell out, “NO, NO, NO! You can’t have me. I won’t go with you I am with God!!” I kept yelling out to Jesus. These dark shadows just kept swirling around and kept pulling at me. I tried screaming, kicking and banging on the wall, it felt so real. I kept screaming out that I was with The Lord and they wouldn’t be able to take me. I finally woke up out of breath and scared. I just prayed. Soon after I talked to my sister that had lived there as well and she informed me that they did worship something dark, like some sort of witch stuff. I had suspected it but never allowed myself to believe it, until my fathers girlfriend did tell me she meditated and lit candles for a darker force.
    After that I prayed in my room and demanded they stay out cause they couldn’t ever have me. I was fine for awhile. Until last night I had another dream about the same but this time I called out to God and suddenly the was a dim light above me. I reached out and God pulled me up and the whole room became brighter. When I woke up I wasn’t as scared but I prayed silently. Both times I decided to spend the night at a friends house to allow myself to cleanse from the darkness.
    It is hard to talk to my friend because he is not a Christian and doesn’t have God in his heart like I do. He lends an ear but isn’t able to fully understand.
    Thank you for taking the time to read this.

  263. Eddy Makeu says:

    Hi Im Eddy and i live in a hostel which has 3 floors and my room is up on the 3rd floor. I have now had two mind tricky dreams that nearly got me killed. In my first dream, i dreamed that i was following a person into a room, and that personbrought me to a room and let me went into the room first and then that person tricked me and closed the door and went away while i was still in that room. When the door closes i started to realize that the room was on fire, so i had to break the door and go outside, but after breaking the door and reaching outside, my room mate in real life shouted at me woke me up from my dream. At that time when i woke up from my dream, i realized that i was standing at my room balcony which i was about to jump down. And my room door was broke in realiaty which i Thougth i only broke it during my dream. The second dream of mine is; a person lead me into a gate,and when i passed the gate i came to a narrow pathway. On the left side of the pathway was standing a 6 feet tall wall, and on the right side was standing a 3 storie building. So when went passed into the pathway about 5 meters away from the gate, that person closed the gate, then i started to realized that the building was about to collapse towards the wall and smash me up in the middle. So i had to run back to the gate and break the gate, but while breaking the gate , in reality my room mate shouted at me and woke me up from my dream which i woke up and realized that i was standing beside the room window trying to break it and jump down from the window. These two dreams scary the hell out of me and i dont know when i will face such 3rd dreams etc… again. The worst part is that i couldt recall the face of that person in my dream. I mean i cant remember the face of that person who are trying to kill me in my dream. I am in need help to fight such a dream and i find this post was very helpful to me when mentioning Jesus Christ. Please anyone do reply me on how to fight against such dreams. Thank you

  264. thatssoalyson says:


    I’m a freshman in college but the first dream I had was when I was a freshman in high school. I had a dream where I was wide awake and something was choking me. I couldn’t breathe or move. Another dream I remember was where I was in my dad’s house and I was being dragged out of the house by a spirit and I kept calling on the name of Jesus and he never went away. Last month I had one of the worst dreams ever. I knew it was a dream but I could feel everything. I couldn’t move I couldn’t speak the only thing that I could move was my eyes. But lying next me was a figure. His skin looked almost like a grayish and it looked like it had no life to it. He looked like a human in my dream, but I could tell he wasn’t. I was so scared I didn’t know what to do. I could feel that it was evil. I kept calling on the name of Jesus but nothing worked. Until I said his name one more time and I woke up. After I woke up I didn’t want to move I could feel that there was somebody watching me. I was more than certain of it. Last night I had a dream again that there’s people around me being possessed by some demons. And then somebody in my dream showed me some objects and they told me that there were some spirits attached to them. The next thing I know I have a sharp pain on my back. Again I knew it was a dream but I could feel everything. I couldn’t move or talk. The sharp pain in my back kept getting worse and worse. I had a feeling I had to call name of Jesus. But the first one out of my mouth was God. It wasn’t after that that I had said the name Jesus and the third time I said his name I immediately woke up. I have no idea what’s going on but if you could explain to me that would be wonderful. I really appreciate all your help.

    Thank you.

  265. Melanie says:

    In my dream there was a “man” he kept trying to get us to do something dangerous and wrong. I told him in the dream no that is dangerous and wrong he kept bothering us but none of us in the dream did what he wanted. I woke up tense and angry. You know how you are angry but you can’t really do anything that is kind of how it was. It lasted at least a few moments then I went back to sleep. Was the man a demon in my dream most of the time when demons or angels in my dream they just look kind of human not the way you would expect but you know something is different like that. Most of the time when I am mad or angry it’s like a quieter angry I feel it but people looking can’t tell. Anyway I was just curious.

  266. Stephanie says:

    Hi my name is Stephanie, I have been experiencing quite alot of attacks, I will just tell you guys about the one I had last night. (yesturday I met a man whom is my brothers friend and is an older man and his name is mick, I also live with my housemate bianca whom I have known for 10 years and is my best friend) in my dream for some reason mick was in our house and he just so happend go be sleeping in my room. I was standing near the front door and mick walked out my bedroom and just stood in the hall way looking very unwell, pale and had very dark circles draging down his eyes, then this STENCH came along, so I opened the front door to air it out, it cuts to another scene I am in a car with bianca and mick, bianca is sitting in the front passenger seat and i was sitting in the back-seat with mick with a bible in my hands, it seems to be nobody driving the car.. We were just moving. I grab Mick’s hands I tell him I am about to cast this demon out in the name of jesus crist, BUT everytime I tried to say it the words would not come out and it was a real STRUGGLE to try and say, but just saying anything else I could. So I called on biancas attention and I asked for her to help me. And her response was “in the name of jesus BLA BLA BLA! Over and over everytime I would ask for her help, all the while she’s staring at me smirking and smiling. I kept trying and trying and even just gave up saying it aloud and would persistently say it in my head as loud as I could, then it cut to another scene and this girl who had mangled arms and legs and face was sliding on the floor towards me with her head spinning, then I woke up.
    I now realise the demon was pretending to be bianca and is probably annoyed I accept jesus crist into my life and will not stand for their bullshit torment anymore. Although I still was quite frightened when I woke up cause I was laying flat on my back with my mouth wide open when I NEVER sleep like that o.o

  267. Dylan says:

    I was once attacked by a dream demon. She called herself a Filkisilk or said her name was Filkisilk. What I did was put my fingers into a cross and said the Lord’s Prayer believing that Christ will protect me. When I did that, I saw the Demon get really scared and I then saw a bright llight. I woke up finishing the prayer

  268. Zachary R Mokhtari says:

    A demon attacked me just now in my dream. I haven’t experienced a dream like this before. Ive had lots of night terrors growing up but this was different. My dreams are always so random and confusing, never remembering all the details. This was a normal dream not bad nor good then out of the darkness this dark figure apears in my face grabbing on to me screaming and pulling me as if it was trying to devour my soul. I could feel it physically. I felt my hands grab it by its shoulders to hold it back and it persisted on staying in my face creating so much fear within my self I let out a yell as loud as I can in the dream. And felt the entity screaming at me and along with the screams I heard a high pitch scream followed by a ringing sound and I woke up.

    • Rebecka says:

      I just had something similar to you, i had like 4 dreams in a row, strange ones and then i heard a high pitch scream like when a hard rocker screams, kinda. Then i felt my body being pushed down and i had no control at all, i imagined Jesus face and it screamed at me and let go…

  269. Christopher Vrachimis says:

    Resist the devil and he will flee guys I think fear is a weapon of the enemy and gods says fear not for I am with you be strong and very courageous. .Smith wiggles worth once had the devil sit at the end of his bed so I heard check for your self ..and he said to him oh its only you and went back to sleep the diciples went back to jesus and said even the demons obay us in your name luke 10 .17 -20….He has given you authority and these things dream are training you to be men and women of god the king of kings …if you are born again and are baptised in the spirit the enemy has no rights over you unless you are deliberately sinning .so I believe you are being trained diciples of our Lord jesus christ …recommend site Todd white know your identity. .

  270. James says:

    Hello I have been having dreams of this black eyed man with an expressionless face. It could be a normal dream, I’ll be eating dinner with my family and he will be in the window staring at me. It had gotten to the point to where I have become aware that I am dreaming when ever I see him. The first time I saw him he grabbed me got really close and in a manner of different voices all speaking the same thing yelled “show me your memories. Now he is just there. every time I sleep he is there. What do I do? is this my mind or something else?

  271. LaBelle says:

    Hello I have a question

  272. Toski says:

    I’ve noticed that ever since I tried to become more powerful spiritually I get crazy dreams, the first one started when he showed him self as a tall bull-like beast telling me i couldnt against him, i felt very powerful spiritually at the time since people did a liberation prayer on me and in the dream I remember being calm face to face with him and told him I was going to beat him with the power of the Trinity and just like that he vanished, the next day I dreamt I was walking in the forest when all of a sudden I notice a tiny gobbling looking at me, when he noticed i noticed he started running away into the woods or something, there was a lot of trees ,I woke up immediately with the chills only to realize the window was right where he was, I became aware that it might be him again since he miserably failed to scare me the first time when I had my last dream, I dreamt I was in an alley trying to sneak into a place then realized some short fat monsters with hunch backs were coming down the ladder of the building I was going to climb,when they got down they seemed like evil cops that were looking for me and as soon as they realize I wasn’t there (because I hid behind a dumpster) they magically opened a portal and disappeared leaving behind a purple hat or something they had in their head, I quickly ran to pick it up but for some reason I couldn’t reach it because there was a fence they walked true like nothing, it was then when I realized he must be messing with my head since I’ve tried to be more spiritual

  273. Kari Canfield says:

    Thank you! I’m in constant dream battle and it’s nice to know I’m not alone and I’ve been doing the right thing. I feel it’s preparation perhaps? They are happening more frequently lately :/ Trying to shield before i fall asleep but not everytime works. Thanks for explaining the alpha.

  274. AJ says:

    It’s a really helpful article.
    Last week I has a dream where my family and more similar faces were just shouting at me and fighting me for no reason and I don’t know why I was crying in my dream.when I woke up I felt so stressed out as if I was crying in reality plus I felt so much sad and dejected.
    After reading this article I’m so blessed.
    Keep up the good work.

    • mike says:

      In real life, it is possible they are not happy with u for a reason, in dreams u get to see the real mind of people towards u.

  275. Jf87 says:

    I believe the dream is controlled by the demon in many situations. If you are sinning in he dream it is to cause you to feel guilt when you awake.

  276. Candice Williamson says:

    This isn’t my first time being attacked in my sleep by demons but I have ways been able to rebuke them in Jesus’ name and they go away and I wake up.
    But now I think they have figured it out because last night I had another one and they held my tongue.. I couldn’t rebuke or cry out to the Lord no matter what I did. I don’t know how long it lasted But I was jerked awake.
    So.. what’s next

  277. blueluna5 says:

    I found your blog interesting. I lucid dream and astral project frequently. In a dream you can feel the energy of the dream character. If the character is evil you can feel it even though they are saying something else.

    They can never harm you. Dreams stem from emotions. If you are angry, upset, scared you are full of fear and your dreams will reflect nightmares. If you are happy and full of love you will have good dreams. You can also change the state of dream when you become lucid because you’re happy, even in a nightmare. This is how I had a dream of an angel.

    If an evil entity is too much for me I say “Jesus help me” and I wake up instantly. Often I tell them “I love you” and they don’t know what to do but look scared and leave me alone. I guess they weren’t getting the fear they were after. Once I met 3 very demonic ones and I was very scared and about to leave. Then I noticed they were bowing to me which was scary in a different way. So I told them to go to the light. I was in all white and looked light an angel compared to them. This was ironic because I felt like them when I met an angel in my dream…like i was the unworthy one and my angel was so beautiful and pure. I guess I understood them from that perspective.

  278. Rebecka says:

    I think i just experienced this and i feel very shook, this is what happened: First i felt myself drifting away, i was falling asleep. But i was also awake. Then i had some strange dreams, like 4 in s row, one was with a bird moving towards me and didn’t fly away, i remember being scared of it. I can’t remember the other dreams, but then i heard a big scream or something similar to when a hard rocker screams, like: “YEAAAAH” but with more pitch, i opened my eyes and everything kind of glitched and i saw a skull or a face on my wall as i was hearing the sound. Then i said to myself “go away satan” and then when i imagined Jesus face i felt my chest being pushed down, like my whole body being pushed down and i had no control of my body, then i heard the scream again and then it all just let go. What is your opinion on this?

  279. Anthony says:

    Hello maybe you can give me some info about the dreams that ive had. Ive only had two experiences like this is my life, but both were terrifying. I cant really explain what it was in the dream, all i can say is that i knew it was evil. The first dream was of a man in a suit wanting me to sign a contract of some sort. But his face was not defined. It was just a shadow. I then attacked it and as soon as i did that, i felt its energy rise up and overcome me completely. I then forced myself to wake up. That was about 8 months ago. Then just last night, i dreamt of a old man that needed my assistance with something. To be exact, he was standing next to a black curtain which he pulled back revealing a dark dim lit hall way that was endless and roofless with black curtains on either side. Sort of like a hallway. He asked me if i would go inside of the hallway, but didnt say how this was helping him. When i went into the hallway he told me not to go back too far because there were spirits in the far back. Well i didnt even walk too far back and he started shouting “there it is! run!” When i turned to run out of the hallway, i felt this energy overcome me. I was completely powerless and terrified. All i could think about in my head was that whatever this energy was, it was extremely evil. I then forced myself awake. But when i woke up, i found that i really was not forcing myself out of sleep, my fiancee was shaking me awake because she saw the distress in my body language while i slept. When i woke up, it was dark in my room and i was still terrified from the dream. I am still a little shaky from it. So my question is, what do you think is going on. May i also add that i do not pray whatsoever nor do i go to church. My mother is a christian but for my own reasons, i do not worship. And i honestly have my own doubts when it comes to god and the devil. But last night, whatever it was in that dream makes me feel like there is most definitely a devil

  280. Christina Lewisky Anderson says:

    My name is Christina. From Malaysia. 18 years old this year. Sorry my grammar is not that good. I have this dream today and it is complicated. Im so curious. I don’t watch any horror movie lately. This is what happen in my dream. I woke up in the middle on the hospital bed of an empty room with this one nurse. I get up and her face were change into a demonic face n her eyes were red. I run and saw the syring at a open lift. I took and trying to inject her with that. But suddenly I woke in my room. (still in my dream) My little sister beside me. I’m still on the bed. My little sister stand up came out of my room. I get up and sit down on the bed. Every tv can c your reflect on the tv. I saw myself reflect but… beside me (left and right) in the reflection, I saw there is a male and some female beside me. Their eyes were white is like glowing. While my reflect is Red on my eyes part. I when downstairs but to tell nothing. I saw my mom keep scolding me and I dont know whats the reason. I felt this anger inside of me. I shout at her. Until she was shock. I never been this way before. She was crying and she almost had a fit. I told her Im sorry and I dont why I’m like this. I even told her that “The demon inside of me and it controling me. I even saw in my room tv there is a reflection of me with red eyes and the other souls beside me.” She wont believe me till she fall in the toilet and close the door and dont let us to help her. My second elder brother kinda trust me. He, my sis and me when in the room and sit on the bed. There they is! Again… the reflect of myself is Red at the eyes part while my bro and my sis reflect is white. But why me? We quickly run downstairs and told mom and dad. My mom making a chocolate dough. We explain everything but end up like there ignore us. Suddenly, I vomit in the kitchen sink. My dad just ignore n throw the dough in the sink. The dough turn into sand. I don’t get it. How? The dream is skip. Now I on the bike with my bro. He first seem normal, but when I talk to him, he ride damn fast. And that just hit my head saying that he tries to kill me. I quickly jump down. I get up and run. He turn and chase me. It is evening by the way. His face change to demon. I quickly got home and saw…my bro and sis. I ask them to go up stairs in my room. We look at ourself in the tv. I saw that this time there is ony one demon who look at us. He is in the tv. I’m suddenly start to pray “Hail Mary” and it suddenly disappear and reappear the body of christ laying down in the tv. The head is facing our way but I can see his face. Jesus face and his whole body. He wore a white cloth that cover below part. Thats the time me and my siblings so happy. And thats the time my dream is end. I woke up sitting on the bed, my head full of curiousity. What does the dream meant? To be honest, I didnt go church about long time now. I was wondering maybe Jesus is sending me a msg telling that if I never go church, the demon will hunt us easily. Is that it?

  281. rw says:

    Will try to be brief. Twice in the past two weeks i have had a dream of a red demon, the 1st was more horrific and possessed the feeling of being near pure evil. The 2nd just a day ago appeared very similar but was verbally casting what i interpreted in my dream as spells. In the second dream i did have in my possession a red notebook containing protection – and then i woke. i have tried to analyze these occurrences with both complex and simple thought but cant seem to fully understand the purpose. I dont have a clean slate to hang on the wall for all to see but have walked on both sides of the light; truly standing for the power and faith of Christ and his divine power. Any intelligent thoughts?

  282. anonomys says:

    i need help i had a dream that i was kidnapped and brought into a demonic cult where i was injected with something then baptised in a muddy pond wrapped in plastic by non other than what i can describe was a demon and he had numbers behind him i could not see there faces but only his pale enlarged and damaged face

  283. Alexa says:

    Hi I’m only 14 and I am very spiritual but I have been getting really weird dreams lately and a lot of sleep paralysis one time I was in sleep paralysis and I saw a demon but it wasnt very vivid and I heard strange noises and then I got out of sleep paralysis and everything was normal and a couple of weeks later from that I got a really weird dream where I was in my bed and started flying to mum and dads room except something frightening was standing at their door starring at me and I knew it was a dream so I closed my eyes trying to get out of it and I woke up in my bed and then all of a sudden I was in another dream in a car with my mum and sister and i don’t know what we were talking about but the scenery looked weird so I said out loud this is just a dream and mum and my sister stared at me and tried to physically attack me but I held them back and I was thinking of white line and divine love I don’t know if it was all a demons doing but it is actually scary for me and a week back I had a dream I was possessed and mum was driving me to a church except of course everything looked weird and there were no churches and I was trying to hold back whatever was possessing me and then it all ended. Mum tells me that I’m being tested or something but I’m not quiet sure that’s the case. I need serious help I’m no longer sleeping right anymore. 😢

  284. Maxi says:

    I was attacked in a dream two nights ago. I had left my bedroom door open, which I never do. It felt only moments after drifting into light sleep that the thing came to my doorway and entered my room. It came to my bed and leaned over me. I was paralysed. I fought and struggled. I also could not open my mouth. I did, however, manage to make some noise. I attempted to yell at the thing, telling it I am with Christ, that I am a child of God. I began to intensely say this in my mind as strongly as I could. And just like that it left. I can still see it’s face burned in my memory.

  285. Concerned Citizen says:

    Sleep paralysis is not a demon messing with you, your brain partially paralyzes you so you don’t act out your dreams… trying to move will only cause more panic and make you feel like you are being electrocuted. Not fun. Instead try to relax and close your eyes and you will most likely quickly drift off to sleep again. Also a good opportunity to lucid dream.

  286. David Nunley says:

    Last night while traveling home from visiting family that live 2 hours away I became sleepy so I stopped at the walmart parking lot to rest my eyes. While dozing in my car somewhere in between sleep and wakefulness, the devil appeared in the parking lot. This isn’t the first time I have saw him but in the past he was kind, welcoming, and told me to ask of him and I would receive, however with God’s help I resisted. This time was different, he was angry with me and I was honestly afraid he came at me as if running toward my car then through it. It was like he was trying to full on attack me but couldn’t touch me, however he did make me feel afraid. I just wanted to know why he keeps appearing to me? The thing of the matter is its always when I’m tired or asleep that he appears, also I know its the devil with out question because I feel his presence its like you don’t have to ask who he is he talks to my mind or soul as weird as that sounds. I don’t fear him while I’m awake because I know God is with me, its just I want him to stop appearing to me. And honestly please don’t think i’m making this up I do believe in God and I don’t think this is something anyone should even joke around about.

  287. andros says:

    You’re dead wrong. You have no control over these aspects of your dreams, so how can you effectively protect yourself against something your own mind creates? Maybe we should stop being so paranoid that the “occult” is out to get us and start living our lives like regular human beings. Dreams are nothing more than self-reflections. If you’re afraid of the dark and unknown (e.g., the occult), your mind will try to compensate in your dreams. Take a class on psychology or read a book. Stop trying to chalk it up to demons and magic. That’s the only way you’ll ever be free of such mental anguish. I wish you well.

  288. Rachel says:

    I’m sorry this is going to be long. So back in 2012 I had this dream (more like nightmare) that I was at this creepy old house and I felt something watching me, this same dream occurred a few times then next dream was in a house and I could see like the outline of this “thing” and I could feel in my gut it was a demonic or evil presence. Every night I would have these dreams and wake up 3-4am scared but telling myself it is just a dream. But then the dream took place outside of my house, every time I would run away from this invisible demonic figure and every night I would wake up frozen in fear. This went on for about 4 months almost every night always getting closer until it got to point where in my dream I would “wake up” and the demon would be in my door way, this went on for about a month until in my dream when I “woke up” and saw it I chased it out of my house and then went back into my bed and went to sleep. To this day I have no clue if the last dreams where real or a dream but they would make me freeze up in fear. After chasing the demonic being that night I never had the dream again until last night. I have moved since then and live in apartment with my boyfriend and in my dream last night I “woke up” and started getting ready for work, when I reached for bedroom door the door opened a little and I paused and thought that was odd then the invisible presence was in the door way and I said get out this isn’t real get out I’m dreaming and the figure pushed me and I fought until I was thrown onto the ground and it was strangling me, I was trying to yell at my sleeping boyfriend for help but couldn’t breath to get words out until I woke up for real. The dream last night was the first time the demonic presence ever actually attacked me, before it would stare or wall closer. I know it is hard to understand when I say it is invisible but in the dreams I can sense where it is and where it is looking. I sound crazy I know, but it seriously scares me so bad. Idk what to do to make it stop.

  289. Tina says:

    I just accepted Jesus Christ in to my life. Got re- baptized ,I started having dreams , which wake up, and I feel like I said something wrong and I feel I lost Christ. In the forefront of my brain is an out line of the devil.I try everything to remove it but it won’t go away. Anyway I hear myself in my dream world calling out loud to someone which wakes me up,I know what ever the name is evil I think,not sure, never heard of it before.I wake up feeling I’ve lost God.
    One time in my dream I heard someone call me to wake up.
    I can’t control what I say, please help

  290. Mridula Singh says:

    I am experiencing nightmares every night.. Seriusly every night from past 2-3 years.. And i wake up with a heavy head.
    I see demons, dead bodies, terrorists, earthquakes, murders, people walking around naked… But mostly i see demons. And the worst part is that, unless the whole story is complete, I cant even force myself to wake up.
    I even smell things at times like smelling a dead body in my dream or smelling blood.

    When i wake up i realize that story ended in my dream and that is why i woke up.
    And I have experinced sleep paralysis only once in my lifetime.
    I really need help.

  291. Amanthya says:

    Had this happen a few times, and no matter my confusion, disappointment or anger with God, my dream self almost always started praying. Or at least trying to say the name of Jesus, even when my dream self experienced being unable to move and barely able to talk. This morning was the first time I actually rebuked — told to leave — in the name of Jesus, before continuing to cry out His name in a plea for saving. The dream ended the quickest they ever have. When I woke up, it occurred to me: a) this is the first time I’ve ever resisted this particular mind-path in dreams that often leads to sin irl b) resist the devil and he will flee from you.

  292. James says:

    I have a question not a comment. In my dreams i am fighting and arguing with an unseen entity. Most of the time my family and friends our with me in my dreams. The most recent one i was in a struggle with this said entity and it begain to throw me around and tryed to control me. It felt as if it was tryng to consume me or even take over my body. I woke up with a sense of not being alone and being watched by something that i could not see and was having a hard time breathing. My question is can a demon take control of my body using the dream realm as a gateway?

  293. Jlcm says:

    Hello. Your blog post is probably the first I’ve come across that actually talks about my problem with dreaming. I’m 37 years old. Baptized and confirmed Methodist. I’ve been visited quite often in a dream state since I was very young. I’ve always just assumed they were spirits and I was just too afraid to talk to them. My dream last night made me believe that this one was demonic. These demons had red eyes when they showed themselves and I had friends that were willing to fight them. I’m my dream my highschool acquaintances where making everyone give up their Bibles and making me watch as they took them. There was one woman who wasn’t happy. She took her Bibles that her husband made her bring out and dropped them in the mud instead of handing them over. I was angry. I picked them up and started trying hard to say the Lord’s Prayer. It was hard to speak, but I yelled until the words came out. The second time was easier and I got away and was on my way to return the woman’s Bible when I woke.

  294. raffeeza soodoo says:

    i had a dream in the alpha state of three red little pigs with thin long stout and on their head was a bell like horn . these three red pigs were playing with my little daughter and they started to bit some paper then i told my daughter move them from here and that i don’t want them. So she took them by the road, my mother went to look at them when one of the pig bit her on her finger it bled. Then I was awoke out of that dream. Please reply me with the answer, I am a christian believer and lately for almost three years now I am putting up battles with demons.

  295. David says:

    My name isDavid and I’m a servant of Christ, with strong faith and true belief. God has worked many miracles in my life and is with me. I give thanks daily. However. Sometimes at night I am beset by entities of evil. I will give an example. Last night I dreamt that I was strangling someone. I was laughing evilly whilst doing it. My carer awoke me and told me that once again I was having a demonic dream and I was audibly laughing in an evil and frightening way. When she woke me I was afraid. Terrified. I commanded the entity to leave in the name of Christ. I prayed and went back to sleep. I do not often remember my dreams but often when I awake I am in a panic, frightened and anxious. I believe that in these cases I am having these dreams but not remembering them. I am not a violent or nasty person – I spend much of my time helping and counselling people through their difficulties. I never walk past someone who is in distress without offering help. I recently revived a person at the shopping centre who had collapsed. I’m a good person and I do not know why this is happening to me. I really need help with this. Thank you for taking the time to read this.


  296. Rachel says:

    Wow you said it dead on I got deliverence on my birthday Im grateful & I been trying to get rid of them they come always has my husband naked and man naked it don’t make sense once u Rebuke them they scream but now I want to know they are being more careful about it I have to pray morning till night everyday

  297. Tareeq says:

    I have experience with being asleep and being attacked by a very dark oppressing force ever since i was a child, as far back as i can remember. As i grew older i had constant experiences with dark heavy force both awake and asleep. Being attacked by a heavy oppressing force while asleep no longer bothers me since i know i am protected by the god. What has been bothering me is as i grew older i started having dreams of dead people. it would be a dream where i saw glimpses of a funeral of someone who died ( at the time o the dream that person is alive), this includes people i know, and people i do not know. Usually i forget about the dreams until a while after, a few months or years until i am at the funeral and realize what i am seeing with my eyes, was the dream i however long ago. Second type i have is i’m surrounded by people who have passed on, sometimes with people i knew but mostly with people who i have never met or known, They all talking to me, but i cannot hear their words, and all of their faces are just blurred to the point you cannot see a single facial feature. i can feel their presence , which feels very light and warm. They would be taking turns speaking to me which gets interrupted by a change of fear and panic of their presence and the feeling of a very large dark heavy presence approaching them and every time without fail i would be in the middle of both. Each time i would be fighting off the dark presence and no matter how strong it feels, it cannot get past me and when i turn to look at where the faceless people was to see if they got away i would always wake up. what stays with me is that each time that dark heavy presence is extremely pissed off at me and does not like me being there.
    I have asked priests of different religions that’s prominent where i live which includes Christianity, Islam, Hinduism. about this and no one has been able to help with what i see in my dreams.

  298. Lil_M says:

    I once had a dream that I was in the middle back seat of my cousins car, he was driving and his girlfriend was in the passenger seat kinda sitting looking back at me because we were talking. I had my feet in the middle close to my cousins elbow. As we’re talking I looked at the wheel that started to turn round and round but my cousin wasn’t in control. We started going in circles and they started screaming. I can hear grunts and steam coming off of the wheel as it went faster. I told my cousins girl to stop screaming, he’s not coming for you, he wants me. As I said this we were sure to crash. I woke up soooo scared. The dream felt so real. I told her that in my dream ( that “he” being the devil or demon, was after me ) because around that time strange things were happening to me. I would feel someone staring at me in my room at night or sometimes rite in my face. My cousin and his girlfriend twice woke me up in the middle of the night to wake me because they said they heard someone knock on the door so hard but nobody would be there and it would always be around 2:30, 3 am. I’d even sometimes feel like I had something sexual happen to me in my sleep and wake up so confused like “did I get that drunk last night ?. I even took a picture of myself one day at the beach and you can clearly see a double set of eyes that weren’t mine next to my eyes. There was a lot of things going on that felt so bad, horrible feelings. So when I had that dream, in the dream idk how but it’s like I knew it was meant for me. So weird and scary. When I woke up I left my house and went to a friends for a little. I couldn’t be in my room. When I came home, my cousins girl asked where I was because it was so early and she got worried when she saw I wasn’t home. I told her what happened. As I told her the dream she was looking at me crazy, to which I stopped and had to ask her what’s wrong ? She said Lilly, I had the same dream last night, as she started to tell me exactly what I dreamt, except in her dream as the car was spinning she said she saw our friends and family on the sidewalk screaming and crying because we had crashed. I didn’t even know people could have the same dream. Maybe a month later my friend knew a woman that can tell you your past and future and wanted to read me so I let her. She told me a spirit was watching me and even asked if I ever woke up feeling as if I had sex the night before. I couldn’t believe it because there was times I did. She called the spirit something I can’t remember but it’s a spirit who likes woman and money o_O. She was Cuban and would do things I don’t believe in lol so I just started to pray and maybe a two weeks later I ended up moving with who is now my husband and father to our daughter. It’s been almost 6 years since then and my life is definitely in a better place and I’m definitely closer to god then I was at that time. Crazy, I know.

  299. Ryan says:

    Just tonight I had a dream. And some of the things you named off are things I didn’t know to look for. Because I had a very scary demonic hijacking of my dream. This woman wanted to see my teeth. Then called them my cerebral row. 6 people were surrounding me. But that wasn’t the demonic part. The demonic part was the deep distorted whisper of the devil inside my mind that said. Further yourself into the will of the immaculate. My body then became paralyzed in the dream and I fell forward. Everyone else in my dream ceased to move and became unresponsive. The whole Dream froze. I woke up panicked and Everytime I blinked it was like a head or the baphomet pentagram with the goat head. Idk what it was. Would flash in my eyes. I didn’t rebuke the demon. I don’t sense it anymore. I was to frightened. I’m able to feel them when they come around but I don’t anymore. I mean unless they are hiding there presence from me. But usually they can’t do that. Anyways just wanted to know what you thought about this.

  300. joseph says:

    i had a dream of me and a girl on a date at a burger place suddenly i found my self walking up a flight of stairs alone and the girl i was with was behaving like i did not exist and i pass by a strange lady wearing a dress with rose flowers and glanced by her and kept walking till i noticed that everybody was ignoring me as if i did not exist so i go back to the lady with red eyes and i realise that she has the power to manipulate minds because her eyes became red when i went back to her so i threw water on her to see if she can see me and she started burning so i ran out of there but before leaving i told her that i can predict the future. The dream ended as soon as i left the building. In my personal experience all of my dreams come to reality the last time i dreamt was about a horse winning it is yet to run{name of horse castle bridge(india)} the dream before this i had was of my housemate crashing his car which came true after 1 week, 1 week has past but this horse has not run yet(castlebridge) and now i get a dream about this demon like lady. I rarely dream, like i dream maybe 1ce in 5 months so when i get these dreams i try to find out if it is plausible or just a dream.

    • joseph says:

      the horse that i had mentioned recently ran and won the race here is the proof race number6 horse number 4 castlebridge-

  301. Samantha Hobbs says:

    This has been happening on and off for many years, I don’t sleep well at all i have taken all different types
    of sleep aides none work well at all and when i do sleep strange and upsetting things happen a lot..
    And it may sound like Sleep Paralysis but i really don’t think so. When i am in bed i am awaken by something or someone getting on the bed, i have a heaviness on my entire body and the presence i feel is very bad,
    Once i was drug by my ankles to the end of the bed, and another time rolled to the other side, i also seen it well it’s shadow and it spoke something i never heard in another language, In my Head i was screaming Dear God make your presence known and then it goes away, it still happens not as often but happens.
    Now i have a new presence it jumps on my bed and plays with my blankets, sometimes i hear my name being called, and i am seeing shadows in my side vision.. Doe’s anyone know what might be going on besides me thinking i am crazy…. I wrote this last week and was hesitant on posting it and since that time the Bad presence has come back the past two nights have been really bad, i pray and continue to fight back i ask God to make his presence known over and over and tell what ever is here to leave it is no welcomed. Sometimes i am afraid to go to sleep.

  302. mike says:

    experiences from the dream state is like travelling to an unknown place…but before travelling , u are suppose to protect ur self in case u meet bad strangers.

  303. Kenneth Robinson says:

    I had Sleep Paralysis many time before and i called out Jesus name and i was released from that bondage in Jesus name. I had a dream the other night and it was the strangest dream. I was in this dark building i open the door to some sort of basement that people sitting around, I was trying to find my way out of the building and the people kept saying dont leave or the ghost will get you. I and some other person climb out of a window running to get away, it was dark outside and as i was running i can see this demonic spirit flying through the air coming after me, when it finally caught up with me it was biting on me and i called out Jesus name and thats when i woke up.

  304. Chris says:

    Hi. I have been interested in lucid dreaming for a while. I just found your blog. Wanted to share my experience I just had. I was listening to a youtube guided meditation video for lucid dreams. I don’t want to share the details of the nightmare I just had. I had a nightmare though and at some point I heard like a creepy demon voice. I didn’t know what it said. But I felt like maybe it was guiding the dream… I don’t think I want to continue lucid dreaming if I’m going to have nightmares. Even though you’re supposed to be able to control them…I recently started praying to God today. Do you think I was spiritually attacked and that’s probably why? Just wanted to share my experience.

  305. Ansel says:

    Samantha, you are being attacked by a incubus spirit. Firstly you need to repent of ALL previous sexual entanglement and consecrate yourself, bed and pillows anew to the Lord Jesus Christ, declaring you are His betrothed bride and the temple of the Holy Spirit asking the Lord to raiseup His fire wall of protection around you and let there be no perforations or penetrations into the wall.
    Your demon will not giveup easily as in his mind you belong to (married) him; even if you are a married woman, and he will try to serenade you with sexual thoughts (like from previous encounters); you must bring your mind under the subjection of Christ.
    When attacked call on the name of Jesus mentally or verbally and rescue will come from the angelic army.

  306. ken says:

    been a while since I replied.

    All the solutions given here are garbage.
    We need a way to destroy the demons no to make them go to our neighbor.

    I once managed to fight one and another time managed to modify the dream to my will but last time I had a dream a really hardcore demon came.
    This guy was no joke. These demons feed from our emotions they put in the dreams family members or loved members and make us feel many things for them. Like putting them in danger so we fear then the demons feed from our fear, etc…

    if someone knows a real way to destroy them or to make them bend to our will please reply.
    Otherwise get lost.

    I don’t need to get out of the dreams or to pray so they go looking for the next person. I’m strong enough to face the dream and wake up by myself.

    • BillyClyde says:

      Your not going to bend them to your will. There are plenty of them to go around so if your neighbour is outside of the Lord’s will he already has them. There’s not a waiting list for them. They don’t feed on emotions, they use them against you. Your not going to be rid of them until you get in formation and stand in the Lords commands. You can resist them without doing that but nothing you do will be anything but temporary. They don’t get tired and can keep it up longer than you can.

  307. Rachel says:

    YOUR right in some things but The rest is wrong God gives us Holy Spirit gift I see the demon when they attack me is like God is showing me to not fear them I actually rebuke them in the name of Jesus if you know how demon attacks how can you not know to rebuke them in the name of Jesus then you wake up and they go away & it always works

  308. Thomas Marcus says:

    I had a dream that this kid was offering me jalapenos on a road the talking about house somewhere chocolate-covered and work so hot didn’t make sense then I went to a house and everybody was smoking weed and I was being held down by just right hands my mouth and my chest and my arms all by only right hands immediately I started calling out Jesus Christ please help me and I woke up from my dream but I couldn’t speak or say anything when I came out of my dream for a couple of seconds what does this mean please help! This is happened multiple times all right hands but I can’t make out the hands

  309. Julie Kaufmann says:

    I wanted to share a dream that I had that I could feel attacking me and I still remember the feeling of being attacked. This was just a few weeks ago. May I?

    • Julie Kaufmann says:

      Here is what happened in my dream but I don’t think I was dreaming because I could feel it attacking me and I could feel it’s claws, however, I never saw claws. This is what I saw…..I was looking over towards my desk in our bedroom and I saw a white misty oval cloud as tall as a short adult. But it was a white misty cloudy shape. When I saw it for a few moments, and I believe it knew I could see it, it then started to rush over ( I was scared at this point) to around the foot of the bed ( I was terrified at this point), to my side of the bed and then stopped. It then proceeded to claw the left side of my head fast. I was petrified and then I immediately tried shoving my husband awake begging him to help me and he finally woke up and looked at me. As soon as he opened his eyes to look at me the demonic spirit vanished. I could feel this demonic spirit….I know that it was some kind of spirit……pulling me towards it and I could feel being pulled down into a hole. I could feel the left side of my head being clawed and bit at during this time. It was as if I was in the middle of being awake and dreaming wherever that is. My head hurt all that day after this terrifying event and I could feel the claw marks in my head for that day and even the days following. The feeling I felt will never go away. I would not wish this on the worst person in the world. In my feelings….this was a demonic spirit that came to harm me in my sleep state. A week prior I was given messages that I needed to be prepared to fight demons and to get some St Benedict Jubilee Medals and crucifix’s and my medal does not leave my neck. I was given strong messages that I needed to protect myself against evil. At that time I made arranagements with a Benedictine Father to bless the medals and he also blessed me. He also sprinkled Holy Water on my head in the same place too where I was clawed by this evilness. That is what I have noticed as to why I would be clawed on my head. I have noticed to that I have seen an evil spirit twice in the house since we purchased it. I didn’t see it as evil because it looked like a normal person. However, Satan is the prince of lies and he will deceive you into believing it was a normal person. My stepdaughter also feels an evil presence but has not seen what I saw. There were many times for the past few months that my dog would look out the bedroom windows and doors and she would actually see something that I could not see, like she was attacking something that was not there going into protection mode. I assume she has seen evil spirits lurking outside and she is protecting her family. So I put a blessed St Benedict Medal on her collar to protect her. Don’t you know that as soon as I put the medal on her collar that she has not had too many, if any, times where she saw something as in a spirit. These medals are protective to all who wear them. I am glad I am Catholic so that I know about the St. Benedict Jubilee Medals. So that has been my experience recently with demonic spirits attacking me while awake/sleep. I called on my husband to protect me as he was right next to me. Next time I will think to call on Jesus. Ever since I have asked Jesus to protect me……every day prior and every day since then. Please tell me your thoughts……Thank you.

  310. Michael says:

    My name is Michael, I fight demons in my sleep and defeat them on a nightly basis when dreaming. It all started and rooted from one dream when I was younger. In the first dream it was raining ashes everything was grey, there was rubble everywhere and not a soul in sight. I looked ahead and saw a giant rubble mountain and started climbing it. I got about half way up and there was a cave opening, I went in and noticed it was a big opening which was beautifully decorated with gold pillars and gorgeous tapestries and uniquely designed rugs. In an instant something that looked a lot like the devil or minotaur showed up in front of me and started talking to me. My dream had subtitles and it was asking me a question about something. I answered No and it got mad, The whole room started shaking as the devil creature disappeared. Just then a vortex opened up and started sucking everything in the room into it, Including myself. I woke up afterwards and thought “hmm what a strange dream”. Every single night since then for the last 17 years I have been having dreams where I fight and defeat various demons. I don’t know why this is happening. In my dreams I always have a fire sword and the dreams play out like a long drawn out story line. Anyone that can shed some light on this for me would be greatly appreciated.

  311. Jeff says:

    I will try. I am very frightened.
    Thank you

  312. Lyv says:

    Hi I found this article helpful because I realized the dream I just had really did feel like a movie. I was in my house in my dream and was hearing this song, very innocent and sweet sounding, but I had no idea who was singing it. I told my parents about it and we were all looking for it when I was pushed into a closet and the door was locked. My phone rang and when I answered it all I heard was ‘Hello’ in the same voice that sang the song, and then suddenly my phone was ripped away by a dark hand and I was knocked unconcious. When I woke up still in the dream the doors were open and my sister was on the floor unconcious. I went out to tell my parents and when we came back my sister was gone. I looked at the garage door and saw it closing. We chased them into the garage and it had climbed through a space in the roof so we went outside were it was night and was raining. There I saw two demons, one was in the street in front of us, it was like a faun, goat legs, gray skin on it’s upper half, lean but muscular. It had long hair and a human face but it’s eyes were wide and round with all black pupils, it had no eyelids. It also had an abnormally large smile with pointed teeth. I somehow knew instantly that this was the one that had been bothering me, and also that it was male. The other one was in a flying contraption I can’t really describe that had my sister in it. It had the face of a large pig with dark gray fur and slits for eyes that were entirely black. It had some dark hair kind of like a human but it’s body was muddled and I can’t remember what it looked like. All I somehow knew was that this pig demon was the more powerful one. It let out a huge scream and flew towards me and after that my dreams changed. I have no idea what to make of all this or why I had this dream but if anyone could give me some advice that’d be great.