The Goat Curse

Hi Guys

I want to take a moment and tell you about an experience that I had in the past.

My family has a small family farm. We have raised various crops and animals as a side business for many years. At one time I had a herd of 35 goats. I raised goats for slaughter. My primary customers were several local Mexican families. I would sell the animals live on the hoof. Eventually I began selling to Moslems as well. At one point an African man and woman came to my house looking to purchase a large billy to slaughter for a Moslem holiday called Eid (not sure I spelled that right). They wanted the biggest billy goat that I had. I quoted them a fair price and they accepted. The couple then asked if they could slaughter the animal at my barn. I thought about it. We have skinned and dressed lots of deer at the barn so I didn’t see any harm in it and I told them that they could. They intended to pray over the animal and then to kill it in the traditional Moslem way which is by cutting it’s throat. I have put down sick animals with a pistol before but the throat cutting I didn’t care to watch, so I stepped away. Anyway the deed was done rather quickly. I raised the carcass with a loader tractor and helped with the skinning. The couple dressed the carcass into the various cuts then packed them up, thanked me and left. They were both friendly and polite. Within a few weeks I began to have problems with my goat herd. They began to get sick and die. I would go to the barn and find a goat sick and on the verge of death when the animal had been perfectly fine the day before. I gave antibiotic shots to the sick ones which had worked well in the past when an animal had taken sick. But now the antibiotics were having no effect. I treated for parasites which had no effect either. Things got worse a couple weeks after that. I would go to the barn and find an animal dead that had shown no signs of sickness. A perfectly fat and healthy looking goat just dead for no apparent reason. I was clueless. One day a Moslem friend of mine who has his own herd came by and offered me a good price for my what remained of my herd which was now down to around twenty animals. I had pretty much had it with goats by then so I accepted his offer and got out of the goat business.

Several years later I read a book ‘Unbroken Curses’ by Rebecca Brown. In her book Ms. Brown explained how Christians can unwittingly allow curses to come upon them. She explained about several ways that this can happen such as bringing cursed objects onto your property, showing reverence for false gods, etc. She also explained how witches will curse Christians by sneaking onto the Christian’s property and sacrificing an animal to a demon god. Touching the carcass of such an animal is asking for trouble. It finally dawned on me what had been going on with my goat herd. By this time I had had some experiences with spiritual warfare and had learned something about how the enemy works. Without knowing what I was doing I had allowed an animal sacrifice to a demon god to take place on my property. Remember they had prayed over the animal to Allah before killing it. Allah is not the true God as Moslems would have us believe. Allah is a demon god. Not only had I allowed this to happen I had assisted in the skinning. Not only touching an animal sacrificed to a demon god but actually helping to prepare it. I know now that by doing so I had allowed a curse to be brought upon myself which manifested in the deaths among my goat herd. No wonder my animals were dying off. I followed Ms. Brown’s instruction about how to break such curses with the authority of the name of Jesus. Maybe one day I will try raising goats again but I will never sell one to be used as a pagan sacrifice again.

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