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Hi Guys

I set this blog up because the modern church has grown totally ignorant of the spiritual battle going on all around us. The early church understood that they were struggling against an unseen enemy and were equipped to deal with it. Christians today walk in almost total ignorance. Satan and his demons do still operate in the world. Satan is still prowling like a lion seeking who he may devour. The difference is that demons today don’t normally manifest in ways that would tip off the world to the fact that they are there. If the modern church at large were to become aware of the demonic elements operating in the world today the enemy would find himself loosing ground rapidly because we as Christians have the authority of the name of the Lord Jesus that we can call on. All the enemy has is lies and our own ignorance. I hope this blog will be a place where information can be shared. We are soldiers of Christ after all and we are in a war. I for one want all the intel I can get. I can be contacted at spiritualwarzone@gmx.com

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One Response to About this blog

  1. Bibi says:

    It is not just the Hindu gods, any spiritual worship outside the name of Jesus is a contact with the negative spiritual realm – ruled by Satan. God only gave authority and power over all things in heaven and on earth to his son Jesus, not to any other so-called prophet or god. May God open our eyes and minds. Amen.

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