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Hi Guys.
I am probably not going to be adding anymore to this blog. I haven’t had trouble with the enemy for several years. Having gotten free this is no longer an issue for me and it’s time to move on to other projects. At this point I believe I have posted all the information that I have found in my digging into this issue. Also I think that I have posted all the information that a victim needs to get himself free. I will still check in from time to time and approve any useful comments that people want to post. If I find any further info that can be useful I will post it but I think I have covered the subject of spiritual warfare as best I can and it’s time to move on to other projects. I appreciate all the comments that you folks have made. I hope that all of you get yourselves free if you haven’t already. I assure you it can be done. You can still email me if you like.

Your’s in Christ

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Demonic contracts and the UCC

Hello folks. I’ve talked about some of this in other blog articles but now I want to tie some things together

Demonic contracts – Demons operate under contracts. Sometimes called a demonic door. Doing something that gives a demon an invitation into your life establishes a contract and gives the demon a legal right to be there. Referred to as opening a demonic door.

The UCC – The UCC is the Uniform Commercial code. It’s the law of commerce that businesses and individuals operate under when they contract. You’re thinking “I don’t contract”. Yes you do even the sale of a pack of chewing gum is a contract. Under the UCC in order for there to be a contract there has to be offer and acceptance. The gum is put on display in a store with a price on it. That’s an offer of contract. You pick up the gum and pay the requested price. That’s the acceptance. The terms of the contract are the gum now belongs to you and the cash now belongs to the seller. This is the most basic of contracts but all contracts work the same way.
UCC 2-206.1a says “an offer to make a contract shall be construed as inviting acceptance in any manner and by any medium reasonable in the circumstances;”
”notice the term “inviting acceptance by any manner”
UCC 2-207.1 says “A definite and seasonable expression of acceptance or a written confirmation which is sent within a reasonable time operates as an acceptance”
Notice the term “expression of acceptance”
UCC 2-207.3 says “Conduct by both parties which recognizes the existence of contract is sufficient to establish a contract
Notice the term “conduct which recognizes the existence of a contract”
In other words if you participate in something that is part of the contract then as far as the law is concerned you have accepted the contract.

Demons for all practical purposes operate under the same rules outlined in the UCC. There must be offer and acceptance for a contract to exist. Remember an offer is “inviting acceptance by any manner”. Here’s an example. A palm reader may have a sign in the front yard saying something like this. “Madam so and so, psychic advisor”. This is the devil inviting acceptance. A palm reader gets her info from demons. That is the ones that aren’t phony. This is an offer of contract. If you walk in and get your palm read you have accepted. A contract now exists between you and the devil because there has been offer and acceptance. You have displayed “conduct which recognizes the existence of a contract”.

Why do demons seem to operate under the UCC? Did they just have a look at the UCC code and say “hey that’s good let’s use it”? Not likely. Our federal government and actually most all of the worlds governments are controlled from behind the scenes by the enemy. The UCC was put in place by our federal government. It doesn’t take much thought to figure out who/what was behind the establishment of the UCC. There’s nothing inherently wrong with establishing a set of laws to regulate contracts but under the UCC a contract can be enforced on you with nothing in writing and you may not even know that you accepted one. That’s the problem.

When people that have accepted contracts command demons to leave in Jesus name the effect is only temporary because the demon knows it has a contract and has a legal right to be there so the thing will soon come back. As the devil sees it you are the one in breach of contract and he is being wronged by you. After all you accepted his offer of contract. He didn’t twist your arm. You clicked on the porn site of your own free will. That’s how the enemy thinks. The contract is fraudulent because the terms aren’t specified. In other words the devil’s product is offered without a visible price tag on it but it doesn’t matter to the devil whether it’s fraudulent or not. Remember Jesus said the devil was a thief (John 10:1) and a liar (John 8:44). The devil’s goal is to coax you into sin and then accuse you of it.

Next time you get a pop up on your computer leading to a porn site be aware that you have just received an offer of contract. When planned parenthood offers a federally funded abortion to a woman she is being invited to accept a contract with the devil. Learn to be aware of when you are being offered a contract and do not accept it. Do not engage in “conduct which recognizes the existence of a contract”.

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How to recognize demonic influence in movies

Hi Folks. Hollywood is ran by Satan and pretty much everything that comes out of it has some anti Christian propaganda included in it. Some of it is subtle, some is not so subtle. There are some movies that are blatantly demonic. Not that they are about demons but rather that a demon was the inspiration behind the storyline and script. These are the ones I want to address now. Watching these is spiritually and psychologically very bad for the Christian. Here is the most important tag marker that a movie came from demonic inspiration. It wallows in and even rejoices in the terror and agony of a victim. That is the demon’s mindset. Such a scenario is like candy to them. Such a scenario doesn’t come from the mind of man, it’s a demoniacally implanted thought. A degenerate man might on his own come up with the idea to kill someone to steal their money but the idea to kill someone in a slow terrifying and agonizing way is something that comes from the mind of a demon not a man. A man wrote the script but he wrote it under demonic influence. Movies that focus on fear, terror, agony and torture are obvious culprits. In some movies this may not be the focus but the tag marker is still there. I will give one example, ‘The Punisher’. I did not expect demonic content in a movie based on a comic book but it was there. In the first battle of the movie one of the villains is knocked into a commercial glass crusher by the punisher. For those who don’t know what this is it’s a machine that crushes glass bottles into glass shards to be melted and recycled. After knocking the villain in the punisher turns on the machine and walks. The villain was trapped in the machine and was going to be slowly cut to ribbons by glass shards while conscious. This is the demons mindset. It rejoices in the terror and agony of a victim. It’s pleasant to them. Once I recognized the demonic element I turned off the movie and repented of wasting ten minutes of my life on a demoniacally inspired piece of garbage. Elements such as this are an abomination in the eyes of God and the mind of a regenerate Christian should be repulsed by them. If it is not then that particular Christian needs to do some serious work on his walk with the Lord Jesus. In writing this I had planned to list a handful of movies that I recognize to be inspired by demons but I have decided not to. Someone may be tempted to watch them out of curiosity. If you recognize the demonic element in a movie I suggest you turn it off and burn the DVD to ashes. If you are in a theater just walk out. Nothing good can come from exposing your mind to such things. The bible says focus your mind on what is good.

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Basic self deliverance

Hi guys I’ve been wanting to do this article for a while. A basic set of steps for getting free of oppression. If you haven’t read it yet I recommend you read this article before going further.

Many people already know or at least have a suspicion about what opened a door to let demons into their life. If this is not the case with you start here. Generally when we have trouble with demons there is something in our life that the Lord doesn’t approve of. In other words a sin.

First you need to ask the Lord what it is. Sometimes a sin is something we don’t recognize as a sin. Ask the Lord. It’s His call. A simple prayer something like this.
“Lord Jesus I am having trouble with demons and I suspect there is something in my life that you don’t approve of. Master I ask that you tell me what it is so that I can repent of it and kick it out of my Life. Lord Jesus I ask this in Your Holy Name.”
If you don’t get an answer right away stay on it. Ask the Lord regularly until you get an answer. The Lord will tell you in a way that He chooses. Whatever it is give it the boot. Don’t Try to rationalize a sin that you enjoy in order to keep it.

Once the sin/demon door has been identified repent of it and confess it. A simple prayer something like this.
“Lord Jesus, Master I have sinned against you. I have (insert sin here). I repent of this Lord and I ask your forgiveness for it. Lord Jesus I ask this In your Holy name.”
This prayer must be said out loud so the demons can hear it and know that you have taken it to the Lord. Demons can’t read your mind but they do have great hearing.

Next break the contract. Demons operate on contracts that they assume to exist. Contracts that they assume give them a legal right to invade your life. Here’s an example. Someone goes to a palm reader. It could be innocent enough with the sinner not knowing that he is dabbling in divination which the word of God says plainly not to do. In a demon’s mind he is thinking “Aha so and so is dabbling in divination, that our turf, he is contracted with us now”. I doesn’t matter whether or not a victim agreed to any contract. When a demons sees rebellion he assumes the contract to exist and acts on it. Once the sin is confessed to the Lord and forgiveness is asked for, the contract has no substance and can be broken in Jesus’ name. A simple statement something like this.
“I have confessed (insert sin here) to the Lord Jesus and asked forgiveness for it. In the name of Jesus any contracts with demons, associated with that sin are now broken and rendered null and void. In Jesus’ name.”
This is a statement not a prayer. You aren’t asking anything you are establishing something. This must also be said out loud so the demons can hear it and know that the contract is ended.

Some people have more than one sin in their life that is giving demons a foothold. Ask the Lord Jesus to tell you of any others and follow the same procedure for whatever He shows you.
We are human and will always have conflict as long as we are in the flesh. Some sins are hard to kick. Stay on it don’t give up and accept the sin. Never leave it unconfessed. Even if you have to confess a sin every day for a while until you can kick it permanently, never leave it unconfessed.

After you have confessed to the Lord and then broken the contract command the demons in Jesus’ name to flee from you and stay out of your business.

Now a note about commanding demons in Jesus name. This does work and it should be done. Those things can’t disregard the authority of the Lord’s name. But if a demonic door is left open the thing will come right back as long as it knows it has a legal right. Get the sin out of your life and close the door. Then when you command them in Jesus’ name to leave they will stay gone. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t command demons in Jesus name to flee from you while you are still struggling to kick the sin out of your life. Of course you should. The Lord gives it to His servants to exercise the authority of His name. But it’s a treatment for the symptoms and not for the cause. Use it while you are getting sin out of your life. But once you develop a walk with the Lord you will seldom need it. Do things the Lord’s way and demon problems will fade until they are no longer an issue in your life.

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Dream interpretation

Hello Guys. A lot of folks have posted here about demonic dreams that they have had. I’m worried that some of you may be under the impression that there is something significant or meaningful about the images that you are seeing during demonic dream attacks. Let’s clear this up right now. There’s no message that you are supposed to get from these dreams. There’s no meaning that you need to understand. The images in these dreams are just junk that a demon dreamed up and put into your dream to bother you, scare you, or confuse you. Demons can watch us from the spirit world. They can get a good impression of what’s important to you, what will scare you, and what will confuse you. They tailor the fake scenarios in their dream attacks to suite the particular victim. Whatever they think will have the desired effect on a victim is what they will include in a dream attack on that particular victim. If they see you worried about your child in your day to day activities, they will implant some disgusting scenario about your child in a dream and inflict it on you while you sleep. It’s not real, it’s not prophetic, it’s not giving you any kind of truth. These dreams are nothing but spiteful garbage that a demon came up with. They are known to be liars. Please don’t worry about anything in these dreams being true. Instead focus on finding out what is giving them the right to stick their noses in your dreams and get it out of your life.

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Demonic Retaliation

Hi folks. I have received a lot of comments about demonic dream attacks. Several of you have shared personal experiences and I thank you for it. I’ve noticed from many of your experiences and from my personal experience that demons tend to strike when a victim is trying to move toward a relationship with the Lord Jesus. It seems that demons don’t bother much with the lost, they already have them right where they want them. Demons don’t seem to spend much time on Christians who are in rebellion and are involved in sin. They also are right where the demons want them. But when someone has been following the agenda of Satan and his demons but then tries to turn from it and move toward the Lord, this seems to initiate a response from demons. They will use dream attacks very often. Several of you have described how you started having demonic dream attacks when you started seeking the Lord and His way. I don’t know if this is out of pure spite or if the demons are hoping the victim will abandon his efforts to seek the Lord because of the attacks. Maybe it’s both. They are very spiteful things. Don’t let them steer you with fear. They will make it as hard as possible for their victims to come to a right relationship with Jesus but that relationship is worth every inch of ground that you have to fight for.
This article has a good basic strategy for getting free.

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The Master Key to spiritual warfare


Hi folks. The Lord has made something clear to me and I want to pass it on to anyone who may read this blog. I’ve written several articles here about spiritual warfare. But I have came to realize that what I’ve been doing is writing about treating the symptoms instead of the disease. With this post I want to bring the matter to a conclusion. This is the atomic bomb of spiritual warfare. It doesn’t win individual battles it wins the war. Here it is in a nutshell. Any and all demonic oppression is caused by being outside of a right relationship with Jesus. People complain that mainstream churches don’t get involved in spiritual warfare. This is true but there’s a reason for it. The church attending Christian who is pursuing a walk with Jesus and is bringing everything to Him in prayer never has any run ins with demons. Demons don’t even have a toe hold to grab at these people with. As a result they never have to deal with demons. They know the bible is true so they know that demons exist but since they never have to deal with them they don’t give them much thought. They are focused on more important things such as seeking Jesus’ will. If you are having trouble with demons you can rest assured that there is something in your life that the Lord Jesus has a problem with. I’ve been blogging about demonic doors and how to close them. But I think I’ve been putting the cart in front of the horse. The bible says to seek the kingdom of heaven first. This isn’t talking about salvation. It’s written to people who are already saved. It’s talking about seeking Jesus’ Lordship over your life. Seeking His will and walking in it. If you do that the rest will take care of itself including the demonic doors. You wont be throwing your tarrot cards in the trash because you fear demons, you will be throwing them in the trash because you know the Lord Jesus hates them. Strive for a closer walk with Jesus. Bring everything to Him in prayer. If you don’t know His will on something ask Him about it and expect an answer. Don’t let it go stay on it. “Lord I need to know your will here, I’m not striking out on my own with this”. Remember Jesus’ parable of the persistent widow. He is telling us plainly to pray and not give up. I hesitate to put it this way but badger the Lord until you get an answer. He said He would give it to us and He will. It may not be the answer you want but whatever it is submit to it. Don’t try to rationalize a sin that you enjoy in order to keep it. Anything the Lord disapproves of is a demonic door. But again we shouldn’t be avoiding sin because we want to avoid demons we should be avoiding sin because we serve a Master who hates it. If we walk with the Lord, seek His will and strive to walk in it, any demon problems we may have had will fade into nothingness. Get out of enemy territory and we wont have to be dodging the enemy’s bullets. Why did it take me so long to realize this?


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Lost Time

Lost Time
The term lost time is a bit misleading. It seems what is actually lost is the memories of the time. I have came to some conclusions about what’s happening with lost time. I am going to tell you about a case I ran across a few years ago.
An associate and myself were working on a steam boiler in a one hundred year old bed and breakfast in one of the local towns. The owners were doing some remodeling and a crew of carpenters were also working on the site. One of the carpenters was rather haggard looking young man in his early twenties. I heard a conversation between him and another of the crew. It seems the kid had suffered from psychological problems for most of his life. I heard him say that he had lost three months, that is three months of his life seemed to be missing from his memory. And he said that it wasn’t the first time it had happened.

My associate knew the kid because the young man had previously worked for his brother. My associate told me the basic story. The kid had had mental issues for a long time. My associate said that one thing that was strange about the kid was that he always related everything to when he was twelve years old and younger. For instance whenever any activity was being discussed such as bowling, fishing or whatever. The kid would reply with something like ‘yeah I remember doing that back when I was twelve’, he never seemed to relate to more recent experiences.

My partner explained further that when the guy was about thirteen his Mom had shot his Dad and then shot herself. Both died in the incident and the kid saw the whole thing.

I’ve talked about this kind of thing before in my article about ‘demonic thought attacks‘ The idea to kill your spouse and then kill yourself isn’t something that comes from the mind of man. It’s a demoniacally implanted urge used by the demons after a long period of mental assault. It doesn’t take much putting two and two together to see what has happened here. The demons went from the parents to the child when the incident happened and had been oppressing the kid ever since. The age of twelve was the last time the kid had had a clear head and that was why he always referenced that time. The young man must have been very heavily oppressed because his memories since then had been so vague that he never referenced activities from those years. And as I mentioned earlier, memories were completely missing from some periods of time, even for months.

Now having covered all that the kid didn’t vanish during the missing months. He had a girlfriend who lived with him. She never reported him missing. He was still there eating, sleeping and going to work just like always. He was just missing the memories from that period of time.

My conclusion from this information is that missing time is just memories that have been suppressed by demons.

We worked on that job for three days. I prayed about it and asked the Lord to give me an opportunity to talk to the young man about what was going on, that is if it was His will. I did once get a few moments of conversation with the guy. I casually mentioned the Lord in the hope that an opportunity would be opened for a useful talk with the young man. No go, the kid didn’t have a clue. He actually seemed to stay clear of me from then on. It’s a sure bet the demons oppressing him knew what I was up to. Until a victim realizes on his own what is going on and wants to get free all you can really do is pray for them.

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Dealing with The enemy in the workplace

Hi folks. I want to talk about how the enemy will attack us in the workplace. Satan is an opportunist. If he gets the chance he will use coworkers and/or customers to lash out at you. Have you ever had a coworker who was overly hostile towards you for no real reason? Sometimes it’s just a case of a bad attitude but sometimes it’s not. Sometimes it’s a demon using that individual to get at you. Have you ever had a boss who seemed to have it in for you even though you know for a fact that you are doing a good job? If you’re a Christian and your boss is not there’s a good chance the man is being used as a puppet. The first thing to keep in mind is that your enemy isn’t the puppet it’s the evil thing pulling the strings.


There are two strategies that I have found that work well to combat this situation. The first is prayer. A simple prayer asking Jesus to remove anything that is allowing the enemy to work against you in the workplace is very effective. Word it based on your situation. The Lord doesn’t leave His soldiers hanging out to dry. The second strategy is basic spiritual warfare using the authority of the Lord’s name. In the mornings you can take a moment when all parties involved are at the workplace, that is when the puppet is in the building. Step off someplace where no one else can hear you and take authority over the demons in the name of Jesus and command them to stay out of your business in the workplace. Command them to keep their noses out of anything that you are involved in. You can say it quietly but you must say it out loud so the demons can hear it. They will still hear it if you say it quietly, demons have great hearing. This is also very effective.
I once was stuck working with a man who was under demonic oppression. The demons used him at every opportunity. I’m an HVAC service tech. A few years ago I was working for a local company installing heat pumps and gas furnaces. My helper left the company and had to be replaced. The man that was hired to be my new helper turned out to have some serious doors open which the enemy used to lash out at me. The guy was a professing Christian and I am sure he really was a believer. However he was like a lot of Christians. He didn’t know about demons and how they work behind the scenes to create problems for Christians. The man was a Lumbee indian and he actively took part in tribal religious activities. He didn’t see this as being in conflict with the worship of the Lord Jesus and had no idea that this was a demonic door. I tactfully tried to get at the issue a few times but was unsuccessful. I actually liked the guy but the enemy had their claws in Him. The Lord told me through the Holy Spirit what was going on so that I could deal with it appropriately. There were several times when the man made an effort to stab me in the back and later would be talking to me as if it had never happened. All of his thoughts were not his own including the one causing his hostility towards me. When someone is under demonic oppression and the enemy is implanting thoughts and urges into a person’s mind those thoughts don’t register clearly in the persons memory. They will not realize at the time that the thoughts are not their own and will usually act on them. But later the demonic implanted thoughts will not be clear in the victims memory. Not like their own thoughts will be. The man didn’t have a clear memory of having caused me any headaches. Thanks to discernment of the spirit I knew this and dealt with the man accordingly. I could actually tell when the enemy was manipulating him. Once the Holy Spirit made me aware of what was up I began to take the defensive. Every morning when I said my morning prayer I would make a point to ask the Lord Jesus to remove anything that would allow the enemy to use my co workers against me. When I arrived at the workplace and once my helper was there I would take authority over the demons in the name of Jesus and command them to stay out of my business in the workplace. I did this in the parking lot where other people wouldn’t hear but the demons would. I could then actually get the job done while working with the man and not have issues. I did this for several months every day. I wanted very much to sit down with the man and talk about what was going on but until a victim realizes on their own, what’s going on and wants to break out, all you can do is pray for them. The guy finally got himself fired. I did my best to do right by the man and never told the boss he was a problem. It’s not as if I could say to the boss ‘hey it’s not really his fault he’s under demonic oppression’.
I hope this article is useful to someone. Just remember the person isn’t your enemy, the demon manipulating them is.


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Demons and sex

Hi folks. In our society today sex is glorified as if it were some kind of noble goal in life. That’s not the way God intended it to be. I don’t want to imply that sex is an evil thing in and of itself. It’s not, it’s a wonderful thing if practiced according to God’s plan. However Satan also has a plan and sex is one of the items in his tool kit. I’ll cut to the chase demons and their oppression can transfer from person to person during sex. In Matthew 19:5 Jesus said that a husband and wife shall become one flesh. God intended for a man and a woman to marry and have sex within the marriage and not before. The sex act is actually a marriage in God’s eyes. Here is a biblical example of this.
Gen 24:67 ‘And Isaac brought her into his mother Sarah’s tent, and took Rebekah, and she became his wife; and he loved her‘.
It’s clear the act of sex made the two husband and wife. If it is done according to God’s plan the husband and wife enter a marriage pure, carrying no demonic attachments from previous sexual encounters. The only spirit involved in their marriage is the holy spirit and their marriage will be a happy one because of it.

Casual sex on the other hand has the opposite effect. Satan loves casual sex and he has his servants in Hollywood promoting it with zeal. When a man and woman have sex the two become one flesh and any demonic attachments one has are now shared by the other. Lots of random partners means lots of demonic attachments. The sexual revolution was invented by Satan and was crammed down our throats by Hollywood. The sexual revolution was basically a demon spreading device. It’s no coincidence that it corresponded with the moral downhill slide of our nation state.

The Captives from Midian.

If you understand this aspect of demons and sex a lot of scripture in the Old Testament will suddenly make sense to you. I’ll Give an examples. Here is Numbers 31:15-18.
And Moses said unto them, Have ye saved all the women alive? 16 Behold, these caused the children of Israel, through the counsel of Balaam, to commit trespass against the Lord in the matter of Peor, and there was a plague among the congregation of the Lord. 17 Now therefore kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman that hath known man by lying with him. 18 But all the women children, that have not known a man by lying with him, keep alive for yourselves.’
The captains of Israel were returning from a victory against the Midianites and they had kept all the women. Moses said no, only the virgins. Here’s why I think that was the rule. The Midianites were worshiping false gods. A Midianite woman who had had sex was likely carrying a demonic attachment which would be spread to any man who took her as wife.

Temple prostitutes.
Temple harlots were common among pagans in biblical times. A worshiper of a god or goddess would come to the pagan temple, make a donation and have sex with the temple prostitute. These were worshipers of demon gods and priestesses of demon gods. People with wide open demonic doors. The temple harlot and the worshiper became one flesh and each picked up whatever demonic attachment the other had. This was probably set up by Satan to be an ancient demon spreading tool. The earliest reference to temple prostitutes that I know of is in the Babylonian epic of Gilgamesh which dates to about 1500 BC. (1) and sadly the practice still goes on in some pagan places (2).

Solomon’s Wives
King Solomon began his reign honoring God and Israel prospered under his leadership. Later in his reign Salomon began to do foolish things and he began a downhill slide. What happened? Solomon began his downhill slide when he took wives from pagan nations (3). These women were worshipers of demon gods with wide open demonic doors. When Solomon had sex with them they became one flesh and any demonic attachments that the women had were now shared by Solomon. It’s a sure bet they began to manipulate the king’s thoughts causing him to turn from the Lord.

Why do some previously happy marriages suddenly crash and burn?
Most of us have seen this happen. A couple has a happy and reasonably stable marriage. Out of the blue attitudes change, tempers become unstable and even personalities seem different. The couple becomes alienated from one another. Often what has happened is this, one of the two has committed adultery and in the process picked up a demonic attachment from the act. The infected party then can spread the attachment to the spouse. At this point the demon can have his way with the marriage, attacking the couple’s thought life turning them against each other. A little “strange on the side” may seem like a harmless thing if no one is the wiser but that is not the case.

Demons are the ultimate venereal disease.

1. Pritchard’s near eastern texts

  2. First Kings 11:2-6
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